“Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.” – E.M. Bounds


It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!


11/18 MCANANY: Pray for those strugging with cancer and terminal illnesses; safe travels this holiday season; our nation. Barb
11/18 IVAN: Pray for people that have lost loved ones. Megan
11/18 DOTY: Continued prayer for Nathan Wolfgang. Rayanne
11/18 KELLEY: Continued prayer for Tatiana and family. Joe
11/18 KILGORE: Supernatural healing – with manifestation of wholeness (SOZO) of my soul and body standing on the Promises of Christ My King in Isaiah 53:4.  And continued acceptance and understanding of my physical limitations caused by this infirmity esp. the chemical Sensitivities from the pesticide poisoning years ago.  The holidays become challenging due to the increased exposure to perfumes and other fragrances.  Sincerely with faith and gratitude. Darlene
11/18 BOMBECK: Update on my Uncle Dick Sed. His foot is healing, praise God! He has a long way to go so please keep praying for continued healing for his foot and for him to have a relationship with Jesus.  Also, please pray for his family as they try to support and encourage him. Thank you. Jan
11/15 PORTAL: Update on Nathan: He is out of ICU, off the ventilator and is doing will. He has a long road to recovery. Thank you for the prayers. Peg
11/15 HUTCHINSON: Pray for Hutch’s dad (Don) he has been in the hospital for 3 days with high fever they took a Cat-Scan and he has pneumonia!! Pray fever goes down!! Annette
11/13 LACAMERA: Please pray for Ryan, 33 year old with malignant brain tumor.  He is my friends’ son.  He had surgery to remove most of tennis ball size tumor at end of October. The family is deciding with doctors what will be the next step(s) for treatment.  He and his wife are expecting their second child and have a 2 year old.  Thank you. Marlene
11/13 COVENANT: Please keep Janey Layman in prayer as she has her “new” knee surgery today. Also, keep all those affected in yesterday’s car and truck accidents in prayer.
11/12 STAUFFER: Continue to keep Bolivia in your prayers! Although the President has resigned, this leads to much chaos in the ungoverned country for now. A woman who attended the Azmera Haven Retreat in Ecuador with me reports that: (We) knew the resignation wouldn’t fix it all but it’s so sad…. Things are worse evrywhere. The people destroy houses, police stations, hospitals, pharmacies … there is a group of the goverment destroying and burning busses and houses …please keep praying for Bolivia! Daneen 
11/11 COVENANT: Thank you to all Veterans, past and present, for your service.
11/11 KELLEY: Continue to pray for Tatiana’s mother suffering from Alzheimer’s and for her husband with cancer. Also, pray for the preservation of America. Joe
11/11 ANONYMOUS: Pray for the absence of all cancers.
11/11 CORLEY: Pray for Fran H. as she has cancer. Eric
11/8 BURLESON: Urgent prayer request 1 & 1/2 yr old Baby boy Brooks Campbell was rushed to Cleveland Clinic in liver failure this morning. This is Natalie & Derek’s cousin.  The Drs. want Brooks at this hospital in case they have to do a liver transplant. Brooks mother Andrea is pregnant with their 2nd child. Heavenly father give the Dr’s the knowledge to help Brooks & peace to Andrea & Matt. Brenda
11/6 PORTAL: My nephew, in his early 30s, was in a horrible car accident on October 26th. He was thrown from the car and his whole left side is broken: foot, leg, hip, ribs, arm, shoulder. Doctors were going to do surgery on the 27th but discovered  his fractured skull. Surgery (doing all the repairs together) started on Oct. 28th but he stopped breathing so they stopped and put him on a ventilator. They began weening him off so surgery could be done but discovered sometime in the five days that he had had a stroke. His grandparents, the Wolfgangs, were members here. Peggy
11/6 COVENANT: Marge Stanley has passed away. Calling hours will be Saturday from 4-6pm in Briceland Funeral Home in Brookfield with a service immediately following the visitation.
