“Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.” – E.M. Bounds


It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

1/15 COVENANT CHURCH: Update #6:  Last night, Wednesday, was Angelina’s fifth night in an induced coma. The last report we received, Tuesday afternoon, was that they were going to very slowly reduce the sedation so she could gradually awaken in order for them to assess her condition and see if she can be pulled off of the life supports. During this process, one of the tubes became plugged so they had to pull it out, clean it and put it back in which interrupted the whole process so she was sedated again. One positive note is that they moved her out of the emergency room into the intensive care area, which is a sign she is stabilizing. She had her third hemodialysis done yesterday and the toxins in her blood have been lowered. They are not at the levels where they want them yet, but again this is good news. Let’s pray that she continues to stabilize and that they will take her off of life supports. Pray that she will be able to breathe and keep her blood pressure up without the machines. Everyone at the ranch is missing her and we want to see her smiling face back here! Thank you again for your concern and prayers. Keep praying!! Blessings.
P.S. Just got an update from the kidney specialist stating that her blood pressure has improved!! She was excited and so are we!! 
1/13 FLEET: Tom was set for open heart surgery tomorrow for a repair/replacement of mitral valve. However, his covid test came back positive. We are in isolation for two weeks. We do not need anything but prayer. Thank you, Cheryl
1/13 MANNION: Here is an address if you would like to send a card to Sam and/or his mom, Jean.   Samuel D. Stull  262 Danny Thomas Place   Memphis, Tennessee  38105 
1/13 STAUFFER: Our dear Jack Maxwell went home to gaze in the face of his Savior & King at 1:48am. Well done, good and faithful servant! Thank you for your prayers! Daneen
1/13 MANNION: Update on Sam…  got good news yesterday. There is no evidence of leukemia or blast cells in the spinal fluid!!  Such a praise!!  He is currently going through light chemo and starts heavy on Saturday.  He is having trouble swallowing pills and getting meds in, even though crushed and put in something.  Please pray he will be able to get this down. Right now lots of tears for son and mom.  Pray, too, for the rest of the family. Matthew went back to be with the girls in Florida so the family will be apart for quite awhile. Pray they see God in miraculous ways in their lives and KNOW that it is Him!! Barb
1/12 KRAYNAK: Please keep Tom Fleet in prayer as he will be undergoing open heart surgery in Passavant, tentatively scheduled for this Wednesday, to repair or replace a microvalve.   Cheryl‘s prayeris for calmness for both of them and peace and love for the surgeon.   Both are praising God as they feel His presence as they walk this journey. Penny
UPDATE: Tom Fleet’s open heart surgery has been changed to Thursday instead of Wednesday due to him needing a negative Covid test prior to surgery.    Please keep both he & Cheryl lifted in your prayers.

1/12 COVENANT CHURCH: Update on Angelina: Angelina is going through her second hemodialysis treatment at this moment, 4:30 Pacific Time, but her blood pressure has been very low throughout the day.  The kidney specialist decided to go through the treatment anyways just because of the severe state that she is in.  We need to pray that her blood pressure rises so she can get through this second hemodialysis session.  It usually takes two to three hours to complete.  Thank you again for your much needed prayers!   

