1 Timothy 4:12-16

Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching.Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you. Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress. Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers.

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1/15 SZABO: I am sending another prayer request for my son-in-law’s family. Dave’s younger brother, Scott, was in a car accident this morning. He has already been examined and there are no internal injuries, but he lost some teeth and there was a small brain bleed, but they think it will resolve on it’s own. Praying for a quick healing. He was picking up extra duties due to Mark’s injuries. Some other family members and neighbors are going to help. Karen and Dave are also going to try and help with things. Please pray for healing and comfort for all concerned. Thanks Cathy
1/14 SZABO: a belated update on Mark. His surgery was Thursday. It was more difficult than hoped. They put it back together the best that they were able. He is trying to wean off of the stronger pain meds. Please pray for that and the healing of his arm. He is very appreciative of all the prayers. Thanks-Cathy
1/14 GAVALA: My husband, Bobbie 2 become a Christian!!! Renee
1/12 BOMBECK: Please pray for my Uncle, Dick Sed. He has contracted mrsa and is very weak, not doing well at all. Jan
1/12 SMITH: Update: chris will be here for the weekend. The antibiotic isn’t working to get this kidney infection out. They will be switching to a different one and it will be by iv. Pray that this antibiotic will kill the infection and that he will finally get better. -Angie
1/12 MANNION: They ended up taking Betty Mannion to Allegheny General.  She said because of the clots, there is something wrong with the right side of her heart.
1/11 MANNION: Please pray for Betty Mannion.  She was taken back to the hospital and just found out she has blood clots in her lungs.  They are taking her to West Penn right now.  Pray for healing and safe travels.  Thank you!
1/11 SMITH: They moved chris to the 6th floor. He will be here 1 more night since he is having fevers still. They want to monitor him to make sure the oral antibiotic kicks in. We just want him better so he can come home. I don’t want anymore ER visits. -Angie
1/11 BAKER: Please pray for April. She has cancer around her heart. Annie
1/10 CPC: Mann update: Terry’s surgery did not go as expected. A malignant mass was found. The cancer has already spread and the pancreatic tumor would have been too big of a risk to remove. The next step is chemo. They will know more when the final biopsy report is complete. “But as always, God has this and always did and always will! Thank you for the continued support and prayers.”
1/10 SMITH: Update: Chris is still in ICU. He had his ct scan this morning and it all looked good. The UTI infection went to the kidneys. He’s on a strong antibiotic and will be there for a day or two. He is feeling better with a normal temp and hasn’t been having any more sweating. His one oncologist came in just a little bit ago and told him he will be getting a port in for the chemo. He will have 12 total sessions: 1 every other week for 6 months. Each session will be around 1-2 hrs and then he will be coming home with a chemo bag on him for close to 48 hrs. A nurse will have to come in and take the bag off. We will know more once we talk to Dr Mark Roth (he is putting the port in) and the oncologist again. -Angie
1/10 CPC: Our sympathies are extended to Jim Bestwick and family on the death of his brother, Richard.
1/9 SZABO: Mark is scheduled for surgery this Thursday at 4:30. PTL Also pray for his ability to rest and deal with the boredom of this down time. Thanks for continued prayer. Cathy
1/9 CPC: If anyone would like to send Rev. Terry Mann a card, mail it to the church at 263 E. State St., Sharon, PA 16146.
1/9 CPC: Our sympathies are extended to the friends and family of Mary Magargee. She passed away yesterday.
1/8 CPC: Pray for the Rev. Dr. Terry Mann. Tomorrow is his pancreatic surgery at 8:15am. 
1/8 SMITH: So we are here at the cancer doctor and we may need to come another day. The cancer dr thinks the uti infection is in chris’ blood. He needs iv antibiotics.
1/8 SZABO: Update on Mark. He is able to move better and was put on oral pain meds. Also he was discharged and will have surgery on his arm as an  out-patient. They feel he will not need surgery on his back. Continued prayer for healing and upcoming surgery. Thank you for  continued prayer. Cathy
1/8 SIMON: Jenna Update:  Contractions for the most part have stopped.  Babies all have strong heartbeats and weight 1.8, 1.9 & 1.10.  She has been moved from labor/delivery area into a monitoring room which will be home for duration.  She reached 25 weeks on Saturday and goal is 32-34 weeks. Constant bed rest (laying down) and able to get up for only 10 minutes per day.  Prayers for babies continued health and reaching goal;  Jenna for health, peace and boredom;  Brian for much traveling between work & hospital and taking care of home life, Jake and Theo for missing mom and normalcy.  If you would like to send a card or note – Jenna Daugherty  Room 330 St Elizabeth Hospital  8401 Market Street  Youngstown, OH 44512.
1/8 SMITH: We finally got all the tests back. It’s a uti. That’s what was causing his problem.
1/8 SMITH: We are in the ER. Chris woke up and went to the bathroom. He then called me to come in. I went and he said he was dizzy. Then he started going down. I had to catch him and he had this weird look in his eyes. I had to slap him to come to. Angie
1/7 CPC: Daugherty baby update – Jenna has been hospitalized for the duration of her pregnancy. The babies are now 25 weeks. “My world right now is upside down and I don’t know what will happen from day to day but I have a great family and a great support system. Brian’s world is upside down playing single dad for the foreseeable future and my boys’ worlds have changed without having their mama there. I feel so blessed to have a so many people praying and all support surrounding us through friends and family. I have a God that is going before me making a way for us and although I get lonely, I never feel truly alone knowing that Brian, Jake, Theo, me and the babies are all in God’s strong and steady hands.”
1/7 SMITH: Chris will be seeing the oncologist tomorrow at 11:15 am.
1/6 SZABO: Today’s update on Mark. He was able to walk some last night with help. Yesterday during the day he could barely sit up. There is a possibility of doing surgery on his arm today. Continued prayer for all of this and thank you for all the prayers you have already prayed.
1/5 SZABO: Update on Mark. For some reason surgery may not happen till next week. Not sure why. Please pray the pain meds will curb the pain and give him some rest. Praying for God’s peace, and that surgery will still happen today. Thank you. Cathy
1/4 SZABO: Another update on Mark. He has a shattered upper arm. They are waiting on the Orthopedic surgeon for more information. The T12 vertebrae is compressed and a piece is pointing in toward the spinal cord. This is of course a major concern. They are waiting to speak with the neurosurgeon. Continued prayer. Thanks Cathy
1/4 SZABO: Update on Mark. When he fell he landed on his feet and then went onto his back. They are suspecting a possible collapsed lung. His vitals are ok. His wife is on her way. Prayer for safety in travel due to the weather also. Thanks-Cathy
1/4 SZABO: Please pray for our son-in-law Dave’s brother, Mark. He was working in one of the barns on their farm and he fell through an upper level of the barn. He fell about 20 feet. He is conscious and aware of what happened. His back and shoulder are in pain. He is being flown to a larger hospital since the live in a rural area. Prayer for Mark and the whole family. Thank you-Cathy
1/4 CPC: Daugherty baby update – Jenna went to the hospital yesterday (January 3) with some cramping. “As they were giving the babies steroids and magnesium and, me medicine to stop labor…I went into labor. They’ve stopped it and and it has started a couple of times overnight. It’s scary and overwhelming and painful but I keep reminding myself of Peter walking out to Jesus on the water in Matthew 14:31. My eyes are on him. The babies are holding up well. There is a great team ready to help should they decide to meet us soon. “
1/4 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Bob Pinch and family. His wife, Peggy, passed away on Tuesday.
1/2 JEAN BROWN: Pray for my health concerns. Also, pray for the following: Mary (stage 4 cancer), and for Cathy to beat cancer.
12/30 BOMBECK: This request comes from my cousin, Mary Beth LoScalzo, in Raleigh. She knows the power of prayer and how our church’s prayer warriors pray. She asks for a friend Eddie just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Jan
12/30 LACAMERA: Linda is at the hospital (outpatient) receiving two units of blood as she is severely anemic from the chemo. She has been extremely short of breath and weak, although scan is somewhat improved. Praying for strength to be renewed from this procedure. Marlene
12/29 STEWART: It took a while but Keith is now on round of chemo. Due to insurance change and someone’s “dancing” fingers it was delayed a week. Thank you Lord for Ana and her perseverance. Labs look good and weight is stabilized at 137#. As this year ends we reflect on the many blessings we have. Wishing you all a Happy and blessed New Year. Please remember a few friends also fighting cancer (the great thief). Mark, Gary, Joyce (to name a few) need additional prayer warriors. Cathy
12/28 MANNION: Betty Mannion’s surgery went well. Please continue to pray for her recovery in the days ahead. Thank you for your prayers. Barb
12/28 DAUGHERTY: Surgery was rescheduled due to insurance issues but went through possible Jan 18. Donna
12/27 MANNION: Please pray for Betty Mannion, our sister-n-law, who is undergoing gastric bypass surgery tomorrow morning. Barb
12/27 LACAMERA: Please continue to pray for Linda. I spent Christmas with her in Columbus and her stamina is reduced although has received four chemo treatments so far. She has scan plus Dr.’s appointment soon to determine course of treatment. Praying for mercy and grace as she is such a beautiful soul. Also praying for peace within this family. Marlene
12/27 SMITH: Update: Chris had his staples removed today. We also have the first oncologist appointment on January 8th. It’s really starting to set in more now. Angie
12/27 BAKER: Please pray for Robert’s mom. Annie
12/26 SMITH: He’s out and the catheter is out!!! No sedation.
