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James 5:16

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

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3/19 ORLANDO: Prayer for thyroid test to be clear for me. Lynn
3/19 SCARMACK: Joes cousin, William “Bob” Pelini,90, is on dialysis for kidney failure and is failing. Sheryl
3/19 DAUGHERTY: I would like to thank everyone for all the help and prayers and visiting at the hospital the 2 time I was in for my stomach. Donna
3/17 CPC: An update on Pastor Makari:  A surgeon from Steubenville suggested an open heart surgery to repair the main heart valve, which is close to dysfunctional.  Seeking a second and third opinion, by doctors from the Allegheny Hospital, he was told that the valve repair doesn’t require an open heart surgery; rather,  a 15 minute procedure would do the job without cutting into the heart.  An appointment was set for pastor Makari to be seen this coming Thursday (March 22nd) at 10 AM by Dr. Robert Maraca of the Allegheny Hospital ( a heart specialist) and Dr. Cherian John (also, a heart specialist) from West Virginia to decide on the day and time for the procedure.  Pastor Makari is very thankful for your concerns and prayers. No visits or phone calls for the time being.
3/17LACAMERA: Update prayers for my friend.  Father has passed away. Now is concerned about mother who is 96.  Praying for mercy and grace for this family and that he find the Lord. 
3/17 LACAMERA: Prayers please for my friend Linda’s 87 year old father. He is at StE’s being treated for bacteremia after urologic procedures.  Her mother passed in 2017.  She is very worried. Please pray for peace  for my friend and healing …that the antibiotic is effective.
St. Patrick's breatplate
3/16 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Betty Mannion and family. Her mother passed away yesterday.
3/15 STEWART: All went well. Doctor pleased. We are home and ready for naps. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Hopefully peaceful times are ahead. Cathy
3/15 MILD: Please pray for our brother-in-law Ernie Tomko.  He has been moved to a hospital in Pittsburgh.  He has pneumonia and also has a bad heart.  Thanks, Carolyn
3/14 STEWART: And we’re on our way. Things start at 5:30 am!! The main event is closer to 9ish but all those pesky pre-tests that have to be done. Staying close to hospital tonight. Cathy
3/13 SMITH: Chris is in the Cancer Care Center now getting his bloodwork done. They are calling his oncologist to find out what to do. The WBC is very low again at 0.8. We are in need of prayer that it goes up, that the oncologist will know what to do, and because of our girls being under the weather so Chris doesn’t get sick. Once I know more, I will be updating this post. Just please pray. Angie
3/12 MANNION: Please pray for Betty’s parents. Her mother is going on hospice and her father is having open heart surgery today. Betty has been released from the hospital and is back at her rehabilitation facility. Dave
3/12 ERRICO: Pray for my mom, pray that my DUI goes well on March 26th. Bless my home that I just paid off. John
3/12 TESTANI: My friend, Deb, is having a hard time with the loss of a close friend. Gretchen
3/12 ORLANDO: Pray for safe travel mercies for my son, Erik, this week. Lynn
3/10 LACAMERA: Prayers for peace in my heart about recent disappointment regarding a friend.  Praying for my discernment in the future. Thy will be done. Marlene
3/9 AITKENS: My finances improve so I can get the medical procedures I need soon. Katherin
3/9 WILSTER: Oh boy, in need of prayer again. I ask with the recognition that my  problems are minimal compared to others listed here. I am scheduled for hip replacement surgeryon April 6th (yay, I will get my life back). Bad thing is I found out that I am anemic so I have to go on some kind of care path. Please pray that those old red corpuscles get some company. Also, my father will be moving into Juniper Village at the end of the month and I have to tell him this evening. This will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I don’t think my dad has ever been happier in his life than this past year. God prepared the perfect home for him. Please pray that God will bless my dad with an accepting spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kathy
3/8 CPC: On Monday evening, Pastor Philip Makari was taking the trash to the curb. He suddenly passed out and fell flat on his face in the driveway without any sign that would happen. He heard a crack in the head, was rushed to the hospital, had scans, X-rays, blood tests, echogram for the heart, and a heart cath., and after two and a half days at the hospital for observation he was released yesterday. Doctors came to the conclusion that he is suffering from a severe aortic stenosis, which requires surgery (possibly an open heart next week). He will be seeing three other doctors today and on Monday for a second opinion. Please keep he and his wife, Vickey, in prayer.
If you would like to bring a card to church with you, there will be a basket at the back of the sanctuary. We will send him a large box of our well wishes!
3/7 STEWART: Busy but productive week. Had the immunotherapy on Monday. All went well. Saw the neurosurgeon today and the gamma “knife” radiation is the best way to treat the the very small tumors. The doctor is very positive about the results. Scheduled for 3/15. Praying the insurance company agrees. Keep those prayers coming!  Cathy
3/6 KELLEY: Please pray about the temporary loss of my father. Joseph
3/6 SMITH: Chris is an overcomer. He has overcome many things since November 30: surgeries, infections, low WBC count, and cancer. We know that with God fighting, the cancer is not an issue. With Him, we can overcome what gets thrown at us. We are are sitting here with chemo session #3. As always, he’s working while getting treatment. (Corey, if you are reading this, I think a raise should be coming Chris’ way .) I do want to thank all he works with for allowing him to work from home during this time. Also for the prayers and other support you have given us. We did receive a package from Ms Claus Club from Pittsburgh. I had to laugh seeing that return address and seeing it was for Chris. Not every day you get a package from Ms Claus . Here it is an organization that does care packages for those fighting cancer and going through chemo. When we opened the card, it gave us the name of who referred Chris’ name. Thank you Mary. That was an awesome thing to open before we had to leave for his treatment. God has has been so good at supplying the support for us when I (in all honesty), didn’t know would be there. I am still learning the “receiving” process since I am more of a giver. Again to everyone, THANK YOU!! “16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
3/5 SMITH: Chris just had his bloodwork done today and we got the results. PRAISE GOD HIS WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT IS UP!!!! Thank you everyone for praying for it to go up. He can go in tomorrow and get his chemo treatment as normal. No pushback. It’s funny how we are excited that he gets to get his chemo tomorrow, but when you are faced with a low WBC count, getting a treatment held makes it longer to be completely done, plus it risks him being more susceptible to illnesses. So yes, we are excited to do this chemo treatment!! Again we thank everyone for your prayers. Keep them coming. The verse that has been coming to me with all this is:
“9Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9
3/4 LACAMERA: Praying that communication with a close friend opens up as this is very unsettling for me. There has been no disagreement, only a recent , sudden silence. I have reached out in support. I am in need of closure if nothing else. It is difficult to wait; anxiety provoking. Also praying that this friend is alright and for their salvation. Marlene
3/4 SIMON: Thank you to everyone for all prayers – Born yesterday at 6:22, 6:23 and 6:24 were: Libby Ray Daugherty 2lb 15 oz, Hayes Boomer Daugherty 4lb 6oz, Penelope Day Daugherty 3lb 14oz, God is so good!
