Family Ministries Discipline Policy


In order to foster a safe environment for your kids here at Covenant Church, leadership has designed the following discipline policy in the case of any disruptive behaviors your child may exhibit in our classrooms. By you leaving your child in our care today, you, the parent/legal guardian of the child signify that you accept the steps this policy lays forth and give permission to our leaders to use the below described discipline steps with your child.

Rules of the classroom

  • When the teacher or adult assistant is talking, students are not
  • When students have something to say, they raise their hand and speak kindly
  • Students will not speak rudely to their peers or leaders which would include using profanity, name calling, or insults
  • Students will keep all body parts to themselves

When rules are broken…

  • Because we believe positive reinforcement is more productive and helpful to the well-being of your child, when possible we will reward a class that follows well the rules above with verbal affirmation, scarves during worship, and/or extra free time activities at the end of the lesson.
  • When a particular student exhibits behavior that consistently breaks the above rules, they will receive a warning.
  • If after receiving two warnings the student continues to exhibit disruptive behavior, they will receive a one-minute time out in the same room but separate from the other students
  • If after the time out, the student continues to exhibit disruptive behavior, their parent/guardian will be messaged and asked to come remove the student from the classroom. The student will be welcome to come back with a clean slate the following week.