It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

11/28 BOMBECK: God is good!! I’m home and doing well. I’m under the excellent care of Jim and Elija. My pain is manageable. Thank you Covenant for the many prayers and calls and texts. I’m so blessed by your love indeed! Thanks be to God for all of you! Jan
11/28 CORLEY: Pray for Sue, my Aunt Audra, and myself. Eric
11/28 BOMBECK: I am so grateful for so many of my church family offering to pray for me as I am scheduled for knee replacement surgery. I’m on the schedule for 7:30 am today. Thank you for the prayers I’m confident our Lord will hear answer. Jan
11/28 SZABO: Please pray for a classmate of Bob’s. He had an adverse reaction to medication. Praying the procedures they are using will work in bringing him back to good health. Cathy
11/21 SHANDER: Praise our great and mighty God, Kamdyn’s surgery went very well. Now we need prayer for comfort and healing for Kamdyn. Thank you for praying with us. Kim
11/21 SHANDER: Please pray along with us as Kamdyn prepares for his eye surgery Tuesday morning. They will only be doing the right eye this time. Pray for God to guide the hands of the doctors and nurses and that God will give us all peace as our little guy goes into surgery. Kim 
11/18 CAMPBELL: We just met with the Dr to review the results of the PETscan. The results were not good. There are 4 new spots of cancer and the old cancer spots got bigger.  The good news is that it is still contained to her bones and hasn’t moved to any organs. They are stopping her current treatment. Tricia will be starting IV chemo on a weekly basis. We’re heading home tonight.  Thank you for all your prayers. God is good and trustworthy. He has promised to be with is in the midst of all our trials. Craig
11/15 STAUFFER: Please keep our friend, Shain, in your prayers. She is an inmate at a women’s prison in OH. She had filed her appeal for early release after being denied last year and just got word that the prosecution rejected it. The judge can either just make a ruling or have a hearing. We are asking prayer for softening of the judge’s heart. So disheartening and unexpected. She has already served the term that the prosecution requested, but the judge added 5 additional years to her sentence, so we thought the prosecution would be satisfied. Thank you!!!!! Daneen
11/14 CAMPBELL: Hi everyone, Craig and I are traveling to NY for another one of my scans. We’re praying that the results are good and we could continue on this drug. it’s very tolerable so far. Keep us in your prayers… and especially Craig because he unselfishly does this drive every time… so blessed! Thanks guys, Tricia
11/14 REED: I saw Dr Speilvogle today. I have a small protein spike in my blood. It is not cancer. I go back in May for repeat labs to monitor the protein spike. Praise God there’s no cancer.   Dianna
11/14 CHAVEZ:  Keep me in prayer. Phil
11/14 LIMA: Pray for Iranice and my family. May the Holy Spirit lead, guide and protect us in all that we do according to the Lord’s purpose. Rob
11/12 KILGORE: Praise report – the zoom consultation with Dr. Jason West went well. He has ordered special labs to discover intracellular deficiencies 😉 by sending the blood drawn by a lab to a specific laboratory equipped to do such specialized testing. Therefore, my prayer is Father God continue to Provide A Way as my “Way Maker” – to be able to afford the testings’ & treatments – since not covered by insurance 🙁 I continue to TRUST my Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, LIGHT in this present darkness that He WILL Provide A Way, (as I praise & worship Him with Rend Collective’s song “I Raise A Hallelujah”)  Darlene
11/5 KILGORE: PLEASE, keep me & my daughter in prayer Tuesday November 7th @ 7pm…I finally got a Zoom Consultation with the Autoimmune/Lyme specialist from Idaho to finally address the ‘root causes’ of the suffering for the last 42years. He is the only physician I have seen with the results of bringing patients HOPE & Healing, true Healing!!!!! Darlene
11/1 ANDOLINA: Unspoken/ mental peace and returning of trust. Gretchen
10/31 CORLEY: Please keep these people in prayer: Susan, Delaney, Jacob, Danielle, and Daniel. Eric
10/31 PRAYER FOR THE CONFLICT IN ISRAEL: Pray for God’s protection for Israel’s soldiers, miracles in the process that will give God glory, and protection in Israel from rocket fire.
10/27 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Louise Black, a former member. She passed away on Monday.
10/27 RUBEN: Please pray for my return to The LORD and that The LORD helps me through the trials that I am going through. Please pray that The LORD helps me in all things. Thank you and God bless you.
10/25 COVENANT CHURCH: We praise God for His abundant blessings of healing for Rick as he and Daneen retreat together. Rick is experiencing very little
discomfort and they are able to completely enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and their time together.