3/4 STEWART: This past week didn’t go as planned. There was confusion of the dosage for the medications on Wednesday. The Doctor was out sick. End result: no treatment. It is rescheduled for Monday. Lab results are good! Weight is stable. MRI’s on Thursday got done. Friday got the phone call I asked for from the Doctor. The brain is showing several small lesions. Within a few hours we had an appointment Tuesday at Presby with our original neurosurgeon. We will find out if gamma treatment is possible . Found out his back pain is due to spinal stenosis and a few bulging discs. Means an orthopedic consult for some pain management. God has a plan. Waiting for it to be revealed isn’t easy. Cathy
3/1 SIMON: Update from Jenna on the triplets: Every morning I look to God to give me strength to get through the day, mentally, physically and emotionally. Without him, I wouldn’t have hope. In him, I have everything I need. Over the past 8 weeks I’ve been able to reflect a ton on how God has worked ongoingly in my life. I’ve learned that God doesn’t speak to me in my day to day moments very often. As I’ve grown in him, I’ve learned that he uses my past to help get me through my present. I have seen heartache (a big amount of it self-inflicted) and been through incredibly trying times and God has always, always, always seen me through. And it’s not that I just survive these storms, I grow from them. In the midst of my storms, I long to hear his voice and sometimes I don’t. Like now. I don’t understand this plan. I don’t understand being pulled from my family. I don’t like not being able to relish in our last weeks of being a family of 4 and I don’t like not being able to get the nursery ready and do all the fun things…oh geeze I don’t know…like be out in public that most pregnant women get to do. If I let myself dwell on it too long, I feel robbed and get a little upset. BUT, I have a ever-growing history of putting my life and situations into God’s hands that is 100% foolproof. His plans have consistently worked out better than I could have ever imagined or even thought of. And so that is how I’ve learned God speaks to me. He humbles me to a point of reliance and obedience. I fully accept what He has in store for my life. It doesn’t mean I always like it, or think it can be done a better way, but in time, His love and grace in my life is as soul quenching as water I’m reminded of just how good of a Father He is. I can’t get enough.
2/28 WILSTER: Extra prayers for Keith’s pain relief, for healing of Jeff’s hernia (and ability to continue blessing us with his violin), and for Chris’s protection at the dance and from low blood counts. I have an appointment with the surgeon next Thursday. Please pray I can have the hip replacement as soon as possible. Thank you. Kathy
2/28 SMITH: Chris has had 2 chemo treatment done already. Yesterday he had bloodwork done and we just got a call from the cancer center. His white cell count is low, very low. He can’t be around people much especially crowds. He was given permission to go to the princess ball Friday with the girls, but has to stay away from people and use tons of hand sanitizer. Monday he will go in and get bloodwork again to see if the count has gone up or not. If it stays low, they will give him a certain shot and his treatment will be held for another week. We need prayers covering him that the count goes up and treatment doesn’t get withheld. Angie
2/28 STEWART: So 2/28 is treatment day. First day of opdivo and yervoy. If all goes well in at 9 and out by 1. Thursday is MRI day. Regular follow up for brain and one to try and diagnose the back/shoulder pain that has been acting up again. The patch isn’t controlling it so oxycodeine pills are in use again. Please say an extra prayer. Cathy
2/27 MANNION: Betty, my sister-n-law is back in Sharon Regional in ICU. Please continue to pray for her and for her family. Pray that the doctors have wisdom in treating her, as well. Barb
2/23 JOHNS: The past few days I’ve had a lump on my belly, right above my navel. Today I asked the school nurse for an opinion on which doctor to see first and she said the oncologist, just in case it’s a cancerous tumor. The oncologist checked it out and said he thought it was an umbilical hernia and made an appointment for me to see a surgeon for confirmation, this on top of starting chemo on Monday. So my fellow prayer warriors, it looks as though we’ve ticked off Satan and he’s trying to regain the upper hand, something that ISN’T going to happen, for we have God on our side, and God is in charge. So, once again, I invoke Ephesians 6:10-18 and don the full armor of God for protection. Jeff
2/23 WILSTER: Thank you for you prayers regarding my work situation. I can’t believe the calm I feel, given the circumstances. I prayed for the Armor of God and He supplied a protection of steel. The arrows were expectantly sharp but my God is He that is in (me) than he that is in the world. How do I count the ways….Kathy
2/22 BEALL: Thank you for your prayers for last week. Beth, Nathan & Alejandra are in Mexicali, Baja California hoping to get Alejandra’s birth certificate today….not a positive but after they get that continued prayers that they can receive her passport & visa. At that point she can live in the USA with them. T his process has taken over 3 1/2 years. Please pray.
