“Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.” – E.M. Bounds


It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

8/1 SPEARS: For Susan who lives near by is to have a shoulder replacement on August 3rd by Dr. Piston.  This is going to be a painful experience involving physical therapy.  Your prayers are appreciated. Thanks so much.  Evelyn
8/1 SPEARS: Brenda Burleson has been diagnosed with COVID. Please keep her in your prayers. Evelyn
7/26 COSTELLO: Praise! Thanks for all the prayers. Our nephew Carter is home recovering from Covid. He will be on anti seizure medication for six weeks just as a precaution. Our friend Susan is coming home today from Presby after her stroke. She is able to speak to some degree and will continue her rehab locally. God is so great. Cathy
7/26 RAINEY: Prayers in need for Diane Miller as she grieves the loss of her daughter Diana Miller. Prayers also for the Shander and Rainey families as they grieve the loss of their sister and aunt. Samantha
7/25 COSTELLO: Please keep our 5 year old great nephew, Carter, in your prayers. He had two seizures yesterday. When they got him to the hospital they found he had Covid. They are running further tests and keeping his fever down. We’re praying in Jesus’ name. Cathy
7/25 ANONYMOUS: The little guy passed away. Mom said it was peaceful. Keep parents and family in prayer.
7/25 COSTELLO: Please pray for our friend, Susan, who had a stroke yesterday. Her motor skills are intact but she cannot speak at this point. She is only in her 50s and very healthy. In Jesus’ name. Cathy
7/21 SANDRA: Please pray that God would heal my newest urgent health issue that just recently popped up with no damage to my body. Please pray he would teach us (my children and I) of  himself of Christ and give us faith that we may be saved. Please pray he gives us full assurance of faith and remove any barriers to our salvation by addressing all ignorance and doubt.  I’m so exhausted from the constant sickness and hospital runs and bad news please pray for a full  recovery of our health, I can’t take much more. Please pray for some happy and healthy times as we seek him.  We only have one another and no on else in our lives care that much for us please pray he keeps us together so that we can be there for each other throughout our lives. Please pray he grant us perseverance. Please pray he would put loving and Godly people in our lives, we literally have almost no one but each other and people really look down on us. Please pray people would not take advantage of our weaknesses and bring us further harm. 
7/20 ANONYMOUS: The doctor told the family of little guy, he would be in coma the rest of his life @ 3 today. They are taking him off the ventilator soon.
7/20 ANONYMOUS: Little guy had MRI done last night. Won’t know results for day or two.
7/19 KLEFFNER: Pray for me to deal with the fact That I feel like no matter what I do Isn’t good enough. Pray for my brother because he just Doesn’t go anywhere and i think he Had anxiety and my dad doesn’t know what to do for him or how to get him Motivated. Pray my brothers can enjoy there work in whatever work they do. Pray for my cousin troy and his mom since he blew his knee out and had To get surgery. Pray for Ben as he drives back home. Pray for keaton and his new wife as they are on there honeymoon. Pray for Josh and allie and zack and Zach’s girlfriend as they consider Getting married. Pray for Jeff and his new wife. Pray for Dominic and his new job and for the job he wants to get as a second job. Pray for another Zach and for joe and for Dominic and Rexen an Chris if they come over this week or next week to see me pray they have a good time And pray that also i can find good stuff with God or good opportunities or studies for us to do to draw near to God if we choose too. Pray someday God will bring the right person in my life in the right time. Pray for Colorado foodbank to help outsiders and to not be greedy.  Dustin
7/19 COVENANT CHURCH: Remember to pray for our middle school mission team as they serve in Kentucky.
7/19 ANONYMOUS: Little guy fought them when they were trying to fix IV. He’s a fighter, Mighty Warrior. Unable to do MRI last evening because bp dropped. Keep praying life, health and wholeness.
7/18 ANONYMOUS: Mom of little guy pushed doctor for worst case scenario. It could be coma, but it is too soon and they need to do more tests. Please keep praying that there is no permanent brain damage and he can come home soon. Speak life and health.
7/18 LYON: My friend’s brother accepted the Lord last evening. He went  to Cleveland Clinic, then after.  HIs name is Dave, so keep him in prayer. Mollie
7/16 ANDOLINA: I met with the neurologist today. My doctor noticed that there was a minimal obstruction of the fluid. He wants to target on getting the symptoms under control in which he believes would help to give me relief.  He also wants me to do a therapy and see a headache specialist. Gretchen
7/16 LYON: Chris, my husband’s niece, died this morning. Mollie
7/16 LYON: My friend’s brother is very sick with pneumonia. They want to vent him and get him a lung transplant. She is concerned about his salvation.
