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The Rev. Dr. Terry L. Mann continues a worship series, entitled “Other.”

Have you ever wanted to begin again? You know, just completely start over and have what is commonly referred to today as a “Redo?” It may be in a romantic relationship, or a job, or a friendship, or a place of volunteering, or well, you fill in the blank. What you would like more than anything is to just rewind the clock and totally take another shot at it. Ever wished you could do that?

We all know that it does not work that way. There are times when we have all completely blown it and have maybe even made an egregious error in judgment, in words or in behaviors. While we believe God redeems our mistakes, in the real world, we still have to live with the consequences of them. What we also know is that no matter how much we think otherwise, in reality, most of the time we do not learn from our mistakes, except to learn that . . . we make mistakes. Sometimes huge ones.

In the message series beginning on May 11 we will explore quite a few other situations in life where we may have gotten it, or be getting it, wrong, and try to explore what do we do now? I have entitled the series “Other” because we are going to look at a lot of other circumstances we find ourselves in. They range from parenting and friendships to employment and volunteering.



We are a community of people who realize our deep need for the love, grace and redemption of Jesus Christ. At CPC, you will find sinners who are learning to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and share His good news in word and deed with our surrounding community. We believe that the primary role of CPC is to introduce people to the healing forgiveness and purpose that only comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us as we learn to live with authenticity and joy in His service.


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