2/22 WILSTER: Urgent prayers needed for protection at work. The enemy is striking. Pray I will put on the full armor of God. Kathy
2/22 LACAMERA: Praying for full restoration of health from recent bronchitis and chronic sinusitis. Apparently my immune system is low due to stress. I have had laryngitis since yesterday and need my voice in order to do my job. Marlene
2/21 CPC: Rev. Billy Graham has passed away. May we continue to lead people closer to God.
‪“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”‬ ‪—Billy Graham (1918–2018)‬
2/20 BOMBECK: Please join Jim and I as we lift Elija and his team heading to LA this Saturday to serve at The Dream Center and Skid Row. The final preparations are coming together but there are still a few unmet needs. Please pray for protection and wisdom for these 16 GCC students as they spread the good news of Jesus. Jan
2/20 CPC: Pray for one of our missionaries, Sherry. Her mother is battling for her life and she is staying with her and still trying to fulfill her missionary duties.
2/20 SMITH: Here we are at chemo session #2. Chris is sitting here working while getting his treatment. This past Sunday during church, the sermon was about Jesus and his 40 days in the desert. During that time, Jesus was being tempted, but he was also listening to his Father. He came out stronger after his days were up. As we go through our desert (cancer/chemo), we know Satan is trying to temp us. I also do know that in this desert experience, we have been able to listen to God more clearly. God is with us and fighting for us. I have been able to tell Satan that he has no power over us. When this experience is over, we will be coming out stronger. It will be inspirational to others, showing them to just continue to cling to God in their desert. As I was sitting here writing this entry, a perfect song came on K-Love: “Refuge” by Finding Favour.
2/20 BOOTE: My father, Lynn Brumm passed away on February 18. Our family held our membership at Covenant for many years. My dad also served as an elder there. His obituary should be in the Herald soon. Visitation will be held on Friday, Feb. 23 from 6-8 p.m. at McGonigle’s and from 10:00 -10-45 on Saturday with the funeral to follow at 11 at the funeral home. Nancy Boote
2/19 BOMBECK: Prayers for Jeff Johns as he battles illness with the help of Jesus. Satan has no place here. Jesus reigns! Jan
2/19 ELLIS: Please pray for my mom, Sarah. She had knee surgery on 12-6-17 for a torn meniscus but it hasn’t healed properly and she is still have a great deal of pain and a lot of problems with it. She is currently undergoing a series of shots in the knee but if these don’t help the doctor feels she may need a total knee replacement. Please pray for healing and pain relief. Thank you so much! Teri
2/19 COSTELLO: My mom had her heart cath and there was “only” 40-50% blockage so no procedure was necessary. She will be on heart medication and they are sending her home today. Thanks for all your prayers. God is good! Cathy
2/19 ORLANDO: Pray for patience for patients for my son, Erik. Lynn
2/18 JOHNS: After MUCH prayer and numerous arguments and debates with myself, I have decided to give it my best fight and go ahead with the chemo treatments. As of Friday, I was bound and determined NOT to go through with the treatments. Anyone who has been through chemotherapy understands how someone could come to that decision. Besides, all the voices in my head said ‘forget it; it’s not worth it’.
Well, God had a different plan. I have received many cards of encouragement from the Covenant family and know that everyone is praying for me. Additionally, after Friday night’s performance of “Moses” at Notre Dame Church, an Angel of God came over to me and Becky and said how happy she was to see me this week, that the energy in the room changed when I walked in to rehearsal, and how she and others at Notre Dame have been praying for me. She went on to say that God gives the toughest battles to His best warriors, and to not give up the fight. It was at that point that I knew the voices I was hearing in my head was the work of Satan. AND to top it all off, this was confirmed by Dr. Stauffer’s sermon today in Church (Matthew 4:1-11).
I want to thank everyone for all the prayers and support you have sent my way, encouraging hard-head, stubborn old me to fight the fight and to meet this challenge head-on. God Bless. Jeff
2/18 SPEARS: After talking with our son Todd tonight, he shared that he was feeling better. Perhaps some stiffness. He takes a rest time and will lay down for awhile. Todd wants to extend his thanks to you for your prayers. It is working and he is thankful. PTL– Jim and I thank you also. Evelyn & Jim
2/17 COSTELLO: Barb Madura was released from the hospital today and is resting at home.
2/17 STEWART: Keith had a CT 2 weeks ago and we saw the doctor last week. After such great results before, it was hard to hear that the drug isn’t continuing its job. Very slight increase in primary tumor(0.1cm)but an adjacent node is now enlarged. Plan is to go backs to IV drugs. Two immunotherapy drugs given at same time. He starts on February 28th. Weight is stable, spirits are good. Pain is back in his shoulder blade. MRI coming soon. The journey continues.
2/16 COSTELLO: Please pray for my mom, Margaret (Peg) who is in Florida and just had a heart attack. No details yet. Cathy
2/15 SPEARS: Our son, Todd, is dealing with spasms in his back and under a doctor’s care. Hasn’t worked for 3 days and trying to get back on track. All this deals with a disc in his back which means pain. He has medication which should help to relax the muscles. Appreciate your prayers. Evelyn & Jim
2/14 READSHAW: Bill fell on Sunday and broke his hip. He had surgery and will be heading to a rehab facility. Please keep him in prayer.
2/13 BEALL: Beth and Nathan have adopted a daughter, Alejandra. The Mexican government is working on a birth certificate & passport for Alejandra to live in the US with them. We are asking for prayer that the process would be expedited so that she could accompany Beth and Nathan to her “grandfather’s” 80th birthday party on March 17th when the Beall family is having a celebration. Bev
2/13 SPEARS: Jim’s sister, JoAnn Borelli, has passed away.
2/9 MANNION: Update on Betty Mannion: She was released from the hospital and sent to Grove Manor in New Wilmington for rehab. She was able to stand the other day and is gradually getting stronger. Continued prayers needed. Thank you! Barb
2/8 SMITH: Chris just got the chemo pump taken off!! He did fine for the first chemo cycle. No nausea, no anything. On my last journal post, I had mentioned that we went to Firebean Espresso and Chris got suited up with the whole armor of God. Kim told Chris that the stuff that was going to be put in him, isn’t going to be chemicals and it won’t have any bad side effects. What was going to go in Chris was all Jesus. I believe this is why he didn’t experience any ill side effects. Jesus is all through him, fighting. Here is to 1 cycle down, 11 to go!! Angie
2/8 JEAN BROWN: Pray for Geno. He has pneumonia. Continue to pray for Mary with stage 4 cancer. Thank you.