11/4 BOMBECK: Please pray for my uncle, Dick Sed. He is in rehabilitative care in Manor Home in Greenville for his foot which may have to be amputated. More importantly please pray he will draw much closer to the Lord. He believes but has no relationship with Jesus. Thank you. Jan
11/4 ISAQUE: Thank God for all the graces and blessings I have. -Healing, Knee -Spiritual Healing -Family Harmony
11/4 ANONYMOUS: Please help me pray that the Holy Spirit will intercede in all the actions of Michele & Maria; may all actions become blessings of God, That Blessed and Protected be the Pastors. In the name of Jesus, Thank you!
11/3 SMITH: Please keep an old friend (Barb Burke) of the family in prayers.  She lost her husband not long ago to cancer and now she is up in the Erie hospital for a heart attack.  Thank you. Angie
10/31 SPEARS: Update on Peggy Layman.  She is for this time in a nursing home.  It was found not to be a break but a fracture.  I’m sure this still will take time for healing.  Prayers needed.  Thanks-Evelyn
10/31 STAUFFER: We prayed for peace in Ecuador and He answered with peace! Please join me in now praying for Bolivia. One of our retreat ladies is from there. There is much unrest and it’s getting more violent  … people burning motorbikes , houses, destroying hospitals … other places are having a hard time getting food and supplies because of blocked roads. These people really need lifted  in prayer. Thank you 💜 Daneen
10/31 GARCIA: Missionary campaigns around the world. Robert
10/30 SPEARS: Please pray for our friend Peggy Layman, a former member of our choir. She had a fall and broke her leg and is now in the hospital.  Her address in case you want to be in touch: 585 Renee Circle,  Mt Pleasant, Pa. 15666 She has had her share of surgery. Appreciate your prayers. Evelyn
10/28 COVENANT: Our sympathy is extended to the family of the Rev. Dr. Joseph Hopkins. He passed away on Thursday. Dr. Hopkins was a visitation pastor here several years ago. Visitation will be Thursday at the Smith Funeral Home in New Wilminggton and a service on Friday at 10am in the New Wilmington Presbyterian Church. 


  1. Please pray for my friend Bonnie and 28 y/o son, Mark. He suffers with depression and mood disorder and has been very depressed so he quit his job and cut arms with knife more than once.  Meds are not working. He has appt next week with new psychiatrist.
  2. Please pray for my friend Liza and family. Her 21 y/o daughter was in tragic accident during vacation and died. Liza has not been back to work since.
  3. Asking continued prayers for Tommy still receiving chemo for pancreatic cancer with 2 more treatments scheduled so far. Thank you all. Marlene
10/28 DOTY: My dad, Terry, is sick. Rayanne
10/28: ANONYMOUS: Please pray that the lawyer makes it possible for me to not have to move from here & he gets rent down & my health & finances improve. It’s been a very hard year. Thanks
10/26 STAUFFER: Please keep Eric Corley’s neighbor, Audrey in your prayers as she had knee surgery today. Daneen
10/25 BURLESON: Prayers for Barb. She is having chemotherapy & radiation for brain tumors. Dr. in Erie is only able to remove 80% of one tumor. Brenda
10/25 MOSER: Update on my brother-in-law – He is showing improvement after a very difficult surgery. He is off the vent and sitting in a chair.  Thanks everyone for your prayers. Kathleen
10/25 MILD: Please keep our friend Igor in your prayers.  He had emergency surgery in Pittsburgh last week and came home yesterday.  But, now he has developed other complications.  Thanks! Carolyn
10/25 COVENANT: Thanks to all those donating candy and attending the Flipped Trick-or-treat on Wednesday! These neighborhood events continue to be an amazing experience…truly a mission trip in our backyard. Please be in prayer for all the new people we met and our friends. Also, keep in prayer how you may be a part of our next event on November 3rd after worship…Fall Fest. 
