It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

4/15 COVENANT CHURCH: Please begin to pray for those traveling to Mexico this summer: Annie, Lesley, Craig, Tina, Zoey, Armando, Pat, Anna, Cassie,  Anna, Scarlett, Darlene, Rick, Beth.
4/15 ROBINSON: Pray for God’s grace to walk the word out daily helping others through His love. Mark
4/12 COVENANT CHURCH: Update on Dianna Reed … Dianna is in critical condition and had an emergency transfer to Passavant Hospital last night. We praise God that He stabilized a very scary day yesterday, but now ask for His perfect hand to be upon Dianna to accomplish His will for His glory!
4/12 COVENANT CHURCH: Let’s begin to pray for our summer Mexico mission team as they prepare to serve where God has led. The team includes: Annie, Lesley, Craig, Tina, Zoey, Armando, Pat, Anna, Cassie, Scarlett, Anna, Darlene, Rick, and Beth.
4/11 COVENANT CHURCH: Please add Dianna Reed to your prayers today. She is in ICU in Jameson with pneumonia.
4/11 SIMON: LATCOM mission update and prayer request. The REDES outreach by the nationals (indigenous locals) has been very successful in reaching and discipling new Christians in the Lomerio region. So much so that it’s recognized by the Bolivians Chritian community as one of best models of successful church plantings. They’re hoping to dedicate another new church this year. All said, this is taking place while the Bolivian country is on the verge of economic collapse. There is 30% inflation, gas fuel lines are 2 hrs. long and rationing has begun. Getting funds into the country and fuel to the national missionaries in the rural fields is difficult. Please pray for peace and stability for this country.   Thanks, Dick
4/10 LITTLE: Update on my sister, Doris. The new cochlear implant was successfully installed and is healing nicely … stitches were removed on Mon. April 20th  is the activation date.  That’s when we all find out if it will work for her. Thank you all for your prayers! Donna o/
4/10 WOODS: Update on Fred Elavsky: Biopsy showed it is cancer, all other tests came back good. He needs approval from Cardiologist then they are ready to do surgery.  Surgery has been scheduled for May 8th.  Fred wanted me to relay how much he appreciates all your prayers for his surgery and for his wife Cindy who has her own health issues plus concern for her husband. Thank you for standing with me in prayer. Connie
4/5 SIMON: Haiti update: not good. No gas, little food. Banks are closed. Pastor Beril is OK. Pray for the Haitian people to be delivered from evil. Dick
4/4 OST: PRAISING God 🙌  7months today I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. I could barely talk, eat, breathe…m.g. (that’s what I call it)  Look at me now!  I have my own M.G….my MIGHTY GOD!!   praises to my Father, my Strength, Redeemer, Almighty God!! All Glory and Praises to Him!🙌 Diane
4/4 LEVITT: Prayers for peace and comfort for a young friend of ours. Who just lost her partner. They have a one year old little boy . Fortunately her family and friends are and will be very supportive But she needs prayers to help her get through her grief and terrible feeling of loss. Patricia
4/3 READING: Today, my husband, Andrew Reading, had an irregular mole removed from his left side of his neck. It was sent out for a biopsy for possibly melanoma.  Please pray results are an atypical mole. His anxiety is pretty high. Results will take 2 – 3 weeks. Shelley
3/30 HARENCHAR-BOOK: Scott Stefanish services information.
3/29 HARENCHAR-BOOK: Scott Stefanish passed away this morning. His long battle with cancer has come to an end. I will let you know when the services will be. Thank you all. Amy
3/28 SZABO: My classmate, Char is moving to Grove Manor to do rehab. Prayers this helps her get back to her apartment soon. Cathy
3/28 WOODS: Update on Fred Elavsky: Had his biopsy yesterday, it is cancer in his lung.  Good news is he tolerated the breathing tube therefore he can go through the surgery and doctors believe they can remove all cancer without follow-up treatments.  He has a heart related procedure to go through before they schedule surgery. I guess it is just regular procedure.  Please continue your prayers I think they are truly touching and strengthening the family. And who knows what testimony God will give them and bring them to salvation through his loving-care. Thank you all, Connie
3/27 BURLESON: Praise be to God! I’m claiming healing in the name of Jesus for getting me through cancer surgery. Tomorrow radiation consultation, next week right breast biopsy. Thank you for your prayers. Brenda
3/27 LITTLE: Please keep my sister Doris in your prayers.  She will be having surgery tomorrow AM   For a cochlear  implant. ( This is a device to give her back her hearing) This is her second try.  The first one didn’t work out due to an infection at the site.  Please pray for this time to be successful.