2/7 DAUGHERTY: The babies and me are doing well! I’ve managed to only go half crazy with being in bed for 35 days straight. We’re still just taking each day as it comes and I am so grateful for the extra time we’ve been able to get with the babies growing in my belly. My doctors are confident in their development at this point and would no longer move mountains to stop labor…which is scary and exciting all at once! Triplets are typically born between 32-34 weeks so I’d like to keep them in as long as possible but even still, just a few more weeks and we’ll be able to meet them!
Every once in a while, the babies will show elevated ratios (kind of like blood pressure) for their umbilical dopplers but it always corrects itself. It’s not uncommon for multiples but it’s something the doctors keep their eye on. My cervix has shortened some more and as of Sunday it is averaging 1 cm which was kind of a big drop from last week where it was 1.7 cm. It definitely doesn’t have much further to shorten but I’m confident that God has everything under control and is looking out for all of us. The babies will come in His perfect timing and I continue to pray for wisdom and insight for each of my doctors and nurses.
It’s taken a village to get us to this point. Between my in-laws getting Jake to and from school and the boys situated in the evenings before Brian gets home, my friend Kim who watches Theo for us on Fridays, my mom and Erin cooking meals and my dad watching Theo and keeping me company, the generous gift cards to restaurants…everything, and everyone in our lives has graciously stepped in to fill some type of need. Last Friday was the 1st of 3 Fridays for the Diaper Drive that our friends have organized and it’s humbling to know how many friends, family and completely strangers are willing to help! God provides in ways that I never see coming.
2/7 FROM OUR MISSIONARIES: The New Castle, PA Ministerium meets today in the LATCOM office. Pray for a time of good fellowship and encouragement for the men and women who work in Christian ministry in the New Castle area.
2/7 BRAYMER: At his request, there are no calling hours for Stan Rambeck (Linda Braymer’s father). A Memorial Service – open to all – will be held at his church, Christ Lutheran, 396 Buhl Blvd, Sharon at 11:00 on February 24th.
2/7 JOHNS: Met with the oncologist yesterday. He said that since the cancer is in my lungs it is now Stage IV and is from the esophageal cancer. He is ordering up pathology to check for Her2-positive, a breast cancer that tests positive for a protein called human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2), which promotes the growth of cancer cells.
The doctor wants me to go back on chemotherapy. This chemo drug is something that is potentially very bad for an accomplished musician such as myself as it can cause neuropathy in the fingers. You also must watch when going out in the cold; gloves, hat, scarf are essentials. Significant amounts of liquid are also essential when on these drugs.
After the chemo session is over, they would be attaching a chemo pump with Fluorouracil (or 5-FU) that would be attached for the next 48 hours. You then need to return to the hospital for the pump to be removed. This is done every two weeks for the foreseeable future (from 8-12 doses). Additionally, I would have to have blood work done every two weeks to make sure that all blood counts look good prior to chemo infusion. This is all to fight the esophageal cancer that has attacked my lungs. This does not include starting on the other chemo drug, Xtandi, that he has been pushing on me in order to fight the prostate cancer (which I have NOT started yet).
AND…………prior to any chemotherapy, I need to get an echocardiogram to get a base line reading of my heart to make sure that I can tolerate the chemotherapy and continue to tolerate it.
I have some serious decisions to make in the next 24 hours. This is NOT something that I want to do.
If you check out Chris Smith’s January 27th prayer page post, you’ll see that my recommended treatment is almost identical to his.
I repeat; I have some serious decisions to make in the next 24 hours. This is NOT something that I want to do.
2/6 CPC: Please pray for Barb Madura. She had surgery last week and was to be released today. However, a staple broke and she had emergency surgery last night.
2/6 SMITH: This past Sunday, we were given 2 questions in Sunday school:
1. How have you been encouraged in your faith?
2. How can you encourage others in their faith?
We are now sitting here in the little room for Chris’ first chemo session. We know God has this and it’s not a problem for Him. Before we got here to the cancer care center, we went down to Firebean Espresso and our friend (my boss), helped Chris put on the full armor of God. So much encouragement!!! So much love! With the armor of God on, and with God being in control, we will fight this. We have been encouraged so much so much by our families and friends. To know that so many are coming along side of us, fighting with us, helps our faith. We are so grateful of everyone during this storm. Because of the encouragement that we are getting, we will be able to encourage others with the testimony of faith we have been going through. I challenge you to write down these questions and ponder on your answers. Verse for today: Isaiah 43:2 Angie
2/6 GAVALA: Please pray 4 Kim and Wes because my Uncle Wesley died unexpectedly on Saturday of last week. He was a Christian and that gives me comfort and he joined my Aunt Rene who died less than 6 months ago. My Uncle didn’t want a memorial service or funeral; so out of respect 4 his wishes I am not stating his last name. Renee
2/6 CPC: Our sympathies are extended to Linda Braymer and family for the death of her father, Stan Rambeck, last night.
2/6 WILSTER: Thank you for your prayers. At my appointment yesterday, the doctor said I was very ‘lucky’. Glory to God in the Highest!