12/26 SMITH: Update on Chris: he will be heading into the hospital at 7am for a dye test to make sure that the kidneys and bladder are healing and not leaking. We pray that the catheter will come out tomorrow. Angie
12/20 ANONYMOUS: Prayers for Neveah, Kevin, and many more. Thank you.
2/19 SMITH: Update: Chris is going home later today!!!
12/19 SMITH: My family and I want to thank everyone for the support we are getting with Chris and this journey. Thank you to those who have made food, watched the girls, visited Chris at the hospital, and are helping provide things that are needed. I am overwhelmed and thank all of you. We truly appreciate it. Angie
12/18 PORTAL: Pray for the family of Keith Woods. He passed away unexpectedly. Peggy
12/18 HUTCHINSON: Please pray for my sister in law (Marlene) niece Megan and her boyfriend Corey, they were hit by a hit and run guy in West Middlesex last night!!! Megan is having surgery on her back Monday morning, Corey we are waiting to hear!! Annette
12/15 DAUGHERTY: I am having my stomach surgery on January 2, 2018 at Sharon regional hospital. Donna
12/13 BROWN: My brother’s surgery was successful, thank you for the prayers. Praise God! Sally
12/12 SMITH URGENT PRAYERS: Chris is getting cut back open. During the first surgery, trying to get lymph glands, the kidney tube was accidentally knicked. The urologist has to go in and fix things back up. Plus, Dr. Roth got the pathology reports back and the cancer is stage 3. Chris will have to have chemo. I am beside myself right now. Please pray.
12/12 SMITH: We need prayers. Chris had to have a catheter put back in. He was going so well and then a setback. He will be visited by the urologist tomorrow and will know more from there. We just need a bunch of prayers please.
12/11 BROWN: Please pray for my brother, Larry. He is having an eight hour back surgery Dec. 12th. This is his 6th surgery on his back. He is in so much pain. Thank you, Sally.
12/11 JEAN BROWN: Pray for Geno as he is suffering with pneumonia.
12/11 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to the Nicoloff family. David passed away last week.
12/11 SMITH: Chris may have an infection. He will have an xray of his abdomen.
12/11 MANNION: Terry Mann, former interim pastor at Covenant, just posted on Facebook that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Please pray for Terry, Kay, Gavin and the rest of his family. Barb
12/8 CPC: Following the heart cath. yesterday, John Apa does not have any problem with his heart.
12/7 CPC: John Apa (Sr.) has been hospitalized and will be having a heart cath. today.
12/6 BOMBECK: Praises to our Lord! Bev’s surgery went well and she is ok. Thank you for praying for her. Jan
12/6 DAUGHERTY: I’m dealing with alot of health mental and physical and problems at home with family. Donna
12/6 BOMBECK: Please join my family lifting my sister in law, Bev Sed in prayer as she goes through knee replacement surgery today and the recovery and rehabilitation. Thanks CPC prayer warriors! Jan
12/5 SMITH: Chris is out of surgery and in recovery. The dr said the mass was big but contained. The liver was not affected but they still need to biopsy the mass and the lymph glands. We will get results in 3-5 days. Angie
12/5 CPC: Please pray for Mary Magargee. Her health is declining rapidly.
12/5 STEWART: Praising the Lord! Keith’s CT scan shows 30% decrease in primary tumor!!!! The new chemo and many prayers are doing the job. The rest of the tumors remain extinct. So very grateful. Cathy
12/4 SMITH: We have to be at the hospital at 7am tomorrow to remove the cancerous tumor from Chris’ colon.
12/4 ANONYMOUS: Pray for a friend dealing with marriage problems.
11/30 CPC: Chris Smith had two procedures done this morning with an unexpected diagnosis. Further surgery will be done on Tuesday to gather more information and start the process of treatment and healing.
11/29 ZIPPIE: Gary Close, former pastor at Covenant, fell last Wednesday and broke 12 ribs and had internal bleeding. He is at Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, healing and comfort for Gary, and peace for Sue. Kim
11/29 GRABAN: Update on Brian: Thank you for continuing to pray with me for my son Brian. His levels are improving. Sherry
11/28 DONLEY: I need prayer for the use of my hands and legs due to health issues. Bonnie
11/28 ORLANDO: Please pray for my on-going health concerns. Lynn
11/27 GRABAN: Please pray for Brian Winiecki. He is in the ER with kidney problems.
11/26 ANONYMOUS: Urgent need. Pray for transportation for Miss Alyce to her doctor’s appointment tomorrow (Monday) in Erie. Prayers for healing of her amputation site so she can get a prosthesis and good spirits as she struggles being homebound.
11/26 SMITH: Chris is in need of prayers. First of all, he had seen a specialist on his hand and the issue is permanent. It’s a hard thing to swallow knowing that his hand will not be healed.

Next, he is having a colonoscopy and upper GI done on November 30th. The doctor is concerned about some bleeding. If all goes well with this and nothing shows up (like cancer), he will be having surgery on December 5th to fix an umbilical hernia that he’s had since he was young. We really need prayers for all that’s going on. Thank you. Angie

11/26 STEWART: Counting our blessings as Keith starts another round of chemo. His blood work is good and his weight is 137#. Next scan is 12/4. As a side note, please pray for my friends Mark D and Joyce G as they continue their cancer battles. Cathy
11/26 STEWART: Please pray for Grace Lutheran Church in Chester, Va. Their youth pastor shot and killed his wife, step-daughter and her boyfriend late Thursday night. They are struggling with this and the after shocks within the church and community. This is Kendra’s current church. Cathy
11/25 BOMBECK: Thank you for all the prayer support and cards from my church family. I am doing well and moving more each day. I really really appreciate having you all as my church family and can’t imagine how much more difficult life would be without you. Blessed by Covenant, Jan.
11/25 BOMBECK: Thank you for praying for Dick Sed. All went well with his surgery.
11/24 BOMBECK: Please pray for my Uncle Dick Sed as he goes through surgery in Pittsburgh Saturday morning to repair a broken ankle. Jan
11/22 DK: Pray for the following: Jamie’s daughter for future heart surgery, for all in the hospital, for my health and for blessings everywhere.
11/21 BOMBECK: Please lift Kay DeBonis in prayer as she is recovering from hip replacement surgery . Please pray for her complete healing and also for a clot in the opposite leg to dissolve. Thank you
11/18 SPEARS: We ask prayer for Gloria Blank who is again in a hospital in Greenville. She has low blood pressure and a temperature. Also hard to breathe. Ask the Lord for his grace and mercy. She is 92 yrs. old. Our thanks- Evelyn & Jim Spears
11/18 BOMBECK: Please cover in prayer Joyce Michaels (friend of Alyse’s) and Joyce’s family. She is suffering from cancer and under the care of hospice. Jan
11/18 LACAMERA: Asking for prayer for Mark, my friend’s son in New York City. He is pursuing an acting career. He was raised in a Christian family and is angry with and is doubting God. He has voiced hateful statements about God to his mom. He has threatened suicide several times, and has suffered with severe depression yet refuses to seek professional help. Please pray for my friend Bonnie as she and her husband are devastated about this. In Jesus’ mighty name. Marlene
11/18 CPC: Pray for all the folks coming together to donate, prepare and deliver meals to our neighborhood families on Thanksgiving Day! If you want to donate or help,
11/16 ELLIS: Please pray for my mom’s friend, Nancy Taylor. Nancy had complications following surgery. She is currently in critical condition. She suffered from septic shock and has also had a heart attack. She is currently unresponsive and the doctor’s are considering life flighting her to Pittsburgh. Please pray for God’s hand to be upon her. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors and hospital staff. And please also pray for her family as they wait to see God’s plan. Thank you! Teri
11/15 BOMBECK: Jan had knee replacement surgery and all went well. She is however in a lot of pain and she covets your prayers. Jim
11/13 BOMBECK: My niece Cara is out of jail and trying to figure out life. Please pray for her to fully submit her life to Jesus. I am having knee replacement surgery Tuesday. I am very healthy and strong. Please pray for my doctor, Dr. Gardner and his staff and for Jim. Thank you CPC family
11/10 CORLEY: Please pray for my friend that was shot. Pray for peace for he and his family.
