Isaiah 30:18

Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.
7/18 MISSION UPDATES: Sierra Leone – Please pray for Sean (he is dehydrated and not feeling well). Team departs for Makeni. Meeting and
visit at the Makump School in Mabum Station. Pray for our team as we meet with village and church leaders and consider a poultry project for the community.
Bolivia – After 26 hours of airports and airplanes, the Simons are in Santa Cruz. Nathan Ramsey met us at the airport and we are meeting with a team that is leaving. We will learn lots more history of Bolivia, tribes, and Chuck Ramsey. We will spend the night at the mission house. Please pray for the team leaving and for our focus on learning.
Sierra Leone – Evangelistic outreach in village of Rokassa. Meeting with village leaders
and visit the Clinic, farm and new school.
Pray for people from Rokassa and surrounding villages to hear and respond to the
gospel. Pray for Pastor Paul as he leads worship,
Pastor Dean as he preaches and the Zippies as they share.
7/17 CPC: Our youth are headed for Presque Isle in Erie today. Pray for safe travels and a fun day at the beach.
7/16 LACAMERA: Update on my friend Tim.  Tim passed into Jesus’ arms Saturday morning.  His daughter Lori was with him. Lori is handling everything right now because her husband is out of town.  Praying for peace and strength for Lori and family.  Thank you for prayers. Marlene
7/16 HUTCHINSON: Please pray my friend’s dad. He was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. His name is John and it is moving very fast. He is father to 7 kids and lots of grandchildren please pray for him and his family. Ashley
7/16 OST: Update on my cousin Pat.  Surgery has been delayed. No further information. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you so much. Diane
7/16 CPC Mission Updates: Sierra Leone – Safe travel to the village of Rokassa and a good currency exchange at the US Embassy; Bolivia – we had to be rerouted… we now go to Newark to Lima, Peru then to Bolivia. Instead of arriving there 9:30 this evening we arrive 4:00 am tomorrow. Our fervent prayers early this morning were answered that we are not really losing time in Bolivia (just sleep).
7/15 OST: Please pray for my cousin Patty. She is having emergency brain surgery today in Pittsburgh. Also please pray for my Aunt Rosie.  They are believers… pray for God’s healing,peace and His will. Thank you! Diane
7/15 SPEARS: Update on our niece’s husband Dave is good news that he is not suffering with extended pain. Prayers answered and we thank the Lord and you for your devoted prayers. Jim & Evelyn
7/15 CPC: Sierra Leone team arrives in country today. Pray for safe travels and all the luggage to arrive.
7/15 KELLEY: My friend’s husband passed away. Pray for peace and tranquility for them. Joe
7/14 CPC: Dan, Kim, Ryan and Sean depart for Sierra Leone. Keep them in prayer as they begin their journey. They are traveling with Pastor Dean Weaver and his family as well as a few others from Memorial Park EPC. If you were at the golf tournament dinner, he spoke prior to Samuel Sesay. Also, pray for the health and well-being of team and protection from spiritual warfare.
7/12 LACAMERA: A friend of mine, Tim, has been in Cleveland Clinic for almost 2 weeks.  He was to have a heart procedure but they were unable to do the procedure because of problems with his liver and kidneys.  His daughter has been there with him from TN. Tim loves Jesus. Praying for God to touch Tim and family at this difficult time. Amen. Marlene
7/12 ELLIS: Please keep my dear friend, Kris Barkley, in your prayers. Kris had surgery two weeks ago and was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive form of uterine cancer. She was able to get an appointment at Hillman Cancer Center at Magee Women’s and they have determined she will require more surgery, radiation & chemotherapy. I would ask your prayers for Kris and her family, for them to feel God’s peace and love surrounding them. I would also ask for your prayers for wisdom and guidance for the physicians and medical staff who will be treating her. And, if it be His will, that our Lord would perform a miracle on Kris’s body and completely remove all cancer cells and protect her from any recurrence. I ask all of this in the Mighty and Powerful name of Jesus! Amen! Thank you Covenant family. Teri
7/12 SPEARS: In regards to our niece’s husband Dave who had his hand operated on today came through the operation alright. It was explained that the rheumatoid arthritis is the factor that attacks tendons thus it deteriorates. He also has muscular dystrophy but this has nothing to do with this.  Pray that this operation will prove successful and that he will not have to rely on to many pain pills. He is home. We thank you for your prayers. Evelyn & Jim
7/12 KLEFFNER: Pray for all the people of the world. Doug
7/11 SZABO: l heard from Pat’s husband that she had her partial knee done. All went well. Now prayers for a speedy uneventful recovery. Thank you.-Cathy
7/10 SZABO: Please keep my friend Pat Speck in prayer. She is having a partial knee surgery tomorrow 7/11. Also an update on her mom. She had issues with congestive heart failure a few weeks ago. She is doing well and is back in her apartment . Thank you for your prayers. Cathy
7/10 SPEARS: We’re requesting prayer for our Niece’s husband Dave.  He’s had serious problems with his hand and extra challenging driving 18 wheelers.  Along with this, he has rheumatoid arthritis.  Pray that the surgeon be given wisdom during this operation that will take place on Thursday.  Thank you so much for your kindness in remembering him.  Evelyn & Jim
7/10 STAUFFER: Pray for my sister’s friend’s son Brayden, 9 yrs old, was hit by a car while riding his bike on Sunday. He is at Children’s Hospital in Pgh sedated and on a ventilator and has had surgery on his arm and will have surgery tomorrow to see if they can save it. Daneen
7/9 COSTELLO: Please pray for my mom as she’s had a stroke. She can’t use her right hand (she’s left handed) and her speech is clear although she struggles for the right words. She’ll have further testing to determine how extensive it is. Cathy
7/8 KELLEY: Mrs. T’s husband is passing away. Her mother is suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease. Joe
7/8 ANONYMOUS: Prayers for Alesha’s ear infection to go away.
