Prayer concerns at #covenantsharon

Psalm 112:7

He is not afraid of bad news;
his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.

5/20 ALLEN: wife, Lori – slipped disc in her back and for my cousin, Scott. He is ill and going to Pittsburgh for tests. Keith
5/20 STOCKDILL: Continued prayer to find work. Bradley
5/20 KELLEY: Pray that God would intercede in my friend’s life. Joe
5/14 KILGORE: PTL – mission accomplished! Had lab testing done yesterday at Cleveland Clinic. This is the new beginning Abba Father promised me in Isaiah 43:19. Thank you for all your prayers. Darlene
5/14 ANONYMOUS: Pray for Joe Scarmack. Undergoing hip surgery this morning.
5/14 BURLESON: Derek came home today & will see cardiologist in a few weeks.  His triponin level has dropped from 2000 to 1600 & able to go to work, but not allowed to exercise. Medication to lower his triponin levels. Prayers appreciated.  Thank you church family.  Brenda
5/13 CPC: MaryAlyce Shannon is now home and on hospice. Please keep her friend and caretaker, Janet, in prayer as well.
5/12 BURLESON: Prayers needed Derek Votaw my son-in-law, Natalie’s husband admitted for heart issues. Leg swelling & skin rash tests show a high level of something in his blood that cause heart attacks. They just got back from a weeks vacation for their 10th anniversary. He has been complaining for over a month of not feeling well, & has seen Dr’s but not found anything until now. Brenda
:5/10 GRABAN: Everything went well and they took out both hematomas and put in 3 drains, he could need more blood and form more hematomas, due to his clotting issues, so they just need to keep a close watch on him, and find a good balance for his INR. Good news is the new kidney looks good… He’s in recovery for about 2 hrs. To God be the glory.
5/10 GRABAN: Brian developed another hematoma that is 15 cm. It is pushing on his kidney that he was born with causing pain. His blood count dropped again and he was given 2 more units of blood last night.  They are taking him in the OR around 7am to see where the bleed is and try to fix it. Sherry
5/9 CPC: MaryAlyce Shannon has been diagnosed with cancer. Please keep her in your prayers. 
5/9 KILGORE: PRAISE THE LORD! The insurance will pay for my appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. Thanks to all those praying! The Lord hears our prayers. Darlene
5/8 KILGORE: I am waiting for a call from the Cleveland Clinic to see if my insurance will pay for my appointment on Monday. If not, I will not be able to go. Please pray with me that the insurance will cover it. Darlene
5/8 SPEARS: Update on Matthew:  He claims he was given the wrong medicine and took it upon himself to leave the hospital.  That’s all we know.  He still needs prayer and we thank you again.  Evelyn & Jim
5/8 GRABAN: Brian has been struggling since surgery emotionally and physically.  He has been having severe stomach pain for the past couple of days, so hey did a CT and found a small Hematoma behind the kidney. They are going to give him 2 units of blood to try to break it up and to get his counts up, before going back into OR. All that said the kidney is working as it is suppose to. Thank you for your continued prayer. To God be the glory. Sherry
5/8 BOMBECK: I know bright young man looking for work.  He has a bachelors degree, has served in the military and has many skilled trades.  He is asking for prayers for work and guidance.  I would recommend this young man for a position as he is bright, a quick learner, hard working, outgoing and personable. Jim
5/8 SPEARS: Our son Matthew was admitted to Sharon Hospital with consistent problems in breathing, chest pains, blood pressure and weakness. He also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. He hasn’t entirely been able to stay away from smoking. The Lord needs to touch him in a special way. Miracles do happen. Thank you so much for your prayers. Evelyn and Jim PS. Jim is feeling some better.
5/7 CPC: Gerry Reading has been hospitalized due to seizures.
5/6 CPC: MaryAlce Shannon has been hospitalized with possible gall bladder problems and is undergoing tests.
5/6 KELLEY: Pray for healing of cancer and Alzheimer’s for my friends. Joe
5/5 LACAMERA: Asking for prayer for a friend. After being very supportive of friend through their bad times, there was miscommunication and they have closed themselves off. This is hurtful. An explanation and apology was given but they only see things their way. Need forgiveness and healing of hearts. Marlene
5/3 ELLIS: Please pray for my cousin, Paul Jones. Paul had his leg amputated just below the knee last week and he has developed an infection. He is in a great deal of pain and they are trying to stop the infection. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor’s and hospital staff that is caring for him, as well as for strength, healing, comfort from his pain, and God’s peace for Paul and his immediate family. Thank you so much Covenant family! Teri
5/3 CPC: Sherry’s son, Brian, received the donor kidney at 3am. He came through surgery with flying colors and the kidney has started working. Praise and thanks to the one true God! She thanks everyone for all the prayers.