11/8 CPC: The service for
will be Saturday at 10am in the church.
11/6 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Brenda Burleson and family. Her son, Christopher, passed away.
11/3 MCCONNELL: Our daughter, Anne McConnell Shannon, who had a brain tumor (astrocytoma) removed the end of August is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy until the 14th. She will restart chemo December 13th. We are grateful to our Covenant Family for your support and continued prayer. Bill and Eugenia
11/2 COSTELLO: Please pray for Linda Blacksmith and her family as Bill went to be with his Lord yesterday. Bill lived to spread the gospel and is now with his Lord and Savior. Those of us on earth are heartbroken yet rejoice that Bill is home. Well done good and faithful servant. Cathy
11/1 JEAN BROWN: Continue to pray for my water retention problem as well as Mary’s cancer. Thank you.
11/1 KILGORE: I need a miracle right now. Darlene
10/31 WOODS: Fred Elavsky started his chemo today so please keep him and his family in your prayers. They need strength and resolve to stand strong through the long haul. Thanks. Connie
10/31 COSTELLO: Please pray for our friend, Rev. Dr. Bill Blacksmith, in ICU in Pittsburgh. We serve a mighty God and Healer and He is able! Cathy
10/31 WILSTER: I have two family members who will be having surgery this week. Please keep them in your prayers. Kathy
10/31 STEWART: Wow! Almost a month since last post. Keith is finishing his second round of temodar. Tolerating it fairly well with the help of zofran. His weight is staying at 132 so time to increase calories again. Appetite is poor to non existent so Boost high calorie to the rescue. Pain is finally under control with pain patch and minimal oral meds. Energy dragging today. His MRI results remain normal and his next ct is December. Drum roll: his hemoglobin and hematocrit are normal for the first time in 2 years! All other lab work looks good. As always there are up and downs everyday. Praise God for His many blessings. Cathy
10/27 CPC: Thank you for your prayers covering our reverse trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. It was a great experience for all those participating. One man stood in the rain as we gave him a bag of candy and said, “you have no idea how much this means!”
10/25 MILD: Dan Wensel passed away last night at John 23rd. Thanks for your prayers. Please continue to pray for his wife Marilyn who is inconsolable. They had only been married 10 years. Carolyn
10/25 CPC: Sympathy is extended to Brian Norris and family. His mother, Eileen, passed away last night. Service information is not available yet.
10/24 CPC: Pray that the simple act of sharing
candy will impact the lives of each child and adult we meet tomorrow at the reverse trick or treat.
10/24 JEAN BROWN: Pray for the swelling in my legs to go down.
10/23 ASHBECK: I have two part time jobs now and I am so blessed that God gave me those jobs so please pray so that I may do well on those jobs. Jonathan
10/22 SPEARS: My sister Eileen has been dealing with what is known as C-Dif which has been depleting her energy. She’s been prescribed many different prescriptions but to no avail. Through the medical field she is now taking a very costly drug and taking 2 pills a day. They were able to get it for her free with 2 refills. Expensive ? Yes, at $1500 per but thankful that she was ok’d for this. Your prayers please for success. Thanks so much. Evelyn
10/20 CPC: Please keep Jeremy McNeill in prayer as he prepares for the Parenting Seminar
Parenting Seminar at Covenantsharon on Oct. 28th
on October 28th. We are inviting Dan Dupee, former president of the Coalition for Christian Outreach, to present on his book
It’s Not Too Late: The Essential Part You Play in Shaping Your Teen’s Faith
. Dan has seen the trends for years with Christian college students, and through extensive research is able to help parents see a clearer way forward in preparing their children for a life of faith on their own. Pray that parents will recognize the importance of this seminar and that they make time to attend.
10/20 PORTAL: Please pray for my brother-in-law, Jim. He has had MS for decades hurting every part of his body. Now at 73 he is having a hip replacement on the 27th. He believes this will be the beginning of the end.
Update and praise: Thank you for the prayers for Chad as his outlook has improved greatly!
Thank you, Peggy.
10/18 WOODS: Fred Elavsky is starting the prep. for his radiation for his throat cancer. He is very anxious and fearful as I’m sure his wife, Cindy, is also. Pray for peace to fall on them and that God reveal himself to them and all involved in a way only he can. Thank you, Connie.
10/16 ORLANDO: I have issues in my left eye. Lynn
10/15 MILD: Dan Wensel is in SRH on hospice care. Please continue to pray for him and his wife Marilyn. Thanks- Carolyn
10/12 MILD: Dan Wensel was admitted to SRH for pneumonia a few days ago. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks, Carolyn
10/11 SPEARS: Gloria Blank has been in the hospital for over a week in Passavant Hospital near Pittsburgh. Please pray God’s Mercy and Grace for her. Thank you – Evelyn
10/10 DK: Pray for: Sandy’s daughter, Joy’s cancer, Jim’s healing from surgery, Patty’s thumb. Thank you.
10/10: JEAN BROWN: Pray for Mary’s cancer.
10/9 LACAMERA: Please pray for Linda. She will start chemo and immune therapy Monday for lung cancer with metastasis to the hip. She is a very dear friend. Marlene
10/7 CPC: Dr. Makari’s mother-in-law, Eva, fell on Sunday and broke her hip. She had surgery on Monday and is in a great deal of pain. Please keep them all in prayer.
10/7 STEWART: Keith handled this past week of new chemo drug very well as long as he took the zofran for nausea. His appetite stayed up too. Weight hanging at 130. Pain in his back is still there but the current brand of pain pill is working much better. Not all generic meds are equal. Thankful for our many blessings. Cathy
10/6 CPC: This Sunday we will praying for Pastor Andrew Brunson. He is an EPC teaching elder and was ministering in Turkey. Pastor Brunson was
arrested last October after a failed coup to overthrow the Turkish government. He is accused of supporting the anti-government terrorist group which the government claims is responsible for the coup.
Negotiations between our government and the Turkish president have failed. The charges against him carry 4 lifetime sentences. Please consider praying and fasting this weekend as you are led. The EPC is promoting a nationwide response to Andrew’s imprisonment.
10/6 PORTAL: Pray for Sherry, my nephew’s mother, as she was diagnosed with cancer that has spread thoughout her body. Chad and Julie are struggling with this news. Please keep Sherry, Chad, and Julie in prayer as treatment options are being evaluated.
10/2 DK: Pray for Jim’s recovery now that he is home from the hospital and also for Joy’s cancer treatment. Thank you.
9/28 SZABO: Bob’s cousin Stephanie went home to be with the Lord this morning. She is out of her earthly pain and suffering, but continued prayer is coveted by her husband Steve and daughter Dana. Thank you. Cathy
9/28 BOMBECK: Please pray for my cousin Greg as he is recovering from colonoscopy surgery which has been complicated by damaged bowel and malnutrition. He knows the Lord but doesn’t have a personal relationship with Him. Thanks so much, Jan.
9/27 JEAN BROWN: Pray for: Ninny and Roy as they both suffer with diabetes, pray for my terrible cold. Thank you.
9/26 SZABO: Bob’s cousin Stephanie has been moved from the hospital to a hospice center. Continued prayer for the family. Cathy
9/26 MILD: Please pray for Tina J who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. She finished her chemo and radiation and is ready for surgery. In the mean time, they found more tumors. Thanks, Carolyn
9/26 ANONYMOUS: Pray for peace and resolution to misunderstandings and hurt feelings in relationships.
9/25 WALKER: Please pray for Rachel. She was injured in a swimming pool accident. She underwent 10 hours of surgery last week and is still on a vent. Michael
9/25 DK: Pray for: Jim – he has pancreas and kidney issues; Joy – undergoing radiation; me – leg swelling and diabetes. Thank you
9/24 LACAMERA: Please continue to pray for Linda B. In Columbus. She had a Pet Scan and suspicious area on pelvis was found & biopsy was done. Praying for negative result. She was placed on a new medication for breathing and it is causing nausea and poor appetite. Praying for mercy for my dear friend.
9/23 WOODS: Update: Fred Elavsky just got some awesome news that his cancer is treatable with chemo and radiation with a 60-70% success rate. Fred and his wife (Cindy) are positive it was the prayers and wishes to thank all. Also please continue prayers as they still have a battle ahead. I believe God is claiming them as his own. Thanks. Connie
9/22 SCARMACK: Sheryl will be going home tonight. Thank you for all your prayers.
9/22 OST: Talked to my brother, John this morning. Looks like an atomic bomb. almost 100% power is out. Government closed the hospital last night. All patients will be transferred off the island. John specifically asked for prayers for the entire Virgin Islands; and for God’s Grace, Mercy and Guidance. Thank you. Diane
9/21 SCARMACK: Sheryl’s surgery went well. God is good!
