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Psalm 73:26

“My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.”

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10/22 MILD: I am having some uncomfortable drainage from my back incision from 4 weeks ago. Have contacted the doctor about possible cause and treatment. Bob is having some back and hip issues possibly stemming from his stent surgery last month. Lora Anderson continues to improve and should be discharged from the hospital today. They will schedule her for chemo treatments soon. Thanks for your prayers, Carolyn
10/22 SZABO: Please keep Sherry Swetz (Head of Joshua’s Haven) in prayer. Her mother went home to be with the Lord Friday evening. Thanks-Cathy
10/22 DOTY: Pray for Terry’s bad back and for Judy. Rayanne
10/21 PAGLIARINI: Please pray for Judy Fustos as she is at St. Elisabeth’s for heart problems. Kelly and Chloe
10/20 RAINEY: The dad of two of my Mercer majorettes was in a very bad car accident  (Friday 10/19). He has fractures in his skull, neck, and jaw, along with many stitches. Please pray for his recovery and for his wife, son, and daughters. Samantha
10/20 STAUFFER: Please keep our daughter Megan and her husband Sam in your prayers as they are flying to Las Vegas, NV today to meet and bring home Charlotte (Charli). She is the 4 month old biological sister of their foster daughter, Grace. Pray for safety, a baby who travels well, wisdom and peace during the adjustment period, and no anxiety for Megan. Also pray for Rick and I and Sam’s parents as we care for Grace until Sam and Meg return on Tuesday with Charli. Please keep the adoption  process in prayer, as well. Thank you! Daneen
10/17 MILD: Wendy’s friend, Lora Anderson had surgery this morning.  The mass was actually her uterus, ovaries, tubes and colon matted together with a tumor.  The doctor was able to remove all of the cancer in uterus, tubes, ovaries, appendix along with part of the colon, lymph nodes, etc.  Lora has been given blood transfusions.  She will need chemo. Thanks for all of your prayers.  She has a long road to recovery. Carolyn
10/16 MOSER: Praise! Memorial golf tournament went well. Raised $20K despite hurricane flooding and power outages. Leah
10/15 MILD: Please pray for Wendy’s friend, Lora Anderson who sang with Wendy at Covenant this past summer.  She was diagnosed with advanced endrometrial cancer that runs in her family.  She is having surgery tomorrow morning.  Thank you! Carolyn
10/14 ZIPPIE: Gary Close, former assistant pastor at Covenant, passed away. There will be a memorial service next Sunday at 2:00 PM at Puckety Presbyterian Church in Lower Burrell.  Please keep Sue Close and her family in your prayers.
10/12 Andrew Brunson has been released! Thank you for your prayers. For more information, read here.
10/12 PRAY FOR BRUNSON: PRAISE Read Psalm 16, and praise God that He will keep Andrew and all who attend the trial safe, and that God will accomplish His great purposes. PONDER What happens in the courtroom today can impact many lives, and even nations. PRAY Remembering that Turkey is between 7 and 9 hours head of American, depending on the time zone you live in, intercede through the day, praying for God to lead and to use this trial for His glory. Pray for Andrew and all who testify, to be bold, proclaiming God’s sovereign grace (Ephesians 6:19). Pray that unless the Lord has a purpose we cannot yet see, that Andrew will be deported and his charges dropped. 
10/11 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Rowenna Bartholomew. The funeral service will be Monday at 11am in Sherman’s Funeral Home.
10/11 PRAY FOR BRUNSON: PRAISE Read Psalm 15, and praise God for the truth that if we are holy before God, we will be protected and helped by God. PONDER The American government at the highest levels has been advocating and pressuring for Andrew’s release. This very fact is amazing evidence that God answers the prayers of the righteous. How often does a bold Christian become such a focal point for the international media, even a f lashpoint between nations? God is using Andrew as a witness. PRAY The media around this trial can bring God great glory. Pray for all of the media representatives in the trial to be safe, and for journalists to create reports that will glorify God (see the work of Open Doors: link). Pray for Andrew to be emboldened to give a clear Gospel witness. Pray for the Turkish press and also for the guards (Jandarma) in tomorrow’s trial to hear the Gospel.
10/10 PRAY FOR BRUNSON: PRAISE Read Psalm 14, and praise God for wisdom promised for those who ask, even for the foolish. PONDER There are 44,000 Macedonians in Turkey. As we pray for them, we can recall PRAY how God led Paul to Macedonia through supernatural guidance (Acts 16:9). May such wisdom also guide Andrew’s upcoming trial. If God can guide His servants, and If God can move the heart of a king (Proverbs 21:21), God can move government leaders, court officials, and the proceedings of the trial. Pray for God to prepare all of the players in the trial: the prosecution, the defense, every witness, and Andrew himself. 
10/9 JEAN BROWN: Travel mercies for her sister returning to Florida.