2/5 WILSTER: Please pray for healing in my eye. I went to the E.R. last night after a glass shattered and a piece of glass got in my eye. Doctor thinks sclera (white part) was scratched but I have an appointment with an eye doctor today. Eye and hip pain are very stressful now. I know this is minor compared to what many are going through, but please pray God gives me an extra measure of strength at this difficult time. Thank you very much. Kathy
2/5 SIMON: Jenna Update: ” …and like a flood his mercy rains…” Jenna is now 29 weeks (and 2 days) and babies continue to grow and do well. Yesterday Dick and I had such an awesome experience and just amazed at God’s incredible creations. We got to be there during Jenna’s weekly ultrasound and saw each baby and heard each of their heartbeats. Baby A is 2lbs 11 oz; Baby B at 2lbs 15 oz and Baby C is now at 3lbs. Jenna and Brian thank you for all your prayers and cards. Please continue for the next few weeks as birth date grows closer for continued health and strength for Jenna and Babies; Brian, Jake and Theo for routines with out wife and mom and doctors and nurses for who are caring for them. Thank you to all – Barb and Dick
2/5 GAVALA: My Uncle Wes died unexpectedly on Saturday evening. Please pray 🙏 4 all of us! He was a Christian so I know he is in heaven now. Renee
2/4 VOLPE: Pray for my nephew, Josh Edwards, he is getting deployed Feb. 25. Linda
2/4 JOHNS: Jeff heard from the doctor Wednesday night regarding last weeks biopsy. Bad news. The cancer has spread to his lungs. The spots are from the esophageal cancer (as most likely are the infected lymph nodes). Jeff is now waiting to hear from the oncologist to find out what course of action is going to take place to fight this obnoxious, nasty little bugger (the cancer, not Jeff!). Please keep Jeff in your prayers. for by His stripes we are healed.
2/2 ELLIS: UPDATE on baby Michael. He has been released from Children’s Hospital. He was sent home with a nebulizer and is receiving breathing treatments at home. His respiratory condition is viral and so they just have to wait it out. Due to his breathing issues he is having difficulty nursing so that is a concern as well. Please continue to pray for healing. Thank you!
2/2 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to the friends and family of Gloria Blank. She passed away yesterday.
2/1 SMITH: Chris had the pet scan done Tuesday and he said he felt claustrophobic. Yesterday he got the port in and is now sore. Today we just got done with the oncologist appointment. The pet scan results came back clear!!!!! Praise God!!! That means the cancer cells didn’t travel to any other parts of the body. We still have to go through chemo to kill the cancer cells that are floating around in there since they were in the lymph nodes. There is a 50% chance this cancer will come back if we don’t do anything about it. With that said, Chris’ first chemo appointment is Tuesday. Please pray that next week it won’t be rough for him. As we pulled into the center, I spotted a rock that was placed there with the word Joy on it.
2/1 CORLEY: Pray for Brandon. He had spinal surgery and cannot walk. His girlfriend, Mary, also needs prayer. Eric
1/31 BOMBECK: Please pray for our son, Elija Bombeck, and his team of 15 other GCC students who will be traveling on a mission trip to serve at the Dream Center in the Skid Row area February 24- March 3. This is a very unsafe area so please pray for their safety. Most details of this group’s trip are set, but they still need transportation to Pittsburgh airport. Thank you for your prayer support. We know God will do amazing things.
1/31 ELLIS: Please pray for baby Michael. He and his parents are on the way to Children’s Hospital, please pray they can get him feeling better quickly. He’s been sick for about a month and the doctors here aren’t getting anywhere. Teri
1/31 MANNION: Please continue to pray for Betty. She was taken once again to Allegheny. She has to have a filter put in her leg to prevent blood clots from moving up to her lungs, heart, or brain. She is very discouraged, especially having to go so far from home. It is difficult for my brother-n-law to get there and they are having car problems. Pray God reveals Himself to them during this very trying time. Barb
1/31 MANNION: Betty, our sister-n-law is back in the hospital. Has bleeding from the stomach.
1/31 STEWART: Another round of chemo done. CT on Thursday to see how he is responding. Having rough day with nausea and break through pain. Weight holding at 138 to 139. Praying for continued response to this drug. Cathy
1/30 SMITH: We are to be at the hospital at 1pm today for the pet scan. Tomorrow we have to be at the hospital at 10:30am for the outpatient surgery of port placement. We appreciate the prayers and support in this journey. We appreciate the words of encouragement and not the discouraging words. We have chosen the path that has been placed in front of us for treatment. God is with us, fighting for us, and won’t stray us.
1/30 WILSTER: My mother will see a doctor tomorrow about very worrisome symptoms. Please pray peace and healing. Thank you. Kathy
1/29 CAMPBELL: Donna Daugherty is back in the hospital with an infection. She is on IV antibiotics and will be kept overnight. Please pray for a speedy recovery and her to return home tomorrow.
1/29 JEAN BROWN: Continue to pray for Mary with stage 4 cancer.
1/27 SMITH: Today we went in for the chemo education. So grateful that my parents went with us. Each session will last 3 hours. For 40 minutes of that, will be getting a steroid and anti-nausea meds. The rest of the time will be getting Oxaliplatin. This chemo drug is something we will have to watch for neuropathy. Chris will have to watch when going out in the cold. Gloves, hat, scarf, even drinking things. After his sessions are over, they will be attaching a chemo pump with Fluorouracil (or 5-FU) and he will be going home with that attached for 48 hours. This will be done every other week. He will be getting blood work done every week to make sure all his counts look good. We have an appointment on February 1st to get the pet scan reports and schedule the first chemo session. The nurse said he will be starting the week of February 5th. I ended up with tears while leaving the cancer center. Angie
1/26 BOMBECK: Please pray for Dick Sed that he regains strength, for doctors to find the effective course of action. He is scheduled for an angiagram on his foot Monday. Thank you from the entire Sed family.
1/26 LYON: My uncle made it through surgery today.
1/26 SMITH: Because cancer had to bring its ugly self into our lives, so much has changed.
The bad: surgeries, to tests, to chemo. The good is that we are gaining more faith, and being humbled by the help that friends and family are giving.
Our schedule:
  • January 26 is the patient education day at the cancer center. We will be learning more about the chemo, how it will be administered through the port, and how we will be handling it for the 48 hours it’s attached to Chris while at home.
