“Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.” – E.M. Bounds


It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

2/19 SPEARS: Update on Jim.  Thursday he is to have a possible catheter treatment and praying for success.  This could mean a huge victory on how he will feel.  Thanks again Covenant family for your prayers.  Evelyn
2/19 BOMBECK: Please pray for Shane in North Carolina for healing. Jan
2/18 SPEARS: Jim was admitted to the Sharon hospital this afternoon and may be there a couple days.  It lines up with congestive heart problems.  Fluid in the lungs plus swelling in his leg and foot.  He has had to take several tests.  Hasn’t slept well and trouble with breathing.  Thank you Covenant friends for your prayers.  Evelyn
2/18 COVENANT COMMUNITY TEAM: Micah 6: 8 says:” What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with you God.” Relationships that are built on these qualities reflect integrity and the love of Christ. Pray for the opportunity we had to communicate our care for those that was this Saturday.  
2/18 PETERSON: I still have an ear ache and I use drops from my doctor. I have used them for a week and see no improvement. Pray that God will heal me. Kathy
2/18 TANGEMAN: Pray for foster children, that they remain with the foster parents and are not returned to their parents due to abuse. Cathy
2/17 SMITH: My uncle has been scheduled to get his thyroid taken out Tuesday February 18.  Please pray all goes well considering his heart still isn’t great to be doing the surgery.  Again, the thyroid is what is causing heart issues.  Thank you. Angie
2/10 WORK: Please pray for travel mercies, safety, and for God to use these two men to bring the message of Sierra Leone back to their respective churches, and that God would be glorified in all of it! It is Scott Graham and Scott is the Senior Pastor at CUP Evangelical in Beaver Falls, PA and  Bruce Tennenbaum is from Mt. Lebanon EPC. Rick
2/10 SPEARS: Don Christy’s back surgery is today. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Evelyn
2/10 CAMPBELL: Praise God! All is well. The Dr is pleased with the progress and is keeping the same chemo plan. We don’t need to come back for 2 months, until the next PET scan.  Thank you for all your prayers. Craig
2/10 BAKER: Julie Clark passed away. Please keep her family in prayer. Annie
2/10 DOTY: Nicky is sick and has been in and out of the hospital. Rayanne
2/10 IVAN: Please pray for me and my mom. Megan
2/10 FABIAN: Please keep John in prayer for healing of his toe. Thank you, Brenda
2/10 JEN AND WALTER: Walter to pass the asmb and or the union to get a full time job.
2/8 STAUFFER: Could you please remember our Chinese student, Scott, in prayer this afternoon as he has his audition for Berklee School of music in Cleveland at 4:15! Thank you. Daneen
2/7 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife and I are traveling to NY this weekend for a Doctor appt on Monday.  Please pray for traveling mercies to and from, and for good news from the doctor.  God is good, all the time… Craig
2/6 COVENANT: Update on Dale – he is improving daily and has been moved to Clarion for rehab. He hopes to be home next week. 
2/6 BAKER: Pray for Shannon. Thanks, Annie
2/5 ANONYMOUS: I am having a surgical procedure on Thursday at 8:45 am in Pittsburgh. Asking for prayer to guide and direct the hands of the doctor and anesthesia dept. as I am sensitive to anesthesia.
2/5 MANNION: Please pray for a friend, Kara, whose husband, Brad, had a heart attack.  He is only in his 40s.  Please pray for wisdom, peace, and freedom from fear, as well as healing.  Thank you! Barb
2/5 SPEARS: Our friend, Don Christy, is to have a back operation on Feb. 10th in Pittsburgh.  Would appreciate your faithful prayers for a successful operation and for the doctor. Thank you Covenant family.  Evelyn & Jim
2/5 COVENANT COMMUNITY TEAM: The neighborhood explosion outreach at the Buhl Club was phenomenal. What’s next? The movie night on February 15th obviously is the event. But what is required from us in prayerful preparation…. for sure our diligence, steadfastness and trust in the Lord. Remember the promises of our God to covenant with us to establish his kingdom through our trust in Him. The people of the neighborhood is the harvest, we are the workers being sent into the field to sow and harvest for the Lord.
