Faith Builder Catechism Review

Author: Kevin Hippolyte, Jared Kennedy, and Trey Kullman (3 dads!)
Age Appropriate: 2nd-5th grade
Questions Discussed: What is God like? Can we trust the Bible? What is God’s Kingdom? What are we asking when we pray “Your will be done”? And so many more…
Format: Video game themed. There are 5 levels which have the themes “God’s Glory”, “God’s Kingdom”, “The Gospel”, “God’s Grace”, and “God’s Church and Mission.” Each level has a map that kids can put stickers on to show what lessons they have learned. And each lesson is a two page devotional including a catechism question and answer, a memory verse, discussion questions, video game illustrations, and Scripture reading. All in all 52 lessons of applicable and relatable material for you and your kids.