10/25 HECKATHORN: Please pray for my father who is in the hospital with a bowel obstruction. Zoey
10/25 PRAYER FOR THE CONFLICT IN ISRAEL: Pray for unity in Israel and that the government will make wise decisions.
10/24 PRAYER FOR THE CONFLICT IN ISRAEL: Pray for the helpless in Israel, Gaza, and for the hostages. Pray for God’s protection for Israel from all enemies.
10/20 PRAYER FOR THE CONFLICT IN ISRAEL: Pray for peace and that the Lord will give words of wisdom to leaders.
10/19 MANNION: Thank you to the many people who prayed me through my total knee replacement yesterday.  I had total peace going into the surgery and I know it was because of prayer.  Everything went well and I am doing great right now.  I even got to room with Pastor Rick in the recovery room!   Blessings to you all! Barb
10/18 STAUFFER: Your prayers are appreciated again for me as I had another battle with my kidney stone that led again to the ER, and a minor surgery to blast the stone and place a stent. I am doing fine as I recover at home, and am very grateful that my urologist happened to be at the hospital yesterday to see me and decide to do surgery! Pastor Rick
10/17 SPEARS: Would like you to pray for two lovely women.  Carly, my granddaughter and my grandson Daniel’s wife Anna.  They are expecting the birth on the same day (16th).  Praying that things will go smoothly and they will have healthy babies. They are naturally hoping this happens on time or sooner.  Thank you Covenant Church for your faithful prayers.  In “HIS” love,   Evelyn
10/16 COVENANT CHURCH: Bob Long’s obituary is available here.
10/15 COVENANT CHURCH: Memorial for Bob Long will be held in Pittsburgh, Pa. at Bellefield Presbyterian church on Fifth Ave. on Saturday, November 4th at 10:30 am.
10/15 REED: The doctor doesn’t think I have cancer, he is doing labs and I see him in a month, if the labs are normal he will discharge me. Dianne
10/13 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Beall and Long families. Bob Long passed away this morning. 
10/11 ELLIS: Hello Covenant Family.  I will be having a procedure/test done on Friday at 8:30 AM.  I would appreciate your prayers for me, my family and the doctors and staff.  I am praying to feel God’s peace and that my anxiety will be controlled, as well as that the procedure will be successful and I will finally get a definitive diagnosis/answers.  I ask all these things in the Mighty name of Jesus!  Amen! Thank you friends! Teri
10/9 STALLINGS: Keep Aunt Darleen in your prayers.  She is dealing with several blood clots and has suffered a stroke, Her condition is unknown. Giles
10/6 COVENANT CHURCH: Our prayers go out to the families of the Lakeview students killed in a crash last night.
10/3 STAUFFER: Thank you so much Covenant Family for your continued concern and prayers for me. The short story for why I was not in church on Sunday is that Daneen and I were delayed in returning from vacation at our son’s in Arkansas due to a kidney stone and a trip to the ER. We are now home safe and sound, but your continued prayers are appreciated for me as I continue to deal with some mild discomfort with regard to this stone! Pastor Rick
10/3 SCARMACK: Please pray for our daughter-in-law, Kerry. Her cancer is spreading and will begin a heavier dose of chemo. She is a young woman living in Jersey. Also keep us in prayer as we are not feeling well. Joe and Sheryl
9/27 BAKER: Pray for Peg Fairchild. Annie
9/24 LEVITT: This is a praise Thank you Father. Thank you Covenant for your prayers. I found out all is well after the procedure I had. Patricia
9/22 COPE: Hello Covenant Family – please pray for my niece’s newborn, Micah (born Tuesday). He is in NICU and they think he might have a rare, severe auto-immune disease syndrome called SCID. His parents are believers in the power of prayer and I’m asking you to pray for Micah, too – that he doesn’t have this awful condition; that God would heal him of any defects; that he would be protected from any and all infections; and that his parents and grandma (my sister)  would have peace. Thank you. Love, Kim
9/17 WOODS: Update: My sister’s surgery was a success, Thanks for all your prayers. I now ask for continued prayers for wisdom and strength during this crucial rehab time. 🙏❤️✝️
9/17 MILD: A former member of Covenant Helen Lewis has Covid for the 2nd time in several months.  She is in a nursing home in Warren, Ohio.  She is not responding well to the medications. Please pray for her recovery. Thanks, Carolyn
9/16 REED: I found out Wednesday I may have cancer. I have to see a hematologist to find out if I have it Please pray I don’t have cancer. Thank you for your prayers. Dianna
9/15 LEVITT: Thank you Covenant for your prayers . My procedure went well . Now waiting for results. Dr gave me no reason for concern. Thank you again Covenant. Patricia
9/15 ANONYMOUS: Prayers are requested for healing Viola. Healing needs include: depression,  split personality disorder,  loneliness,  loss, and for her body, healing for sleep disorder,  and for a broken nose, needs stability and peace
9/15 CORLEY: Pray for my Aunt Audrey, her son Jeff has covid. Also pray that I stay healthy and continue coming to classes and church. Eric
9/15 ANDOLINA: I am currently dealing with a situation that has me mentally, emotionally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. I am listening to God’s leading or it feels that way as each time I do a study or listen to His word it is reaching where I am thinking. I am just in a decision making process that I need to remember to let Him lead and would love it if you could join with me in prayer as I continue to ask Him daily what I am to do.
