It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

2/7 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathies are extended to the Bill and Eugenia McConnell and their family for the passing of their daughter in Rochester. Please keep the family in prayer.
2/7 SHEPPARD: Please pray for Norm Swiger, a real estate agent in Hermitage who has stomach cancer & begins round 4 of chemo 2/14, side effects are painful.  Having CT scan 2/10 to see if lesions on the liver & spleen are gone. Thank you, Gail
2/6 NORRIS: Our daughter-in-law, Bethany, lost her aunt, Bobbie Van Til (age 56). She taught at Grove City Christian Elementary School and was an administrator. Please keep the family in prayer. Patty
2/5 WOODS: Update: Chuck’s procedure went smoothly and he has noticed much relief from his pain. Thank you for all your prayers 🙏❤️✝️ Connie
2/2 BOMBECK: With so much gratitude to our powerful Lord Jesus, and for your prayers, I’m happy to tell you all that David Sed is now recuperating at his home. Praise to the Father! Jan
2/1 WOODS: On Friday 2-3-23 my husband Chuck will have a outpatient procedure done at the VA in Pittsburgh.  There s some narrowing of an artery in his leg and it needs to be addressed,  please pray for it to be successful and gives some relief of constant pain.  Thank you❤️🙏✝️ Connie
1/30 BOMBECK: Your prayers are being heard and answered. I just had a nice visit with Dave. He is sitting up in a chair alert and talkative. Thank you church family! Thank you Jesus! Jan
1/29 BOMBECK: Thank you for continuing to pray for Dave. Update on my brother Dave:  Hi, he’s about the same as yesterday, coherent but still very tired. His hemoglobin was down a little, so they gave him a unit of blood today. He is eating his tasteless meals since they are watching his salt intake but at least he is on real food now. And he seems to be getting his appetite back a little.  They haven’t tried to get him up but I am sure that is coming tomorrow since physical therapy doesn’t work on the weekends.  The doctors are happy with his kidney function increase, not where it needs to be, but definitely going in the right direction. Jan
1/28 DAUGHERTY: I would like to thank everyone who has helped with prayers and meals while being laid up from knee surgery. Donna
1/28 BOMBECK: Good morning church. Dave’s blood level has dropped to below half of what it should be and his kidney function is not good. He needs more blood today. Even more, he needs our continued prayers. Thank you everyone. Jan
1/28 BOMBECK: Good evening friends. I want to thank you very much for praying for my dear brother. It’s been a very scary time. We thought we were losing him last night, but gracious God turned this situation around this morning. Dave is in stable condition now. He will stay a few days to get blood levels right and hopefully his kidney function to improve. I’m back home tonight praising God for His mercy and goodness. Thank you again for coming alongside my family and me. Jan
1/26 BOMBECK: Jan’s brother David has been sick w/flu and then fell in their kitchen and hit his head on a countertop. He has been taken to the ER and then ICU.  He is declining fast. Jan is on her way to Rootstown, Ohio to help with Valencia.  His blood levels are way off and his kidneys have shut down. We covet your prayers. Jim
1/22 KILGORE: Please, join me in intercession from our homes, along with the youth group ‘Night of Prayer’ – today Sunday, January 22, 2023 @ 6-7:30 🙂 TIA. as we ‘come together’ in pray for our schools & students, along with teachers, staff & administration 🙂 Darlene
1/18 COVENANT CHURCH: Jim Spears passed away last evening. Our sympathies are extended to Evelyn and family. Visiting hours will be Friday from 5 to 7pm in Stevenson’s Funeral Home. One hour of visitation from 10-11am Saturday in the church followed by the service.
1/16 COVENANT CHURCH: Jim Spears has experienced a stroke and is hospitalized. Please pray for Jim, Evelyn and the family.