2/4 TESTANI: Update on hand… I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor on the 18. There was inflammation on the xrays taken. I was given 500 mg naproxen to help reduce it but still having pain when moved certain ways. My doctor believes it could be something else at this point. Thank you for the continued prayer! God’s plan is the best we just have to remember that. Gretchen
2/4 LIMA: Please pray for the restoration of Buddy Parks’ health,and for the Lord’s mercy and grace and protection in my Life. In the name of Jesus, Amen. Thank you! Rob
2/4 SMITH: I had asked for prayers for my uncle who was life flighted to Mercy. He is still in need of prayers. While in Mercy, he was diagnosed with Graves Disease (caused by over active thyroid and had the thyroid storm). Because of the thyroid, it’s causing issues with his heart. They can’t take the thyroid out until his heart is stronger but it isn’t getting stronger because of the thyroid. It’s a nasty cycle. I just got a text from me aunt. Here is what she said: Dr Palmer was just in. Bruce’s heart is still beating too fast and with the weakened state it is in and the IV Amiodarone drip not reducing the heart rate, they will be taking him down “before lunch” for a more aggressive treatment, as his heart cannot take the excessive rate much longer. They will be doing cardioversion, which is putting him under anesthesia and shocking his heart. The goal is to shock the heart back into normal rhythm. I finally thought to ask what a normal rate is; it is around 60 beats/minute . He was holding around 106-108 when he left ICU, but they can’t get it out of the 130s now. The cardioversion might work indefinitely, it might work for a few minutes to a few hours, and it might not work at all, but it is imperative that they try. I am calling for special prayer that we get the optimal results. Thank you, Angie
2/3 WALTER & EMILY: Our aunt passed away, please pray for family members. 
2/3 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for a young man dealing with depression, employment for him (and members of his family), and also for marriages to be restored.
2/3 FABIAN: John is home from hospital…no amputation of the toe needed…does have an infection in blood and bone of the toe…on iv antibiotic therapy. Thank you for all your prayers.
2/1 BOMBECK: Update on the Sed family. James is out of the hospital and recovering from the infection. Dick passed away peacefully this morning.
Thank you for your prayers. Jan
1/31 BROWN: My Daughter is recovering nicely from her surgery.Thank you for the prayers.❤️Sally
1/31 COVENANT: Keep Jeff and all of our youth attending the EPiC retreat this weekend in prayer.
1/30 COVENANT: Dale Grove has been hospitalized due to a stroke. He is stable, talking, and now undergoing treatment in Allegheny. 
1/30 FABIAN: please pray for John…he is in UPMC Jamison hospital…he has an infection in his toe and not sure yet if they need to amputate it yet. Thank you Brenda
1/29 SMITH: ASAP prayer request: Please keep my uncle Bruce in prayers as he was life flighted to Mercy in Pittsburgh. He has blood clots on his lungs plus his heart is struggling due to his thyroid. They are looking at it that he has had a thyroid storm. His thyroid is overacting and they need to shut it down quickly. They can’t do surgery and take it off due to his lungs and heart. My aunt is beside herself and in Pittsburgh by herself. They need prayers. Angie
1/27 GIVEN: Pray for Jason Clark to have a fast recovery from knee surgery. Loretta
1/27 SHANDER: Today he went and they removed the stitches and said everything healed very nicely – now he will only need to get examined for the correct prescription as there will be a change in that due to the trauma to the eye. Thank you all for your prayers! Kim
1/27 COVENANT: Marcus Lowe, a friend of Eric Corley was in a car accident and has broken his leg. Please pray for healing!
1/22 COVENANT: Our sympathy is extended to Bruce Adams and family on the death of his father, Norman. Caling hours will be 11 a.m. until the time of the service at 1pm on Friday (1-24-20) in South Pymatuning Community Church, Sharpsville.
1/22 BROWN: Please pray for me as I have not been feeling well. Jean
1/21 BOMBECK: Update on the Sed family is James came through surgery and is in VA hospital recovering from Mersa. Dick is in hospice care and still holding on. Marykay is grateful for your prayers. Thank you, Jan
1/21 COVENANT: We had an amazing turn-out for our first Neighborhood Explosion at the Buhl Club. Thank you for praying for this event and all the lives touched.
1/20 BOMBECK: Please pray for my extended family. My cousin James Sed is awaiting emergency surgery tonight for a serious staff infection. His sister, Marykay Petrini is caring for him and their father ,Dick Sed who is in hospice and another sister Beth Kelly recovering from eye surgery. This family needs our prayers. Thanks so much Covenant. Jan
1/20 COVENANT: Last night’s neighborhood event at the Buhl Club was amazing. Thank you for all the prayers.
1/15 COVENANT COMMUNITY TEAM: 1 John 5:14,15 “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.” What a blessing to know that God has been hearing all the prayers that we have been praying for the people in the neighborhood. What a blessing to know with assurance that we are going to have those petitions answered. Praise be to God.