9/14 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Bernadette Scully and family. Her mother, Margaret, passed away yesterday.
9/10 WOODS: My sister Lynne is having Hip Replacement surgery this Tuesday. Please pray for God to bless this procedure and all involved.  Lynne has a few health concerns so pray also for a smooth and complete recovery.Thanks🙏 Connie
9/10 COSTELLO: Just talked to Annie Baker. She’s in Sharon. They weren’t able to place a stent. Her urine is infected above the kidney stone and they need to place an external drain but aren’t equipped there so they’re trying to find her a bed at Trumbull or St E’s or somewhere. She’s in a lot of pain. Cathy
9/7 LEVITT: I am having a procedure done on Monday morning at UPMC Farrell hospital. I ask for prayers that all will go well and the results will be good. Thank you Covenant. Patricia
9/7 BOMBECK: Praise God and thank Him! Brother David’s mri on his liver has great results! There’s no cancer and nothing to be concerned about. Again, David has asked me to thank you for your prayers. He is grateful and surely knows the power in prayer! Thank you church family! Jan
8/31 PETERSON: Would you pray for me. I am going to have surgery on my left hand & wrist on September 11th at UPMC Passavant Hospital. And pray for me in general that my pain would subside some. I fell Tuesday night and hit the back of my head on a wooden chair right at the bottom of my skull on the left side.

I’m in a lot of pain. Thank you & God Bless You. Also I am attending a Presbyterian Church across where I live in Grove City. Kathy

8/30 LITTLE: My sisters cochlear prep surgery has been postponed.  Dr. Was sent the wrong item. So now we wait till the right one is received and reschedule.
We appreciate your prayers …. This has been quite the exercise in patience … not only for Doris but also for my family who have been watching and waiting with her. I will keep you posted. Donna
8/30 KILGORE: PLEASE, keep me in prayer my autoimmune dysfunction is fast getting progressively worse, this morning I had difficulty walking ;(. My physician in Boston has retired & I am no longer able to receive his autogenous serums or allergy serums & fall is my worst time due to ragweed allergies. I have been unable to get to Dr. Jason West in Pocatello Idaho-the only physician with the amazing success rate with not only autoimmune but chronic Lyme, which I continue to suffer from. I am a woman of faith & I am grateful for God’s Grace, so as a persistent steadfast follower – I Still BELIEVE in Miracles!!! Darlene
8/28 LITTLE: Please keep my sister, Doris, in your prayers.  She will be having surgery this Thurs. the 31st.  Her surgeon, along with a plastic surgeon, will be preparing the area where the new cochlear implant will be placed. Then we wait another 2-4 months for the actual implant surgery. Pray for protection against any infection. Thank you all for your prayers! Donna
8/28 WOODS: I ask once again for yours prayers for Jerry Hrabosky. He is once again hospitalized , I don’t have a lot of details on his condition but the family request prayer for his treatment and healing. Thank you😇🙏❤️ Connie
8/25 BOMBECK: Brother David has a spot on his liver. His doctor doesn’t think it’s cancer but he wants to be sure so Dave is having an mri Thursday. He is in need of our prayers. Thank you church family! Jan
8/25 SZABO: Please pray for a friend and classmate of Bob’s. He is in the hospital dealing with heart and diabetic issues. Thank you for any prayers. Cathy
8/24 OST: Praising God for answered prayers! Our God is Awesome🙌 Thanks be to God ❣ Diane
8/24 CAMPBELL: We just got the results from my beautiful wife’s PET scan. It is great news!  Three of the tumors are completely gone! Most of the others are smaller than they were. One tumor in her hip got larger. They are great results!!! Praise God! We still meet with the Dr tomorrow afternoon, but both of us imagine it will be a good appointment! Thank you all for your prayers.  🙏😁❤ Craig
8/23 LYON: My sister-in-law’s father passed away this morning. Keep Kathy, her mom and siblings, family in prayer. Mollie
8/23 SMITH: Please keep my friend’s son in your prayers. He has been having for quite some time a bunch of severe stomach issues. They have been doing testing after testing and have found a diagnosis. However, they still need to do more testing see what exactly is going on. He can’t seem to handle all that poking and prodding and is needing prayers to find more answers and a treatment.  Thank you. Angie