7/16 LYON: My husband’s oldest niece has a tumor on her lung that they can’t do anything for. Keeping her comfortable. Mollie
7/16 ANONYMOUS: Little guy had stable night. Won’t know prognosis until Monday. His dad is with them, too. Keep praying he has no deficits from this incident and will continue to progress.
7/16 SMITH: Please keep my friend in prayer, but more importantly, her son who is friends with my daughter. I will post the conversation his mom sent me:

Not sure. We thought he was having a heart attack 8 days ago. We know he has an infection in his heart and his normal cardiologist is over seeing everything. But he was given a green light for normal function with close monitoring on Monday and today I found him face down and unresponsive for a solid few minutes. His blood pressure was 139 over 128 when we got him to er and he’s extremely lethargic. We believe he hit his head when he passed out so there’s the added concern for concussion on top of cardiac concern. He’s supposed to get a 30 day heart monitor next Monday but idk if they’ll hold off now. Waiting on results from the echo, mri, cat scan and blood work. He’s out. He’s so exhausted. His brother died from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and when he died he had developed myocarditis so Giovanni having that scares the crap out of me! (It’s an infection to the lining and arterial walls of the heart). My friend is is frightened because she has already lost a son, she doesn’t want to loss her other son.  He is 9. Angie

7/15 ANONYMOUS: The little guy is stable this morning. Pneumonia, on IV’s. May need a central line in addition to port he has. Still having seizure activity.
7/15 LIMA: For the intercession of the Holy Spirit in all actions of Marcos de Souza Lima and Michele Rios. In the name of Jesus, amen. Rob
7/15 PIERCE: Pray for Aiden’s grandpa. He has heart issues and is not doing well. Chris
7/15 ANONYMOUS: Update- determined he was 5-10 minutes low oxygen. Doing tests. Please pray he has no cognitive deficit. I know God’s hand is on him. He has so much to offer.
7/15 COVENANT CHURCH: Please keep our middle school mission team in prayer as they depart for Kentucky in the next few days.
7/14 ANONYMOUS: Pray for a little kiddo being life flighted to Children’s in Pittsburgh this afternoon.
7/9 KILGORE: Prayer Warriors, I come before you once again asking you to join me in The Prayer of Faith, BELIEVING for the substance of things hoped for – seeing signs and wonders manifested in these last days in each and every request set before us each day & for the certainty of things unseen – ‘miracles’ that we KNOW, Elohim is Famous For – be demonstrated – for I need a miracle, my body continues to battle this autoimmune dis-ease as with others we see & pray for.  May we see our WayMaker, MiracleWorker, PromiseKeeper, Light in this darkness, unveil the lies of adversary and His Truth Prevail as His WaterFIRE falls as The Rose of Sharon on our Valley & show Himself Strong in The Light on the hill, as we ReKindle His Fire on the altars of our hearts as His Presence fills His House with His Shekinah Glory & Goodness upon His Remnant for such a time as this bringing healing and wholeness-SOZO of spirit, soul &  body, in Jesus Precious Name, I pray Amen & Amen!!! Darlene
7/8 LYON: David’s niece, Chris, fell and got a brain bleed. While in ICU, they ran tests and found out her cancer is back. Mollie
7/7 LYON: My friend watched her son entered the kingdom early this morning. He left a teen age son and preschool daughter, as well as his wife and parents.
7/5 KRAYNAK: Prayers for Birdie Michael’s sister Kiki who was in a head on collision last night and is in critical condition in Youngstown. Penny
7/1 BURLESON: Please pray for Terri Burleson, Jim’s sister. She had 2 aneurisms in her heart. Both were repaired and that surgery went well. However, she is not recovering due to extensive lung damage. Brenda
7/1 SHANDER: Sully is out of ICU and going to start some rehab – long road ahead for him and his family. Thank you for continued prayer.