  • January 30 is the day that’s scheduled for Chris to get the pet-scan.
  • January 31 is the day that Chris is scheduled to go in for outpatient surgery. The port will be put in place by our surgeon.
  • February 1 we go back to see our oncologist and get the pet-scan report and find out the exact day chemo will be starting.

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not scared about everything, because I am. I also know Chris is scared too. The comforting part is knowing that God is fighting for us. He knows how we are feeling.

1/25 SZABO: An update on Mark and Scott. Both are progressing well. Mark has had an x-ray of his arm and the healing is looking good. He is doing some physical therapy exercises at home. Scott has had the stitches removed from his head. Continued prayer for their healing and for all the ones filling in for them on the farm. Thank you for your continued prayers.-Cathy
1/25 LYON: My uncle broke his hip, but he has an infection- temp 101.7 and low oxygen levels. He needs surgery, but with an infection, can’t yet. He’s a good 92, so pray he can get through this, as I know he has many more years. Mollie
1/25 GAVALA: Please pray 4 the Baldwin children because of the loss of their mom. She will B greatly missed by them.
1/25 LACAMERA: I am asking for prayer for friends and family members to open their hearts for acceptance of Christ in their lives. Marlene
1/24 LACAMERA: Please pray for my friend Linda Baldwin’s family (children and grandchildren). She went to be with the Lord late this afternoon. Marlene
1/24 JOHNS: I (Jeff) had a CAT scan back in December as a follow up to the March 30th surgery. The scan came back showing two spots on my right lung, and two infected lymph nodes behind my liver and kidney. I will be going to UPMC Passavant Friday morning for a biopsy of the spots on my lung to try to determine what’s going on, whether this is from the prostate cancer, or a re-occurrence of the esophageal cancer. Either way, I’m not looking forward to having a giant tree trunk shoved through my chest, into my lung, knowing the potential side effects. However, it is what it is. I have weathered much worse and lived to tell about it. I know that God is with me and His will be done. The procedure is scheduled for noon. Just remember me with a little prayer at that time as I’ll more than likely be sleeping through it (and here I wanted to watch………..darn. Maybe they’ll take pictures for me.). In His name, Jeff
1/23 LACAMERA: update: Linda is in the ICU with pneumonia and on ventilator. Please continue prayers. She is a RN and agreed to have this. Still has a lot of anxiety. Praying too for family. Marlene
1/23 ANDREW BRUNSON: Dear praying friends, Each day I pray the following: “Father God pour out on me, your son, the courage, strength, endurance, perseverance and steadfastness of Jesus, that I may run the race set before me and finish well, a bride resplendent, purified in the fires of faithful obedience, and worthy of Jesus, my Beloved and King of Glory.” I pray this over my family as well. I supposed it applies to all of us, especially in times of trial and testing. I feel like I am living in Isaiah 50:10 – hanging on in the dark. Thank you for standing with me – and for me – in prayer, and sharing in my imprisonment. It is a great encouragement when Norine tells me that prayer continues, even after this long time. Again, I thank you. May the Lord accomplish his purposes, do a deep and thorough work in me – and do it quickly! Andrew
1/23 CPC: Please join in praying that individuals from our family of faith will begin to sense callings to places of service and ministry in the neighborhoods around the church. Jesus talks with his disciples in John 13 about serving each other, and in vs. 17 tells them “If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them”. The “smooth waters of safe harbor” where believers gather together in worship are where we are happy and content. But is my walk “too safe”? To really know God we need to get out into the great depths. If we don’t cut the moorings and venture out, God may break them by a storm to send us out.
1/23 JEAN BROWN: Continue to pray for Mary as she battles stage 4 cancer. Also keep Ray and Ninnie in prayer as they struggle with their diabetes.
1/23 WOODS: I have an update on Fred Elavsky for all our prayer warriors! He has finished all his radiation and chemo therapies, first blood work came back good. He is starting to regain his strength and is wanting to get up and out of the house for the first time in months. Praise God! In a few weeks he will undergo a scan to check to see if cancer is gone, so pray for his complete healing and a clean scan please! I heard someone say the big C is not cancer but CHRIST!! I agree and give him all the Glory ✝️🙏
1/23 LACAMERA: Please continue to pray for Linda & family. She was transferred to the ICU today as she was unable to sleep and was extremely anxious. Marlene
1/22 SMITH: Today was the rescheduled oncologist appointment. There is so much going through our thoughts right now. The oncologist highly suggests chemo with the stage of cancer Chris has. They had taken out 22 lymph nodes during the first surgery and 14 of them had cancer. Because of it being a stage 3 and that it’s in the lymph nodes, if we don’t do anything about it, the cancerous tumor will come back and it will be even harder to treat. He said 1 out of 2 people, the cancer will come back. Sadly when I was researching all of this, I read it could reoccur before the oncologist told us.
Time frame in all of this: we are looking to start chemo in 10 days. Friday we will go in for a chemo patient education day to learn about the port, the chemo pump that will be going home with him and much more. The pet scan is getting scheduled within this week. We will be talking with the surgeon Wednesday who will be putting the port in and making sure what that day will be. Feb 1st is our next oncologist appointment.

Before the appointment today, I received a text message:
“I am the God of your father Abraham, do not fear, for I am with you.”
Genesis 26:24

I then remember our go to verse that popped up right before Chris’ surgery.
“The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”
Exodus 14:14

God is with us in this storm. Angie

1/22 LACAMERA: Linda is recovering from the flu in the hospital. Her immune system is compromised from the chemotherapy. Praying for complete recovery from the flu. She was due for a chemo treatment this week but this will likely be postponed. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Marlene
1/22 SIMON: Jenna update: Sunday afternoon an ultrasound with measurements was done. Being thankful babies now weigh 2.2, 2.2 and 2.3. Heartbeats remain in normal rates but have decelerated slightly and there is an elevation in the umbilical cords. All being monitored closely. Now in week 28 with a goal of reaching week 31. It’s been 20 days now and prayers have been answered. Please continue for Jenna for peace and health; the babies to continue to grow in size and strength; Brian in multi-tasking with hospital, boys, home and work; Jake and Theo for disruption in routines and missing their mom and for all the doctors and nurses involved. We thank you for your continued prayers. She is also very appreciative of the prayers and cards that have been sent with love expressed. The address is St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Room 330 8401 Market St., Youngstown, OH 44512.
