“Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.” – E.M. Bounds


It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

7/8 SPEARS: Jim’s colonoscopy revealed no cancer. Praise the Lord! The stomach scope showed an ulcer that will be treated with OTC medication. Thank you for your prayers. Evelyn
7/7 SPEARS: Jim will have a colonoscopy tomorrow in Sharon. Please keep him in prayer. Evelyn
7/1 COVENANT CHURCH: Myra Pendleton has passed away. Calling hours will be tomorrow (Thursday) in Sample-O’Donnell Funeral Home from 10-11am followed by the service at 11am. 
6/29 BOMBECK: Dear church – Thank you for your prayers for my brother Chad. He passed very peacefully this evening shortly after being taken off the ventilator. I appreciate your prayers. Jan
6/29 SINES: Please pray for Missy my prodigal daughter to come home, repent and turn back to Jesus. Also, Please pray for Penny and Henry’s salvation, my parents. Thank you. Sheri
6/27 ZIPPIE: Please keep Wally King in your prayers as he learns to do life without his loving wife Cy.  She went to be with her Lord and Savior on Thursday evening.  Since her cancer diagnosis in January, she constantly pointed others to Christ and His faithfulness. Kim
6/27 BOMBECK: Update on Chad Sed is he has a feeding tube in place due to stroke affecting swallowing. He is in stable condition and has been moved from ICU to pcu (progressive care unit) which is a step down from icu. Thank you for your continued prayers. Jan
6/25 BOMBECK: UPDATE: Prayer warriors thank you Chad is now fully responsive and stable. His speech is slurred. They are awaiting more test results but his prognosis is good! Jan
6/25 BOMBECK: Please pray for my brother, Chad Sed. He has had a bad stroke and the extent of damage is yet to be determined. Thanks very much. Jan
6/20 WHITNEY: Please pray for comfort and God’s grace and mercy for his sister Barb who is in end stages of terminal cervical cancer. Bruce
6/20 MANNION: Prayer for Betty Mannion’s nephew, Jefree.  He is in his 30s, fell from a tree sustaining serious injuries. Broken ribs, both wrists broken as well as crushed vertebrae in neck.  Surgery this morning to put pins in to enable him to sit up. Said he will never walk. Surgery tomorrow for wrists.  Let’s pray for a miracle. Barb
6/18 SPEARS: Update for our neighbor Harry Wansor.  His operation was a challenge because of scar tissue which the surgeon had to work through to get to the source.  It was felt successful thanks to your prayers.  His wife JoAnn is caring for him.  More prayers please for the outcome of complete healing.  Thanks again dear prayer warriors for additional prayers.  Evelyn
6/17 CHAVEZ: Please Pray Healing for Hearing loss, Memory, Bad Posture, Body Pain, Blood Pressure and others. Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for Lorraine now in Jesus Name.  I pray for Lorraine Chavez. And Please Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle Seve Chacon. Phil
6/17 COVENANT CHURCH: Pray that Saturday’s neighborhood clean-up would be productive. See everyone at 9am on June 20th – meet in the Buhl Club parking lot.
6/17 COVENANT CHURCH: Virtual SB2W camp is off to a great start. The campers have learned about Romans 1:20 – FOCUS on what you can see. They’ve done relay races and a chopped challenge. Continue to pray that this modified version of camp will impact the campers and families.
6/15 COVENANT CHURCH: Dr. Bob’s surgery went very well. Thanks to everyone praying for him.
6/13 STAUFFER: Please pray for Bob’s hip replacement surgery on Monday (15th at 10am) and the recovery process. Thank you. Debbie
6/12 SPEARS: Prayers please for our dear neighbor for over 40 years.  Harry Wansor is to have a serious back operation on Monday in Pittsburgh.  There is really no guarantee for success.  But we know all things are possible through our Lord.  Thank you again dear church family. Evelyn 
6/11 VAN CISE: Thank you for your prayers.  The procedure on my back did help.  I am feeling much better. Carolyn