6/28 KILGORE: Please intercessors, keep the Kolson family in your prayers, Kolson went home into our Father’s Arms.  Pray for healthy grieving and healing of broken hearts, In Jesus Precious Name Amen! Darlene
6/28 SMITH: Please keep my friend Christine in your prayers.  She was admitted in the ER tonight and is having something going on with her heart.  I don’t know much more until her husband lets me know. Thank you. Angie
6/24 HUTCHINSON: Thank you for your prayers, My Aunt Helen passed away this afternoon with all her family members with her!! Thanks again!!! Annette
6/24 LITTLE: I just got a message from my friend, Bette Ann’s husband telling me that Bette has hospice care at home to help her through her last days.  Thank you all for your prayers  and please continue to pray for her family as they walk with her through this time. Donna
6/23 HUTCHINSON: Pray for the Dunkerley family my Aunt Helen (which is Chuck Dunkerley mother who just died in December)is not doing good, they called the family in!! This is my dad’s sister in law!! Thanks for the prayers!!! Annette
6/23 COVENANT CHURCH: We are almost finished with another year of SB2W. Please continue to keep the leaders, counselors, campers, work crew and volunteers in prayer.
6/22 SHANDER: Asking for prayers for my neighbors 3 year old great grandson, Sully, on Saturday he was in freak lawnmower accident and lost the front part of his left foot and his right hip is crushed – he had 5+ hours of surgery Saturday into Sunday and more today. Thank you, Shanders
6/22 ANDOLINA: Update: The neurologist stated it could be chiari malformation or benign positional vertigo. I was given medication to help with the symptoms to help with day to day but they aren’t doing much.  I have a special MRI scheduled for the 28th of my brain and spine to better assess my condition.  I then see the doctor again on July 16th. Gretchen
6/21 LYON: Amy is in hospital with inflammation of colon. Also, vitamin deficiency. GI seeing her this morning. Mollie
6/21 GEARY: Kelly Pagliarini’s cousin, Mike Stroz, and his children were hit head on Friday morning while driving back to Florida after visiting her uncle. His son, Mike Jr. was killed at the age of 16. Mike and his daughter, Maddie, had surgery and seem to be doing ok. They will receive the news today when they wake up. Prayers for the whole family much needed and appreciated. Pastor Matthew
6/21 CAMPBELL: Praise God! We just got the results of the PET scan. All the tumors are getting smaller! It’s working!  We’re crying happy tears and walking on clouds. Praise God for his goodness! Thank you for all your prayers and love. 🙏❤ Craig
6/18 CAMPBELL: All is well. We don’t have the results of the PET scan yet; the Dr’s father passed away and couldn’t meet with us.  I tell my beautiful wife the results are probably so good, they don’t want to have an underling review them with us. 🙏😊 Thank you, so very much, for all your prayers and support. ❤ Craig
6/17 KILGORE: I continue to deal with this autoimmune dysfunction & it appears to be affecting me neuomuscular-ly once again. I haven’t had these symptoms since the 1980’s so it’s a little concerning, since I have been unable to get to the functional medicine physician’s that helped thwart the progression back then, please pray, thank u 🙂 Darlene
6/15 COVENANT CHURCH: Summer’s Best 2 Weeks camps are off to a fantastic start! Keep the leaders, counselors, campers and all the volunteers in prayer daily.
6/15 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife and I are traveling to NY on Tuesday for a PET scan on Wednesday. Please pray for safe travels, good results from the scan, and protection from the enemy’s attacks. God is good, all the time. 🙏❤ Thank you for your prayers. Craig
6/13 MCANANY: 5 weeks after neck surgery and praying for strength to overcome this muscle stiffness and soreness that has increased from 4 weeks. I also pray for patience and persistence to move forward and strengthen my muscles and get back to work! Thanks in advance for all your prayers!! Amen Barb
6/13 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for healing from RA, my body is very inflamed and I can’t walk very well today. Thank you for all the prayers and for caring, I just want to do God’s work at the church and try to be there for others. I  know God’s got this but wow, the pain today is unbearable.
6/10 ANDOLINA: I have an appointment today with a neurologist to get the symptoms I have been having looked at.  The ER believes that I could have intercranial hypertension which means I have to much fluid in in my head which is causing my brain to be pushed down. I am truly just asking for peace and wisdom so that it doesn’t feel like a wasted trip to hear the same information just from another doctor. Thank you Gretchen
6/9 COVENANT CHURCH: UPDATED INFORMATION: Our sympathy is extended to the friends and family of Eleanor Johnson. She passed away. There will be a visitation hour from noon to 1pm on Thursday, June 10th in Covenant Church followed by a service at 1pm.
6/9 COVENANT CHURCH: Summer’s Best 2 Weeks kicks off MONDAY! Please keep all the leaders, counselors, campers and volunteers in prayer!