1/10 STAUFFER: Please pray for a dear friend & fellow pastor from our 1st call at a church in WV—Jack Maxwell. He was a “Grandfather-type” figure for our kids when we didn’t live close to any family after they were born, and the Care Pastor that had time for a visit with anyone, at anytime, anywhere & for any length of time, all for the sake of Jesus! He has been suffering from dementia for quite some time and most recently was hospitalized with heart issues, low oxygen b/c of these issues, and kidney problems. Since returning home from the hospital a day ago (where of course nobody was allowed to visit him—the ULTIMATE visitation pastor!) he has been very agitated and restless. His wife, Elizabeth passed in 1996, his son just months ago, and his daughter Elizabeth, who is my age has been caring for him full time for many years now. There is another daughter, Priscilla, who is on her way back to WV from NC right now, because, as she put it, “it appears as if Dad will be entering Heaven any time now.” Please pray for safe travels for Priscilla; strength, patience, and comfort for Elizabeth; precious time of preparation to say goodbye to their earthly Daddy for both; and for a peaceful passing from this life to his much anticipated & desired eternal home with his beloved Lord Jesus for Jack. Thank you so much, friends. 💔😢😘❤️🙏 Daneen
1/8 COVENANT CHURCH: Please pray for Angelina, age 18, from Rancho Santa Marta. She is in an induced coma to help stabilize her body, but her kidneys are failing. Seems she has had this condition for years, but it has never shown any symptoms until this past week. The doctor told us IF she makes it through the night we have to put her on a hemodialysis machine which the hospital does NOT have. We need to come up with the machine fast. We need your prayers for Angelina and this situation. Please pray for her recovery, that she makes it through the night and that we can find this machine
1/8 COVENANT CHURCH: Bonnie Milliron has been hospitalized for observation. Please keep her in prayer. 
1/8 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to the family of Rebecca Ross. She passed away 12/31.
1/8 COPE: Update: my sister Shelley had a successful surgery and was discharged last night. Thank you! Kim
1/8 MANNION: Please pray for my nephew, Matthew’s son, Sam. (this would be David and Gina’s grandson).  He was just diagnosed with leukemia. Barb 
Update on Sam:  They were able to get Sam into St. Jude’s hospital (such a praise).  His mother, Jean, and he will be driving there leaving from Florida tomorrow and planning to arrive on Sunday.  Please pray for peace and safe travels.
1/8 BRAYMER: Please join us in praising Our Great God:  Cindy Foltz’s surgery went well; the surgeon was pleased that there were no surprises, and she is not in much pain. The pathology report shows no need for chemo OR radiation! God is good. All the time. Especially today!!

Please continue to pray as God completes her physical healing, and for Cindy’s ongoing struggle with anxiety. Linda

1/7 BOMBECK:  Please pray for Jim for full recovery from covid. Thank you church family. Jan
1/7 COVENANT CHURCH: Continue to pray for our nation!
1/5 MANNION: Please pray for Cheryl Christy.  She has a broken wrist and needs surgery for it this Friday.  Pray for success in surgery and quick healing along with peace through this all. Barb
1/5 SMITH: Update on Brad: he has passed away. Angie
1/5 COPE: Please pray for my sister, Shelley. She is battling Stage 4 ovarian cancer and was readmitted to the hospital tonight. She had surgery a few days ago to place stent in obstructed duct which caused severe jaundice. It appeared successful but she had fever, chills and elevated bilirubin today. Pray for wisdom, healing, peace as she will likely undergo surgery tomorrow. Thank you! Kim
1/4 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for peace and healing for a friend of mine whose 16yr old grand son tried to take his own life. Please pray for peace and hope and healing. Praying for peace and hope and healing for the whole world in these dark days, and that a great revival would take place world wide. Jesus is our only hope.
1/4 SMITH: Immediate prayer need – My cousin, Brad with spina bifida, was hospitalized before Thanksgiving with bowel issues. He had to return and found that his bowels were twisted and dying. Whatever they did then did not work as he is now in emergency surgery to have a colostomy. Please keep Brad and family in prayer. Angie
1/4 SIMON: John Murchison requested that his wife Helena would be cured of an ecoli infection. Dick
1/3 HUNTER: My friend chris is on life support.he has been ill for some time..he has a wife Jennifer.a son Justin.. his life has not been an easy one a lot of it he brought on himself but he is God’s child and I know that if and when God pulls him through this other people will say this miracle and want to follow the word of God and know about Jesus Christ please pray for Chris with all your power that he comes out of this and shows everybody a miracle that they’ve never seen cuz we love him so much and I know that God can do this I just need more people  beside me maybe so He will hear me let’s just ask our wonderful powerful God for this miracle Chris Chris influence his people so much and I know that he can bring so many to Jesus Christ and I just feel like it’s not his time  he has so much  to do and let’s just pray that God’s will be done I don’t pray a lot and I know I need to and I will pray if he brings my buddy through this I will give my life over to Jesus Christ I saw this website because I was looking for some hope and I think I found it thank you so much ..Regina
1/2 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Barbara Mild and family. Her father, Jim Howard, passed away. 
1/2 LYON: My friend in AZ has not been heard from since the 27th by family here. He’s diabetic and has major health issues. Taken to emergency room brother reported. Now, they can’t locate him and the contacts in AZ are having trouble finding out anything. Immediate family lives here. His name is Tom. 