7/6 CPC: Calling hours for Barb Simon’s father will be tomorrow (Sunday, July 7th) from 4-7pm at Sherman’s Funeral Home. The service will be 11am Monday at St. Michael’s. Obituary information is available here.
7/6 CPC: The mission team has made it safely across the border and will be heading home.
7/5 CPC: Pray for the Mexico mission team as they prepare to return home. Today pray for emotion-filled good-byes, safety, and the Lord’s favor (good weather, no delays, no cancelled flights, sleep!!) as they load up and travel to the town of Ensenada for a bit of shopping, then on to cross the border, to the San Diego Airport,  connecting in Chicago, to arrive back in Cleveland tomorrow by 11:26AM and HOME to Covenant!
7/3 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Barb Simon and family. Her father passed away this morning.
6/18 SB2W: We had a great first day of both camps! Please keep the leaders and campers in prayer as the week progresses. Also, pray for the weather to clear.
6/18 KELLEY: Pray for my friend’s healing from cancer and Alzheimer’s. Joe
6/14 SB2W: The counselors are in the building and training has begun. Please keep them in prayer as they prepare for campers on Monday. Also, the lake water has receded enough to clear the beach. If you are available on Saturday from 8-10am, please come out and help us.
6/14 SHANDER: Update on Robert Shriver – no change in his vision but that is a huge praise as he can continue you drive and do all the things he has always done for himself. Thank you for the prayers and appreciate continued prayer. Robert’s grandson, Jess, is a young man in his 30’s and had nasal surgery Wednesday morning – he is at home recovering but would appreciate prayer for comfort and healing as he has stitches and his nostrils are packed and will be that way until Monday morning – it is very uncomfortable. Kim
6/10 SB2W: We are ONE WEEK AWAY FROM CAMP. Please be praying for the leaders, volunteers, counselors, work crew, and campers. Also, the area at the lake is flooded so please pray that the water recedes this week. We are tentatively planning a shortened work day on Saturday from 8-10am to clean the beach area that is under water.
6/10 CPC: The service for Bea Daugherty will be at 11am on Thursday here at the church. Calling hour will be one hour prior to the service.
6/10 DOLORES: Pray for the following: Jim – heart and leg problems, family – better health, sister – arm problem, brother – job, staff where I live, students to have a good summer, my leg infection healing improvement.
6/10 DOTY: Please ray for my dad, Terry Doty, Jr. Rayanne
6/7 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Donna Daugherty. Her sister, Bea, passed away. No addition information is available at this time.
6/7 STEWART: Thank you for your prayers for Kathy and Sarah. Please continue to pray as Kathy has a newborn and a 19 month old and has high blood pressure that they are watching. Her clots have stopped. Sarah is waiting for test results from cardiologist but is doing well. Her pregnancy is progressing well. Cathy
6/5 SMITH: I have a friend who just found out her husband has a rare form of cancer.  They will be seeing a specialist about everything.  Please pray for them.  They have 4 kids too. Angie
6/4 BAKER: Pray for 9 year old, Brodie, his heart quit and has bruising and clots. He is now waiting for a heart transplant. Prior to this event, he has been healthy. Thanks for praying! Annie
6/3 KILGORE: The local functional medicine physician, once he saw the labs from Cleveland Clinic and the positive 5 viruses believes my body has and is fighting one heck of a battle and probably should get to a Functional medicine clinic that specifically specializes in these viruses/Lyme- which is Pocatello Idaho, PLEASE pray for wisdom and finances. Darlene
6/3 STEWART: Traveling mercies as I head to Va. tomorrow to help celebrate William’s first birthday. Prayers for my daughter Kate as she is 17 days away from her due date. Prayers for her husband Brian as his injured knee is not improving and the insurance is requiring too many hoops to get the MRI he needs. Cathy
6/3 ANONYMOUS: Pray for these folks: Kathy, 2 weeks post delivery, headed to the hospital due to golf ball size clots and Sarah, pregnant, has lupus and passed out on her way to work – headed to a cardiologist.
6/3 LACAMERA: I have had a lot of losses in my life recently.  Praying for strength and peace throughout the process.  Trusting God to calm my heart and direct my steps. Marlene