9/21 STEWART: We’ve had an interesting week. Last week was CT scan time. Monday was chemo. Keith has been plagued with pain in his left shoulder blade so he got a patch to help. Saw the Doctor on Tuesday. Keith’s current chemo isn’t shrinking his primary lung tumor (it grew again) so he is starting a new medication. This is the only tumor remaining (good news). We were told it could take 2 to 3 weeks for everything to be in place but the approval was quick and medication will be in Friday and he’ll start on Monday. Thank you Lord. This is oral so he takes it at home for 5 days and then it gets repeated every 28 days. Best news was the insurance will still cover it with a small co-pay. His weight is up to 130# and he is under orders to keep gaining. Our prayer requests are: minimal side effects from this new med,that the tumor will start shrinking again, that he will continue to gain weight and strength, that his new pain med work and that we continue forward progress. Cathy
9/20 OST: Update on John Foltz …He is safe. Storm is gone. Communication is very difficult .. Thank you for your prayers! Diane
9/19 SCARMACK: Sheryl will have surgery on Thursday for three aneurysms. Please keep her in prayer.
9/19 EPC:
As Hurricane Maria bears down on Puerto Rico as a major category 5 storm, leaders of EPC churches on the island are requesting prayer. “The entire island will be impacted and major damage is expected,” Alfredo Aponte, ruling elder for Iglesia Presbiteriana Westminster
in Bayamón, wrote in an email on September 19. “Please pray for our island and our EPC churches in Bayamón, Añasco, and Mayaguez. May the Lord protect us. May the Lord be praised. May this be an opportunity to serve the Lord wherever we are, under all circumstances.” The National Weather Service has issued a Hurricane Warning for Puerto Rico. Sustained winds are expected to be 105-125 mph, with gusts to 175 mph. The warning indicates “extreme” threat to life and property throughout the island from wind and flooding rain, and a high risk of storm surge and tornadoes. “In Luke 18, Jesus reminds us of the power of persistent prayer,” said Jeff Jeremiah, EPC Stated Clerk. “Please pray for the people of Puerto Rico, and for the protection of our churches there as they minister through and after this storm.”
9/19 SZABO: Update on Stephanie – She was breathing on her own but they have had to reinsert the breathing tube in order for her to get some rest. Thanks for any prayers. Cathy
9/19 OST: Please pray for all those that are in the path of Hurricane Maria…esp. those in St. Croix. This hurricane looks like a direct hit for St. Croix…where my brother John (Foltz) lives. Please pray for the safety of all that are in the path of it. Thank you! Diane
9/19 BOMBECK: Please continue to pray for my niece, Cara. She has been removed from rehabilitation house because she refuses to cooperate with counselors there, became confrontational with probation officers, and yelled and screamed at the booking officers when she was brought back to jail. The judge has revoked rehab and ordered her to serve all the remaining time in all three counties where she has felony charges for drugs. She is not trying to help herself or improve her situation, just rebelling. She really needs Jesus and doesn’t get it at all. Jan
9/18 SZABO: Stephanie is now breathing on her own. Now off ventilator. Continued prayer is appreciated. Thanks Cathy
9/15 SZABO: Just got a text from Stephanie’s daughter. She said she is starting to move around a lot more. Also breathing more on her own. Her heart is working at 30%. Continued prayer please. Thank you. Cathy
9/14 SZABO: Please continue to keep Bob’s cousin Stephanie in prayer. She is being brought out of the medically induced coma she’s been in since Sunday. She had dialysis yesterday, so hopefully that may help. They are going to do a brain scan sometime today. Thank you for your prayers.- Cathy
9/14 HOGUE: Please pray for my health. Mary
9/13 DK: Pray for my eye disease, leg swelling and general health.
9/13 SHAW: Pray for general well-being.
9/13 JOHNSON: Pray for my health. Eleanor
9/11 WOODS: Please pray for Fred Elavsky; my grandchildren Dominic and Riley’s maternal grandfather. He has just found out he has both thyroid and throat cancer. Drs. are still in the midst of tests and plans on severity and what treatment is best. Thank you, Connie
9/11 MILD: Update on my sister – They are ok but there is widespread damage. Kathy got Dan’s temperature down and their home was not flooded. There is terrible damage to their property but they got through it, thank God! Carolyn
9/11 SZABO: Please pray for Bob’s cousin. She passed out at home Sunday morning. CPR was preformed. When she got to the hospital they put in 2 stents. She is in a medically induced coma. They are unsure of her mental status as of right now. Her name is Stephanie. Please keep her and her husband and daughter in prayer in this time of uncertainty. They are all believers. Cathy
9/10 MILD: Please say immediate prayers for my sister, Kathy and husband. They live near Orlando and the water is filling their pool as soon as they empty it…the electric will be going off any time. My brother-in-law, Dan has a temp of 104 and won’t call ambulance. We don’t know how long they will respond to emergency calls. If they leave, their house will be flooded. Thanks, Carolyn
9/10 BROWN: Prayers for my brothers family in Erie. Ed passed away last week to be with His Lord and Savior. Thank you, Sally Brown.
9/9 FROM THE EPC: Pray specifically for New Hope-Fort Myers and pastor Spencer, who reports that their building will serve as a shelter for their community. Looks like they could get a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. Faith in Brooksville FL and Fpc Orlando also serving as hurricane shelters. Faith is next door to a mobile home park and projections have it in the direct path. Pray!
9/9 BAKER: I am collecting supplies such as cleaners, buckets, diapers, non-perishable food, blankets, etc. for a truck headed for Texas. Please have items to my house BEFORE MONDAY. Leave items on my porch at 74 N. Oakland Ave. in Sharon. No clothes! Annie
9/7 MCCONNELL: Anne Shannon’s brain surgery was successful. She is up and about and in good spirits. Receiving physical therapy for her left side. Further treatment will be determined after the pathological findings are in. The children had a good first day at school! Thank you, our Covenant Family, for your prayers and concern. Bill and Gene
9/7 BAKER: The 10 month old girl now has cancer in both eyes. Please pray for her and her family. Annie
9/6 FROM OUR MISSIONARY, SUZANNE EMERY: Pray that the ministry of Created to be Free would be used in God’s hands to bring understanding, healing and transformation to the lives of those living with and working with people with invisible physical disabilities. Pray for my sons, Nain and Edwin, as they start a new school year that they would embrace God’s love for them and the amazing plans and purposes that He has for their lives. To learn more about her mission work, visit this
9/6 LACAMERA: Please pray for my friend Linda. The biopsy showed lung cancer. She has more tests including a Pet scan and then will see an expert at Ohio State to determine treatment. Both her brother and mother died from lung cancer. Praying that this is treatable and for mercy and grace. Marlene
9/5 DK: Pray for Jay – cancer in blood vessels and for the swelling in my left calf and for healing. Thank you.
8/31 BAKER: Please pray for Mark. He was injured in an explosion in Shippensport. Annie
8/31 CPC: Calling hours for Cindy Nicoloff will be Tuesday from 4 to 7pm in McGonigle’s Funeral Home. The service will be Wednesday at 11am in the funeral home.
8/30 BOMBECK: Please pray for the families involved in the shooting on Meek Street. Jan
8/30 CPC: Sympathy is extended to the family of Cindy Nicoloff. She passed away on Tuesday.
8/30 STEWART: Chemo week again! 2 down and 3 to go then 2 weeks off. He has tolerated the treatments well so far. Last time he needed oxygen 4 out of 5 days while getting chemo. Doesn’t need it otherwise. Energy does not exist for him this week. Blood work is good. Next scan and blood work on September 15th. He ate really well (for him) so the medicine seems to be helping. Please keep us in your prayers!
8/29 CPC: Sympathy is extended to Sandy Shuttleworth and family. Her mother passed away.
8/29 BAKER: Please pray for a 10 year old baby girl with a rare cancer. Annie
8/28 CPC: Barb did not have her surgery today as her breathing was not good. She will see a pulmonary doctor to get the breathing under control in order to have the other surgery. She thanks everyone for the prayers.
8/28 CPC: Barb Madura will have surgery today. Please keep her in prayer.
8/28 DK: In need of prayer for healing of my left ear and my legs. My financial prayers have been answered. Thanks to all that have prayed for me.
8/26 MCCONNELL: Our daughter, Anne McConnell Shannon, collapsed during an early morning run Tuesday. She has a brain tumor. Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday at University of Rochester Hospital in NY. Please pray for Anne, her husband, Mike, and their children Grace,13 and John,8. And pray for Dr. Kevin Walter, her surgeon, and his team. Gratefully , Bill and Gene
8/21 JEAN BROWN: Pray for my sister, Kathy, as she has 1st stage cancer. Also pray for Mary.