UPDATE: Tom’s brother posted on Facebook that Tom had emergency surgery for an infection. He’s been moved around a lot in hospital and didn’t have his phone. He called. He’s in a lot of pain and drugged up. But at least, we know where he is.

12/31 SZABO:  I was talking to Annie Donley and she said her Mom, Bonnie is doing very well in her recovery from Covid. Praise God that they are both doing well. Cathy
12/31 PORTAL: The doctor believe I have had a slight stroke on my left side earlier in the month. They expect 80% improvement in 6 months so please pray for healing. Peggy
12/31 LIMA: Please pray with me for my Mother and for my dear Fatima Rodriguez. May the Grace, Peace and Protection of the Holy Spirit dwell in our lives. And that through the blood of Jesus, we may pray for the mercy and healing of the Lord in the life’s of Michele & Marcos . Blessed be, amen. Thank you! Rob
12/30 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Michael Walker and family for the death of his father, Edward
12/29 BROWN: Pray for my friend Minnie. She had to go to the hospital. Jean
12/29 PETERSON: Please pray for Chris and me that we will find a new house to live in.  We are still at my daughters & they want us to leave.

Thank you Kathy

12/28 BRAYMER: a dear friend,  Cindy Foltz, has asked that we support her in prayer for these requests
1] She is having surgery on Monday, Jan 4th @ McGee’s in Pgh for Stage 2 Endometrial Cancer
2] She has battled anxiety for several years now and it is amplified because of the pending surgery
3] She is a Child of the King,  but struggles with placing ALL her trust in the Lord  (due to some major life events that have “rocked her world”)
12/26 SHUTTLEWORTH: Please pray for Michael Walkers dad. He is in critical condition in ICU at Sharon Regional. He has Covid and other complications. Sandy
12/24 STAUFFER: Tom Evans, 92yrs, friend of my parents (Jim & Han Hoffman) from their last home in TN, was hospitalized with pneumonia, then contracted the virus. Prayer for Tom’s healing and also his wife Chris, as she prepares for a move out of their home of many years into a condo. Daneen
12/22 HOMER: Update on baby Kimber. I was way off on her age, she’s only 4 months old. She had emergency surgery Saturday night to place a permanent shunt to keep draining fluids. Surgery went well. But an MRI done yesterday shows a small swelling at her brain stem that could be a benign tumor. Kimber’s mom, Lauren lost her brother Dustin at 21 to a brain tumor located in the same place. Please keep this family in your prayers. I’m praying the next mri will show God has removed it and heals this baby girl. Thank you!! Joanie
12/22 COSTELLO: Please pray for my family as my Aunt Marge just passed away. She just came home yesterday after having Covid. She was 93 and had other health problems. Thank you
12/21 WALKER: My dad still remains in ICU. It has been 2 weeks now. they have several procedures to try. Please keep him in prayer. Michael
12/20 HOMER: A friend and former neighbor just reached out to me requesting prayer for her 9 month old granddaughter. She was just diagnosed with hydrocephalus, fluid on her brain. She will be sedated for an MRI today. Please pray for baby Kimber and her family. Joan
12/19 HUTCHINSON: I am out of the hospital and resting at Home I just want to thank my church family for all the calls, text prayers and love and being there for me.. you guys are the best love you’d guys.. Ashley
12/17 HUTCHINSON: Update on Ashley still in the hospital and a slight fever, hopefully gets out tomorrow!!!  Thank you for your prayers with the passing of my cousin Charlie and continue to pray for our family and for Ashley!!!! Thanks!! Annette
12/15 HUTCHINSON: My cousin Chuck Dunkerley (once attended Covenant) passed away!! Please pray for our family!!! Also Ashley my daughter was admitted to the hospital for severe stomach infection!!! Please pray for her she is in severe pain and for her protection!!! Thank you!!!! Annette
12/15 MCCRUMB: I would like to place Charlie Knott and his family on the prayer list.  Charlie’s wife Lynne passed away today after a brief illness. Karen
12/14 RAINEY: Please keep our neighbor, Terry, in prayer. She has bladder cancer and is now on Hospice. Samantha
12/14 COPE: Kevin’s father passed away last week. Burial was today. Praying God will comfort his mother and entire family. Kim
12/14 COPE: Please pray for my sister, Shelley. Needs healing for her liver so that she can get chemo for ovarian cancer. Headed to hospital for evaluation and treatment of liver. It’s been a long, challenging road. She loves the Lord and knows her footsteps are ordered by Him. Thank you so much. Kim
12/14 COVENANT CHURCH: Dale Grove has been released.
12/13 BAKER: Dale Grove has been hospitalized with Covid. Annie
12/9 BAKER: Pray for Morgan, age 21. She suffered a stroke and is still needs pray for ongoing complications. Annie
12/8 WILSTER: Requesting prayer for my father. His dementia has suddenly become much worse. Isolation makes it so much harder and my heart breaks for him. Spirit of God please comfort his soul and give him peace. Amen. Kathy
12/8 COSTELLO: Please pray for my daughter, Lisa. She just found out today that she has Covid. She is an LPN in the Covid unit at a nursing home in Niles so she will continue to work until she can’t because they are so short handed. Cathy