1/22 ORIS: Please pray for friends of mine and their families! They just found out about a mass on her husbands pancreas and he was transported immediately to Pittsburgh! Jill for strength and Frank for positive healing! My friend Linda to follow her Doctors orders after having back surgery. Thank you, Heather.
1/19 SMITH: Since Chris busted out of the hospital this week, he is now fighting a bad cold. We are trying to take care of it with home remedies so we don’t go to nasty cold meds. If anyone has a “kick the cold in the butt asap” remedy, please let us know. We are so grateful of the prayers and support we have have been receiving through this time. While Chris was in the hospital, I had to take off work to be with him, shuffle kids to school, from school, to sitters. It’s been tough for me to not be able to work right now and for the kids to not have a steady life. The kids still ask when I pick them up from school if they are going to a sitter. But with all this to deal with, I am thankful to those who have helped us. We know God is using this to Glorify his name. Angie
1/18 SZABO: Scott came home yesterday. Continued prayer for both Mark and Scott for healing in a timely manner. Also prayer for their families especially the children as they are young and are worried about their parents. Thank you:Cathy
1/18 CAMPBELL: Donna is out of surgery and all went well.
1/18 CAMPBELL: Donna Daugherty is in room 472 at Sharon Regional Hospital.
1/17 CAMPBELL: Donna Daugherty will be having surgery tomorrow morning at Sharon Regional. She’ll be kept overnight and would appreciate any prayers and visitors. I’ll post the room number tomorrow, when we find out. Craig
1/17 CPC: “Rev. Terry Mann is home and doing well. Thank you everyone for your prayers for surgery. When we know the next step in our journey we will let you know!”
1/16 SZABO: They are going to keep Scott in the hospital another night for observation. He will be in a boot for 6 weeks and he will have to be careful about head injuries in the future. Also prayer for his wife as she drives back and forth to the hospital. Once again thank you for your prayers.-Cathy
1/16 LACAMERA: I have been sick for past week with bronchitis. Received treatment but still not strong enough to return to work. My friend Ken has been sick for almost two weeks now. Praying for healing and return to health. Prayers for all who are suffering during this season. Marlene
1/16 SMITH: Chris has busted out of the hospital!!! He was discharged today with just oral antibiotics. The hospitalist wanted to do it by pic-line but Chris talked with the urologist about things and the urologist went to giving the antibiotics by mouth. Praise God!!!
We have another praise. After the first visit in the hospital last month, he was given radiation to check for blood clots. That radiation killed his taste for coffee. Didn’t matter what kind or where, it didn’t taste right. We went into Firebean Espresso right after discharged and Chris got prayed over for many things today and for the taste to come back. He tasted coffee for the first time today with no issue!!!
God is good all the time!!!!!!
1/16 SMITH: Today we talked to the hospitalist and he said Chris’ white cell count has gone down to a normal level. He has not had a fever for a few days. That is a good sign that this med is working. We are just now in a longer waiting period to figure out whether they will put him on the med by mouth or end up sending him home with the iv med. if they send him home on iv, they will have to put in a midline or pic-line. Hopefully we know more tomorrow when the urologist is in and we can talk to them all. Chris is still working while being in the hospital. He has been using the sliding tray as a desk. Angie
1/16 WILSTER: My sister’s friend, Amy, is a teacher at Mohawk Schools who was hit by a drunk driver. Amy has 8 broken ribs, 2 broken legs, 4 broken bones in her hand, a broken bone in her back, and a ruptured spleen. Please pray for Amy’s recovery and for the community. Another employee from the school district was killed by a drunk driver a couple of months ago. Kathy
1/16 BOMBECK: Thank you all for praying for Dick Sed. He doesn’t have MRSA. That’s the good news. The less good news is that the cause of infection is unknown. He will be on an antibiotic through IV for 6 weeks. His family is concerned that he is weak and not eating. Please continue to pray for them. Thanks so much. Jan
1/15 SZABO: I am sending another prayer request for my son-in-law’s family. Dave’s younger brother, Scott, was in a car accident this morning. He has already been examined and there are no internal injuries, but he lost some teeth and there was a small brain bleed, but they think it will resolve on it’s own. Praying for a quick healing. He was picking up extra duties due to Mark’s injuries. Some other family members and neighbors are going to help. Karen and Dave are also going to try and help with things. Please pray for healing and comfort for all concerned. Thanks Cathy
1/14 SZABO: a belated update on Mark. His surgery was Thursday. It was more difficult than hoped. They put it back together the best that they were able. He is trying to wean off of the stronger pain meds. Please pray for that and the healing of his arm. He is very appreciative of all the prayers. Thanks-Cathy
1/14 GAVALA: My husband, Bobbie 2 become a Christian!!! Renee
1/12 BOMBECK: Please pray for my Uncle, Dick Sed. He has contracted mrsa and is very weak, not doing well at all. Jan
1/12 SMITH: Update: chris will be here for the weekend. The antibiotic isn’t working to get this kidney infection out. They will be switching to a different one and it will be by iv. Pray that this antibiotic will kill the infection and that he will finally get better. -Angie
1/12 MANNION: They ended up taking Betty Mannion to Allegheny General. She said because of the clots, there is something wrong with the right side of her heart.
1/11 MANNION: Please pray for Betty Mannion. She was taken back to the hospital and just found out she has blood clots in her lungs. They are taking her to West Penn right now. Pray for healing and safe travels. Thank you!
