“Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.” – E.M. Bounds


It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

5/29 BOMBECK: Please pray for comfort for Aunt Kay DeBonis as she is struggling with her health and for peace and wisdom for her daughters as they continue to make decisions for her care. God’s will be done. Jan
5/29 BOMBECK: Please pray for my cousins Bill and Carol. Pray healing for Bill as he recovers from a procedure to have fluid drained from his brain and for Carol for strength and courage as she stays with Bill at the hospital then cares for him at home. Bill is a victim of Alzheimer’s. Carol is grateful for our prayers. Jan
5/27 JOHNS: I am traveling to Matt’s in Bloomington, IN tomorrow (Thursday).  He is having a lumbar discectomy on Friday to remove the bulging material from a herniated disc, which has been causing pain and numbness in his back & legs.  Please pray for a safe trip for me, and a successful procedure for Matt.  Thanks. Becky
5/27 LYON: Good report about our Aunt. She had laparoscopy yesterday. My sister-in-law called her today. She was tired, but lucid, Irritated easily. But her sense of humor is still coming through. Mollie
5/27 BAKER: Pray for Brett Abernathy and his family. He has 3rd degree burns of 25% of his body and is a medically induced coma. Annie
5/27 CHUNG: Please pray that mind stops drifting and I am unable to focus. Thank you. Brian
5/27 TESTANI: The saying that goes when it rains it pours is what i feel like right now. My hand is healing nicely and after going to pt and getting exercises it has helped tremendously. In the time I have been off of work I have also had intense abdominal pain and back pain. After an ultrasound and catscan they found a cyst on my left ovary. I am working with my obgyn and my pcp wants me to go to an intestinal doctor to make sure there isn’t a cause from somewhere else. God’s timing is truly remarkable though because my surgery got moved up a month which has given ne the opportunity to rest instead of have to work the pain. Gretchen
5/23 LEVITT: Happy to report my friend did not need a pacemaker, and was able to have minor surgery to correct the problem . She is home and doing very well . Thank you for your prayers . We have an awesome God. Patricia
5/22 LYON: Our 92 year old aunt, Twila, is on her way to Altoona hospital with bowel obstruction. Mollie
5/19 ANONYMOUS: I am asking for prayers for a dear friend Who is going to the hospital tomorrow for a procedure that She is very nervous and fearful about . Praying that God will guide the surgeon’s  hands and the surgery will be a complete success. And in the mean time God will bless her with peace and comfort her while  alleviating  her fears. Thank you for your prayers
5/18 CAMPBELL:Great news today! My beautiful wife and I had a follow up appt from the PET scan. The Dr said there is a “significant” decrease in the tumors. The treatment is working “beautifully”. Praise God for good news and Thank you for your prayers. ❤🙏 Craig
5/18 VINES: Please pray for my finances and to sleep at night. Crystal
5/14 SPEARS: Update on Susan.  The break occurred in her shoulder and she is to be transferred to White Cliff in Greenville for physical therapy.  Several bruises are showing from the fall.  Thank you very much for your prayers.  Evelyn
5/14 SPEARS: Susan, wife of Matthew that passed away had a bad fall with a couple injured teeth plus her left arm is broken in two places.  She was taken to St. Elizabeth hospital in Pittsburgh.  She needs physical therapy to start the healing.  Please pray that the doctors will be given the wisdom for treatment and success for healing.  Thank you dear prayer warriors.  Evelyn
5/14 ANONYMOUS: My sister went thru a 12 hour surgery today for removal of a tumor caused by oral surgery she was back in icu and must now go back to surgery because of a clot tonight prayers that it will be successful.
5/13 WOODS: My husband’s brother passed away early this morning. He had many medical problems so it wasn’t unexpected but still never easy. Pray for God’s peace over this whole situation, they are in Georgia so there is a lot we don’t know. His name James Smith, 60 yr. old, wife Janice not in good health, son Josh who did get to see his Dad before he went home. Thank you✝️ Connie
5/13 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife and I are heading to NY on Thursday for a PET scan on Friday.  Please pray for safe travels, protection from Covid-19, and for good results from the PET scan. Craig
5/13 ANONYMOUS: A patient I had contact with last week went to ER yesterday. As precaution, they are testing for COVID.  I won’t know for a few days whether I was exposed. I don’t think this person has it, but they tested.
5/13 BROWN: My Cousin Virginia came home from the hospital on Sun. Thanks for the prayers.Pleas continue praying for her. It will be a long recovery, but our Lord is Faithful❤️🙏 Sally
5/12 HOMER: Thank you so much for all your prayers!! Hallie Anne Homer arrived at noon today. She weighs 7 lbs, 6 oz. Mom and baby are doing great! Praise God!! Joanie
5/12 KLEFFNER: Pray for me and for guidance and that the lord would help me to delight in him and also i have had the interest in helping others in disaster relief and sharing the gospel. Dustin
5/12 HOMER: Our daughter in law Kristin is in labor! The baby is now full term.  Praying for a safe delivery for baby and Mom!! Thank you!! Joanie
5/8 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for me. A relationship ended due to lack of communication as a result of Covid. Although for the better, I am not handling the loss well. Praying for discernment in the future and that the Lord send me the right partner. Amen.
5/8 BOMBECK: Praise Him! Claire is home! I got an email from her this evening.  Thank you so much for joining me in prayer for Claire. Jan
5/8 LIMA: Please continue to pray for the Lord’s deliverance and healing in the lives of Maria and Michele, and for the Lord’s mercy in their lives. And for the grace and protection of the Lord in My life. May I be guided by the Holy Spirit, that the Lord will envelop Me with a protection that no weapon formed against me will prosper. Thank you! Rob
5/7 BROWN: Please pray for my Cousin Virginia,she just had open heart surgery. The Drs.think she might also have to have a Pacemaker. Thank you, Sally❤️🙏 
5/7 TESTANI: 10 days past surgery i have seen much improvement. The fingers move easily except the thumb. Also grip strength is not quite there yet. I have to say with all that being said i truly feel blessed to have achieved the mobility i have. There are alot of horror stories out there but i am thankful to be a good outcome for others to see. Gretchen
5/7 RICH: Thank you for your prayers. My brother-in-law, Nick Russo passed away this morning in Atlantic City, NJ. He is survived by his wife, Marilyn and sons Nick and Johnny. Nick, Jr. attended SBTW with my son, Brian in earlier years. Carol
5/7 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Richard Abbott for the death of his son, Tim.
5/5 COVENANT CHURCH: Today is Teacher Appreciation Day – say a prayer for all the educators, administration and staff that are finding new ways to teach during this pandemic.
5/4 BOMBECK: Here is an update from Claire Orendi’s family. She is doing remarkably well.  Claire was able to see her family through her hospital window and she waved and blew kisses to them.  She has not needed to take any pain or seizure medication.  She is eating, drinking, and able to walk around the hospital floor.  She is now able to open her eye on the side she had surgery on.  She does not have complete vision, but the Doctors feel that once the swelling goes down, her vision should return to normal.  If all continues to go well, she could be released from the hospital on Tuesday.

