Prayer concerns at #covenantsharon

Psalm 145:8

The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.”

1/18 BAKER: Please pray for a two year old, Belle, having emergency brain surgery. Annie
1/17 GRABAN: Thank you for continuing to kneel with me, Brian did not receive the kidney. Prayers that Brian will remain hopeful, for the person who did receive the kidney and the family who lost a loved one. To God alone be the glory! Sherry
1/16 STAUFFER: Prayers requested for Linda Soergel, a friend of my sister. Linda has uterine cancer that is progressing and will have a hysterectomy, a laser procedure on some breast cancer that’s present, as well as a needle biopsy on the other breast on Feb 5th. Please pray for healing, successful procedures, and the ability to allow herself to rest and others to serve her as she recuperates. Daneen
1/16 GRABAN: Again, I ask for you to go  with me to our Holy Father for my son Brian Winiecki.  He is on call again for a possible kidney transplant.  God’s will be done. Sherry
1/15 STAUFFER: Please pray for Summer Padgett. She is the aunt of our foster grand daughters, Grace and Charli. Summer’s husband, Richard, died last week in a fatal car accident. Summer and Richard have 4 children between the ages of 4-16yrs. Summer and Richard are both believers in Christ and seem to be supported by a good church family but the road ahead will undoubtedly be quite difficult. Please pray for emotional and physical strength, and the peace and comfort only the Lord can provide for Summer and all the extended family. Daneen
1/15 STAUFFER: Please pray for our neighbor, Rick Pellini. He is experiencing worsening Mutiple Sclerosis symptoms in his legs and will see a neurologist in Pgh on Feb 5th. Pray for healing and peace for he and his wife, Sandy, and wisdom for the Doctors. Daneen
1/14 DOTY: Continued prayer for Peggy Portal. Rayanne
1/14 KILGORE: Prayer for acceptance of family and friends the seriousness of a chronic autoimmune disease and my need for wisdom as to Abba Father’s will and way, that I clearly hear His voice on how to receive what He has already provided – by His stripes – I am healed and if He disres to work through these Christian physicians and/or clinics, He would clearly reveal HIs provision to get thir counsel and care. Darlene
1/11 BEALL: Sandy Shuttleworth will be discharged tomorrow from Sharon Regional.   She had a feeding tube inserted to help her gain her weight back faster as well as her strength. Her esphogus was inflamed from the radiation treatment consequently it was painful to eat.  Keep her in your prayers. Bev
1/9 ZIPPIE: Thanks to our amazing God, Trinity was released from the hospital yesterday! She is now receiving the treatment needed for a full recovery. Please pray that she realizes the depth of love that her heavenly Father has for her, as well as the love of those that have cared for and supported her over the past weeks. She truly needs what only our loving Father can provide. Thank you for your constant prayers! Kim
1/8 KILGORE: Join me in supplication for the ‘gift of health’ our Saviour purchased – that it may be manifested in the hearts of those of us in need of His Living Hope  that He is our Jehovah Rapha – The Lord that Healtheth thee. Darlene
1/7 BEALL: Sandy Shuttleworth is being admitted to Sharon Regional. She recently had chemo & radiation. The doctor says that her inability to hold her food down is the result of the treatment; consequently, she is losing weight. She needs to receive fluid & get her strength built back up. Bev
1/6 ZIPPIE: This is an update from Trinity’s Mom… Trinity Robinson has been “formally” medically released… Now we wait for another bed, and another transfer!! Walking on her own, and keeping food down… Just having a hard time sleeping!! God is so good!!  Kim
1/4 CPC: Update on Peggy Portal – She has done well in surgery! Please pray as she comes out of anesthesia that all will be well, and that the road to recuperation will be strong and good!
1/4 STAUFFER: Please pray for Jack Maxwell. He is a retired EPC pastor of Perrow EPC in Cross Lanes, WV where Rick had his 1st call as Youth Pastor, and was a Grandpa-type figure to our kids. Jack, who will be 87, has congestive heart failure, breathing difficulties, and some dimentia. Recently hospitalized for low O2 levels and a bladder infection, Drs have said his heart function is so low, that if his heart were to stop it would do more damage to try to save him than to just let him go. He is a fighter who doesn’t know his limits very well, and loves the Lord and doesn’t hesitate to tell everyone about him, so he is more than ready to meet Jesus face to face and be sweetly reunited with his wife, Elizabeth. Please pray for peace for Jack, and his children as they walk through the end of his journey here on this earth! Daneen
1/4 CPC: We have learned that Bob Pinch is hospitalized and not doing well. Please keep him in prayer. Also, pray for his sons.