8/19 BOMBECK: Praise our Lord! Elija Bombeck is safely back on US soil!!!! Thank you to so many prayer warriors for covering our son with prayer throughout his trip. We really have no words to express our heartfelt appreciation. Jan
8/19 MILD: Dan Wensel is back home after having radiation and chemo. His tumor is inoperable. Please continue your prayers for healing, strength for both him and Marilyn and the peace of God. Thanks
8/17 MAKARI: Please continue to pray for my brother, Adel. He was to have surgery but the doctor was called away for an emergency. Philip
8/17 STEWART: Please pray for Dakota Miller. Cathy
8/16 BOMBECK: Our son, Elija will be returning home from Peru this weekend. Please pray for his safety as he travels the 9 hours bus ride from La Merced to Lima then while he travels from Lima to Miami and then on to Pittsburgh. Please join Jim and I as we are praising God for the great experience Elija has had and for the safety God has provided thus far. Thank you.
8/15 EMERY: Pray for wisdom and patience for me and open and soft hearts for my boys (Nain (17) and Edwin (15)) as we tread turbulent adolescent years together. May my boys know that God is especially fond of them and so is their Mom. Suzanne
8/14 MILD: Dan Wensel was moved to Shadyside and will begin his radiation and chemo treatments today. Yesterday, he was able to sit up in a chair and have visitors. Thanks for your continued prayers! Carolyn
8/13 BOMBECK: We had a wonderful phone call from Elija today. It was so great to hear his voice. He experienced his first earthquake this morning. This is a frequent occurrence in Peru so no big deal, apparently. He is fine and all is well. Just one more week and he’ll be back in the U.S. Thanks to everyone for continued prayers. Jan
8/12 MILD: Dan Wensel was stabilized and put into a room at Presby. They drilled a hole in his skull and took a biopsy. Will not know results till Monday. The tumor is the size of a potato. He is not doing well and is having memory issues now is unable to walk. They will start chemo and radiation on Monday at Shadyside. Thanks so much for your prayers. Carolyn
8/12 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for that God can help me so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified), thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-Men.
8/12 STEWART: Update time! Keith has had a few more rounds of chemo. Appetite still wasn’t coming back so he was started on a new medication Thursday to see if it will help. His weight has been between 128 to 130 so we’ll know in the next few days if this will help. He did ask for Tony’s Pizza now we’ll see if he actually eats it. Most of his lab work looks good. A few are out of range but it is a watch and see. The back pain remains but is controlled with pills. He did require oxygen during his chemo this week but doesn’t need it regularly. Keep the prayers coming. Cathy
8/11 MILD: Please pray for our friend, Dan Wensel. They have diagnosed him with an aggressive brain tumor . They went in at 10 am for a biopsy and they have not been able to stabilize Dan’s blood pressure since. He is still in recovery. They are very concerned….He is at Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh. Thanks, Carolyn
8/11 BOMBECK: Elija hasn’t had any other symptoms from the bites he sustained yesterday. Thank you so much for your prayers. Jan
8/11 WILSTER: Praise God for His many blessings! No cancer was found in my fathers’s throat and God answered my prayer for Jessica yesterday. I will praise His name forever! Kathy
8/10 WILSTER: Please pray for Jessica, especially today. Thank you. Kathy
8/10 BOMBECK: Elija is asking for prayer. He was working with water purification education in two remote jungle villages and has more than twenty bites. He asks we pray that he hasn’t contracted anything. Thank you
8/8 ELLIS: Please pray for wisdom, discernment, and God’s guidance and peace regarding an important decision I am wrestling with. If He’s leading me in a different direction I ask that this be made clear to me. If not, then please let the doors be closed. In His Mighty and Powerful Name I pray. Teri
8/8 HOMER: Thank you for all the prayers. I may return to work of Friday. Greg
8/7 ORLANDO: Erik will be closing on his house today! Praise God!
8/6 MILD: Please pray for a friend of ours (Dan) who has just been diagnosed with a large tumor on the inside left side of his head and it has crossed over to the right side. He is seeing a world-wide specialist in Pittsburgh on Wednesday for a plan of treatment. Please pray that they will find an aggressive plan of action to stop the progression of this tumor and that it’s not malignant. Thanks for your prayers! Carolyn
8/5 BOMBECK: Elija’s first week in Peru has been both challenging and interesting. God has taken him to the OR to witness teen pregnancies gone bad and to the clinic to assist with pediatric medicine and to a school to give wellness education. We can’t thank you enough for your support and prayers. Jan
7/31 COPE: Tomorrow I am headed to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX with my sister, Shelley. In January, 2015, she was diagnosed with leukemia and by God’s grace achieved remission. Eighteen months later, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had chemo, surgery, and then more chemo; but, they stopped treatment early because her bone marrow was too fragile. Please pray for her as we seek wisdom/counsel for treatment options. Please pray that both cancers are in remission and never come back. Thank you. Kim
7/31 BOMBECK: Elija has just reached LaMerced safely after 11 hours on a bus from Lima. God is good! Thank you for covering Elija in prayer. Cara is going to be placed in a court ordered rehabilitation facility instead of prison. Praise God for his mercy. Jan
7/31 CORLEY: Please pray for the following people: Jim Sr. as he has trouble breathing; Jim Jr. lesion on his brain and throat cancer, safe travels for Aunt Audrey and I as we travel to Phoenix for a week. Eric
7/31 ORLANDO: Pray for the closing on Erik’s house on 8/7.
7/30 CPC: Terri is home and appreciates all the prayers.
7/30 BOMBECK: Elija has landed in Lima, Peru where he will stay until Monday. Monday he will travel about 9 hours to La Merced where he will stay for 3 weeks. Thank you for your prayers. I’ll keep updating as I get word from Elija.
7/29 CPC: Terri Sanata has been hospitalized in Pittsburgh due to blood clots in her lungs. She will be receiving medication to break them up. Please keep her in prayer.
7/29 CPC: Elija Bombeck left this morning for Peru. He will be working with a medical mission team in La Merced for the next three weeks. God ha
s called him to go so he goes in faith to serve the lord. Please pray for his safety and wisdom.
7/27 JEAN BROWN: Continue to pray for Mary (she suffers will stage 4 cancer) and for Danny (diabetes). My legs are still swollen due to water retention. Thank you
7/24 CPC: Chuck and Wilma Black will be leaving the area this weekend. Let’s flood them with visits and prayers.
7/20 STEWART: Yes we are rejoicing today! Praise God for His blessings. Keith’s lab work is “normal” for him. CT scan shows the 2 pockets of fluid have been absorbed. His primary tumor ( the only one left) shows “minimal” increase. We had anticipated that it might grow since he missed several rounds of chemo so this is great news. This is chemo week so please pray for the energy and appetite! Cathy
7/19 CPC: The main computer at the church is not functioning and is in the process of being repaired. Thank you for your patience as the prayer requests are a little behind.
7/19 HOMER: Please pray for Greg. He will have surgery today at noon to repair his jaw. He was hit in the face with a baseball last night.
7/19 JEAN BROWN: Pray for Minnie. She had a heart attack. My legs are still swollen.
7/19 DK: Thank you for all your prayers. Most of them have been answered.
7/19 CPC: Kate has been released from the hospital and is now home. She is progressing very well and we hope she will continue to improve. Thank you for your prayers.
7/19 SPEARS: For travel mercies and also good flight connections starting Friday morning to get to Sydney, Australia for Son Todd and wife Nancy for a family reunion. Again we thank you for your kindness. Evelyn and Jim
7/19 SPEARS: Please pray for our grandson and family: Dan, Anna and child Charli. They are to start their trip to go to Australia to visit family. Charli is just over a year old and the trip takes almost 24 hours. Pray that little Charli can weather all this. Also that they have good flight connections. Pray for good health. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Evelyn & Jim
7/19 BOMBECK: The update on my niece is as follows. Her probation officer picked her up and took her to jail. She has a hearing tomorrow afternoon. The judge will be deciding on sending her to court ordered rehabilitation (again) or prison. Obviously rehab is a better option. Either way she will be gone from her daughter for up to 4 years, depending on the judges decision.
Please pray for God’s will. Please pray Cara will come to rely on God alone. Please pray for her parents and her daughter. Her relationships with them are severely damaged. Please pray for her boyfriend who saved her life. Thanks, Jan
7/7 PRAYERS FOR KATE: She has been moved to a rehabilitation section and is making great progress with all the therapies she is receiving. Send her a card for encouragement.
