July 22     Family Night at the Lake

Saturday, July 22 from 5:00pm-8:30pm

  • Cookout, Boating, Tubing, Water Skiing,
  • We’ll be using land that belongs to the Army Core of Engineers off of E Lake Rd. It is the same location that is used for SB2W. Meet at the church at 4:30 if you need a ride or if you need to follow someone there.
  • We love getting to hang out with you all, but we would also love to meet your family as well. Bring as many members of your family as you would like!
  • Bring chairs or sit on the grass.
  • Call Jeff 828-773-6871 if you have any questions!


July 30     Youth Group

Aug 13     Service Project – 5-7pm 

Aug 27   Youth group


Enjoy your summer! Watch this page and our FB page
for summer opportunities!

Student Ministry (grades 6-12)

Our student ministry is not its own separate entity but an extension of the ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church, which seeks to proclaim “Jesus Christ and him crucified” (1 Cor 2:2) so that “we may present everyone mature in Christ” (Col 1:28). We hope to partner with parents and families to bring students into the life of the church, and to empower parents for the work of discipleship in the home. We cultivate this mission in the following ways:

Youth Group

Youth Group is a monthly gathering of all the youth for fellowship, family style dinner, fun and teaching. Through Youth Group, we hope to lead students in various aspects of the life of the church and godly living as well. We hope that students not only get to experience these good things but also come to see them as good and enjoyable as well.

During Youth Group, we aim to lead students in at least 30 minutes of gospel-centered teaching from scripture. We work not only to teach the truth of scripture, but to also teach the beauty of scripture, and to train students to read and understand the Bible for themselves. 


Events are fun ways to gather students and their families. Discipleship goes beyond preaching and teaching and into how we live in the real world. Events make memories, form friendships, and provide ample opportunity for discipleship in daily situations outside the walls of the church. 
Most of our events are designed to allow parents (and siblings) to join the fun. We believe God designed discipleship to take place first in the home, then through the church. In family-based events, we encourage and work to enable families to have quality experiences 
together to benefit discipleship in the home.

Sunday School – Small Groups

Youth Sunday School consists of four classes (Jr. High Girls, Jr. High Boys, Sr. High Girls, Sr. High Guys). All classes gather in the Youth Area, then split into their respective classes.

The Gospel Project follows God’s redemptive plan throughout all of Scripture and intentionally sets up parents and students to have discussions at home about what they are learning in class.