1/11 SMITH: They moved chris to the 6th floor. He will be here 1 more night since he is having fevers still. They want to monitor him to make sure the oral antibiotic kicks in. We just want him better so he can come home. I don’t want anymore ER visits. -Angie
1/11 BAKER: Please pray for April. She has cancer around her heart. Annie
1/10 CPC: Mann update: Terry’s surgery did not go as expected. A malignant mass was found. The cancer has already spread and the pancreatic tumor would have been too big of a risk to remove. The next step is chemo. They will know more when the final biopsy report is complete. “But as always, God has this and always did and always will! Thank you for the continued support and prayers.”
1/10 SMITH: Update: Chris is still in ICU. He had his ct scan this morning and it all looked good. The UTI infection went to the kidneys. He’s on a strong antibiotic and will be there for a day or two. He is feeling better with a normal temp and hasn’t been having any more sweating. His one oncologist came in just a little bit ago and told him he will be getting a port in for the chemo. He will have 12 total sessions: 1 every other week for 6 months. Each session will be around 1-2 hrs and then he will be coming home with a chemo bag on him for close to 48 hrs. A nurse will have to come in and take the bag off. We will know more once we talk to Dr Mark Roth (he is putting the port in) and the oncologist again. -Angie
1/10 CPC: Our sympathies are extended to Jim Bestwick and family on the death of his brother, Richard.
1/9 SZABO: Mark is scheduled for surgery this Thursday at 4:30. PTL Also pray for his ability to rest and deal with the boredom of this down time. Thanks for continued prayer. Cathy
1/9 CPC: If anyone would like to send Rev. Terry Mann a card, mail it to the church at 263 E. State St., Sharon, PA 16146.
1/9 CPC: Our sympathies are extended to the friends and family of Mary Magargee. She passed away yesterday.
1/8 CPC: Pray for the Rev. Dr. Terry Mann. Tomorrow is his pancreatic surgery at 8:15am.
1/8 SMITH: So we are here at the cancer doctor and we may need to come another day. The cancer dr thinks the uti infection is in chris’ blood. He needs iv antibiotics.
1/8 SZABO: Update on Mark. He is able to move better and was put on oral pain meds. Also he was discharged and will have surgery on his arm as an out-patient. They feel he will not need surgery on his back. Continued prayer for healing and upcoming surgery. Thank you for continued prayer. Cathy
1/8 SIMON: Jenna Update: Contractions for the most part have stopped. Babies all have strong heartbeats and weight 1.8, 1.9 & 1.10. She has been moved from labor/delivery area into a monitoring room which will be home for duration. She reached 25 weeks on Saturday and goal is 32-34 weeks. Constant bed rest (laying down) and able to get up for only 10 minutes per day. Prayers for babies continued health and reaching goal; Jenna for health, peace and boredom; Brian for much traveling between work & hospital and taking care of home life, Jake and Theo for missing mom and normalcy. If you would like to send a card or note – Jenna Daugherty Room 330 St Elizabeth Hospital 8401 Market Street Youngstown, OH 44512.
1/8 SMITH: We finally got all the tests back. It’s a uti. That’s what was causing his problem.
1/8 SMITH: We are in the ER. Chris woke up and went to the bathroom. He then called me to come in. I went and he said he was dizzy. Then he started going down. I had to catch him and he had this weird look in his eyes. I had to slap him to come to. Angie
1/7 CPC: Daugherty baby update – Jenna has been hospitalized for the duration of her pregnancy. The babies are now 25 weeks. “My world right now is upside down and I don’t know what will happen from day to day but I have a great family and a great support system. Brian’s world is upside down playing single dad for the foreseeable future and my boys’ worlds have changed without having their mama there. I feel so blessed to have a so many people praying and all support surrounding us through friends and family. I have a God that is going before me making a way for us and although I get lonely, I never feel truly alone knowing that Brian, Jake, Theo, me and the babies are all in God’s strong and steady hands.”
1/7 SMITH: Chris will be seeing the oncologist tomorrow at 11:15 am.
1/6 SZABO: Today’s update on Mark. He was able to walk some last night with help. Yesterday during the day he could barely sit up. There is a possibility of doing surgery on his arm today. Continued prayer for all of this and thank you for all the prayers you have already prayed.
1/5 SZABO: Update on Mark. For some reason surgery may not happen till next week. Not sure why. Please pray the pain meds will curb the pain and give him some rest. Praying for God’s peace, and that surgery will still happen today. Thank you. Cathy
1/4 SZABO: Another update on Mark. He has a shattered upper arm. They are waiting on the Orthopedic surgeon for more information. The T12 vertebrae is compressed and a piece is pointing in toward the spinal cord. This is of course a major concern. They are waiting to speak with the neurosurgeon. Continued prayer. Thanks Cathy
1/4 SZABO: Update on Mark. When he fell he landed on his feet and then went onto his back. They are suspecting a possible collapsed lung. His vitals are ok. His wife is on her way. Prayer for safety in travel due to the weather also. Thanks-Cathy
1/4 SZABO: Please pray for our son-in-law Dave’s brother, Mark. He was working in one of the barns on their farm and he fell through an upper level of the barn. He fell about 20 feet. He is conscious and aware of what happened. His back and shoulder are in pain. He is being flown to a larger hospital since the live in a rural area. Prayer for Mark and the whole family. Thank you-Cathy
1/4 CPC: Daugherty baby update – Jenna went to the hospital yesterday (January 3) with some cramping. “As they were giving the babies steroids and magnesium and, me medicine to stop labor…I went into labor. They’ve stopped it and and it has started a couple of times overnight. It’s scary and overwhelming and painful but I keep reminding myself of Peter walking out to Jesus on the water in Matthew 14:31. My eyes are on him. The babies are holding up well. There is a great team ready to help should they decide to meet us soon. “
1/4 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Bob Pinch and family. His wife, Peggy, passed away on Tuesday.
1/2 JEAN BROWN: Pray for my health concerns. Also, pray for the following: Mary (stage 4 cancer), and for Cathy to beat cancer.