Kate Thomas
Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Unit (CHRU)
5324 Penn Avenue
Floor 3 Room 306B
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
7/4 LAYMAN: Thank you to all my Covenant family! Your prayers were wonderful as I am recovering from knee replacement. I am doing very well but the swelling is an issue right now so please continue to pray that my knee gets better thanks! Janey
7/4 BOMBECK: Please cover my niece Cara in prayer for recovery from heroine addiction. She survived a recent overdose but has fallen into the trap of using again! Jan
7/4 LACAMERA: Continued prayers for Don B. Please: He is off the vent but has continued to struggle with low O2 sats, off and on between oxygen and a Bi-pap. It was found that he has been aspirating due to a swallowing problem. So now has a nasogastric feeding tube. Family is devastated as it has been one thing after another. Praying for grace and mercy in this situation. Marlene
7/3 PRAYERS FOR KATE: She is improving daily but still needs prayer.
7/3 SB2W: Join us in praying that the seeds planted during SB2W will grow in the hearts of the campers, families and our community.
7/1 STEWART: This round of chemo done! He did well. Love the energy boost from the pre-meds and preparing for the crash that usually follows. Keith is definitely stronger. Walking more and doing small chores. Color is better. Bruising easier so it may be bubble wrap time. Lab work looks good. CT on the 13th for follow up. Enjoying the calm. Cathy
6/30 CPC: Congratulations to Andrew and Melanie Hargest. Evelyn Rose was born yesterday.
6/30 PRAYERS FOR KATE: Her breathing tube was removed but she is still very agitated. Pray for peace to surround her so that healing may continue. Pray for her parents as well.
6/30 CPC: The summer mission team will finish up their work on the ranch and prepare for the journey home. Pictures have been posted on
6/29 PRAYERS FOR KATE: She had a good night and may be extubated this morning.
6/29 PRAYERS FOR KATE: Follow along with her progress and updates on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/prayersforkate/. She is sedated but did open her eyes a few times. This little girl needs your prayers as does her family.
6/29 SB2W: Both camps are winding down and have been amazing. Pray that the campers hear the Gospel and see the example of how it is lived through these last two days.
6/29 JEAN BROWN: My legs are swollen and infected. Mary is still suffering with cancer and Roy with diabetes. Please pray for all of us.
6/27 CPC: Please pray for Kate, the little girl hit by a car. Pray for her family as well.
6/27 LACAMERA: Please continue to pray for Don B. for mercy and grace. His condition has declined. He was off of the vent briefly with O2 but had to be placed back on vent this A.M. Prayers for my friend Sherry during this time as she is very close with her dad. Marlene
6/26 ZIPPIE: Please pray for Kate, a three year old little girl who was hit by a car last night. She was life-flighted to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. She has multiple injuries including a skull fracture and is kept sedated. Please pray for wisdom for the medical staff, God’s comfort and peace for her family, and healing for little Kate’s broken body. Psalm115:1- “Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!” Kim
6/29 CPC: BOTH Summer’s Best 2 Weeks camps are going on today!
6/24 STEWART: Praise the Lord! The drain was removed this morning. After CT, consultation and a little wait the drain came out. Keith did his happy dance and praises! Labs are good. There is still some fluid so he will get a CT in 3 weeks and if it continues to absorb on its own, all will be well. Chemotherapy starts Monday afternoon for the week. Appetite is better some days than others. Trying to hit 2300 calories a day. Praying we are now on an even keel with baby steps forward. Love you all! Thanks for the cards and support. We truly appreciate it. Cathy
6/24 CPC: Please continue to pray for the mission team traveling to Mexico to serve on the ranch.
6/22 CPC: Pray for the mission team preparing to leave: John, Ann, Craig, Monica, Rose, Cathy, David, Izzy, Tina, Beth, Seth, Sonora, Kathleen, Nina, Dick, Chris, Beth, Rick, Ryan, Sean.
6/21 JEAN BROWN: She is having trouble with her legs. Please pray!
6/21 SPEARS: Thank you for your prayers. Todd and his church friend arrived safely from Gabon, Africa last night. Their help was much appreciated. PTL> Evelyn
6/21 CORLEY: Pray for Jimmy suffering with throat cancer and for improved health for Audrey. Eric
6/21 SB2W: The girls’ overnight is tonight so please pray that the “crosstalk” opens hearts to God’s word. Also, continue to pray for the campers, counselors and leaders.
6/20 LACAMERA: An update: Please hold up Don B. In prayer. He had been released from hospital past Friday on Oxygen but continued to be weak. Today became unresponsive and was taken to ER & just recently was intubated. May be sent to Pittsburgh. Also include family in prayer please. Thank you to all for your caring prayers. Marlene
6/20 LACAMERA: My friend’s mother Mary has severe kidney infection & needs cardiac procedure. She is at St. E’s and suffering with delirium as well. Please pray for healing and wisdom for doctors and peace for the family. Marlene
6/20 CPC: Janey’s knee surgery went well yesterday. Pray for a speedy recovery.
6/20 SPEARS: Son, Todd, is to be on his way with his church buddy from Gabon, Africa on the long journey home to Grove City today. Please pray for travel mercies and good connections. They had great success in assisting with construction of a new building. PTL! Evelyn
6/19 SB2W has begun! Please keep the counselors, campers and leaders in prayer for the next two weeks!
6/19 CPC: Please keep Janey Layman in prayer as she has knee surgery today.
6/19 DK: Pray that my finances are straightened out and for all house-bound persons. Thank you.
6/16 SCARMACK: Daughter-in-law, Maritza Scarmack, is in Farrell UPMC with diverticulosis. Keep her in prayer. Sheryl
6/16 JEAN BROWN: Pray for: Betty ‘s husband who was put in a nursing home; Mary who has lots wrong with her and for me. I’m having water problems again in my legs.
6/15 STEWART: Praise the Lord! White count 5.9! Platelets are normal. Hemoglobin and hematocrit holding. Saw surgeon and urologist this week. Good reports. We still have “Emmett” the drain. After 2 weeks it got named. CT next Thursday and hopefully drain comes out. Immediate prayer request for energy and appetite. Both are fair at best. Chemo bumped to week of 5/29. Emmett needs to retire first. Cathy
6/15 JEAN BROWN: Pray for my sister, Barb, as she has been given two years to live. Also, pray for Mary as she is still suffering with stage 4 cancer and heart issues. Thank you.
6/12 LACAMERA: Please pray for Don B., 77 years old; my friend’s father. He has been having labored breathing and has a nodule in mediastinal region of his chest. He has had a lot of tests recently and was to go to AGH for biopsy on Thursday, but was admitted locally today. He has history of Lymphoma. Please pray for peace for my friend as she goes through this difficult time. May she know that the Lord is in complete control. Marlene
6/9 STEWART: Thank you Lord for the steps forward. Update: His blood work on Wednesday showed a normal white count. His hemoglobin and hematocrit are also up and good for him. Chemo tentatively scheduled for week of June 19th. Saw both pcp and oncologist this week. All is as well as he can be. Repeated belly ct since drainage is very low to none. The abscess is definitely smaller but there is some residual fluid so drain stays in till Tuesday. Home health and nutritionist also in. Incision looks great. Looking to increase calories. Appetite is still so so but definitely improving. Eating some food but still drinking most of his calories. Working on reversing that so he eats more. Energy is low. His weight is 131.8. Please pray for increased energy and nourishment. Thank you all. Cathy
6/8 SPEARS: Tomorrow the 9th our son Todd and his friend from their church are leaving for an orphanage in Gabone, Africa. They will be assisting in building a type of building to house workers for the area. A Medical building is in the plans. Please pray for their safety and well being for travel mercies. Thank you kindly for your prayers. Evelyn & Jim
6/8 LACAMERA: Bryan has passed away. Please pray for his wife Mary Ann and his sister Linda and family. Praying for peace, mercy and comfort. The funeral is Friday. Marlene
6/8 CPC: Our sympathies are extended to the friends and family of Rebecca Fair. She passed away yesterday. The calling hour will be Saturday from 10-11am at Briceland Funeral Home in Brookfield. The service will follow at 11am. For more information,
6/7 CPC: During a congregational care visit by elder Dick Simon and Pastor Makari, Cindy and Dave Nicoloff requested that Cindy be placed on our Prayer Page. Cindy is presently undergoing treatments and procedures for liver cancer. Please keep Cindy and family in your prayers.
6/7 STEWART: Quick update. Last antibiotic this am and he is so glad to be done with them. Appetite is so-so but should improve now. Pain is not incision related but the chronic back pain that will eventually be treated by chiropractor. Aleve and tylenol work for now. See oncologist and get blood drawn tomorrow and see PCP on Friday. God is good all the time.