Praise God for his healing. Jan

5/1 BOMBECK: Many of you may have seen a post on Facebook for prayer support for a Hermitage student named Claire. She is one of mine. She is one of ours through her family’s previous participation in SB2W. Please join me in lifting her up to our Lord for his complete and perfect healing since having a brain tumor removed. Jan
5/1 SPEARS: Update on Jim.  After his heart doctor appointment today, he was told that they discovered a wire was not connected to his pacemaker.  So he is to wait for a call from them so he can have an overnight appointment to have this corrected.  Of course he has to have blood work done prior to this procedure.  It was stated that he was too thin to consider defibrillation.  He has no appetite, so no wonder.  We are pleased to find out this much.  Thanks again for your faithfulness.  Evelyn
4/29 SPEARS: Jim is to report into a heart doctor Thursday to get statistics for a defibrillation to be put in.  He has been feeling weak of late and has lost a good amount of weight.  Please pray for the doctor to have wisdom in the decision.  We count on our church family for prayer and appreciate you so much.  Thank you.   Evelyn
4/29 RICH: For brother-in-law Nick (Bernie’s sister’s husband) in final days with pancreatic cancer. Family cannot be with them. Pray for peace for them in his journey. He is a believer. Carol
4/28 SINES: Please pray for Missy my prodigal daughter to come home, repent and turn back to Jesus. Also, Please pray for Penny and Henry’s salvation, my parents. Thank you. Sheri
4/28 TESTANI: I had my surgery yesterday afternoon. The doctor said that all went well. There is definite notice of pain where the surgery was done. On a good note the fingers are not numb this morning and pain does not radiate to my shoulder. Learning to figure out life one handed right now. Thank you for your continued prayers! Gretchen
4/27 SIMON: Joe Brothug, age 45, broke his neck in a fall at work. He’s also had 3 strokes since then and is recouperating at Shepard Center in Atlanta. Please keep him, his wife..Carrie, his daughter Elaine and son Joe in prayer. He’s currently quadriplegic. Thanks. Dick
4/27 GATES: Please continue to pray with us daily Now and in the days ahead 2020,2021… for God’s Mercy, Healing and Protecting, Peace in these dark times. We are all vulnerable. Especially Seniors, Children and People with Health Issues. Bill and Carol
4/25 LACAMERA: Thank you for your prayers. Arthur’s surgery went well and he was released from the hospital today. He is not in pain but is uncomfortable.   Praise the Lord. Marlene
4/23 PATEL: please pray to for dad and for me. Jay 
4/22 LACAMERA: Please pray for my friend, Arthur. He is having surgery at 7:30 a m on Wednesday for colon Cancer. Guide the hands of the surgeon and pray for peace, comfort and healing. Amen Marlene
4/22 ANONYMOUS: I am having a hard time being alone during this crisis, although I make it a point to talk to someone daily. Am trying to be motivated but am afraid that I am sinking into a depression. May the Holy Spirit grant me strength and usher the enemy out.
4/21 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Debbie Stauffer and family. Her mother passed away.
4/20 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Mary Hough and family. Her son, Evan, passed away.
4/20 HOMER: Update on Kristin. Her contractions have stopped for now, and she’s still in the hospital. Thank you so much for your prayers!! Praying this little one waits at least another week! She’s not due until the end of May. It means the world to them knowing our church family is lifting them in prayer. Joanie