1/3 SZABO: Please continue to keep Peggy Portal in prayer. She is going to have surgery tomorrow morning (Friday). Unsure of what time. Cathy
1/3 GRABAN: The kidney fell through 😥.  No other formation was given.  Brian and Jenn have a good attitude about it and are still hoping for another opportunity. Thank you for praying🤗 Sherry
1/3 GRABAN: Brian is still on call for a kidney transplant. They do extensive testing on the organs before they schedule an operating room for the donor, which they haven’t done yet, But brian is a very good match.  I covet your prayers. Soli Deo Gloria Sherry
1/3 ZIPPIE: Trinity is off the ventilator and able to whisper!  Thanks be to God for the amazing things He has done! Kim
1/2 MOSER: Thank you for the prayers for my husband and daughter. Both surgeries went well. Steve gets his stitches out tomorrow and will have reconstruction on his ear on January 16. Liezl is still in some pain, but doing well overall. Kathleen
1/2 BAKER: Please pray for my cousins, Jack & Betty Uber. Betty is now on life support. Thank you, Annie.
1/2 ZIPPIE: Trinity woke up for about 15 minutes!! Praise God for the New Year and a new beginning. She tried to write on a white board but couldn’t and got frustrated, but her Mom spelled out the alphabet and she spelled out SWEET TEA!!! God is doing amazing things. Thank you for the continued prayers. Kim
1/1 GRABAN: I covet your prayers for Brian over the next few hours. He might have a kidney. Sherry
1/1 ZIPPIE: Trinity has been transferred to Children’s Hospital PICU. Please pray that she continues to make progress. Psalm 115:1 “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!” Kim
1/1 SMITH: Please keep my family in prayers in this time of mourning. My aunt passed away yesterday. Thank you. Angie
12/31 WILSON: Prayers please, for my daughters and their Mom, Melody, in the loss of her dad Wayne Holben. Rob
12/31TANGEMAN: Mary C. of Pittsbugh – brain surgery – small area of cancer still there. Cathy
12/30 BOMBECK: Praise God! Millie Vince was discharged from the hospital this evening. Her family is thankful for your prayers! Jan
12/29 SMITH: Prayers for family right now.  My aunt has only hours to days left to live.  Cancer again is winning and taking a family member.  Pray for comfort and peace for her daughters and the rest of us too.  Angie
12/29 CPC: Peggy Portal went to the hospital early Saturday morning for heart attack symptoms and that heart attack was confirmed. She has three arteries partially blocked and doctors are discussing the best plan to move forward with for Peggy’s health. She is alert and well and praising God! Pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Peggy!
12/29 BOMBECK: Millie Vince is improving. She remains hospitalized. Please continue to pray for her to fight infection and gain strength.
Thank you so much. Her family deeply appreciates our prayers. Jan
12/27 ZIPPIE: Trinity’s ventilator settings are down which means, she is eligible now for the trach (it’s okay…it can be reversed), but the doctor thinks that waiting until Monday will help! Sedation is constantly being reduced.. but now she is easily agitated and her stats begin to drop when she starts fighting the ventilator! Please pray for calmness and peace for Trinity. The doctor remains optimistic that things are slowly looking up, but there’s a long road ahead for them! Kim
12/27 KELLEY: Friend’s husband has cancer. Joe
12/27 MOSER: Husband Steve’s surgery on 12/27. Daughter, Liezl’s surgery on 12/31. Kathleen
12/27 BOMBECK: Please pray for my aunt, Millie Vince. She is hospitalized with influenza A. She’s 93 and ready to go be with Jesus. Jan
12/24 ZIPPIE: This is a post from Trinity’s Mom: Trinity is sedated enough to put a grown man to sleep, but she still managed to open her eyes today … And look at her dad, when she heard his voice!! We are hopeful that our Trinity, is still in there!! If she can fight sedation, she can fight this syndrome … Oxygen tonight down to 40% … Prayers are working!!! Kim
12/22 CPC: Our sypathy is extended to Diane Ost and family. Dan passed away this morning. Visitation will be 10am on Wednesday and a service at 11am in Stevenson’s Funeral Home.
12/21 CPC: Dan Ost has returned to the hospital in his ongoing struggle with a number of health issues and is in critical condition. Please continue to pray for his healing and for peace for him, Diane, and his family.