Thank you. Donna o/

3/27 SZABO: Please continue to pray for my classmate Char. She is improving but needs some PT and she will be moving to a nursing home to receive therapy. Prayers that this will help her return to her apartment. Cathy
3/23 STAUFFER: We praise God for Daneen’s clean pathology reports from her surgery!! No more cancer! She will have some radiation when she heals from surgery. Rick
3/22 SZABO: Please pray for a classmate of mine. She is in the hospital and seems some better today. Hoping she can go home soon. Her name is Char. She is a believer and would appreciate any prayers. Thank you-Cathy
3/22 COVENANT CHURCH: As we approach Holy Week, please prayerfully consider inviting friends and family to our services. Palm Sunday 10:30am and 7pm
Good Friday at 7pm
Easter Sunday at 10:30am
3/20 STAUFFER: Daneen thanks you all for your prayers. Her surgery went well yesterday and the doctor is confident that he got all of the cancer, but we will need to wait for the pathology reports. Please continue to pray with us for her complete recovery. Rick
3/20 RAINEY: The mom of a friend of mine from school is a very private person, but is in need of a great deal of prayer at the current time.  One prayer need is for the tumor she has on her pituitary gland.  It has not been of great concern, but due to its increase in size they have decided to operate and remove it on April 9.  The second, and more prevalent, prayer need is for a scan that she will undergo tomorrow.  This scan will detect if there is anything of concern with her liver and/or pancreas.  Please pray for peace over her and her husband, as well as my friend, as she is beside herself with concern and worry for her mom. Sam
3/20 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for me. I need more deep sleep and deep peace and healing for my broken nose? I am very tired. I need sleep. 
3/13 WOODS: Update on Fred Elavsky: Had his Dr. appt. yesterday as to how they would proceed with his treatment. On March 27th he will be tested to see if he can tolerate a breathing tube, if so they will do surgery on effective parts of his lung if he cannot they will begin treatment of radiation and chemotherapy. Please pray for God to be involved on all sides of this procedure. His wisdom, grace and guidance are welcomed. The family appreciates your prayers. Connie
3/13 ELLIS: Please pray for my Uncle George and his family. My cousin, Debbie, and her husband both contracted Covid.  They decided to quarantine in their bedroom to prevent their 16 year old son, Nathan, from catching it. When Nathan hadn’t seen them or heard any movement for a day and a half he became very concerned and decided to go in to check on them anyway.  Nathan found both of his parents deceased in their bed.  The autopsy revealed that both Debbie and her husband passed due to high fevers from the Covid virus. As you can imagine, this was quite overwhelming for the whole family, especially for Nathan.  I know that they would appreciate all of our prayers greatly.  Thank you Covenant family. Teri
3/10 SIMON: We have heard thru Rob and Donna Martsolf that Pastor Beril’s (Grace Mission) son Adony has said that the gangs have entered his  parents neighborhood in Haiti and posing a critical threat.  Please pray for the safety of Pastor Beril and his wife and family, Grace Mission, the churches established in Haiti, the Haiti School of Nursing and all persons in harms way of the evilness in Haiti. Dick
3/6 COVENANT CHURCH: Please pray for the family of Tricia Campbell as she has gone to be with the Lord on Wednesday. We give thanks for her life that has touched many of us … we give thanks for the hope of her resurrection which is certain because of Jesus … but we grieve with those who grieve over her loss. Tricia has graciously donated her body to science, so there are no services now, but we will celebrate her life at some TBD day in April.
3/6 COVENANT CHURCH; Please pray for the Zippie family in the loss of their mom, grandma, sister … Ann Zippie. Ann has been a long time member of Covenant Church and an asset to the ministry of the Kingdom of God here. There will be visitation at Covenant Church on Monday (3/11) from 4-7PM, then again from 10-11 on Tuesday (3/12) with a service to celebrate her life and certain resurrection at 11AM on Tuesday.
3/5 WEESE: Please pray for Brayden, the 17-year old son of one of my colleagues. He has been suffering with intestinal issues and has been in and out of the hospital for the last month.  He has a long road to recovery. Aaron
3/5 REED: Pray for my left knee to hip injury. Dianna
3/5 GRABAN: Thank you for praying with me for Nadia.  The scans showed no crohns, but the doctor removed several spots to be biopsied. The results will in on friday.  Our GOD is so great.  Sherry
3/4 ZIPPIE: Please keep the Zippie family in your prayers as they journey through the last hours of Ann’s life on this earth. Pray for comfort, peace, and for Christ’s presence to be felt. Kim
3/2 GRABAN: Please keep my granddaughter Nadia in prayer. She will be having tests on Monday, March 4 for crohns(IBD), which will include the entire digestive system. Thank you for praying with me. The LORD is faithful. Sherry
3/1 COVENANT CHURCH: Calling hours and service information is now available for Janice Readshaw. Visitation: 5 to 7 p.m. Monday (3-4-24) and 10 to 11 a.m. Tuesday (3-5-24) at SHERMAN FUNERAL HOME, 2201 Highland Road, Hermitage. The service will be 11 a.m. Tuesday at the funeral home with Pastor Jamie Fowler officiating.