4/20 TESTANI: After meeting with dr. Hooks the orthopedic surgeon and going over results of nerve test at the end of march the best action to help with the hand pain was carpal tunnel surgery. I scheduled it for may 18th in hopes the corona virus wouldn’t prohibit elective surgeries. I got a call today to inform me that upmc has lifted that ban stating april 27th. I am going to have the surgery the 28th and be off for 2 weeks for recovery. I am truly looking forward for relief from the constant pain. I also look forward to having a life that can be pain free. Gretchen
4/19 LITTLE: Joey got home today. Thanks for your prayers….the source of pain was not related to the cancer. Do keep him in prayer though as he continues the chemo treatments needed to keep him fighting the cancer. Donna
4/19 HOMER: Please pray for my son Brad and daughter in law, Kristin. She’s in the hospital and possibly in labor. She’s not quite 35 weeks, so it’s still too early. Joanie
4/18 LITTLE: My friend Joey has been battling cancer and right now is in the hospital with pain that is from an unknown source. Please pray with me that they find the source  of his pain and can do something to treat it. Donna
4/16 BROWN: My water problems have returned and I am very sick and nauseated. Also pray for my friend, Norman.  Jean
4/13 COVENANT CHURCH: Praise – Keith and Lori Allen are improving from Covid 19 and are praising God for their church family in these days. Continue to pray for their strength and healing and they are asking to hold off for now on any more food!!
4/13 COVENANT CHURCH: Alma Adams is recovering from Covid 19. Elma has been confirmed with the virus last week and now Bruce is sick and while he has been untested we are guessing that he has it as well. Prayers for their healing and protection for Janet!
4/8 COVENANT CHURCH: The EPC, along with other denominations, is calling for a day of prayer and fasting this Friday (Good Friday). This historic, ecumenical effort is a response to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. More information will be available soon including a prayer guide.
4/7 COVENANT CHURCH: Please keep Keith Allen in prayer. He has been diagnosed with pneumonia and has tested positive for COVID-19. He is recuperating at home. Also, keep Lori in your prayers as she cares for him and maintains her health. No phone calls, please. Cards only.
4/7 ADAMS: Thank you, Covenant family for your faithful prayers, calls and cards. Mom came home Monday 3/30/20 from O’briens. We have been busy getting adjusted for her comfort and care. God is so good even in the storms. Bruce
4/7 ABRAHAM: Eric Corley’s birthday is Thursday, April 9th. He would greatly appreciate any cards. If you are in the neighborhood, drive by and honk! Our address is 103 Fourth Ave., Sharon, PA 16146. Thank you! Aunt Audra
4/6 COVENANT CHURCH: Continue to pray for all of our health care pesonnel and their families as they are on the front lines.
4/6 BROWN: My feet and legs are swollen due to water problems. Please pray for me. Jean
4/6 READSHAW: Bill & Jan Readshaw will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on Thursday April 9th. Send a card congratulating them on their milestone. Bill & Janice Readshaw, 2006 Laurel Oak Dr., Valencia, Pa. 16059
4/5 WASKO: Thank you so much for your prayers! My sister’s husband is now at home to continue his recovery from COVID19. He is still weak and he still has pneumonia but no fever! Please continue to pray for his healing and for the end of this horrible virus. Debby
4/5 SANDRA: Would you please pray for me?  I am scheduled for a lumbar puncture on Tuesday, April 7th from 8:00 am- 9:00 am, because of inflammation on my meninges in my brain and severe attacks to my head and ears. Would you please agree in prayer with me according to Matthew 18:19 for the  following prayer request:

-That I will not be exposed to the coronavirus at the hospital or anywhere -I will have a very skilled medical staff,  and that God will guide their hands -The medication will not affect me -The procedure will be quick and  a success -That I won’t suffer from the car ride to/from the hospital.  Car rides have produced horrible attacks in my head and ears.

