Isaiah 30:18

Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.
9/20 TESTANI: As of Friday I am 2 clinical days away from almost completing the class portion of the training. Graduation and mock skills day is next Friday and official certification is end of October. Looking for to the opportunities that are ahead of me. Gretchen
9/17 LITTLE: Please lift up my friend, & fellow guitar player, Joey. He’s been in the hospital since Sept. 3rd. He had just finished his chemo treatments and was getting scheduled for the next step ,surgery, to battle cancer …. and he became ill. They are trying to get him strong enough to do the needed surgery. Donna
9/17 ANONYMOUS: Pray for Jim M. He has stage 4 prostate cancer. Tests this week have shown 3 spots on his bone with one one his spine. He will be starting intense chemo therapy in 3 days. He & his family are trusting God for healing. Thanks so much. 
9/17 MILD: Bob continues to have continuous pain and limited walking on his bad leg.  We have an appointment at Cleveland Clinic on September 30.  Please pray that he will not develop any blood clots or any other complications.  Also, that they will be able to replace the artery or repair the damaged one and that he will not lose his leg.   We, also need wisdom as we face some other decisions.  Thanks, Carolyn
9/17 KLEFFNER: pray for the protestors in Hong Kong to do things right and to contend for the faith , help there to be reforms in China that allow freedom of religion and pray for India and Saudi Arabia also and even for Syria and Israel and Lebanon and Belarus and our country and Russia also and pray for all the prisons in the world and pray for all the homeless kids and sick people in the world and for all the homeless people in the world. Dustin 
9/16 READING: Pray for Julia’s family and for her. Her mother passed away a week or two ago and she is going through a lot. 
9/16 CAMPBELL: Prayers for healing, strength and patiences as Tricia starts chemo. Craig
9/16 BOOKER; Pray for my brother. He was shot. Pray for my recovery. Tay
9/16 Palmer: Pray for my family and the cities of Sharon & Farrell. Shaneea
9/16 ANONYMOUS: David Graban’s surgery went well.
9/13 ANONYMOUS: David Graban’s open heart surgery will be on Monday.
9/12 ZIPPIE: Please pray for Tina Hazlett. She has a vein clot in her liver. They are attempting to dissolve it, and they also think she may possibly have a Lymes flareup and are treating it with antibiotics. Kim
9/12 ANONYMOUS: Please pray for David Graban tomorrow, he is having open heart surgery at Sharon.
9/7 BOMBECK: Please pray for Catherine DeBonis, who is nearing 98 with dementia and has a dvt in her leg. Please pray for her peace and comfort. Also, please pray for her daughter Donna who cares for her. Jan
9/7 MILD: We found out this week that Bob’s bypass surgery was not successful. This was devastating news. The doctor said that they are not going to do anything for now as he has another small artery which is feeding the leg and will wait and see what happens. He is having a lot of pain again. Please pray for us as we have some difficult decisions to make very soon. Thanks, Carolyn
9/4 CPC: Our sympathy is extended to the friends and family of Mary Bain. She passed away on Tuesday. Calling hours will be 4 to 7 p.m. Friday (09/06/2019) in J. Bradley McGonigle Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., 1090 East State St., Sharon. Funeral service will be 10 a.m. Saturday (09/07/2019) in the funeral home, with Rev. Rick Stauffer, senior pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, officiating.
9/4 DOLORES K.: Nephew Jason for healing of spider bites on arms & neck. Nephew Chad for visit with his dad on Friday. Niece for attending a new school. All peoples whom lost their homes due to all these floods, fires & lost family friends thru death. Thank you.
9/3 MILD: Please pray that Bob’s leg that had major vein surgery in March will stabilize and that the pain he is having in it will stop. The leg had been doing very well but has recently been giving him pain again. This leg only has the one artery that they did the by-pass with to give him circulation. Thanks, Carolyn
9/2 MANNION: Please pray for our daughter, Kaitlyn, who lives in Charleston and needs to evacuate. They will be traveling here leaving at noon today. Thank you! Barb


8/30 CPC: Kaitlyn’s surgery went well yesterday and they went home last night. PTL!
