Our nursery is now open for your 0 to 2 year old. Here at Covenant Church, we love families and are here to support you in your visit to our church with your child. Feel free to keep your child with you throughout the service, or drop them off with our quality volunteers dedicated to provide a safe and fun environment for your child. 

 Covid Safety Measures

The well-being of your children is our first priority here in the nursery at Covenant. As such, we have taken the following safety measures to give your kids the safest environment possible while experiencing the same loving care they have always experienced here.

 When you arrive…

  • Parents and children will have their temperature checked via a non-contact thermometer
  • A volunteer will take your phone number so to text you if they need a diaper change. Volunteers will not be diapering children at this time.
  • A volunteer will receive your child and immediately assist them with cleansing their hands
  • Please bring your own snacks/drinks for your child as we will not provide these at this time
  • Expect that nursery room windows/top portion of doorways will be open at all times to allow for ventilation
  • Please do not enter the nursery
Our volunteers commit to…
  • Receiving a temperature check upon arrival via a non-contact thermometer
  • Wearing long sleeve changeable shirts when holding a child in order to change in case of contamination with bodily fluid
  • Wearing protective spit shields over their mouths at all times
  • Washing their hands thoroughly upon arrival and throughout their time with your child
  • Wearing gloves when feeding your child
  • Aiding your child in cleansing their hands periodically after handling objects/eating
  • Making sure toys are not shared by children and put away/disinfected after a child has used them