Prayer surpasses all boundaries and distances, so journey with us in prayer over all things. Feel free to submit a request.

1017 STAUFFER: Praise the Lord! Janie and I made it safely to Ecuador with no delays or issues! Our luggage has even arrived too! Very little sleep last night after arriving at 11:30PM Eastern, and b/c our phones are in airplane mode, they didn’t change to Central Time and we awakened an hour earlier than needed! Pray for the attendees who will be arriving today, and the volunteers who have much to do to prepare b/c of our delayed arrival. Strength, energy, and health for all! Daneen
10/17 MILD: An additional request for you to pray that there is no infection or allergic reaction to the metal in my knee, or plates and screws.  Thanks! Carolyn
10/16 MILD: I’m having problems with my right knee with swelling and pain.  It started last week and now is getting worse.  They took x-rays yesterday but my doctor is out of town and I can’t get any information.  I have a knee replacement (10 years ago) and also plates and screws from a broken femur that happened several weeks after I had the knee surgery. I had it repaired at Cleveland Clinic and am going to contact them tomorrow.  I am concerned that something came apart inside the knee.  Thanks for your prayers! Carolyn
10/16 COVENANT: Please keep Daneen and Janie in prayer as they travel to Ecuador. Pray that God will use them mightily in both great and small ways.
Cantata rehearsals begin October 17th at 7:30pm
10/16 COVENANT: Tomorrow night is the first rehearsal for this year’s Christmas Cantata. Pray that those attending will be blessed with fellowship and God’s presence in singing his praises. 
10/16 ANONYMOUS: Please pray with me for Rebecca, I hold her before the Face of Our loving God that He may grant the aspiration of the holy spirit in the heart of her and she can grow in closeness to God. I place the Holy Name of Jesus upon Rebecca’s life,  amen.
10/15 SCARMACK: Please pray for our nephew, Michael Hillman and his family, He is having a bone marrow transplant today. Sheryl
10/15 LYON: Marci and Isaac in bad motorcycle accident over weekend. Their legs are amputated and on ventilator- both. They have 3 kids. Mollie
10/15 STAUFFER: The situation in Ecuador has been resolved miraculously just as the Azmera Team had prayed (just on GOD’S timeline, not necessarily ours!), and the Azmera leadership have done their homework checking with many different agencies, officials at the hotel in Quito, etc…so the trip is now BACK ON!!!  We have been able to change our flight until Wednesday WITH NO EXTRA FEES!!! At this point, 10 of the original 14 volunteers are able to still attend, and I just received word that 2 new attendees who weren’t able to attend previously now are able because the conference they were scheduled to attend has been cancelled and not reopened!! Apparently after the Azmera Board made the decision to cancel, women wanted to know if they could just come stay at the hotel (if they cold get there) even if there was no retreat happening!  There is such a need for refreshment, encouragement, and renewal for these ladies…..and the Lord has made a way for that to happen!!!  Please continue to pray for the amazing plans that the Lord must have in store for these women who are attending (including us, the volunteers)! Looking forward to reporting all of the amazing things that God will do at the Haven Retreat Ecuador! Daneen
10/14 STAUFFER: Just wanted you to know that Janie and my trip to Ecuador has been cancelled due to the continued political unrest in the country. Please continue to pray for the people of Ecuador’s safety and that the situation will be resolved quickly!
Also pray that the ministry women who were hoping to attend might make time for themselves to use what we hope to put together… much of the retreat as we can….. ONLINE!! (Speaker, worship sessions, counselling, pilates workout, etc… ) Many of them are in desperate need of renewal and refreshment after years of pouring into others and denying themselves the care they need!! Thank you for your loving support and prayers! Blessings, Daneen and Janie
10/14 ANONYMOUS: Praying for strength and healing after ending of one year relationship. Unfortunately there was deception. Praying for discernment in the future. Lead me and guide me to not make the same mistakes. Lord you are well aware of the pain of betrayal and loneliness as a single person in a world designed for couples and families. Amen.
10/14 LACAMERA: Please pray for my friend Tommy L. Who lives in Steubenville. He is receiving chemo for malignant mass on his pancreas. The goal is to shrink the tumor and surgery after 2 more rounds of chemo therapy. He has loss of appetite and fatigue with 10 lb weight loss. The date for surgery is pending the treatments. Praying for comfort and peace and healing. He is single with no local family but dies have some close friends. Marlene
10/10 MILD: Bob went to Cleveland Clinic to get a 2nd opinion on the vascular problem in his left leg. He was told that they would not be doing any more surgery and that he would have to live with the one artery which is feeding blood to the leg and foot. So he has been doing a lot of walking and has resumed most of his activities. He is limited in how far he can walk without resting. Thanks for your prayers that he will not get any infections in his leg or foot that could lead to a very serious situation since there is not a lot of circulation. Carolyn
10/9 LEVITT: Prayers for a speedy recovery for Diane after hip surgery. Patricia
10/9 KELLEY: Pray for my friend’s mother as she cares for her with Alzheimer’s disease. Joe
10/9 LYON: Pray for my daughter and son-in-law traveling to Texas for their new adventure – campground workers on the Gulf Coast. Older daughter has ulcer (s) and had an ultrasound on 10/5. Mollie
10/9 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Jim & Evelyn Spears for the death of their son, Matthew. Calling hours will be Friday from 5 to 7pm in Stevenson’s Funeral Home. The service will be Saturday at 11am in the church. More information available here.