-I won’t have any side effects from the procedure, no infection, pain, nothing negative -That they will be able to locate the source of the brain inflammation -That it will not be serious and will be curable -That the symptoms in my head and ears will ALL go away and never return.

Again, thank you so much for all your prayers, Sandra

4/3 WASKO: My sister’s husband has COVID 19 and is hospitalized. Please pray for healing and a stop to this horrible virus. Thank you. Debby
4/2 SIMON: Our Son-in-Law Rick is now on active duty with the Ohio Army National Guard.  He is working now in southeast Ohio for alternative hospital sites.  Asking for prayers for his health and safety.  Also for Johnna as she works from home for Ohio University and takes care of Thad, Frankie Jo and Cordelia.  Barb
4/2 NORRIS: Update on our valley friend.  He is slowly being taken off ventilator.  He was able to communicate with his wife via facetime. He wants everyone to know he appreciates the kind thoughts and prayers. Thank you church family. Bryan


3/31 SHEPPARD: TANGEMAN: The two foster children we were praying for have been awarded to the loving care of their biological father in Kentucky. Please pray the Chloe & Gabriel make an easy transition.  Thank you for your prayers. Cathy
3/31 HOMER: Our daughter in law Kristin is almost 32 weeks with her second baby. Her first was born at 32 weeks. A non stress test today showed tiny and irregular contractions.  She’s nervous, and we are praying her pregnancy goes full term. I know God’s peace will help her through this. Thank you for your prayers!! Joanie
3/31 LITTLE: Update on my nephew Tod.  surgery on the abscess went well he Got home late Sat night and will be treating the wound from home.

Please Continue praying  for healing. Thank you all so much! Donna

3/29 NORRIS: Please pray for a young man from our valley who is now on a ventilator in Pittsburgh for covid 19. He has had pneumonia symptoms for a week. He tested negative a week ago but now tested positve. Please pray for his well being and comfort for his wife. He is 36. Bryan
3/29 COVENANT CHURCH: Worship is online at this link
3/27 LIMA: Pray that the Lord protect me and that no weapon formed against us will prosper, and that the Lord send the Holy Spirit over Iranice, that all her actions be transformed into a grace of God. Blessed be the aspects of My life, amen. Thanks! R
3/26 STAUFFER: Praise that my brother Tom had his last radiation treatment yesterday! Praying ongoing bloodwork will show him to be cancer free. Debbie
3/26 LITTLE: Please keep my nephew Tod in your prayers. He went into the hospital late last night with an abscess on his back. As some of you know, Tod is a quadrapaligic, which makes him very susceptible to infection and I’m sure this virus. So appreciate your prayers! Donna

3/23 BROWN: Please pray for Norman. He has breathing problems and is now on oxygen. Also, pray for my sister that she will remain cancer free. Jean
3/23 COVENANT CHURCH: We had such an awesome response for yesterday’s online service. Thank you for praying with us. In case you missed the service it is still available to watch here
3/21 STAUFFER: Pray for our daughter-in-law, Kelsey and son Jeremiah as she has a c-section on March 29 to deliver baby Miles. He joins 2 yr old Hudson. Also, our son Nathan and family need prayers. His wife Andrea has to travel to northern CA 4 days a week for 10 weeks to do healthcare related work for her employer. Praying for protection from the “virus” for all of them and for Nathan with 3 kids(at least 1 is 17 and can help). Big adjustment. Big concerns. Debbie
3/20 RUNCAN: Our daughter is a nurse. This weekend she may be caring for some precious patients who have Coronavirus. She has received special training and is asking for prayer regarding the need for additional medical and protective supplies. To God be the Glory! Love, Earl and Lynn
3/20 GHIATES: Mary Hough who lives at st paul nursing home in Greenville pa and for all others in nursing homes. they are not allowed visitors and are very lonely. cards and prayers will be appreciated. thank you very much and God Bless. Teri
3/19 COVENANT CHURCH: Please keep the church staff in prayer as they navigate the ever-changing events impacted by the corona virus. We do not respond in fear but in total faith that God is doing something unique and wonderful in a new normal. 