8/22 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife has a PET scan on Wednesday. Please pray for safe travels to NY Tuesday night, an uneventful scan on Wed, and good results with smaller tumors on Friday. God is good, sovereign, and trustworthy.  Let us praise Him! Craig
8/22 LIMA: Please pray for Iranice, that she renounces everything that does not come from God and finds life in Christ Jesus, that her actions are transformed by the grace of God. May the aspects of My life and My Daughters and my Son and my Ex-wife be Blessed, amen. May the Holy Spirit lead, guide and protect us in all that we are and do according to the holy will and PURPOSE of the Lord, amen! Rob
8/17 BOMBECK: God is good! Let me tell you. Just got off the phone with Uncle Dave. The update is as follows. Cancer is contained to the polyp that was removed. Pet scan shows NO hot spots anywhere. The diagnosis is stage 1 cancer. There’s a spot on his liver, but doctor doesn’t think it’s cancer. It will be tested in 2 weeks to be sure. Team of doctors recommends no surgery at this time!! Just scans every 3 months to watch for any growth. If anything is detected then surgery, but the risk of any growth is very low. Uncle Dave thanks us for all our prayers! Jan
8/16 ZIPPIE: Praising God that Sheryl’s surgery went well, and she will be released either tomorrow or Thursday depending upon how she feels. Please continue to pray for a full and smooth recovery! Kim
8/16 BOMBECK:  Tomorrow is my brother, David’s, appointment with his thoracic surgeon. He will get results from his recent pet scan and also get to know when he will have surgery on his esophagus and stomach. We all appreciate your prayers for good results and a timely surgery schedule. Thanks Covenant Family, Jan
8/16 STAUFFER: After being incarcerated for the past (almost) 11 years, our friend & sister in Christ, Shain Widershaim, whom we visit at Ohio Reformatory for Women, recently applied for early release and her lawyer has just filed her case. Prosecution has 20 days to respond. Prayers requested for soft hearts in the prosecutor’s office! 🙏 Daneen
8/15 ZIPPIE: Sheryl Scarmack is having surgery this morning in Pittsburgh for the repair of aneurysms in her abdomen. Please pray for expertise for the surgeons and medical staff as well as peace for Sheryl and Joe. Kim
8/15 WORK: Please pray for Bruce Whitney as he is having a heart cath procedure and a stent put in on Thursday, August 17. Thank you for your prayers! Rick
8/4 LYON: Our dear friend’s father passed away in his sleep at home, last night. Mr. Harry Elder. Please keep his family in prayer and traveling mercies for the the older grandchildren. Mollie
8/3 BAKER: Pray for Peg Fairchild and Karen Stenart. Annie
7/28 STAUFFER: Two requests from the neighborhood picnic last night: Pam has had a recent diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver and possibly other health struggles. We are praying for her physical healing and peace in the midst of this struggle. Lindsey is struggling with lung issues and is seeing a specialist in Pittsburgh today (7/28) we are praying for physical healing, wisdom for the doctors and peace for her and the family.
7/25 LYON: Thank you, SB2W Sam and staff, for remembering me. Your note of encouragement came at a perfect time. El Roi, God sees. Sometimes, He uses people to show He sees me. He is so good, kind and loving. A little longer for healing, but I do get stronger each day. I thank everyone for continuing prayers. Mollie
7/20 HOMER: The Lord has called our dear friend Walter home. Please pray for his wife Mary, our daughter in law Katie, our son Michael, and the rest of the family. Thank you for all your prayers throughout his illness. Joanie
7/20 ANDOLINA: I wanted to update everyone I am feeling better knowing the reason and I have been watching food choices much better since the episodes of getting hot and dizzy. I had my one month check appointment today. My a1c was 5.5 and according to their scale I was down 14 lbs but according to the one I have been using it is 17. He was proud of the work I have done and I go back in 6 months. He would like to see 50 off by then. The one thing that has truly been regained is the confidence in knowing that I can stick to a plan and not give in when my focus is in the right place on God. Gretchen
7/20 STAUFFER: Update on Elinor McDowell. Elinor did well in surgery for her broken hip. Her healing will be slow, but we do ask that you pray that it will be complete. 
