At Covenant Church you can join our journey to partner with the people around us. That is why we have been intentional to learn about and walk with the great people of the neighborhood directly behind our building. Below are links to specific opportunities that you can follow to learn how to make new friends and journey through life with them in mission. 
Mission of the Month
Rancho Santa Marta

Bill and Kaye Lawrence, of CPC, founder and director of Rancho Santa Marta states” I felt from a young age God’s call on my life serve full-time on the mission field”

In 1970 Bill and Kaye traveled to Baja, California, Mexico with their three children. Following God’s leading, unable to communicate in the Spanish language and with no formal missionary training restored the orphanage at Colonia V. Guarrero to a reputable well staffed ministry.
Rancho Santa Marta is a non-denominational Evangelical Christian Ministry for needy Mexican children. Our Mission and Vision is to expand the reach of the Gospel in our region of Mexico by meeting the needs for these children-at-risk. We provide this primarily on our 450-acre ranch property near San Vicente, a town 130 miles south of San Diego on the Baja California peninsula. Our two foundational programs are a home for homeless, orphaned or abused children, and a kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school with a special education mainstreaming program for children with learning disabilities.
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