6/8 NICHOLS: Please pray for our son who has small blood clots in both lungs. Marsha
6/7 COSTELLO: Please pray for a dear friend of a friend in an Erie hospital in desperate need of prayers. He’s currently in a coma with multiple health problems. God hear our prayers. Thank you. Cathy
6/4 WORK: Thank you all. Derek’s surgery is over and all went well. Thanking the Lord for the answered prayers!! On to recovery. Beth
6/3 WORK: Thank you for the continued prayers for Derek. He is improving daily and is scheduled for surgery Friday morning to repair the hernia. It will be at 830 am. Prayers for smooth surgery and a speedy recovery. Praise to our God who has provided at every turn with all we need!! Beth
6/3 VANVERTH: Please lift in prayer former long time members of our church, Ray & Cindi Sadowski, as they will be flying to Florida on June 7th to be with their son, Raymond (45 years old), as he will undergo a heart procedure on June 8th. Raymond’s heart is very weak with his left ventricle pumping at only 20% & this procedure’s findings will determine if a pacemaker can be placed. If the findings from this initial procedure show a pacemaker is the resolve then it will be placed 7 days later. Denise
6/3 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife is doing well on the clinical trial; the side effects are manageable.  We won’t know if anything is working until the next PET scan in 2 weeks.  She is VERY excited to come home this weekend (but only half as excited as I am). Praise God for giving her healing, strength, and patience.  Praise Him for surrounding us with your prayers.  God is good all the time. Craig
6/2 WILSON: Mike is showing very slight improvement. He is on the max amount of oxygen, they are treating his lungs, and also his anxiety.  His wife tells me he has a hard time speaking and he feels like a caged animal.  Please continue lift him up in prayer. Thank you. Rob
6/1 ANONYMOUS: Requesting healing. I tested positive for Covid.  Symptoms in general are mild except for lower rib cage tingling pain which is a stabbing pain.  This prevents me from sleeping and seems to be worse today than yesterday. Also have a lot of fatigue. Amen
5/28 WILSON: Update on Mike: He has pneumonia in  both lungs, No covid thank the Lord. Doing okay at this time.
5/28 WILSON: Please pray for healing for Mike, my boss. He’s been off all week and said he’s never been this sick. He thought it was allergies. He went to Farrell yesterday. They life flighted him to Magee’s where he is in ICU. they’re not sure at this point whether it’s pneumonia, covid, or both. Thank you. Rob
5/27 MCANANY: Thanks for all your prayers. I am 3 weeks post-op and still learning my limits. I am getting stronger each day. This time off has allowed me to re-focus my eyes on God! Thank you my church family! Barb
5/27 COSTELLO: Thanks for all the prayers for my mom. She’s home and doing well. She appreciated all the prayers and knows they made a difference. God is great. Cathy
5/27 CAMPBELL: I’m traveling to see my beautiful wife today. Pray for a boring and uneventful drive and a blessed weekend. Deuteronomy 31:8 Craig
5/27 SIMON: Tim Ramsey, the director of LATCOM, has an infection in his knee, that was cleaned out yesterday. Pray for his healing. Also, Elodia, a staff worker for the REDES outreach in Bolivia, has a medical appointment with neurologists to try to determine/diagnose her issue with her unable to walk and function properly. Both her mother and sister had this condition and passed from it. Thank you for your prayers. Dick
5/26 POVLICK: Please pray for the Darlington Presbyterian church.  They had this fire yesterday at the church, and it has been a total loss.  Pray for the pastor and church family. Zoey
5/25 COVENANT CHURCH: The memorial service for Michael Walker’s father, Ed, will be Saturday, May 29th at noon in First Presbyterian Church, Sharon. Ed passed away December 27, 2020.
5/22 COSTELLO: Please pray for my mom. She fell earlier this morning and hit her head. A catscan showed a brain bleed so she’s being transferred to Pittsburgh for observation. She’s lucid and her headache is gone so we’re optimistic she’s going to be fine. God is good and she’s looking forward to seeing Jesus if this would be her time. Cathy
5/21 LITTLE: Update on my friend Bette Ann: after giving her a med. to allow her to eat and not get sick… she is on a chemo schedule of 3 weeks on one week off. Please keep her in prayers. She is trying so hard to keep fighting so she can see her grand children graduate and marry.

Thank you prayer warriors! Donna

5/19 COVENANT CHURCH: Keith Allen is now home and will be continuing therapy there. He and Lori wish to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and prayers.