10/25 STAUFFER: Please pray for John Fabian who does not have double pneumonia as he was previously diagnosed with Tuesday, but does have fluid around his heart. He went back in the ER tonight and is on his way to be admitted at UPMC Passavant in North Pittsburgh. Pray for clear diagnosis and healing … and peace for Brenda … thanks. Daneen
10/24 TESTANI: It has felt like a whirlwind process the past few months. I had bad anxiety at first but with prayer it went to a normal level. Today was not as bad I thought it would be and I am now a certified nurse aide. I feel like I have found my calling. Thank you for all your support! Gretchen
10/24 GRABAN: Thank you for praying with me for Christine. I’m so thankful for our holy Father’s  protection of her. All of the xrays and scans showed nothing broken, but she hurts alot. Continued prayers for complete healing. Sherry
10/24 MILD: I went to Cleveland Clinic yesterday and the surgeon couldn’t find anything wrong in the joints of my knee or otherwise.  Thank God!  We don’t know why the knee is so swollen but over time the doctor said the swelling will go down.  It was maybe some kind of sprain or from the way I was walking, but thankful it’s not an infection.   There’s a lot going on in that knee with plates, screws, and new knee that things can go wrong.  Thanks for your prayers!!  Carolyn
10/24 ANONYMOUS: Praying that the Holy Spirit enter into my heart to heal from a loss of relationship.  There was no explanation and a lot of hurtful things were said.  Therefore I am harboring ill feelings, anger and resentments.  Asking God for divine direction on this new path. Praying for the person who was so hurtful as well.
10/23 GRABAN: Please keep my future daughter-in-law in prayer. A car pulled out in front of her and totaled her car. There doesn’t appear to be anything broken but they are currently doing xrays and a cat scan of her head and neck.  She and my son Matt are getting married next weekend. Thank you. Sherry
10/23 MOSER: Please pray for my brother-in-law and sister. He had open heart surgery yesterday and it didn’t go well. He is on a ventilator and the next few days are critical. They covet our prayers. Thank you, Kathleen.
10/21 BROWN: Pray for my health problems and anxiety. My pet bird died recently. Also pray for my sister with cancer and my friend Pauline. Jean
10/21 BURLESON: Pray for Claudia – healing of hip replacement that has popped out three times. Brenda
10/21 ANONYMOUS:Please pray for Rafael – Spiritual Healing, Family Harmony, Financial Problems, Purchase of the House.
10/18 MILD: I went to my family doctor and he took fluid out of my knee and there was blood not pus which would have meant it was infected. Therefore,  I don’t have an infection but that something may have come loose inside the knee or I have aggravated the joint somehow.  I have an appointment at Cleveland Clinic next week.   Thanks for your prayers! Carolyn
10/17 STAUFFER: Praise the Lord! Janie and I made it safely to Ecuador with no delays or issues! Our luggage has even arrived too! Very little sleep last night after arriving at 11:30PM Eastern, and b/c our phones are in airplane mode, they didn’t change to Central Time and we awakened an hour earlier than needed! Pray for the attendees who will be arriving today, and the volunteers who have much to do to prepare b/c of our delayed arrival. Strength, energy, and health for all! Daneen
10/17 MILD: An additional request for you to pray that there is no infection or allergic reaction to the metal in my knee, or plates and screws.  Thanks! Carolyn
10/16 MILD: I’m having problems with my right knee with swelling and pain.  It started last week and now is getting worse.  They took x-rays yesterday but my doctor is out of town and I can’t get any information.  I have a knee replacement (10 years ago) and also plates and screws from a broken femur that happened several weeks after I had the knee surgery. I had it repaired at Cleveland Clinic and am going to contact them tomorrow.  I am concerned that something came apart inside the knee.  Thanks for your prayers! Carolyn
10/16 COVENANT: Please keep Daneen and Janie in prayer as they travel to Ecuador. Pray that God will use them mightily in both great and small ways.
10/16 COVENANT: Tomorrow night is the first rehearsal for this year’s Christmas Cantata. Pray that those attending will be blessed with fellowship and God’s presence in singing his praises. 
