Explore and discuss the most essential beliefs of the Christian faith through video, teaching, and small group discussion. Confront some of life’s most basic questions: Who is God? Who is Jesus? Who is the Holy Spirit? How do I know I am saved? And how can I make the most of my life?

Learn the grand story of the Bible, how it all connects, and how it all points to Jesus. Get answers to questions like: How did people get saved before the time of Jesus? How is Jesus connected to the Old Testament? What are the most important events in the Bible? Who were Abraham, Moses, and David and why does it matter?

Learn how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible. Grow in your confidence to read both Old and New Testament books. Explore questions like: How do I know if I am interpreting a passage correctly? How do I apply the Bible to my life when it seems so foreign to me? How do I study a book of the Bible on my own? Is there a simple strategy for daily Bible reading? 
Kids age 3 through 8th grade
Kids journey with us through the Pauline epistles while we look at questions like “Why does the church exist?” “What happens when I feel alone?” and “How do I get along with family members/friends I don’t often like?”. Sunday mornings from 9 to 10:15am, kids ages 3 through 8th grade will be meeting in age-appropriate classrooms as we talk about our church community and what it is to be the body of Christ together. Parents, note that while drop-off will still be in the youth room, pick-up will be in the back of the sanctuary at around 10:15.