3/17 SIERRA LEONE UPDATE: Please pray for our Sierra Leone family. With Guinea recording it’s first case of Coronavirus on Friday (a Belgian) and a Liberian government official testing positive yesterday in Liberia, I think it’s only a MATTER OF TIME BEFORE SIERRA LEONE gets the Coronavirus. But, bar all our financial and material inadequacies, which countries in the world have the practical experience in dealing with the Coronavirus like Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia? The experience we gained and the resilience we demonstrated in the face of the Ebola virus in 2014 and 2015 should be central in messages to our people and the world. Yes Sierra Leoneans, brace yourselves but far from being afraid, some of us want to be in the frontlines and we will do it again and again for this land that we love, our Sierra Leone. Tomorrow afternoon, the EduNations staff will meet to form a task force in each of the EduNations communities so that when the Coronavirus begins to spread, we will close all the schools and all the churches and the Admin team will work with the various task force groups in each community to respond to the virus. 
3/17 SPEARS: We feel so thankful that Jim’s 90th birthday celebration was enjoyable for all.  P.T.L. My sister Eileen, husband Leon and daughter Sherri arrived safely back home in Columbia, MO. today.  Another praise! My Sister was noticing a disturbing cough she had on the way and was actually able to get a 9:30 am Dr. appointment by calling through her cell phone for tomorrow (Tues.)  Please remember her in prayer.  One gets a little nervous with all that is going around. Thank you so much.   Evelyn
3/16 COVENANT CHURCH: To stay up-to-date with our church services, watch our Facebook, Instagram and website
3/16 IVAN: Pray this virus doesn’t get worse. Megan
3/16 DRESCH: Pray for my special friend Cassie who is having gall bladder surgery April 2 at Jameson Hospital in New Castle. Jane
3/10 PORTAL: Please pray for my niece, Julie. Doctor’s have found a spot on her brain, the same as her mother had. She has an appointment on March 19th. Pray for healing and to ease anxiety. Peg
3/9 IVAN: Pray for my mom for her surgery, Megan
3/9 DOTY: Terry Doty Jr. and Judy Kirkbridge are sick. Rayanne
3/5 SHANDER: Kamdyn’s 1st Eyeiversary – we can’t believe it’s been a year since God worked through the hands of Dr. Wall and her team of doctors at Akron Children’s Hospital to make it possible for our special little guy to be able to see. We just wanted to take this time to thank you all for the prayers as we walked through the months leading up to Kamdyn’s arrival on August 3, 2018, then the months leading up to his surgery on March 5, 2019, and your continued prayers, love, and support as he grows up to walk with our faithful and loving Father to be a man of God. The Raineys and Shanders
3/4 SMITH: Today is the day Camryn gets her MRI done.  It’s at 3:30.  Please pray that we can get answers as to why she has been having headaches pretty close to non stop.  She did have a good 4 days of no headaches but then back to having them.  They make her not feel good and her little belly is now bloating out.  Depending on what the MRI shows, we have an appointment April 2 to see a neurologist. Angie
3/2 PETERSON: Please pray for us to find a 3 bedroom house for us to live in. Pray for my ear and me in general. Kathy
3/2 KELLEY: Pray for John and military. Joe
2/28 WARD: Please lift up the Meadows family. They are our close friends whose middle son passed suddenly. The funeral is Saturday(29th) and we pray that they feel the presence of our loving God. Diane
2/26 COVENANT COMMUNITY TEAM: Colossians 4:2…”Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Being diligent in prayer is effective in bringing about God’s kingdom, but it isn’t always an easy discipline. When we’ve been short of time in a busy day and the spirit brings to mind a person we’ve met, the events we’ve had with them we can easily thank God for them and ask God to bring about his design for their lives. If its the enemy/ the accuser that starts throwing guilt at us for not being diligent, humble yourself and submit to Lord, bringing up your shield of faith and tell Satan to go. Take the occasion to thank God for his abundant grace for yourself and for the grace He’s been exercising in the neighborhood. Turn the evil into good and rejoice. As Paul says in Philippians: ” Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice” 
2/25 SPEARS: Jim came home yesterday.   Yeah!!  He has to get an appointment for a defibrillator   to be put in and they only schedule on Thursdays.  So hope it can be done soon.  Again we thank you dear Covenant prayer warriors.  Evelyn
2/24 SMITH: We are in need of prayers for Camryn please. She has been having headaches (possibly migraines) for over a month. They are a consistent thing that doesn’t go away. She will wake up with it, go throughout the day with it, and go to bed with it. I have taken her to the doctor and he has her on a few things plus has tried to schedule an MRI. Our insurance has denied the MRI. Her pediatrician increased her one med and is scheduled for a peer to peer review tomorrow. We need to get this MRI to see what is going on inside her head. I don’t need the insurance to say again that it’s just a headache. A headache can be better after taking a pain reliever. Nothing touches hers. This weekend she was worse yet with her med being increased. It also causes her to be really fatigued. We need prayers that this pain will go away and she can be healthy again. Angie