7/20 ZIPPIE: My Aunt Carolyn was moved to a specialty recovery unit in Latrobe Hospital for potentially two weeks. She is overall doing well, her attitude is good, and the pain hasn’t been overwhelming.  We are so grateful for the prayers for her surgery and recovery and so very much appreciate our praying church family! Kim
7/18 BOMBECK: Brother David update: Thoracic surgeon recommends removal of esophageal and stomach tissue soon. No other options. Surgery will likely be late August and will last 5-6 hours. David will be hospitalized at minimum 10 days with at least one month recovery at home. He must finally close his law practice because he will not be able to work for such a long time. He’s been working on closing for at least a year and now is the time. The type of cancer he has is fatal and easily spreads unnoticed so aggressive action must be taken. Praise God this was caught before it was too late!
7/15 STAUFFER: Please pray for Elinor McDowell who has fallen and broken her hip and is scheduled for surgery today (7/15). Praying for her healing and peace of mind for surgery and recovery. 
7/13 HOMER: Our daughter in law’s dad, Walter is coming to the end of his journey. Please pray for peace and comfort for him and his family. Joanie
7/11 HECKATHORN: Family friends of ours, Pete and Glady, are enduring a long health struggle. Please pray for patience, peace, and healing. Thank you! Zoey
7/11 ZIPPIE: Thank you so much for the prayers for my Aunt Carolyn! She was calm before the surgery thanks to prayers for peace and her “big brother” (my 93-year-old Dad) reminiscing with her and making her laugh. Overall the surgery went smoothly and my cousins give all the glory to God! Please continue to pray for healing and pain management. Thank you again for being a church that “prays without ceasing!” Kim
7/10 ZIPPIE: My Aunt Carolyn is scheduled to have surgery to amputate her leg above her knee at 12:30 today.  Please pray for peace for her (she’s nervous and questioning the decision) and wisdom for the doctors and medical team who will care for her.  She, my cousins, and my Dad are so very appreciative of the prayers! Thank you!! Kim
7/10 HOMER: Once again, I’m asking for prayers for Walter,  our daughter in law’s dad. He was once again taken to the hospital with low BP and high heart rate. He’s been very week and has not been eating. Joanie
7/8 SHEPPARD: Harold’s mother, Mary Jane Sheppard, passed away 6/18/2023, just like her husband on Father’s Day, and they were both 94.  Please remember the 5 siblings and wisdom in selling and cleaning out the house they have been in for 63 years.  Thank you, Gail 
7/7 ZIPPIE: My Aunt Carolyn has been admitted to the hospital with a number of infections. The team of doctors and family are meeting to consider the possible amputation of part of her leg.  Prayers for clarity and wisdom in making decisions are coveted.  Thank you! Kim
7/7 COSTELLO: Please continue with prayers for Frank’s family. His sister, AJ, who passed away yesterday, today her husband, Alex, was admitted to Sharon Regional with congestive heart failure. Cathy
7/6 ANDOLINA: I have adapted to changes decently in food choices and eat a lot more fruits and vegetables. I have also noticed since starting the medication I have had less cravings and my meals are smaller. My blood sugar levels have been in a good range as I have chosen check them as a suggestion from someone who has diabetes. I feel better and have had less moments of feeling hot and nauseous. Also on the plus side I have lost 13 lbs since being at the doctors so that has been a helpful mental boost. Gretchen
7/6 LYON: Leg is healing well. Surgeon is pleased. I have to walk with walker and still not returning to work. Next appointment is 9/7. Mollie
7/6 COSTELLO: Please keep Frank and his family in your prayers. They’re taking his sister, AJ, off life support later today after everyone is gathered. Thank you so much for your prayers. Cathy
7/5 COSTELLO: Please keep Frank and his family in your prayers. His sister, AJ, is headed to UPMC Farrell. She’s taken a turn for the worst. Cathy
7/5 COSTELLO: Please pray for our daughter, Kelly. She is scheduled for surgery 2:00 today. She has kidney stones, one 8mm and another also. They are placing a stent under general anesthesia. She is a travel nurse in Cincinnati and has to be out of her rental house this weekend and into her new place in Lorain for her next assignment next week. The timing couldn’t be worse. Thank you for your prayers. Cthy
7/3 COVENANT CHURCH: The Mexico team jumped head first into work on the ranch. For more photos, like our socials: Facebook and Instagram
7/3 LEVITT: Harvey’s brother Howard went to the Lord 10:30 this morning, We have been in Virginia for the last few days, Harvey was able to spend time with his brother. Please pray for peace and comfort for Donna his wife and their family. Thank you. Patricia
7/2 COVENANT CHURCH: The Mexico mission team arrived safely at the ranch. Let’s pray for the work and ministry that will happen in God’s name this week!