12/21 WILSTER: Requesting prayers for my grandaughter, Layla, and my daughter-in-law, Jessica. Layla has hand, foot and mouth disease and Jessica is over 7 months pregnant. Please pray for Layla’s healing and protection against Jessica and baby Jackson becoming ill. This has been a very difficult pregnancy but I have often felt the Lord’s protection upon His creation-in-the-making. I am praying that my son Sean, and Jessica will be comforted by the Holy Spirit as well. I thank you with all my heart. Kathy
12/20 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Becky Johns and family. Jeff passed away this morning. Calling hours will be Sunday from 2-6pm in Stevenson’s Funeral home. The service will be Monday at 11am in the church.
12/19 ZIPPIE: Trinity was not breathing at all on her own today and had to have oxygen “bagged” three times this morning; however, this afternoon, she actually responded a number of times to our principal and teacher by squeezing their hands and took a breath over the ventilator. She can only be on the ventilator for ten days, so please continue to pray for healing for her lungs. There is hope! Thank you so much! Kim
12/19 BOOK: My dad has been admitted to Hospice at O’Brien, his long suffering with Alzheimer’s is coming to an end. And prayers for the damaged, hardened hearts of my immediate family. Amy
12/19 CHRISTY: Would you please pray for my friend’s 20 year old grandson, Alex? He attempted to take his life last night and is in the ICU unit in a Warren hospital. Cheryl
12/19 ZIPPIE: Prayer warriors are desperately needed for Trinity tonight. Thank you! Kim
12/18 ORIS: Thank you Church family for your prayers concerning my grandson, Greyson Barlett. His kidney surgery was today at Akron Children’s hospital, and all went well. They put a stent in. God is so good! Thank you all! Heather
12/18 WOODS: Pray with me for the healing of my grandson’s Lachlan’s finger and several knuckles that he broke after a fall off his scooter. No surgery was required and we are grateful but now we pray all heals well and quickly. Thank you. Connie
12/18 ZIPPIE: Please pray for Trinity, a 16 year old girl who took a an enormous amount of pills with the intention of ending her life . The doctor said he’s never seen anyone take that many pills and survive; however, even though she’s on a ventilator until her lungs are rid of fluid, she’s still alive. She opened her eyes for a brief moment today and also moved her legs…giving hope that she will recover. Please pray for God to continue to work in her life…to heal her physically and show her how valuable she is to Him! Kim

12/17 STAUFFER: Pray for the healing of Deb’s voice. Bob

12/17 KELLEY: Pray for a friend and husband that have cancer and need healing. Joe
12/17 BARLETT: Please pray for Greyson and our famiy. He is having his surgery this Tuesday. Thank you. Leslie.
12/17 KILGORE: Please join me in praying for a Christmas miracle for all those affected by health issues: cancer, auto-immune, etc. Darlene
12/14 SZABO: Please keep a co-worker of Karen’s in prayer. She is expecting and her husband has decided he doesn’t want to be married anymore. She is at her parent’s home out of state. She has somewhat of a higher risk pregnancy. Unsure if she is a believer. Thank you for any prayers. Cathy
12/14 DOTY: Terry’s back surgery. Rayanne
12/14 KELLEY: My friend and her husband need pray for healing of cancer. Joe
12/6 MILD: I need your continued prayers for my healing. I am recovering from 2 back surgeries because of infection in the incision. Sunday afternoon, I was outside and got bit by some kind of insect and have developed an infection in my hand. When I went to the doctor, he said he is very concerned because there is infection spreading through my body. I have 2 knee implants and just had the back surgery. They put me on a very powerful antibiotic which is making me sick. Please pray that the antibiotic will work and that infection does not settle in any of my implants as that could be very bad. Thanks, Carolyn
12/4 BOMBECK: Thank you for praying for my brother David. He is recovering well from thyroid surgery and is so very grateful for your prayers. His biopsy results are negative, no cancer praise our God!!!! Jan
12/3 ANONYMOUS: Widow & her family “NEED” “DAILY” prayers [ ==> Matt 6:9-13 <== Isa 1:18 ] to The Almighty God through His only begotten Son, The King of Kings and LORD of LORDS, The Word of God, please.