2/22 SMITH: My uncle is finally home!  He is doing well considering, now it’s just waiting for the correct adjustment of meds since he no longer has a thyroid.  We are just grateful that he is doing so much better than when he went into the hospital.  Praise God! Angie
2/22 SPEARS: Another update for Jim:  He had a catherization done on Thursday and three stents were put in.  The operation was successful.  However it didn’t solve his breathing problem.  The doctor decided he should stay and was given a prescription that involved a drip type of procedure.  He said if he wasn’t feeling better by 5 PM that he was to be notified.  Praise God it seems to be helping and might get more sleep. We appreciate your prayers.  Evelyn
2/21 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for resolution regarding recent developments which I am unable to speak of.  This has caused a great deal of anxiety. Am in need of peace and intervention of Holy Spirit. Our Lord is all-knowing. Amen
2/19 SPEARS: Update on Jim.  Thursday he is to have a possible catheter treatment and praying for success.  This could mean a huge victory on how he will feel.  Thanks again Covenant family for your prayers.  Evelyn
2/19 BOMBECK: Please pray for Shane in North Carolina for healing. Jan
2/18 SPEARS: Jim was admitted to the Sharon hospital this afternoon and may be there a couple days.  It lines up with congestive heart problems.  Fluid in the lungs plus swelling in his leg and foot.  He has had to take several tests.  Hasn’t slept well and trouble with breathing.  Thank you Covenant friends for your prayers.  Evelyn
2/18 COVENANT COMMUNITY TEAM: Micah 6: 8 says:” What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with you God.” Relationships that are built on these qualities reflect integrity and the love of Christ. Pray for the opportunity we had to communicate our care for those that was this Saturday.  
2/18 PETERSON: I still have an ear ache and I use drops from my doctor. I have used them for a week and see no improvement. Pray that God will heal me. Kathy
2/18 TANGEMAN: Pray for foster children, that they remain with the foster parents and are not returned to their parents due to abuse. Cathy
2/17 SMITH: My uncle has been scheduled to get his thyroid taken out Tuesday February 18.  Please pray all goes well considering his heart still isn’t great to be doing the surgery.  Again, the thyroid is what is causing heart issues.  Thank you. Angie
2/10 WORK: Please pray for travel mercies, safety, and for God to use these two men to bring the message of Sierra Leone back to their respective churches, and that God would be glorified in all of it! It is Scott Graham and Scott is the Senior Pastor at CUP Evangelical in Beaver Falls, PA and  Bruce Tennenbaum is from Mt. Lebanon EPC. Rick
2/10 SPEARS: Don Christy’s back surgery is today. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Evelyn
2/10 CAMPBELL: Praise God! All is well. The Dr is pleased with the progress and is keeping the same chemo plan. We don’t need to come back for 2 months, until the next PET scan.  Thank you for all your prayers. Craig
2/10 BAKER: Julie Clark passed away. Please keep her family in prayer. Annie
2/10 DOTY: Nicky is sick and has been in and out of the hospital. Rayanne
2/10 IVAN: Please pray for me and my mom. Megan
2/10 FABIAN: Please keep John in prayer for healing of his toe. Thank you, Brenda
2/10 JEN AND WALTER: Walter to pass the asmb and or the union to get a full time job.
2/8 STAUFFER: Could you please remember our Chinese student, Scott, in prayer this afternoon as he has his audition for Berklee School of music in Cleveland at 4:15! Thank you. Daneen
2/7 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife and I are traveling to NY this weekend for a Doctor appt on Monday.  Please pray for traveling mercies to and from, and for good news from the doctor.  God is good, all the time… Craig
2/6 COVENANT: Update on Dale – he is improving daily and has been moved to Clarion for rehab. He hopes to be home next week. 
2/6 BAKER: Pray for Shannon. Thanks, Annie
2/5 ANONYMOUS: I am having a surgical procedure on Thursday at 8:45 am in Pittsburgh. Asking for prayer to guide and direct the hands of the doctor and anesthesia dept. as I am sensitive to anesthesia.
2/5 MANNION: Please pray for a friend, Kara, whose husband, Brad, had a heart attack.  He is only in his 40s.  Please pray for wisdom, peace, and freedom from fear, as well as healing.  Thank you! Barb
2/5 SPEARS: Our friend, Don Christy, is to have a back operation on Feb. 10th in Pittsburgh.  Would appreciate your faithful prayers for a successful operation and for the doctor. Thank you Covenant family.  Evelyn & Jim
2/5 COVENANT COMMUNITY TEAM: The neighborhood explosion outreach at the Buhl Club was phenomenal. What’s next? The movie night on February 15th obviously is the event. But what is required from us in prayerful preparation…. for sure our diligence, steadfastness and trust in the Lord. Remember the promises of our God to covenant with us to establish his kingdom through our trust in Him. The people of the neighborhood is the harvest, we are the workers being sent into the field to sow and harvest for the Lord.
