It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

6/1 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Florence Yarian. She passed away yesterday. Calling hours will be Tuesday from 1-2pm in the church with the service at 2pm.
6/1 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Elaine Schubert and family. Dick passed away May 24th. 
5/30 DALESSANDRO: UPDATE: Well, Dave’s eye recovery looks like it is going to be longer than expected, please keep us in your prayers. The surgery was more extensive than expected, thank you, Bev
5/30 DALESSANDRO: Dave’s in surgery for a detached retina on his left eye, must lay flat on his stomach for two weeks, recovery time at least 1 month. Appreciate your prayers for his recovery. Thank you, Bev
5/30 ANONYMOUS: Pray for living water, deep healing, revival and restoration. Pray for miracles of mercy, love, freedom, healing, salvation, deliverance, restoration, revival and for great breakthrough. Pray God’s Light and Truth set free and dispel all darkness. Pray God send forth his Light and Truth and that all God’s people would be free indeed! (John 8:36) Pray God’s Kingdom advance in power and God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, that God provide for every need and desire in alignment with His will and good pleasure, and that God keep us from all evil/harm/temptation/hard testing.
5/30 SHEPPARD: Please keep the Sheppard family in your prayers, Harold’s mother, Mary Jane, just had a cancerous tumor on her bladder removed and they couldn’t get it all.  She is 94 and many decisions about staying in home and care will have to be made by the 5 children. Thank you, Gail
5/18 STEWART: Update on my cousin Eric. He was discharged home Friday. Insurance denied his rehab. He is doing OK at home and doing outpatient PT! Praise God for his healing power! Eric and Kim: Thank you all for the prayers! Cathy
5/17 WOODS: Update on Jerry Hrabosky: He is now out of ICU but still in Hospital,his confusion was caused by his diabetes his glucose was extremely high. His blood pressure is good. Continued prayer is appreciated as he recovers.Thank you ❤ Connie
5/16 WOODS: Will you please step up along side me in praying for Jerry Hrabosky🙏  He was rushed to the hospital yesterday by his wife and is now still in ICU.  He has extremely high blood pressure plus he is diabetic.  He was disoriented when was admitted. I will update when I get more info but it does sound dire. Thank you Family🥰🙏✝️ Connie
5/15 DEJ: Having issues with landlords. Worried I might lose place. Need Christ to inspire me with justified confidence that I might face the  job market after lost years. Have crippling anxiety about all of the above. Please pray. Jesus is Lord. 
5/14 NORRIS: Thank you Covenant Family. Prayers answered. Our granddaughter Charlotte is home. They are back together as a family in Erie. Charlotte will still have a feeding tube for a couple weeks but PTL they are all back home. Patty
5/12 NORRIS: Please pray for our little 6 month granddaughter Charlotte Jean Norris who is in Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital . She has not been gaining the weight she should be due to what is called “Silent Aspiration “ Please keep Christopher in prayer with driving down to Pittsburgh every day from Erie.  Pray the doctors find the right food combination and she and Bethany can come home. Grady misses her too!  Patty and Bryan 🙏
5/11 LYON: I saw the ortho team in Monroeville. My bone is healing, but of course, not quite there. Staples out and I don’t need the brace. I can flex my knee but no weight bearing for another five weeks. June 15 is when I return. Thank you for praying, meals, texts, phone calls and cards. Mollie
5/8 ELLIS: UPDATE on my friend’s niece.  They have drained 6 liters of fluid from her lungs in the last 3 days.  They found no cancer cells in the fluid so that is good news.  They have scheduled surgery for 7 AM tomorrow (5-9-23) to remove the mass.  It will be sent to pathology and will take somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks for results.  She is currently sedated because she is in a great deal of pain. Please continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors, for protection from infection, for healing and for her and her family to feel God’s comfort and peace surrounding them. Thank you Covenant family. Teri
5/8 STEWART: Update: Praise God! Eric is off the ventilator, awake yet confused. Plans are for him to go to rehab. Thank you and please keep Kim and Eric in your prayers as the healing continues. Cathy
5/7 KILGORE: Prayer warriors please intercede with me, the symptoms of this autoimmune dysfunction are becoming overwhelming. I shared with a friend, it’s like the weight on a camel’s back that is about to break the camel’s back. I have done everything I know as a woman of faith & RN.  I have contacted Dr. Jason West of The West Clinic in Pocatello Idaho, who is the only physician I know having great results with AI disease & Lyme. Therefore, I am requesting an online consultation until I am able to raise the monies to get to his clinic.  I have suffered for 42 years with a serious misdiagnosed viral infection & as Cleveland Clinic uncovered six other viruses that my body has fought all these years & sadly the Lyme disease, which has not been properly treated because it must treat naturally due to pesticide poisoning years ago also. It Is Time, Father God is telling me to get the care I need & move forward with my life.  Therefore I am asking for prayer & supplication for anyone willing to align with me that I may finally get the proper care so desperately needed. TIA 🙂 !!!!! Darleme
5/6 SHANDER: Steve’s surgery went very well. Steve is recovering at UPMC Montefiore Transplant Center, continue to pray with us as his body adjusts to his new kidney. Kim
5/4 SHANDER: Please join us in praying for Steve O as he heads to Pittsburgh now for a kidney transplant – that he may have peace, for the knowledge and hands of the many drs and nurses, then too let us not forget the grieving family who lost a loved one that Steve may have this opportunity. As well as his mother and family members as they wait for the surgery to be completed. Kim
5/4 ELLIS: Please pray for my friend’s niece.  They found a 19 cm mass in or on her ovary.  Her belly and lungs are full of fluid.  The doctors are saying this is usually a sign of cancer.  She is only 23.  They are trying to get her transferred to Cleveland Clinic but are waiting for a bed.  They need to drain the fluid from her lungs and do further testing.  Please pray for the doctors and staff caring for her, for a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment, and for healing and peace for her, her parents and her family.  Thank you all so very much! Teri
5/3 STEWART: Please pray for my cousin Kim and her husband Eric. Eric is in the hospital with pancreatitis, on a ventilator, mostly sedated and has a lung infection and sinus infection due to the endotube and feeding tube. She told me he has been in the hospital for a few weeks now and is asking for healing prayers for Eric and calming prayers and strength for her. Thank you! Cathy
5/3 COVENANT CHURCH: Prayer and faith matter in this world! Last week we prayed for Pastor Beril to return home safely. It was by God’s grace that he made it. Pastor Beril shared that God, indeed, answered our prayers. For example, a particular road that has been highly volatile with gang activity was totally quiet. Less than three hours later the road was “fire and blood” with busses being pillaged, hostages taken, and seven people killed. 