6/6 RAINEY: Pray for unsaved loved ones. Dennis & Elaine
6/6 ORLANDO: Please pray for son, Erik, for job opportunity in Hermitage BUT MOST – God’s will! Lynn
6/5 SPEARS: Friend, Pat James, has a lower back fracture and experiencing much pain. Pray that she can be made comfortable and that the doctors be given the wisdom for her treatment. Thank you go much for your prayers. Evelyn
6/5 BOMBECK: Praise to our Lord and thank you for praying for Rae Marie. Her scans were good last week and will be checked again in 6 weeks. Her doctor is not concerned. She thanks all those who have supported her in prayer. Jan
6/4 LACAMERA: Requesting prayer for my friend Linda’s brother Bryan. The Pancreatic Cancer is now terminal and has spread other organs. Bryan has declined any further treatment and Hospice is now involved. His condition began to decline within the last week. Praying for mercy, comfort and peace for Bryan and for strength for his family. Marlene
6/3 STEWART: Home for a few days and all is calm. Calm is good! Doctor (4) appointments over the next 2 weeks. Appetite is not great but eating some and drinking his boost. Thank you Lord for your healing hands. Cathy
6/3 DJ: My friend is paranoid and delusional. Sometimes she thinks that I am a part of a mysterious group of people that are somehow out to get her. She meddles in the New Age, magic, I want to help her, and pray that she comes back to Christ. Whenever someone tries to help her she tends to think they are out to get her. Please pray that she find Godly people to trust for help. She is penniless/homeless and unemployed due to her paranoid symptoms in the workplace.
6/2 MCDOWELL: My brother, Harvey McDowell of Grove City, died yesterday. Bill
6/1 STEWART: We Are home! Antibiotics for a few more days and a drain but so happy to be here. Follow up visits can all be done closer to home. Thank you Lord and thank all of you for the prayers, texts, messages and calls. Also so grateful for Kate and Brian for all they gave and did. Cathy
6/1 COSTELLO: Please pray for Elizabeth Fulford who is in serious condition following emergency surgery yesterday. Pray also for her family. In Jesus’ name. Thank you. Cathy
6/1 STEWART: After a long wait Keith had his drain removed and a new one put in. Procedure wasn’t started until after 3. Since it would be at least 8pm before we could leave and with the long drive home, he asked to be discharged in the morning. Request granted. His lab work looks better. Hopefully around 11am he will be free at last. Cathy
5/31 STEWART: So my poor guy is still in the hospital. His white count is still to high. They are going to re-position his drain in the AM since ct yesterday still shows some fluid where it doesn’t belong. As a side bar, his cell phone and some water met today. In process of drying it out at least long enough to do data transfer.
5/31 CPC: Please pray for 13 year Jamie to be successfully taken off the ventilator after her surgery last week.
5/30 ORLANDO: Decisions for future. Lynn
5/30 SUMMER’S BEST 2 WEEKS: We are less than a month away from camp. You are invited to join us in prayer for the campers, counselors, leaders and volunteers that make this camp amazing and truly the best two weeks of summer for many of these campers. There are several ways to help us pray for camp. You can meet at the church at 8:30am each morning before camp to pray. If you cannot make the prayer time, we can email you specific prayer concerns to pray at your convenience. You will receive weekly emails prior to camp and then daily emails once camp begins. Please fill out the form to the left and type SB2W for the prayer request or contact the church office at office@covenantsharon.org.
5/29 STEWART: Well, Keith is in the 0.5% and has to stay at least 1 more day. His white count rose again. Repeat scan and cultures. With all the ins and outs of hospital stays and visits they are checking on other possible infections. If scan is good they may pull his drain tube and send him home tomorrow. Disappointed but he is in the right place. So we’re being joyful in Hope that he can come home tomorrow. Not doing well on the patience part. Know God is in control and our faith is in him to provide the knowledge to his medical team.
AM Short update. 99.5% chance he comes home tomorrow! Took the heart and O2 monitors off tonight. Doctor said no antibiotics needed after discharge. He had a good breakfast and decent lunch but then his poor shrunken stomach said no more. Boost for dinner. Expect to hear cheers when we’re in the car and headed home.
5/28 STEWART: Thank you Lord! All went well, took 1 hour and Keith is doing great. He actually had an appetite. Doctor said if things stay on course he should come home Monday. Drain in for a few weeks, IV antibiotics now but home on oral ones. Had some pain early one but even that has decreased. Thank you all. Cathy
5/26 STEWART: It has been a week since Keith came home. He has definitely got the resting part down pat. Routine blood work today that caused a small flurry of activity. Blood drawn and home. An hour later we have to go back for type and cross. He’s down a few pints which he will get tomorrow morning. His white count rose so one chest x-ray and urine test later, home we came. Chest x ray looks good. Last night his temp hit 100. Tylenol and fluids worked well. Today it rose to 99.7 so hoping tylenol works again. Since his normal temp is around 97 to 97.5 we have a few concerns. Something is brewing. See the surgeon tomorrow afternoon for possible staple removal. His incisions look great. He just likes keeping us on our toes. God has given us so many blessings thru this journey and we are thankful. Say an extra prayer for us. He really, really doesn’t want to go back to be admitted. His appetite is non existent but drinking his calories. Weighed 135 at discharge and 138.8 today. Small victories. Cathy
5/24 WASKO: Our family wants to thank you for your prayers. Our son-in-law, Scott Newton, is home and doing very well after his colon reattachment surgery! We are extremely grateful for what God has done and will continue to do as he heals. Debby
5/24 WILSTER: Bless the Lord, oh my soul; and all that is within me. Bless His holy name. Amen! We have been anxiously waiting for the results of the culture (my sister, Patti) and just got the results – negative for any infection. Thank you Lord for healing my sister and thank you for your prayers. Kathy
5/24 BOMBECK: Please pray for a young Christian woman, Rae Marie. She has cysts near her colon. Jan
5/24 CPC: Continue to keep Rev. Philip Makari in prayer as he struggles with health issues.
5/19 STEWART: Coming home this afternoon! Thank you Lord and thanks to all for the wonderful prayers and encouragement! Pray a little harder for me these next few days. It will all be good once we settle in. Cathy
5/19 RACHEL T.: Father God, you are my provider. You promise protection and provision for me, so I come to you today asking for immediate and practical help. Lord, I need and ask for your intervention and help. I ask for relief and a specific solution to the problem. Bring the right people together to solve this in a creative and timely way. Lord bring hope and faith and a relief from fear and a sense of despair. You promise in the Bible to “make a way where there is no way.” This is time for that kind of miracle! Cut a new path through this impossible jungle. Save and then bless this home! Your name is “Provider.” You love to prove yourself in this way. We humbly acknowledge that without your help, I am helpless. But with you I pray, ‘I can’t, but you can, please do, thank you!” In Jesus’ name I pray.” Rachel
5/18 STEWART: Tuesday: We had special out of town visitors and it perked him up a bit. Had to have xray after tubes replaced and he really needs to work on deep breathing as he is high risk for pneumonia. Wednesday: Everything started working as it should so the doctor officially removed the ng tube. He is tolerating clear liquids today so gets full liquid tomorrow. He is looking forward to that. He will also have a few more things officially removed tomorrow. He may come home in 2 days. #life is good # moving forward. Thank you Lord for your healing touch. Cathy
5/17 WASKO: Prayers for our son-in-law Scott Newton as he has colon reattachment surgery today. Please pray for the skill of his surgeon and the medical team. Pray for Scott’s strength and healing as he goes through this final stage in his fight against ulcerative colitis. Thank you! Paul & Debby
5/17 BOMBECK: Please pray for the Sharon teachers. They are in a very difficult position and need our prayers. Jan
5/15 STEWART: Moving forward. No longer requires constant heart, BP and O2 monitoring! Up in chair. Moving around better. Still only ice chips and ng tube remains in. Starting total IV nutrition tonight(TPN). Nothing better than a midnight move out of ICU. Getting settled in a room. God is good!