2/4 TESTANI: Update on hand… I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor on the 18. There was inflammation on the xrays taken. I was given 500 mg naproxen to help reduce it but still having pain when moved certain ways. My doctor believes it could be something else at this point. Thank you for the continued prayer! God’s plan is the best we just have to remember that. Gretchen
2/4 LIMA: Please pray for the restoration of Buddy Parks’ health,and for the Lord’s mercy and grace and protection in my Life. In the name of Jesus, Amen. Thank you! Rob
2/4 SMITH: I had asked for prayers for my uncle who was life flighted to Mercy. He is still in need of prayers. While in Mercy, he was diagnosed with Graves Disease (caused by over active thyroid and had the thyroid storm). Because of the thyroid, it’s causing issues with his heart. They can’t take the thyroid out until his heart is stronger but it isn’t getting stronger because of the thyroid. It’s a nasty cycle. I just got a text from me aunt. Here is what she said: Dr Palmer was just in. Bruce’s heart is still beating too fast and with the weakened state it is in and the IV Amiodarone drip not reducing the heart rate, they will be taking him down “before lunch” for a more aggressive treatment, as his heart cannot take the excessive rate much longer. They will be doing cardioversion, which is putting him under anesthesia and shocking his heart. The goal is to shock the heart back into normal rhythm. I finally thought to ask what a normal rate is; it is around 60 beats/minute . He was holding around 106-108 when he left ICU, but they can’t get it out of the 130s now. The cardioversion might work indefinitely, it might work for a few minutes to a few hours, and it might not work at all, but it is imperative that they try. I am calling for special prayer that we get the optimal results. Thank you, Angie
2/3 WALTER & EMILY: Our aunt passed away, please pray for family members. 
2/3 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for a young man dealing with depression, employment for him (and members of his family), and also for marriages to be restored.
2/3 FABIAN: John is home from hospital…no amputation of the toe needed…does have an infection in blood and bone of the toe…on iv antibiotic therapy. Thank you for all your prayers.
2/1 BOMBECK: Update on the Sed family. James is out of the hospital and recovering from the infection. Dick passed away peacefully this morning.
Thank you for your prayers. Jan
1/31 BROWN: My Daughter is recovering nicely from her surgery.Thank you for the prayers.❤️Sally
1/31 COVENANT: Keep Jeff and all of our youth attending the EPiC retreat this weekend in prayer.
1/30 COVENANT: Dale Grove has been hospitalized due to a stroke. He is stable, talking, and now undergoing treatment in Allegheny. 
1/30 FABIAN: please pray for John…he is in UPMC Jamison hospital…he has an infection in his toe and not sure yet if they need to amputate it yet. Thank you Brenda
1/29 SMITH: ASAP prayer request: Please keep my uncle Bruce in prayers as he was life flighted to Mercy in Pittsburgh. He has blood clots on his lungs plus his heart is struggling due to his thyroid. They are looking at it that he has had a thyroid storm. His thyroid is overacting and they need to shut it down quickly. They can’t do surgery and take it off due to his lungs and heart. My aunt is beside herself and in Pittsburgh by herself. They need prayers. Angie
1/27 GIVEN: Pray for Jason Clark to have a fast recovery from knee surgery. Loretta
1/27 SHANDER: Today he went and they removed the stitches and said everything healed very nicely – now he will only need to get examined for the correct prescription as there will be a change in that due to the trauma to the eye. Thank you all for your prayers! Kim
1/27 COVENANT: Marcus Lowe, a friend of Eric Corley was in a car accident and has broken his leg. Please pray for healing!
1/22 COVENANT: Our sympathy is extended to Bruce Adams and family on the death of his father, Norman. Caling hours will be 11 a.m. until the time of the service at 1pm on Friday (1-24-20) in South Pymatuning Community Church, Sharpsville.
1/22 BROWN: Please pray for me as I have not been feeling well. Jean
1/21 BOMBECK: Update on the Sed family is James came through surgery and is in VA hospital recovering from Mersa. Dick is in hospice care and still holding on. Marykay is grateful for your prayers. Thank you, Jan
1/21 COVENANT: We had an amazing turn-out for our first Neighborhood Explosion at the Buhl Club. Thank you for praying for this event and all the lives touched.
1/20 BOMBECK: Please pray for my extended family. My cousin James Sed is awaiting emergency surgery tonight for a serious staff infection. His sister, Marykay Petrini is caring for him and their father ,Dick Sed who is in hospice and another sister Beth Kelly recovering from eye surgery. This family needs our prayers. Thanks so much Covenant. Jan
1/20 COVENANT: Last night’s neighborhood event at the Buhl Club was amazing. Thank you for all the prayers.