5/2 SHEPPARD: PRAISE FROM NORM SWIGART:Just met w the oncologist and I am all clear and officially in remission!!  Woo hoo!! Thanks to all who have been praying me through this last 5-6 months. Gail
4/30 STALLINGS: My mom, Lorraine, was having trouble breathing and was admitted to the hospital and is in the ICU in North Carolina. Please pray for Her as she has blood clots in her lungs. Giles
4/28 LYON: Discharge tomorrow. Everything is lining up. Waiting to hear back from home health.  And I have to do stair therapy with PT, yet. Mollie
4/28 STAUFFER: Praising God for the safe arrival of Pastor Beril and his wife Louise back to their home in Haiti. Apparently, the process was “harrowing” but they are very happy to be home safely! Rick
4/27 LYON: The blood clots aren’t from my heart. Those tests results were normal. My heparin levels are normal. I’m really tired this morning. Pain is controlled less with pain medication. Still a few days in hospital. Mollie
4/27 STAUFFER: Let’s remember to join in prayer for pastor Beril and his wife as he will be flying back to Haiti today (Thursday 4/27) and then making the trek to his own home tomorrow (Friday 4/27) which will actually be the more dangerous part of the trip as he indicated at the luncheon on Sunday. Daneen
If you would like to watch his message, visit our YouTube channel.
4/26 LYON: Found blood clots in my chest on a Ct scan. One on each side. Did an ECHO cardio exam. Started on heparin drip. Mollie
4/25 STAUFFER: Update on Bob Stauffer.  Acute pneumonia. Pray for healing. Thank you.  Debbie 
4/25: LYON: PT to get me up today. Looking at Dr. Discharge tomorrow. Mollie
4/25 SHIN: Please pray for us. Grant us the glory that is from the one and only God. Send out your workers into your harvest. Let the kingdom of God and his righteousness really come upon each of us by the will of God’s son. Grant us justice against our adversary. 
4/24 SCARMACK: Please keep our daughter-in-law, Kerry, in prayer. She is facing a second round of breast cancer and another spot on her lung.  Sheryl
4/24: LYON: Going now. They just called for me. (9:49am) Mollie
4/24 STAUFFER: Update on Mollie Lyon (see below). She is at Presbyterian Hospital and surgery is scheduled for Monday! Please pray for successful surgery and healing!! Rick
4/24 LYON: So far looks like surgery will tomorrow or this week. I’m getting stronger moving around in bed. Pain is controlled. Mollie
4/24 BRADSHAW: Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw brain cancer, sleep disorder, emotional trauma, grief, loss, loneliness. Lift up Magdalena to heal her from a stroke and depression. Lift up Cordelia and heal her heart trouble. Viola
4/23 STAUFFER: Please pray for Bob Stauffer who has had some ongoing health issues with sinus and lung problems. Pray for wisdom for Bob and Deb as they seek out answers, clarity for doctors as they see Bob, and most of all just healing for his body! Rick
4/23 LYON: I fell at my job. Just had x rays. Most likely my femur. Waiting now for report and plan. It is a broken femur. Being admitted to Jameson. Surgery Sunday morning. Transport to Presbyterian is delayed. I had fairly restful night. Mollie
4/16 MANNION: Many of you know Ted Schumacher who worked for Coalition for Christian Outreach and was also involved with our youth program when I was in many years ago.  I just found out that he is in the hospital with a diagnosis of Mantel Cell Lymphoma.  Please lift him up as well as his family, doctors, nurses and all those who are making decisions about treatment. Barb
4/8 LITTLE: Thank you all for your prayers! My brother Jim is home from the hospital today. Happy Easter to all!   \o/ Donna
4/8 READING: My dear friend Chrissy is going on Monday to have a biopsy of her thyroid.  They’ve found a mass. She has haschimo disease (thyroid disease). Please pray for good results & peace and comfort as she’s pretty scared. Shelley
4/3 LITTLE: Please pray for my brother Jim. Was taken to the hospital last night. He has pneumonia. Thank you. Donna
4/3 CAMPBELL: Praise God! My beautiful wife is being discharged from the hospital today! Please pray for safe travels for both of us.  Thank you, O God, for surrounding us with so many people to pray for us, encourage us, and share Your love with us. Craig