Fall 2023 Famiy Devotional

Page 1Title: Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Author: Sally Michael
Format: This devotional breaks down the Lord’s Prayer into 13 weeks of family devos. Each week includes 5 days of lessons and a special family night activity. The lessons are short, with a Bible reading followed by a few questions and a prayer.

Fall 2023 Youth Devotional

Page 1Title: Alongside Jesus
Author: Drew Hill
Format: 4 weeks of devotionals, each split into 4 days of answering questions, reading Scripture, and meditating on the fact that Jesus is alongside us in our everyday lives

Summer 2023 Youth Devotional

Hebrews: 30-Day Devotional - By: Charles Price, Elizabeth McQuoid Title: Hebrews (Food for the Journey 30 Day Devotional)
Author: Charles Price and Elizabeth McQuoid
Format: 30 days of daily devotional readings based off sections of the biblical book of Hebrews. Students will have small portions of Scripture to read as well as application questions to discuss/think about.

Summer 2023 Family Devotional

Undivided: A Family Devotional: Living FOR And Not Just WITH One Another: Owens, Rhonda, Owens, Mitchell: 9780692484180: Amazon.com: BooksTitle: Undivided Family: Living For and Not Just With One Another
Author: Mitchell and Rhonda Owens
Topics Discussed: How to forgive inside the family unit, how to pray for and encourage one another inside the family unit, how to point each other to Scripture inside the family unit
Format: 12 lessons broken into sections for Bible reading, questions, application, and activity