12/8 WALKER: My father had breathing problems and was taken by ambulance last night to the hospital. We have not heard anything about his condition. Please keep him in prayer. Michael UPDATE: He has COVID.
12/8 HUGHES: We pray for a return of your people to the fear of the lord and that the ancient foundations of American be not removed and that you would bring men and women to a place of repentance and forgive our sins.Please forgive us Lord! We are all guilty! Give us hearts to know you that we might return to you. We ask that you will forgive the sins of our land and heal our land. We pray that corruption in our nation be exposed and your justice prevail. Have mercy on us all. Grant us your peace and direction. We pray for revival in our hearts and churches. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and healing for all of those affected by the coronavirus. Lord in your loving kindness and tender mercies hear our prayers and let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We give you glory for moving by your spirit and answering our prayers. In Jesus name Amen. Angela
12/7 ZIPPIE: Rev. Philip Makari had open heart surgery for Aorta and Mitral Valve replacement on Dec. 1st at the Cleveland  Clinic. Please pray for his recovery. Dan
12/7 WOODS: UPDATE: My Aunt Donna took a turn for the good, so much so that she was able to return home.  Her and my Uncle John are continuing their recovery together in the comfort of their home. This is truly a blessing for them both and an answer to our prayers.  Keep up your prayers for them please as they care for each other, Thank you😇🙏 Connie
12/7 LIMA: Through the mediation of Our Lord Christ Jesus, I ask you please to pray for the intercession of the Holy Spirit in all the actions of Maria & Michele; let their actions be tied in the Lord’s hands. May my Mother, my Life and my Job, and my dear Fatima , be released and blessed in the name of Jesus, Amen. Thank you! Rob
12/2 BURLESON: Please pray for my 89 year young Uncle, Rev. Ty Sabella, he has been on a ventilator in Sharon Regional Hospital for a week. He’s been preaching the word of God, people ask when he will retire he responds I will always go when I’m called to minister! Brenda
12/2 VINES:  Please pray I will find a job soon and be able to sleep at night I have insomnia and panic attacks. Crystal
11/30 WOODS: Please join me in prayer for my Uncle John and Aunt Donna.  Both in their 80’s and both have Covid.  She has been in hosp. for over a week and not doing well. He is at home being cared for by family. Pray God will lay his hand on this situation and speak to every need and heal mind, body, and soul. In Jesus’ mighty name Amen✝️ Connie
11/30 SPEARS: Update for our neighbor Harry Wansor. I talked to his wife and she was happy to report that he will be released from the hospital to return home tomorrow.  I’m sure he will get home nursing care.  It sure is helping my Jim.  Jim will have a visit tomorrow for Physical Therapy. So all in all P.T.L  Thanks to all you prayer warriors.  Jesus is the answer. Evelyn
11/29 STEWART: Please pray for our family. My brother Tom Garcia passed away today due to COVID. He was 66. Cathy
11/27 DALESSANDRO: please pray for a 9month old baby,Trenton.  He has had tests to find the soft spot  on his head, mother is praying it hasn’t closed and surgery will not be needed.  Thank you for praying for one of God’s little miracles. Dave
11/26 SPEARS: another update. Jim was released to come home today.  He is feeling better but not complete.  More follow up prayers please and thank you so much.   Evelyn
11/26 SPEARS: Update for Jim:  He finished today with his second blood transfusion which went well.  He has been doing some exercises that was suggested and feels that it is helpful.  Hasn’t been clear where the blood is coming from. We thank you for your prayers Covenant family.  Evelyn 
11/25 COVENANT CHURCH: Let’s pray that the dinners that being prepared and delivered share God’s love through the hands of the cooks, delivery drivers and everyone donating items and money.
11/25 SMITH: My aunt Maxine is home now.  She just needs healing prayers and that she will get the help she needs to take care of her son. Angie
11/24 WORK: Please pray for Kam, a co-workers’ sister who is struggling with Covid. Her oxygen levels have been very low, and last night her feet turned blue. She is in the hospital, so please pray for her, doctors,  nurses and her family. Rick
11/24 SPEARS: Jim was admitted to Sharon Hospital this morning.  They found that his hemoglobin was too low.  He is being given a blood transfusion and also something to remove the fluid.  He hadn’t been feeling good so we feel taking him to the ER was the best thing.  Thanks again for your prayers Covenant Family.  Evelyn
11/21 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife has a week’s worth of radiation treatment this week. Please say a prayer that all goes well, that cancer is killed, pain is relieved, anxiety is kept at bay, and God is glorified. Craig
11/21 SMITH: My aunt Maxine doing really well and they were in the process of moving her out of the ICU into a regular room when my cousin got there. So far everything is going as well as possible and they expect to be discharging her in 3-5 days so fingers crossed that she is able to spend Thanksgiving at home. Angie