8/30 KILGORE: Please pray for “acceptance” from family and friends of my physical limitations due to this chronic autoimmune dysfunction and Lyme Disease. I am grateful to have found current treatment which am told they believe I will have success in 6 months to a year, yet also cautioned me that the symptoms may be exacerbated and have a reaction due to killing of the Lyme’s spirocites and viruses (which has already begun). I desperately need relief of the neuromuscular pain and insomnia and continue to believe in miracles and trust Jehovah Rapha is the same yesterday, today and forever. Darlene
8/29 CPC: Tricia and Craig Campbell received news today that Tricia does have a reoccurrence of cancer but is elated to report that it is very localized, very treatable, and everyone is very optimistic! So we praise God for this good report, while we continue to pray for Tricia’s healing!!
8/29 CPC: Please pray for 3 year old Kaitlyn LaCamera. She was bitten by a dog yesterday and is undergoing surgery now in Akron Children’s Hospital to repair the puncture wounds.
8/29 MADURA: My son has some mental health issues and not doing well right now. I just talked to some type of emergency health people over there and they are checking on him for me. Barb
8/27 DELORES K: Jason (my nephew) for spider bites (infections), brother, work, finances, myself, losing 20 pounds, family for healing of souls, staff at hospitals, for our troops cross the seas in foreign lands, for all law enforcement across the world, for all persons here at church, for all departed persons everywhere. Thanks so much for all you do here. Bless you always.
8/26 COSTELLO: My mom, Margaret Tatusko, is recovering from a bad accident. She’s in terrible pain, cannot sleep, and is having trouble eating. Cathy
8/26 MARIE GRACE: Please pray for Dean to come into wisdom, knowledge and understanding, at the moment I am really afraid for his life. The involvement with the people has contact with, could lead him into really serious harm. Please pray for our lives to be protected. It is 50 years next year since I have had to survive such hardship, my mother died that year 1970. Thank you very much, Marie Grace.
8/26 KILGORE: Pray for my family to prosper and be in good health. Darlene
8/26 KELLEY: Pray for healing for my friends. Joe
8/26 CAMPBELL: Pray for patience, strength and a miraculous healing. Craig
8/23 CPC; Our sympathies are extended to Cathy Costello and family. Her father passed away.
8/23 JEAN BROWN: Pray for my sister, Kathy – in Florida. She has cancer.
8/21 KELLEY: Pray for my friend with Alzheimer’s…for healing and peace. Joe
8/21 KILGORE: PRAISE! My friend, Sharon, has breast cancer and has been using some natural treatments and is really improving. Darlene
8/21 JEAN BROWN: Pray for the swelling in my legs.
8/13 STAUFFER: Prayer requested for my cousin’s daughter Cathryn Coy, 27 yrs. Hospitalized with a high fever and diagnosed sepsis. On high doses of antibiotics. She has a 9 month old daughter and husband of just 2 years. Pray for God’s mercy and healing. Also safe travels as my cousin Sheree travels to be with the baby while Cathryn is in hospital. Daneen
8/13 KLEFFNER: Pray for all the people on the world.
8/7 ANONYMOUS: Pray for a gentlemen that is suffering from depression.
8/5 KELLEY: Continue to pray for my friend’s husband that passed away and for her mother suffering with cancer. Joe
8/5 ALLEN: Pray for a quick and speedy recovery for my repaired flexar tendon. Tyler
8/5 JEAN BROWN: My leg is swelled and I am having problems. I am scared to go to the doctor.
8/3 SHANDER: Tim Abbott had a subdural hematoma and had brain surgery today at Cleveland Clinic, He is in ICU, His wife Linda is asking for prayers. Kim
8/2 ANONYMOUS: Please pray with me for the Lord’s grace and intercession in the life of Rebecca. In the mighty name of Jesus, I ask you, Lord, for your protection and mercy and blessing and encouragement for Rebecca, Amen
8/1 CORLEY: Please pray for my cousin, Kelley. She is having heart problems. Thank you, Eric.