12/3 BARLETT: Please pray for my son, Greyson Barlett. He will be having kidney surgery Dec. 17th. Thank you. Lesley
12/1 WIESEN: Hey church family it was so good to be home and see you all last week! I wanted to ask for prayers for students I reach out to at Penn state Altoona! We have been reaching many students who are not followers of Christ! I would like to ask for God to continue softening their hearts to hear and accept the truth of the Gospel! Please pray that as we continue to reach students like Mikel, Dominic, Maliek, Micheal, Ryan, Brandon, Jimmy, Logan, JD, Pam, Erin, Hannah, Jeremias, Myra, Butch, Timmy, Lille, Olivia, Alyssa, Aly, Clay, Gabe, Matt and many of other students that we have interacted with this semester who are looking into Christianity but who are not followers. Praise God for the students who surrendered their lives to God already this semester Brady, Nick, and Joel! Please pray for them as they dive deeper into their relationship with the Lord. Also I ask for prayers for me as I work on support raising over the next month and a half that God will provide the funds I need to continue doing ministry. Please pray for next Monday as all the fellows (interns) with the cco which is what I am go On a silence and solidarity retreat to process this past semester and discearn if this is where God is calling us or not. Also pray that with that that we would get to our full monthly support so that if we choose we want to stay with the cco that the cco will hire us to stay on they have informed us that many of us won’t be asked to stay on that includes me if we don’t get our monthly support up. So please pray for that! Thank you so much for your prayers. Ray
11/30 OST: Update: Dan will be released from O’BRIEN’S on Sunday to continue his rehab at home. Thank you so much for all your prayers! I love my church family!! Diane
11/30 PAGLIARINI Pray for my cousin’s family because their Great Grandma Velma died. Chloe
11/29 SPEARS: Thank you for your prayers. Our grandson, Amanda and children arrived here safely from Australia. They were quite tired upon arriving. All is well. PTL We appreciate our Covenant family. Jim & Evelyn
11/29 MANNION: Please pray for a friend of mine’s mother, Helen. She is 85 and fell and broke a hip yesterday. Surgeon she wants cannot do it till Friday afternoon and other surgeon maybe sometime today. Please pray for relief of pain, pneumonia not setting it, and peace for her and for her family, especially my friend. Barb
11/28 JOHNS: Jeff has been in the hospital since Saturday due to significant breathing problems. He was not getting enough oxygen due to a low blood count. They are working to find a way to increase his blood & platelet counts, which continue to stay low due to a condition called DIC. DIC causes small blood clots to form, which somehow uses up the platelets. Cancer is one of the causes of DIC. Please continue to pray for strength for him as he faces this next challenge. Thank you. Becky
11/28 SPEARS: Follow up about Dakota Miller, 12 months old in regards to a nail gun. We have to share with everyone that this request came through Facebook and actually used people’s names that were familiar to one another. One cannot believe how cruel spirited people can be. It turned out that this was a “hoax”!! Our son said he would never confer about a prayer request in this manner again unless he knew it was factual. Knew you would want to know. Evelyn & Jim
11/27 DOTY: My husband’s friend Jared is battling caner. Matt just had brain stem surgery. My mother-in-law Judy is in need of prayer. Amanda and Terry Doty
11/27 KILGORE: I have a phone appointment tonight at 7 with a medical group that specializes in this autoimmune disorder and the doctor actually had the exact same diagnosis as mine. Please pray that I will be able to receive the care and the Lord provide the finances. Darlene
11/26 MANNION: Please pray for my teachers aide, Cathy Mirkovich, who is having knee replacement surgery Tuesday (tomorrow) morning early. Thank you! Barb
11/26 SPEARS: Our grandson Jacob and Amanda with their three children are leaving shortly to arrive in Pennsylvania tomorrow evening from Australia. (Tuesday) One can only imagine this long trip. Please pray for their good health and travel mercies. “May our roads be safe for travel.” Thank you so much for your prayers. Jim & Evelyn
11/26 STAUFFER: Please keep my mom and dad in your prayers as this is the week they are moving back North from Tennessee to Liberty Twp Ohio, just outside Youngstown. Pray for physical strength and wellness, good rest when they sleep, for all the details of closing in TN this Friday and in OH next Tuesday, Dec 3rd, and safety as they travel on Friday/Saturday with both cars loaded up! Thank you! Daneen
11/25 VOLPE: Pray for Giovanni Volpe, he will be coming to church tomorrow since he is home on leave. He is being deployed between dec 28th thru Jan 22. But he is thinking he will be deployed dec 28, he is being deployed to Iraq. Linda