1/13 CAMPBELL: We got the results of my beautiful wife’s PET scan. Unfortunately the results were not good; the cancer is growing and spreading once again. They are stopping the chemo treatment and starting a new drug.  We go back for another scan in March. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Proverbs 3:5 🙏❤ Craig

1/9 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife has a PET scan scheduled for Wed, with the results on Friday.  Please pray for safe travels to NY and good results from the scan. Please pray against the fear, anxiety, and schemes of the enemy. Thank you. Craig

“casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:7-8

1/9 SHEPPARD: My great nephew Connor, who is a senior in high school, was involved in a horrific car accident Friday night.  He and his best friend survived, but one boy passed, and one is just out of ICU. Connor is still in shock and does not remember very much.  Please pray for all the families involved, healing, peace & wisdom, & God’s love to encircle them and hold them up with His righteous right hand. Thank you. Gail
1/5 STAUFFER: We praise God for the beautiful gift of life given to Brett and Paige McBride. Violet Jane was born on January 5th and all are doing well!!
1/2 COSTELLO: The family of Mike Garcia wants to thank everyone for keeping them in your prayers. He is being released from the hospital today after his kidney transplant just this past Wednesday. Per his mother in law “The Lord Be magnified he is healing. Mike’s doctors are amazed how quickly his comeback is !!” Cathy
12/31 MANNION: Update from Grant’s aunt… thank you everyone for your prayers. Grant is doing great today. He has to drink three Gatorades and eat 50% of all meals today and he will get to go home. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for all of the prayers. Barb
12/29 GRABAN: Please continue to pray for Brian.  He met with the transplant doctor and the oncology doctor and they both agreed that the results of the biopsy were not clear and they have scheduled him for a pet scan on January 4, he will then meet with them on the 5th to discuss the results. Thank you for your faithfulness. Sherry
12/28 KILGORE: Prayer of Faith…As I stand on Ephesians 6:10, I seek our Great Physician for Divine Healing. And Revelation 21:5 if He chooses to use His good physicians…that I may raise the monies to receive Rx from functional medicine physicians who are actually healing patients from autoimmune dysfunction & Lyme caused by chronic viruses. I have suffered 40-long years & continue to BELIEVE we serve a God of Miracles, who IS a Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper & Light in this darkness 🙂 TIA for I still also BELIEVE in The Power of Prayer in Jesus Name. Amen & Amen!!! Darlene
12/27 COSTELLO: Please pray for my friend, Mike García, and his brother, Joe. Mike is having a kidney transplant tomorrow (Wednesday) in Pittsburgh and his brother is donating his kidney. Mike is a strong believer and God has been with him in this process and will continue to be. To God be the glory! If you would like to send a card, please contact me. Cathy
12/27 MANNION: Please pray for a 7 year old, Grant, who is currently in Akron Children’s with pneumonia .  He has Influenza A and Strep A in his lungs.  He also may have some kidney issues because of it.  He and his parents need our prayers.  Thank you! Barb
12/24 SZABO: Update on our daughter’s uncle-law. He was weaned off the ventilator and his MRI was good. He was discharged from the hospital yesterday!!!! He needs someone to stay with him over the weekend, but can be on his own after that. Thank you so much for your prayers. Cathy
12/24 COVENANT CHURCH: Please pray for the family of Grace Miles who went to be with Jesus today (12/24). We are so grateful for her life and service to her King and the great comfort that we have knowing that she abides with Jesus in heaven!
12/24 LYON: My uncle, Edward Evans, passed away this morning. He only has one surviving daughter, so pray for her. Elaine and her daughter, Audra. Mollie
12/22 COVENANT CHURCH: Please pray for Elinor McDowell and her family in the loss of Bill (“Doc”) this morning. He had been struggling with issues in his lungs over the past several weeks and has now gone to be with Jesus! We celebrate Doc’s life and legacy here at Covenant Church … and now his certain resurrection!