1/14 WILSTER: I found out yesterday that on top of everything else, my mother has congestive heart failure. Please pray for her and for family unity. Kathy
1/14 LIMA: Please help me to humbly pray for the release of Michele’s life from the enemy; guided by the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus, amen. Thank You! Rob
1/14 BROWN: Pray for: Nettie, Ray, Bruce, Bill, and Karen. Jean
1/13 BROWN: Please pray for my Daughter Kim. She is having a double mastectomy on the 15th of Jan. She lives in Florida.Thank you! Sally
1/13 MADURA: Please keep me in prayer as I will have hernia surgery on Thursday. Thank you, Barb
1/13 KELLEY: For everyone to connect. Joe
1/13 BROWN: Pray for my water retention issue, for my sister suffering with cancer and for my friend, Mabel with sugar. Jean
1/10 KILGORE: I am requesting earnest intercession for supernatural and or natural intervention of this chronic autoimmune disease caused by infections, inflammation, severe and sometimes unmanageable pain and insomnia. I have done everything I am humanly capable myself and I need extraneous help. Those who know me know I truly believe in the power of prayer and standing on the promises of scripture, so I am asking you to please join me in supplication – with not only ancitipation, but believing with expectation. Let it be so. I am interceding and supplicating this same request for others each and every day. He is answering our prayers. Sincerely with confidence and boldness, Darlene
1/10 TESTANI: My chiropractor believes i am dealing with tendinitis in my wrist. My hand had been giving me some trouble and i had the most intense pain the last i played my cello during sunday service. After taking a break from everything that was causing the problem for about a month to allow true healing I went tonight to see how my hand would react. Tonight it wasn’t pain that would cause tears but definitely noticeable in my thumb. The chiropractor suggested going to orthopedic doctor or even occupational therapy. I have an appointment with my family doctor to see what he says this week. Please pray for a healing or solution to help be able to function normally and not have to avoid the things that bring me joy. Gretchen
1/10 CORLEY: Pray for Amber and Aviana. Also keep Audrey in prayer as she has some blockages in her legs. Eric
1/7 STAUFFER: Praise God! A home has been found for the Vietnamese student. Thank you for the prayers! Daneen
1/7 SPEARS: An update about our Grandson’s wife Amanda. There were suspicious cells in regards to cancer of the thyroid. This is why it was wise to remove the thyroid. The operation went well and she is in recovery. We are thankful that there are doctors that can take care of these matters. We thank you for your prayers. She will experience some pain. We appreciate our church family. Evelyn and Jim
1/7 COSTELLO: Please pray for Frank’s brother Jim. He’s in UPMC Farrell hospital with breathing issues. They tried removing the breathing tube today but he was unable to breathe on his own. Cathy
1/7 CAMPBELL: A BIG praise to God for how well my beautiful wife has been feeling. We are continuing with the chemo treatments and she has felt good all week (almost like her old self). Thank you God, so very much, for blessing us more than we could possibly thank you for. – Craig
1/7 STOCKDILL: To be granted the change to re-enlist into the military. Bradley
1/7 DOTY: Nathan Wolfgang, The Pinch family, Sean’s family. Rayanne
1/7 MCCRACKEN: Keep my sister, Karen, in prayer as she means a great deal to me.
1/7 PETERSON: Pray for Douglas – he has malaria; Fred – he has a sore throat, cough and ear problems; pray for me as I am getting sick again. Kathy
1/7 LOVEJOY: please pray to Jesus to heal my soul. Thank you, Madgalena
1/4 SPEARS: Our grandson’s wife Amanda is to be operated on Monday to have her thyroid removed in regards to cancer.

We pray for the doctor and also the success of this operation. Thank you for your kindness in regards to this situation. In “His Love,” Evelyn & Jim

1/3 COVENANT: Our sympathy is extended to Janet Adams on the death of her mother, Betty Jane Iliff. The funeral will be Saturday at 10am in Sample-O’Donnell Funeral Home.
1/3 HOMER: All of my grandchildren are sick. Annalise and Benny have been diagnosed with influenza type A. Poor little Benny is just 9 months old, and after improvement yesterday, he’s worse tonight. They’re waiting to hear from the doctor about taking him into emergency. Please pray for them!! Joan
1/3 SPEARS: Evelyn – an update on my in the office procedure today. I didn’t experience any side affects for which I am thankful. I have five more, a week apart treatments to go. Thank you for thinking of me with prayer. In “His” love, Evelyn
1/2 STAUFFER: Please pray for an IMMEDIATE host home for a 15 year old male Vietnamese student who will attend Kennedy Catholic High School beginning on January 15. I got a call from the representative from the same agency that placed Scott with us that the host family that had planned to take this student suddenly changed their mind! Daneen