1/15 COVENANT COMMUNITY TEAM: 1 John 5:14,15 “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.” What a blessing to know that God has been hearing all the prayers that we have been praying for the people in the neighborhood. What a blessing to know with assurance that we are going to have those petitions answered. Praise be to God.
1/14 WILSTER: I found out yesterday that on top of everything else, my mother has congestive heart failure. Please pray for her and for family unity. Kathy
1/14 LIMA: Please help me to humbly pray for the release of Michele’s life from the enemy; guided by the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus, amen. Thank You! Rob
1/14 BROWN: Pray for: Nettie, Ray, Bruce, Bill, and Karen. Jean
1/13 BROWN: Please pray for my Daughter Kim. She is having a double mastectomy on the 15th of Jan. She lives in Florida.Thank you! Sally
1/13 MADURA: Please keep me in prayer as I will have hernia surgery on Thursday. Thank you, Barb
1/13 KELLEY: For everyone to connect. Joe
1/13 BROWN: Pray for my water retention issue, for my sister suffering with cancer and for my friend, Mabel with sugar. Jean
1/10 KILGORE: I am requesting earnest intercession for supernatural and or natural intervention of this chronic autoimmune disease caused by infections, inflammation, severe and sometimes unmanageable pain and insomnia. I have done everything I am humanly capable myself and I need extraneous help. Those who know me know I truly believe in the power of prayer and standing on the promises of scripture, so I am asking you to please join me in supplication – with not only ancitipation, but believing with expectation. Let it be so. I am interceding and supplicating this same request for others each and every day. He is answering our prayers. Sincerely with confidence and boldness, Darlene
1/10 TESTANI: My chiropractor believes i am dealing with tendinitis in my wrist. My hand had been giving me some trouble and i had the most intense pain the last i played my cello during sunday service. After taking a break from everything that was causing the problem for about a month to allow true healing I went tonight to see how my hand would react. Tonight it wasn’t pain that would cause tears but definitely noticeable in my thumb. The chiropractor suggested going to orthopedic doctor or even occupational therapy. I have an appointment with my family doctor to see what he says this week. Please pray for a healing or solution to help be able to function normally and not have to avoid the things that bring me joy. Gretchen
1/10 CORLEY: Pray for Amber and Aviana. Also keep Audrey in prayer as she has some blockages in her legs. Eric
1/7 STAUFFER: Praise God! A home has been found for the Vietnamese student. Thank you for the prayers! Daneen
1/7 SPEARS: An update about our Grandson’s wife Amanda. There were suspicious cells in regards to cancer of the thyroid. This is why it was wise to remove the thyroid. The operation went well and she is in recovery. We are thankful that there are doctors that can take care of these matters. We thank you for your prayers. She will experience some pain. We appreciate our church family. Evelyn and Jim
1/7 COSTELLO: Please pray for Frank’s brother Jim. He’s in UPMC Farrell hospital with breathing issues. They tried removing the breathing tube today but he was unable to breathe on his own. Cathy
1/7 CAMPBELL: A BIG praise to God for how well my beautiful wife has been feeling. We are continuing with the chemo treatments and she has felt good all week (almost like her old self). Thank you God, so very much, for blessing us more than we could possibly thank you for. – Craig
1/7 STOCKDILL: To be granted the change to re-enlist into the military. Bradley
1/7 DOTY: Nathan Wolfgang, The Pinch family, Sean’s family. Rayanne
1/7 MCCRACKEN: Keep my sister, Karen, in prayer as she means a great deal to me.
1/7 PETERSON: Pray for Douglas – he has malaria; Fred – he has a sore throat, cough and ear problems; pray for me as I am getting sick again. Kathy
1/7 LOVEJOY: please pray to Jesus to heal my soul. Thank you, Madgalena
1/4 SPEARS: Our grandson’s wife Amanda is to be operated on Monday to have her thyroid removed in regards to cancer.

We pray for the doctor and also the success of this operation. Thank you for your kindness in regards to this situation. In “His Love,” Evelyn & Jim

1/3 COVENANT: Our sympathy is extended to Janet Adams on the death of her mother, Betty Jane Iliff. The funeral will be Saturday at 10am in Sample-O’Donnell Funeral Home.
1/3 HOMER: All of my grandchildren are sick. Annalise and Benny have been diagnosed with influenza type A. Poor little Benny is just 9 months old, and after improvement yesterday, he’s worse tonight. They’re waiting to hear from the doctor about taking him into emergency. Please pray for them!! Joan
1/3 SPEARS: Evelyn – an update on my in the office procedure today. I didn’t experience any side affects for which I am thankful. I have five more, a week apart treatments to go. Thank you for thinking of me with prayer. In “His” love, Evelyn
1/2 STAUFFER: Please pray for an IMMEDIATE host home for a 15 year old male Vietnamese student who will attend Kennedy Catholic High School beginning on January 15. I got a call from the representative from the same agency that placed Scott with us that the host family that had planned to take this student suddenly changed their mind! Daneen