12/22 SZABO: Our daughter’s uncle-in-law came through surgery well. He will be on a ventilator tonight and will be slowly weaned off of it tomorrow. The doctor feels the tumor is benign, but they will test it to make sure. Thank you for your prayers. Cathy
12/21 MILD: Praise report for Igor -The pet scan showed nothing abnormal!! PTL!!!  Thank you for your prayers!! Carolyn
12/20 SZABO: Our daughter’s uncle-law is having an angiogram today to decrease blood flow to the brain tumor. He will have surgery to remove the tumor tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any prayers. Cathy
12/20 HOMER: A dear friend of mine is in need of prayer for her 8 year old grandson, Stefan. He was in a terrible horseback riding accident. He had a 3 hour surgery today for skin grafts on his arms, hands and legs. Tomorrow he will have a 12 hour surgery for skin grafts on his back, and plastic surgery on his head. His story was on Good Morning America. Details on his accident can be googled with Colorado boy injured in Belize.  He has a long road ahead of him. Thank you for your prayers. Joanie
12/17 GRABAN: Please keep Denny in prayer.  He is a veteran and was Brian’s roommate in the hospital. He’s been very sick but they moved him to the VA hospital where he will have to do testing all over again. Thank you.  Brian asked me to put him on the prayer page. Sherry
12/17 HARENCHAR-BOOK: Update on my daughter, Morgan. We came home Thursday with oxygen and blood thinners. I thank you all for your continued prayers as she recovers at home. Praise god❤️ Amy
12/15 GRABAN: Brian had the biopsy on the lung today.  It took three hours and two different procedures to get a good sample. He should get the results on Monday, but will be able to come home once his Coumadin level is back to his normal.  Thank you for praying with me please continue. Sherry
12/15 MILD: Please pray for my son-in-law Tom’s mother and step-father.  They both have cancer.  I asked several weeks ago prayer for Carolyn who has lung cancer and it has spread to her brain.  She is back home after surgery and they are continuing the radiation on the tumors. She is in good spirits.  We saw her this past week. Her husband, Pepper, has non-hodgkins lymphoma but he has not responded to the treatments.  They are continuing to work with him.
Also, our friend, Igor, still needs prayer.  They are going to do several more tests Monday afternoon on his heart and will be taking a biopsy in his chest.  Please pray that the abnormalities they see are nothing life threatening.  Thank you, Carolyn
12/14 GRABAN: Please pray for my son, Brian.  He was admitted to Montefiore hospital Monday night and they discovered that the transplanted kidney contained the EBV virus and is causing lymph nodes to grow around his stomach and lung.  They want to do a biopsy on the lung which requires a special team of surgeons. I value your time and thank you for praying.  Our GOD is able to do more than we can imagine. Sherry
12/14 ANONYMOUS: For healing of swelling in ankle and foot, had tests done for possible clot, please pray the drs diagnose it.
12/14 HARENCHAR-BOOK: Praise be to God! Quick update: Morgan made it through the procedure to remove the blood clots and she is doing well. We will be at Presby for a few more days. Thank you, and please continue to pray. -Amy
12/13 LYON: My mother-in-law passed away Sunday morning. She turned 97 on November 3. Calling hours are Friday and Saturday with funeral, in Emporium. Please pray for traveling mercies as many of us live out of town. Mollie
12/13 HARENCHAR-BOOK: Asking for prayers for my daughter, Morgan Book. We thought she was suffering from Bronchitis and she passed out at home yesterday. I took her to the hospital and praise god they found she has pulmonary embolisms. They flew her to UPMC Presbyterian, she is undergoing several procedures to dissolve them. We ask for prayers to get her through for a full recovery. Please pray with me -Amy
12/8 SZABO: Update on Donna’s uncle-in-law. They have discovered there is a brain tumor. It looks to be benign and they are doing surgery next Thursday. He is expected to have a full recovery. Praise the Lord!!!! Cathy
12/8 SZABO: Please keep our oldest daughter’s uncle in law in prayer. He was hiking this morning and he collapsed and had what seemed to be a seizure. The first tests show possible brain tumor. He has been moved to another hospital for more testing. Prayers for the family also. Thank you for any prayers.
12/7 LITTLE: Great news! My sisters (Doris)cochlear implant was activated yesterday! She is now learning to hear again!  She said right now her husband sounds like Daisy Duck when he speaks!!! ( if you knew Neal … that would be hilarious!) Anyway … thank you covenant family for praying her through this journey!
\o/ Donna
12/4 SPEARS: Ever too late for prayers?  Not from my church family.  Jim had a set back with a continuous cough!  Better since he got a couple scrips from the doctor and eating better.  Our oldest son Todd experienced bad flu symptoms, but traveled to Milwaukee for his work.  Doctored himself there, but was glad to get home after a week.  Not feeling well at all.  Scott, our other son has a bad cold and cough that is persistent.  Hopes for relief.  Being Mom, I am hanging in there by hanging out my shingle.  Ha! Always thankful for your loving prayers.  Evelyn