10/16 ANONYMOUS: Please pray with me for Rebecca, I hold her before the Face of Our loving God that He may grant the aspiration of the holy spirit in the heart of her and she can grow in closeness to God. I place the Holy Name of Jesus upon Rebecca’s life,  amen.
10/15 SCARMACK: Please pray for our nephew, Michael Hillman and his family, He is having a bone marrow transplant today. Sheryl
10/15 LYON: Marci and Isaac in bad motorcycle accident over weekend. Their legs are amputated and on ventilator- both. They have 3 kids. Mollie
10/15 STAUFFER: The situation in Ecuador has been resolved miraculously just as the Azmera Team had prayed (just on GOD’S timeline, not necessarily ours!), and the Azmera leadership have done their homework checking with many different agencies, officials at the hotel in Quito, etc…so the trip is now BACK ON!!!  We have been able to change our flight until Wednesday WITH NO EXTRA FEES!!! At this point, 10 of the original 14 volunteers are able to still attend, and I just received word that 2 new attendees who weren’t able to attend previously now are able because the conference they were scheduled to attend has been cancelled and not reopened!! Apparently after the Azmera Board made the decision to cancel, women wanted to know if they could just come stay at the hotel (if they cold get there) even if there was no retreat happening!  There is such a need for refreshment, encouragement, and renewal for these ladies…..and the Lord has made a way for that to happen!!!  Please continue to pray for the amazing plans that the Lord must have in store for these women who are attending (including us, the volunteers)! Looking forward to reporting all of the amazing things that God will do at the Haven Retreat Ecuador! Daneen
10/14 STAUFFER: Just wanted you to know that Janie and my trip to Ecuador has been cancelled due to the continued political unrest in the country. Please continue to pray for the people of Ecuador’s safety and that the situation will be resolved quickly!
Also pray that the ministry women who were hoping to attend might make time for themselves to use what we hope to put together…..as much of the retreat as we can….. ONLINE!! (Speaker, worship sessions, counselling, pilates workout, etc… ) Many of them are in desperate need of renewal and refreshment after years of pouring into others and denying themselves the care they need!! Thank you for your loving support and prayers! Blessings, Daneen and Janie
10/14 ANONYMOUS: Praying for strength and healing after ending of one year relationship. Unfortunately there was deception. Praying for discernment in the future. Lead me and guide me to not make the same mistakes. Lord you are well aware of the pain of betrayal and loneliness as a single person in a world designed for couples and families. Amen.
10/14 LACAMERA: Please pray for my friend Tommy L. Who lives in Steubenville. He is receiving chemo for malignant mass on his pancreas. The goal is to shrink the tumor and surgery after 2 more rounds of chemo therapy. He has loss of appetite and fatigue with 10 lb weight loss. The date for surgery is pending the treatments. Praying for comfort and peace and healing. He is single with no local family but dies have some close friends. Marlene
10/10 MILD: Bob went to Cleveland Clinic to get a 2nd opinion on the vascular problem in his left leg. He was told that they would not be doing any more surgery and that he would have to live with the one artery which is feeding blood to the leg and foot. So he has been doing a lot of walking and has resumed most of his activities. He is limited in how far he can walk without resting. Thanks for your prayers that he will not get any infections in his leg or foot that could lead to a very serious situation since there is not a lot of circulation. Carolyn
10/9 LEVITT: Prayers for a speedy recovery for Diane after hip surgery. Patricia
10/9 KELLEY: Pray for my friend’s mother as she cares for her with Alzheimer’s disease. Joe
10/9 LYON: Pray for my daughter and son-in-law traveling to Texas for their new adventure – campground workers on the Gulf Coast. Older daughter has ulcer (s) and had an ultrasound on 10/5. Mollie
10/9 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to Jim & Evelyn Spears for the death of their son, Matthew. Calling hours will be Friday from 5 to 7pm in Stevenson’s Funeral Home. The service will be Saturday at 11am in the church. More information available here.