5/18 MCANANY: I had neck surgery May 7th at Cleveland Clinic.  Surgery was a success. Please pray for me and my family as the road to recovery is 6-8 weeks. God is good!!! My pain has been limited to muscle soreness. I pray for patience to heal. Barb
5/17 HUTCHINSON: Thank you for all the prayers my mom went today to get her kidney stones Lasered out today. They Busted up the big one and pulled out the parts, there is another small one they found she will pass on her own ( only 1 mm ), put in new stent and will get that out in office next week. she is at home doing well at the moment thank you all. Ashley
5/11 COVENANT CHURCH: John Fabian will have a heart cath tomorrow to check the efficiency of the right side of his heart. Pray for tomorrow’s procedure and for answers. 
5/11 SPEARS: Update on Annette Hutchinson- She needs more attention through the medical field to get rid of the kidney stone and still suffers with nausea.  So far the doctor hasn’t come through with the much needed machine to clear the stone.  Appreciate much needed prayer to have answers as she is in much discomfort at home.  Thanks again for your needed prayers.  Evelyn
5/11 BAKER: Pray for Bonnie – having surgery on Friday at West Penn Hospital. They are not sure if it is cancer. Pray for peace and for a successful surgery as well as complete healing. Annie
5/9 SPEARS: My niece Linda came through her knee surgery very well. My sister is with her to follow up on her needs.  Thank you for continuing successful healing.   Evelyn
5/8 WORK: Derek is feeling better and getting some strength back. All tests came back good. The high fever they believe was just some kind of virus. He does have surgery scheduled for Friday June 4 for his hernia. Thank you prayer warriors ! Beth
5/8 SPEARS: Please pray for Annette Hutchinson in UPMC hospital in regards to having a sizeable kidney stone.  In much pain and they are keeping her overnight.  They put in a stent hoping that would help things along.  Appreciating your prayers dear Covenant Family.  Evelyn
5/6 Today is the National Day of Prayer. “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17
5/4 SPEARS: Pray for our niece, Linda, in Columbia, MO as she has knee surgery today. Evelyn
5/3 BAKER: Pray for Dan. He is in a drug-induced coma due to covid related pneumonia. Annie
5/3 CHAVEZ: Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and blood pressure issues. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine. Pray for the removal of debt and financial  blessings and financial security for Lorraine. Pray Lorraine’s possessions last a hundred times longer and become newer each day. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for  my uncle Seve and aunt Jackie In the name of Jesus. Amen Phil
5/2 KILGORE: Concerted prayer needed, I believe and know we serve a “God Who Listens”, therefore I am requesting intercession for my current circumstance. Due to my autoimmune dysfunction and MCS I am unable to receive the vaccine and have found a physician in Cleveland that is versed in this situation, the need I have is once I obtain an appointment I will need transportation for with this illness I am no longer able to drive long distances on my own, so please the doctors have asked me to reach out to my families, immediate and church. PTL, I have Godly physicians!  My condition is deteriorating very seriously and I am getting weaker & weaker due to the continued insomnia, (possibly due to the attack on my adrenals) that needs intervention soon, thank you for I know I have been praying for several children and we are seeing miracles, which gives me hope as an intercessor.  Now the intercessor needs intercession:) Darlene
5/1 CAMPBELL: Praise God! The first week of the clinical trial is done and my beautiful wife is doing well. Her bloodwork was near perfect and she is feeling good. Thank you all for your prayers and all the glory to God! Psalm 115:1 (thank you for the reminder, Kim) Craig
4/29 COVENANT CHURCH: Please keep Eleanor Johnson in prayer as she has been placed on hospice. 