11/19 SMITH: Please keep my aunt Maxine in your prayers.  She was thought to have a heart attack but it turns out she has a blood clot in her lung and one in her heart.  They started her on heparin to dissolve it and they were going to break up the one in her heart.  They can’t break the one up in her heart because they found a hole and the blood clot is in the hole.  It would cause a stroke if they do anything except surgery.  So now she is being life flighted to Presby for a doctor there to do the surgery.  Please pray for her and the rest of the family.  Thank you Angie
11/18 ANDOLINA: I found out Monday about lab work I had done.  I was informed my fasting blood sugar level was 1 point from being considered diabetes.  It has not been the easiest news to hear and digest.  The symptoms I have been dealing with now that they have calmed down make more sense. It scares me if I were actually to be honest with myself. Gretchen
11/18 COVENANT CHURCH: In our efforts to serve our neighborhood and community, we have been offering a free Thanksgiving meal to be picked-up or delivered (within 5 miles) of the church. In order to make this free, we are in need of donations. If you would like to bring some of the items needed, sign-up here. All the items need to be at the church by Sunday, Nov. 22nd. This effort caught the attention of several other organizations and we have banded together to serve our community. Pray that those receiving these meals feel the overwhelming love of Jesus Christ.
11/18 SPEARS: Our long time neighbor, Harry Wansor was taken to Sharon Hospital by ambulance in regards to cardiac arrest. He will be there we’re told at least two weeks. Right now he is in ICU.  So thank you again Covenant Family for your prayers.  Evelyn
11/18 GRACE: Isaiah 32:18 My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. Please plead the blood of Jesus over myself, son, this property, the entrance ways, our beds, and rooms. Marie
11/17 BROWN: Jean is requesting prayer for some friends: Mabel, Minnie and her sister Barb. Jean
11/16 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Mary Chisholm. She passed away October 29th.
11/16 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Bob McBurney. He passed away recently. The family will receive friends from 9:00 to 10:00 AM at McGonigle Funeral Home on Thursday.
11/16 BROWN: I continue to have water problems in my legs. Pray for my friend, Minnie, as she is hospitalized with cancer. Jean
11/5 COVENANT CHURCH: Please keep Bob Pinch and his family in prayer. Bob has been taken to a Pittsburgh hospital.
11/3 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Bonnie Donley and family for the death of her brother, Frank Dallas, Jr.
11/3 COVENANT CHURCH: Today is a significant day, indeed. Let us remember to exercise the privileged freedom we have to VOTE! No matter the outcome, the Lord remains on His throne—To HIM be all Glory & Praise!
10/31 MANNION: Thank you for your prayers. It was a longer surgery than expected since there were more adhesions that needed repaired than they thought. They were able to do it laproscopically which is a praise!!! Barb
10/30 MANNION: Please pray for my brother, David Stull.  He has surgery tomorrow in the afternoon at University Hospital for a twisted stomach.  They will try laparoscopy first, which will be much less invasive and if that doesn’t work, do abdominal surgery.  God has answered prayers already with him being out of pain for the 2-3 weeks he has been waiting for the surgery, eating a soft diet.  Praying they are able to do the least invasive and there are no other complications.  Thank you so much! Barb
10/28 KILGORE: I have a few major decisions to make this week, with counsel of the Holy Spirit, and desire to be bathed in prayer. Darlene
10/28 ELLIS: Please pray for my family.  My dad, Ron Terchila, has passed away.  He was larger than life and loved by everyone who knew him.  His loss leaves a huge hole in our family.  Thank you. Teri