5/2 DALESSANDRO : Please keep my nephew, John Fout ,in your prayers. He was admitted to the hospital after having renal failure and has to start dialysis. Thank you, Bev
5/2 CPC: Sherry and family are still waiting at the hospital. Please keep them in prayer as well as the donor family.
5/2 GRABAN: Brian is on his way to the hospital now for a possible kidney. I am driving home. Please keep the whole situation in prayer. Sherry
5/1 READING: My friend has stage 2 cervical cancer. Please pray for healing, comfort, & treatment guidance. Shelley
4/30 SMITH: Please keep FIREBEAN Espresso owner Kim and her family in your prayers. Her one daughter is pregnant and having complications of pre-eclampsia. Due to that, her baby is not growing and she is only 29 weeks along. They will be doing a c-section tomorrow. Right now they are giving her steroids to help the baby’s lungs grown so they can take him out safely. Angie
4/30 KILGORE: I continue to have intense diffuse neuromuscular pain from an autoimmune dysfunction and infection I have endured for years. It has become so intense without proper intervention that it is causing insomnia and shutting down organs. I need to see a Functional Medicine physician and clinic and have made an appointment May 13th at the Cleveland Clinic. I now need prayer for transportation, finances and supernatural wisdom for the physicians and myself as I continue to seek God’s Way of healing. Darlene
4/30 KELLEY: Prayer for friend and husband suffering with Alzheimer’s and cancer. Joe
4/29 MOSER: Please pray for my brother in law Ed. He is in the hospital with very serious heart problems. He needs open heart surgery, but his heart is in too bad shape right now to do it so he must wait 4-6 weeks for the surgery. Pray also for my sister Maggie for strength during this difficult time. Thank you. Kathleen
4/29 CHUEY: Thank you for all of your prayers. I had two stents placed in my arteries and on May 14 I will go back to the West Penn hospital to have three stents placed to open more arteries. Judy
4/29 GERA: Pray for my sister, Misty, and her boyfriend, Rich, and his mom. Marlene
4/28 STAUFFER: Praise the Lord! Neighbor Rick Pellini was released to come back to Sharon Regional for rehab because he is doing well! His wife Sandy says it is a miracle and thanks everyone for their prayers! Daneen
4/25 CORLEY: Pray for me as I do the crosswalk. Eric
4/24 CALVIN: Please pray for my mom’s health to get better. Dave
4/24 DK: Prayers for: my brother to take better care of his health; My Niece for a better paying job; My families healthcare; Myself for good results of tests; Accident and military families; fire victims, fire, police and government services. Thank you.
4/23 SHUTTLEWORTH: Please pray for Judy Chuey. She will have a heart cath at West Penn in Pittsburgh at noon tomorrow. Sandy
4/22 RICH: Faithful prayer warriors. Urgent prayers for my brother-in-law, Nick, in Atlantic City. Readmitted to Philadelphia Hospital following pancreatic cancer surgery. Called a minor setback and doing well but sister-in-law Marilyn has to stay at home to help with business and unable to travel to see him. Carol
4/20 STAUFFER: Please pray for our son, Andrew, and his wife, Leah, as they are flying home from Turkey. Prayers for safety and rest. Flight departed Ankara at 8:30PM our time, they will arrive at JFK in NY at 10:50AM on Easter Sunday, and will drive home to Austintown Ohio from there. Daneen
4/20 STAUFFER: Please pray for our neighbor, Rick Pellini. He had a cold that turned into pneumonia and ended up being hospitalized a week and a half ago. He is out of ICU and the antibiotic being administered seems to be taking care of the pneumonia, but there is a different infection in his right lung that is being biopsied. Please pray for discernment of what this infection is so that it can be properly treated. Pray also for complete healing and encouragement for he and his wife Sandy. Daneen
4/16 SHANDER: Our friend Debbie passed yesterday after having to be put back on the vent, we would like to thank you for your prayers for her and her family. Praise for the family time they had with her on Saturday and Sunday when she was off the vent but continued prayer for her family as they grieve her loss. Kim
4/16 DALESSANDRO: Just wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and cards I received during my knee replacement surgery. The concerns were greatly appreciated. Bev
4/16 DK: Prayers for: my family’s health; for the families affected by recent deaths.