4/28 NORRIS: Update to Keith Allen. He is being transferred to Allegheny Hospital in Pittsburgh for more tests.  His spirits are good as usual and he is anxious to find the problem. Continued prayers appreciated. Patty
4/26 COSTELLO: Please pray for our granddaughter, Rebecca, who has Covid, for her daughter, Laney, who’s been exposed and for her dad and his family who have also been exposed and also for Frank and I who have also been exposed. May we all be be healthy and in under His protection. Cathy
4/26 WORK: Thank you for prayers ! Derek is home. His fever is down and he is slowly regaining some energy. Pray second round of test results concerning source of fever are good and he can proceed to schedule surgery. God’s presence peace and provision have been so evident through it all and we are trusting him with each step to recovery! Beth
4/26 NORRIS: Please keep Keith Allen in prayer. He was admitted to hospital last night. They are running tests today and are waiting for results. Keep his wife Lori in prayer also. May God give the doctors the wisdom to find the problem. Patty
4/23 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife starts the clinical trial today. Please pray for healing from the cancer, minimal side effects from the drugs, and peace in both of our hearts. Craig
4/22 WORK: Another update on Derek: They are continuing to run tests to pinpoint cause of fever. But Ptl he woke up without it today. Won’t do any surgery on the hernia they found until they’re positive nothing else going on since his fever was so high. All tests have been good so far now just praying rest come back good too!  Thnx for the prayers !! God has truly been providing. Beth
4/21 WORK: Update on Derek very high fever last night which subsided with fluids and antibiotics. But unfortunately it was back up this morning. Will be here at upmc for further testing to try to determine the cause. Prayers for wisdom and answers much appreciated! Waiting and trusting the One who knows! Beth
4/21 ZIPPIE: Please pray for Derek Work.  He is experiencing some concerning symptoms and is being taken to the emergency room.  Pray for wisdom for the medical staff and peace for Derek and his family. Kim
4/19 HOLES: I am asking for prayer as I am nervous for my MRI on my back on Thursday. Alfred
4/19 WORK: Prayers for Derek as he goes in tomorrow at 8 am for an upper GI.  He hasn’t been feeling well for about 6 weeks. Please pray for a calm and peace for him and wisdom for Dr. Miller as she works to find an answer. Thank you church family!! Beth
4/16 ANDOLINA: I want to thank those that prayed for me Sunday. I have made it through what I had to this week and got help from the er on Monday.  I had testing done throughout the week and found out this morning that I am anemic. My next stop is a blood doctor to continue to find relief. Gretchen
4/16 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to Gerald King and family. Margaret passed away.
4/14 LITTLE: Please pray for my friend, Bette Ann, who I just found out has had a stroke and then was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.
She is very sick from the chemo … pray they can quickly find the type and dosage that she can tolerate.  Donna
4/14 COVENANT CHURCH: Have you been reading the Gospel Coalition’s posts on prayer? Here is day 8.
4/13 COVENANT CHURCH: Continue to keep Sherry Haddox in prayer as she undergoes testing and awaits answers.
4/12 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife and I are traveling to NY again; she was accepted into a clinical trial for a cancer treatment. She will stay there for 5 weeks, I will travel to and from as often as I can.  Please pray for safe travels, courage, serenity, and healing.

Thank you 🙏❤ Craig

4/8 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to the friends and family of Chuck Black. He passed away yesterday. There will be a memorial service at a later date. Please contact the church if you would like to send a card.
4/8 LIMA: Please, could you assist me to pray for the intercession of the Holy Spirit in all the actions  against my Daughters, and my Son, and against Myself. May Blessed and Protected be my dear Fatima Rodriguez with all discernment of the Lord, that Blessed and Protected be my Life, be reversed and blessed and transformed in good things! May the Lord intercede in this situation for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ, amen. Thank you! Rob
4/7 COVENANT CHURCH: Every wonder about prayer? Join us for 40 Days of Prayer: Stories of God’s Work around the Globe by The Gospel Coalition. Each day there is a very short story, scripture and prayer illustrating the power of prayer. Read Day One, then head over to the Covenant Facebook page to comment your thoughts on our post.
4/3 KILGORE: Father God, I come before You this Holy Saturday in prayer & supplication for all going through dis-ease, especially cancer. Father I plead the blood of Your Precious Son as we remember the Via Dolorosa The Way of Suffering He chose to walk for our very lives, therefore I stand on Your Promise in Isaiah 53:4 for when things seem dark we pray the Prayer of Faith as we take communion remembering Your Body & Blood were broken & shed for this very reason believing You ARE a God who listens-(Chris Tomlin) Hear our prayer O Lord, In Jesus Name, Amen! Darlene
4/3 CAMPBELL: The PET scan results were not good. The cancer is growing and spreading. Please pray for my beautiful wife. Craig
4/1 WOODS: This is an update on Phyllis my husbands cousin. She had her consult with Dr. today, and to her surprise the Drs. have decided to forego surgery and treat her with drug therapy.  She is elated and wanted to thank everyone who prayed and gives God all the glory!  Thank you❤️❤️ Connie
4/1 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife and I are traveling to NY for another PET scan.  Pray from safe travels to and from and for good results on Friday’s PET scan. God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good. Craig