10/27 CLARK: Pray that I find a full time job. Shereese
10/27 CHAVEZ: Pray for healing of hearing loss, memory, and pain for Lorraine and my uncle. Phil
10/25 HUTCHINSON: Prayers for Ashley Jones (Kolat) Her dad Jerry Jones passed away Thursday calling hours are 10/25 from 2-4 at Briceland Funeral Service, LLC, located at 379 State Route 7, SE, Brookfield, Ohio. Ashley
10/25 BROWN: Pray for my friend, Ninny. She has been hospitalized. Jean
10/23 ANDOLINA: For a gentleman who is battling shingles and has no immune system to help fight it.  He is feeling effects sooner than the average person. Gretchen
10/22 TERRY: Please pray my heart is healed. Pray Denise,Brian and I are healthy and safe. Pray I get a good night sleep. Pray we avoid covid. Pray we work things out with Brian moving. Phe finds himself and finds happiness and graduates engineering school. For denises thumb.
10/21 LIMA: Please pray for the Lord’s mercy and healing in Marcos’ Life. And that through the intercession of the Holy Spirit, may all his actions be tied up in the Lord’s hands. Blessed and guided by the Holy Spirit, be my Mother and Fátima, My Live & Job, in the name of Jesus. Thank you! Rob
10/20 BROWN: Pray for the swelling in my legs to improve and to find a new doctor. Jean
10/16 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Rev. Matthew Geary and family. His grandfather passed away. Pray for peace for Matthew in the midst of his exam tomorrow for Presbytery.
10/16 ANONYMOUS: Need a lot of prayer for my family. My mom is having surgery today. Also, pray for a friend’s daughter and granddaughter as they have tested positive for COVID-19. Another friend’s son has terrible allergies and Andy may have cancer again. Thank you.
10/14 SPEARS: Update on Eileen – She was given some steroids and apparently it worked. The swelling is gone. P.TL. She has a follow up visit with her doctor soon. She is off the Morphine now. Your prayers mean so much and we thank you. Evelyn
10/13 SPEARS: My sister, Eileen, in Missouri, woke up with a painfully swollen hand. The ER doctors tried three different medications to remove the swelling and finally found morphine to do so. They think this swelling is from something in her neck. Please pray for her and for wisdom for the doctors to know how to treat her. Evelyn
10/13 ANDOLINA: Growing up at Covenant I felt the love and care from everyone. Saturday I felt every ounce of love and care for not just me but my now husband Paul. I am truly grateful to not just call you a brother and sister in Christ but family God chose especially for me and my husband. Gretchen
10/13 CORLEY: Pray for Jeff Pennington as he has arthritis in his hand. Aunt Audra will have cataract surgery. Pray that I may have a peaceful night’s sleep. Eric
10/13 WOODS: Please keep the Shaffer family in prayer. John, Jennifer’s husband, broke his leg in three places requiring several surgeries. Also, pray for the family and God’s hand upon the total healing process. Connie
10/6 MANNION: Praise and continued prayer…David came home today after being able to eat soft foods without pain.  They sent him home to get his stomach settled and healed before surgery on the 30th.  Please continue to pray for continued relief from pain and protection from this twist. Right now it looks like there is no dead tissue which is such a praise. Thank you! Barb
10/4 MANNION: Please pray for my brother, David. He was taken yesterday by ambulance to University Hospital in Geauga with a twist in his stomach. It can be quite serious and the surgeon is deciding the next course of action (which will involve surgery but determined by severity, etc as to how to go about it) .  Please pray for relief of pain, peace, and wisdom for the surgeon. Also pray for Gina as she travels back and forth.  Thank you! Barb