4/16 KELLEY: PRayer for a family affected by cancer and alzheimers. Joe
4/14 SHANDER: Update on our friend Debbie, took her off the vent again today, prayer needed that this time she can stay off it, they tried earlier this week but had to place her back on it. Kim
4/12 LACAMERA: Asking for prayer for important life decisions to be made. Also for divine direction and peace in the process. Thy will be done. Marlene
4/11 KILGORE: I need supernatural healing (miracle) and believe Jehovah Rapha is a God of miracles. Please join me in the ‘prayer of faith’ to see His manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders this Easter and celebrate together His resurrection power and authority over the powers of darkness. Darlene
4/11 SHANDER: Please keep Robert in your prayers as he only has sight in one eye due to macular degeneration and now the good eye is leaking behind his eye – they are trying shots to stop the leaking but if this does not work he would go blind. He is 89, lives alone, takes care of all of his own daily obligations including driving himself to then grocery store and all appointments, he is very worried. Prayer for healing in his eye and peace as well. Kim
4/10 STAUFFER: Prayer for daughter of a friend, Emma, 12 yrs old, for discernment and that God would reveal a clear treatment plan for a genetic mutation in her brain that has caused vertigo, migraines, nausea, and fatigue, and that the Lord would draw Emma to Himself in each moment of doubt.
Also, prayer for our son, Andrew and his wife, Leah, as they travel to Ankara, Turkey (Friday April 12 – Easter Sunday, April 21) for Leah to substitute teach English in an International School for a week. Prayer for safety and clarity as they discern if the Lord may have an overseas ministry for them in the future! Also prayer for Grammy and Pap (Rick and Daneen) as we keep Selah for the first 5 days of the trip 🙂 Daneen
4/10 READING: Please pray for my friend’s ex husband as he was diagnosed with stave iv pancreatic cancer & is not a believer. He needs prayers for salvation prior to his impending death. Shelley
4/10 DK: Pray for: my niece – she needs a job, my brother’s and sister’s health. Thank you
4/5 MOSER: UPDATE: Travis is doing better! Thank you all for your prayers. He has been through a few surgeries on his broken arm and leg and the wound, which all went well. He seems to be recovering well. The doctors are hoping to do surgery on his face on Thursday and then to move him to the rehab center a few days later. He’s in a lot of pain and has been pretty uncomfortable, but we are grateful he’s more alert. It’s going to be a very long recovery. Thank you for your continued prayers. Leah
4/3 SPEARS: Ashley was released from Sharon Hospital today and is so pleased about this. She will have to be closely monitored for her medication and encouraged to take in fluids. It was mentioned about a white coating which could be yeast. No news about her nodule testing as yet. Please continue to hold her up in your prayers. Thank you so much. Evelyn & Jim
4/2 SHANDER: Please pray for our friend Debbie, she has been hospitalized for the last 3 weeks, after a simple carpal tunnel surgical procedure, it has been a very long road, she has since, due to infection, had to have two different surgeries to remove part of her colon and gallbladder, her kidneys are not functioning and is on dialysis. When she is able to be discharged from the hospital she will have to go to a rehab facility as she has not been out of bed since she arrived at the hospital. Pray for her family as well as they have been traveling to and from Pittsburgh daily to be with her. Kim
4/2 STAUFFER: Many of you have prayed for a young man and his family we know from Tabernacle Church in Austintown, Steve Pupillo. He was diagnosed with an advanced form of sarcoma last August just after finishing his med boards and beginning his career. Today is a major milestone in his ongoing treatment as he has the primary tumor in his upper leg and the local metastatic disease removed from his femur in an orthopedic reconstructive surgery at OSU. Steve would deeply appreciate your prayers today… surgery will start around 7:30am and continue for most of the day. Daneen
4/2 SPEARS: Update on Ashley – she had a scope and they found the following: chronic acid reflux, hernia, nodules the size of ulcers (did biopsy), and a white coating which could be years. She has lost a great deal of weight. She will begin medication. Please continue to pray for improvement. Jim & Evelyn
4/1 MILD: Update on Bob – he was able to come home Friday with a drain, Penicillin and daily care from a home health care nurse. He has no pain but gets very tired. Thanks be to God and for all of your prayers and for wisdom for the doctors. And, also for the support from the church. This was a very long difficult week for my family. Carolyn
4/1 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for Joe. He has a brain tumor.