6/11 STAUFFER: Praise the Lord! Our son, Andrew got a great job with CCO!!! He’ll be the Training Assistant for the Fellows (college grads who are doing a 1 yr training on a college campus somewhere before going on staff with CCO) Technically, they can live anywhere, but for now we’re staying in Youngstown! Also, thank you for your prayers for my mom. She came home today shortly after noon and is very excited about getting a good night’s sleep in her own bed! Her blood pressure is regulated now, and she feels that she knows what triggered her diverticulitis!! Daneen
6/11 STAUFFER: Some of you might know Amy Schneider from Eyes of Faith. Amy’s father, Butch Johnson, had extensive neck surgery yesterday and had complications. He has a perforated esophagus and has to have surgery again tomorrow. It’s very serious. Please pray for successful surgery.
6/10 HUTCHINSON: Update on Aunt Helen Surgery went good, repaired the broken vertebrae, and next step is finding the right rehab place. Praise the Lord and thank you for all your prayers!!!! Annette
6/8 STAUFFER: Prayer requested for my mom, Janet Hoffman, who went to the ER last night at St Elizabeth’s hospital in Youngstown with elevated blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems. She used to have further testing today. Please pray they could find what the problem is and for her blood pressure to come down. Daneen
6/8 HUTCHINSON: Pray for my Aunt Helen she fell last night and broke 2 Vertebrae in her back. Waiting to hear when surgery will be. Thank you!! Annette
6/8 HUTCHINSON: Please pray for my aunt Helen (Ed Dunkerley sister in law) fell and  a very bad fracture and will need surgery. Ashley
6/8 SPEARS: Update on Jim:  Yeah! Jim is feeling better.  His appetite is returning.  He doesn’t feel as weak, so some strength is returning.  Yes dear church family, your prayers have been a prominent factor. We thank you. With Love.  Evelyn
6/8 TESTANI: Today I had pain a few hours after eating and followed what has been working it. I have an appointment tomorrow(Monday) at 1 with the gastroenterologist so hopefully this can help them which is the positive I am trying to look at. Gretchen
6/8 VAN CISE: I now live in Leipsic, OH.  I came here because my nephew lives close by. I am having trouble with my lower back and will be having surgery this coming Tuesday at two o’clock.  Appreciate your prayers.  Thank you, Carolyn Van Cise
6/6 LITTLE: My friend Joey is getting ready to go home after a brave battle with cancer. Please pray for no suffering as he goes  and for comfort for his wife Patty and the rest of his family. Thank you. Donna
6/5 COVENANT CHURCH: We are now in the green phase so we are able to participate in activities together. So how about we attend tomorrow’s Sharon Clean-up 9am. Meet at the Musser Elementary School parking lot. Teams will be sent out from there. Gloves, garbage bags and vests will be provided and masks are recommended. Also let’s keep the Sharon High School graduation in prayer. There will be limited guests permitted and we pray that everyone is understanding and kind. These are times to come together and celebrate our community and to love and serve as one!
6/5 SPEARS: Update for Jim.  He stayed overnight and returned home this afternoon.  A home health nurse is to come tomorrow to follow up by tending his needs.  His legs are not receiving enough circulation and he is hoping for an appointment with a specialist for this problem.  Praying for the right procedures to help him.  We thank you for your continued prayers.  Evelyn
6/5 COVENANT CHURCH: We are RE-GATHERING for worship on Sunday at 10:30am. 

6/4 LYON: Aunt Twila couldn’t talk today. They ruled out stroke, but think it may have been a seizure. She was supposed to go to rehab tomorrow. Now that is postponed. She’s still at Altoona hospital. Mollie
6/2 CHEATH: I’m asking for pray for K that God will break the veil of darkness off her spiritual heart and spiritually deliver her from the hands of Satan. Jamal
6/2 VLADO: Please pray for my father Kiro who had a stroke. He is in the no visits ICU with a brain bleed, not able to move, speak, eat or receive treatment. We are heartbroken and scared, but we know God is the best healer. Amen
6/1 SPEARS: Once again I am calling on my church family for prayer this coming Wednesday.  Jim is to enter Sharon Reg. for a procedure that involves attaching a wire to his pacemaker.  He will be expected to stay overnight.  I will not be allowed to go in with him.  Thanks again for being thoughtful with prayer. Evelyn