5/12 SZABO: My friend Becky went home to be with the Lord last night. Please keep her daughter and grandson in prayer. Cathy
5/12 STEWART: I’m happy to report that Keith is very much awake, alert and doing very well considering yesterday’s marathon of surgery. He wanted to make sure I brought his phone and robe. Go figure! He will remain in ICU for another day as his hemoglobin and hematocrit are low. He is wired for sound! Everything is being closely monitored and he is otherwise stable. He isn’t allowed out of bed today but will be up tomorrow. As much as has happened his complaint was the unfairness of smelling food and not being able to indulge. Thanking the Lord for his many blessings. Cathy
5/12 WILSTER: Please keep my sister, Patti, in your prayers. She has been dealing with a small incision from stomach surgery for over a year. It has once again become infected and she will need surgery. This is very hard on my mom as well and they live in Florida. Unspoken prayers requested for Sean and Scott, my sons. Thank you. Kathy
5/12 STEWART: Thank you Lord for our medical team. Surgery ended around 8pm. He is currently in recovery and will spend the night in ICU. Due to length of surgery and anesthesia he gets to spend the night in ICU. Closer monitoring too. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. Cathy
5/10 STEWART: All systems are go for surgery tomorrow. We need to be at the hospital 10:30 am. Surgery should begin around 12:30. Keith is so happy that this is moving forward. A few extra prayers will be greatly appreciated. Cathy
5/10 ELLIS: Please keep my step-mom, Sally, in your prayers. She has been diagnosed with colon cancer. They need to operate but they need to stabilize her and get some other health issues under control first. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the doctors and healthcare workers taking care of her. For strength and healing for her body. That she would feel God’s peace surrounding her. And lastly, if you would also lift my dad and my sister and brother and their families as well, as they help Sally move forward on this journey. I pray God’s peace and mercy and Grace for all of them. In Jesus’ Mighty and Powerful name. Amen. Thank you so much! Teri
5/9 MAKARI: Joy Johnston is home from the hospital since yesterday (May 8), Tom (her husband) has requested that we keep her in prayers during this time of recovery and follow-up by doctors. Both, Tom and Joy, wish to thank you for prayers you have offered and calls you have made. Philip
5/8 BOMBECK: My niece, Cara, is coming up on 2 years sober. She was addicted to heroin, She was arrested and jailed in May 2015. I asked the prayer warriors of Covenant Church family to pray for her. She has been in recovery, is holding down a job, working on her relationship with her little girl and her parents and her brother. She knows the Lord and knows He has brought her a very long way. I thank you for your prayers and praise God for you. Jan
5/8 BOMBECK: Please pray for healing for a young woman with a brain tumor. Jan
5/5 STEWART: Met with the surgeon and Thursday May 11th is the day. We won’t know a time until the day before. He will be admitted the 11th and spend 5 to 10 days there post op. typical is 7. Lots of pre-op stuff on Monday thru Wednesday. Moving forward. Thank you for your continued prayer. Cathy
5/3 LYON: Pray for Donna and her family. They had a tragedy. Mollie
5/3 SZABO: Please keep my friend Becky in prayer. She is now in a nursing home. She’s not eating or drinking.Prayer for pain relief and comfort. Also prayer for her daughter and grandson. -Cathy
5/3 JEAN BROWN: Continued prayer is needed for Mary as she suffers with cancer. My legs are swelled and I would appreciate prayer.
5/3 HOGUE: Pray for ongoing testing and therapy.
5/2 GRIFFITH: Pray for my neighbor that is moving.
5/2 JOHNSON: Still suffering with pneumonia, please pray for my health.
5/1 ORLANDO: Pray for my nephew, Clay, to be able to play football. Meeting in May to find out. Lynn
4/29 JOHNSTON: Joy will require open heart surgery to remove a (likely benign) tumor on her aortic valve (in the heart). Surgery will be May 5.
4/29 READSHAW: Jan had a heart catheterization yesterday and they found a 90% blockage in one artery and also a bad valve. The doctors have to decide what they are going to do. Please pray for Jan. Bill
4/29 JOHNS: Praise be to God! Jeff had the feeding tube removed yesterday (4/28/17), much earlier than anticipated and expected. He went to see the surgeon on the fear that the remaining drainage site was infected. That turned out not to be the case. After giving us that good news, he asked if I was ready to have the feeding tube removed. He had to twist my arm a bit (NOT!!). So now, I am completely tube free! Please pray for continued strength and for healing of the final drain site.
4/29 BOMBECK: I learned today that a former student of mine attempted to take her own life. Praise God she was not successful and is recovering with hospital care. Please pray for this beautiful girl. Jan
4/27 GUMP UPDATE 2: Blood results came back and Hughie is anemic. He has low iron and calcium and this combination with the medicine affects blood pressure. So he does not have any organ issues; however, they are going to take him to see a cardiologist just to be sure. Thank you all so much for your prayers. What was to be a normal, typical surgery for a little one took a turn. I so appreciate all of my Covenant family! Thanks be to God. KIM
4/27 GUMP UPDATE: My grandson, Hugh, did not do well in surgery this morning. His blood pressure and heart rate dropped rapidly so they stopped the anesthesia and did not do the surgery. They are doing blood work on him now to determine if is is heart related or medication relaTed. Hugh is doing fine now but are not releasing him until they have answers. Please keep Hugh, Will and Kim in prayer as they wait for answers. Kim
4/27 GUMP: My grandson, Hugh…3 1/2 years old…is having his adenoids and tonsils removed, tubes and turbinates reduced today at 9:40am. Please pray for our sweet Hughie to get through his surgery and have an easy recovery as the doctors have told Will and Kim that he will have much pain. Thank you. Kim
4/24 JOHNS: Things continue to move forward. The pathology report came back negative for cancer. The tumor had shrunk prior to surgery. The doctor removed 26 lymph glands and all of them came back clean. God is Great!! So, now it’s just continued recovery from the surgery. Thank you all again for the prayers and cards. It’s been a tough road to hoe, but, things are looking up. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now we can get back to focusing on the prostate cancer and beating that too! Jeff
4/24 STEWART: Chemo week is done and as usual he is exhausted today. Good news is his weight continues to climb. CT scan Monday and then we see the surgeon in may for reversal of ostomy. God is good and continues to bless us. Please pray for those with medical concerns. I have friends fighting cancer and a few with broken bones who had surgery in the past few weeks. Cathy
4/20 BOMBECK: Please pray for staffing needs for Summer’s Best 2 Weeks. Jan
4/20 LACAMERA: Please hold up Don, my friend’s dad and my friend. Don was hospitalized for assessment last night after second ER visit due to shortness of breath. He did not sleep last nite. He has history of Atrial Fib. So far they have not bee able to determine what is causing the new symptoms but cardiologist will see today. Praying for peace for Don and family and for discernment for physicians. Marlene
4/19 STEWART: It has been a few calm and stable weeks. Thank you Lord. His weight is stable and he is eating more food and enjoying some of it. Had a donut today! First one in months that tasted good to him. We were able to get out to church and then took about a half mile walk in Buhl Park. This is a chemo week so keep those prayers coming. God is good all the time. Counting our many blessings. Cathy
4/19 CPC: Information on Ed Zippie: Friends are invited to call Wednesday, April 19, 2017 from 4:00 till 7:00 p.m. at Harold W. Stevenson Funeral Home in Sharon.Funeral service at
, Sharon, PA. at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 20th.
4/17 MAKARI: Please pray for the extended family of Ann Zippie in the death of her husband, Ed, and for Dan (his son) and his family. Ed died on Saturday evening (April 15.) Philip
4/11 CPC: The calling hours for Paul Wasko’s mother, Dolores Settle Wasko Sewall, will be Thursday from 2 to 4pm in the Smith Turner Funeral Home (New Wilmington).
4/11 KILGORE: Please keep Kilgore family in prayer this Passion Week for I am continuing to pray for an Easter miracle healing of my autoimmune illness, Sincerely, Darlene
4/10 MAKARI: A word of thanks is extended to all of you who have been praying for my nephew (Paul Makari, 33 years of age). Paul is now in God’s glorious presence. Thanks for the cards, the emails, texting, and the phone calls you have sent our way. They were truly a great source of comfort to Vickey and me, and to our entire family. Please continue to keep Adel (Paul’s dad) and ET (Paul’s brother) in your prayer for God’s comfort and peace. Philip
4/10 ZIPPIE: Dennis Chess is a 44 year old husband and father and was recently diagnosed with late stage Pancreatic Cancer which has metastasized to his liver and lymph nodes. He and his wife traveled to Chicago today for further evaluation at The American Cancer Institute. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the doctors, Dennis and his family, as well as peace in the midst of this storm. Kim
4/10 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Paul Wasko and family for the death of his mother, Dolores Settle Wasko Sewall.
4/10 COSTELLO: Please pray for a friend who has gone through some really rough times. She contacted me this morning searching for a church. May God surround her and lead her. Thank you! Cathy
4/9 JOHNS: It looks as if Jeff will be released from the hospital Monday (Tuesday at the latest), if all continues to go well the rest of today & into the morning. He is anxiously looking forward to getting home and continuing his recovery there. He’s really not in much pain, which is a blessing. Life style changes will include changing his eating habits & no longer being able to lie flat to sleep. Again, thank you all for your continued prayers, encouragement & well wishes. Becky
4/7 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Rev. Philip Makari and family. His nephew has passed away.
4/5 JOHNS: Update on Jeff: A minor set back today for Jeff. He is struggling to get his lungs inflated after the surgery, as they had to deflate the right one during surgery. Another drain tube had to be inserted to get rid of accumulating fluid in the chest cavity. The good news is that the cancer in that area is gone. Praise the Lord for that! Thank you for your continued prayers. Becky
4/4 CPC: Flo Yarian has been hospitalized but is on the mend.
4/4 ORLANDO: Pray for dental issues for me. Lynn
4/3 CORLEY: Pray for these people: Sister, Renee, has diabetes and liver problems; Jimmy’s health is improving despite his battle with cancer; that Audrey regains sight in her right eye. Eric