“Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.” – E.M. Bounds


It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

1/26 SPEARS: Well who could have ever guessed that our anniversary would be a celebration of 70 years today.  We thought that number would be noted  for  other couples. We’ve made it through thick and thin with our good Lord’s guidance.  Hurrah!  Perhaps we’ll make it to the next threshold.  We’ll see.  Been so thankful for our faithful Covenant friends. Blessings.  Evelyn and Jim
1/26 LITTLE: Please pray for my brother-in-law Max.  His health is deteriorating quickly. Pray especially for Gods mercy and grace to be clear and that he will allow Christ into his hard heart. Thank you all for your prayers.💕 Donna
1/26 SPEARS: Scott is scheduled for a biopsy this Friday In Akron. Will depend on weather conditions.  Please pray for Travel Mercies as the weather has been unpredictable.  So far Scott has had a positive attitude. Thanks so much Covenant family. Blessings Evelyn
1/25 LYON: Continue to keep Jean Bender in prayer. Her heart and lungs are severely damaged from the virus and she is going to get worse in the next couple of days. Pray for family and friends feeling helpless. Mollie
1/25 ADAMS: Please pray for our nephew Mark who has Covid and is being transferred to Hamot hospital by helicopter today. They have his oxygen at 55% and he is not doing well. Janet
1/24 MCCONNELL: Our daughter, Anne, will have neurosurgery tomorrow in Boston. Please pray. Thank you, Covenant family, once again, for supporting our family. Eugenia
1/24 LYON: Jean Bender’s family did not get a good report today at Hamot. They told her she will not go home. Join in praying that this report and word of the enemy is reversed, and she recovers. She is only 56. Her boys are 19 and 23. This COVID needs to be contained. Mollie
1/20 DANEEN UPDATE: Daneen and I are so grateful for all of your prayers and continued care for us! Daneen is stronger every day and continuing to show improvement. She is using the oxygen support less and less and able to do small tasks even without the oxygen. We continue to ask the Lord for a complete recovery and that we would always be available to learn the lessons He is teaching us through this journey! Pastor Rick
1/20 THEOMUGIOS: Prayer over my chronic soreness, emotional beat-up over my flaws, stress, sins. Blephos
1/19 DEGEROLAMO: Prayer for my cousin Joe who lives in Binghamton NY. Joe has been hospitalized for Covid and recently had to be intubated. His vitals are ok but he has a collapsed lung. Your prayers would be so appreciated. Sherry DeGerolamo
1/19 SPEARS: Scott is to have 2 CT Scans on Friday.  Praying this will be a help to his doctor on going forward.  Also on the 28th he will have a biopsy done in Akron for their insight.  Appreciate more prayer to address these problems. Much to think about and we thank you.  Blessings, Evelyn
1/19 LYON: Jean Bender is being life flighted to Erie with Covid. She is not doing well. My daughter, Katie, fell this afternoon and hurt her wrist. She is going to try to get into an orthopedic doctor tomorrow. She’s in Wheeling, WV and will be hunting for one blind. I told her to ask her PCP and some friends for referrals. Mollie
1/19 MCADAMS: Pray that the Lord will move the hearts of key, influential people to be strongly in support of me. Pray God will give them great courage, boldness and wisdom to speak out and advocate for me. Pray that those who tried to discredit me will also become my strongest advocates. Pray that the Lord will resist and suppress all opposition to my return, and lovingly and powerfully lift me up and place me back in my position. Pray that I will come back in the mighty strength of the Lord. That I will quickly catch up on all the work I’m behind on, get ahead, and excel. Pray that I will exceed every expectation, surmount every obstacle, and do everything with quality and distinction. Pray that I will lead the regular sprint meetings more powerfully and effectively than before, work well with the team, and lead every member of the team to excellence.

Pray that even now I will concentrate and focus on what the Lord has for me, serving Him well, doing what I should and pressing into His Presence in worship and prayer, even during this interim period. Thanks. Seth

1/17 LACAMERA: A friend of mine, Terry, is having surgery to repair a  bypass of the the femoral artery Monday morning.  It is a 4 hour procedure. Praying for the surgeon and for a successful outcome with no complications as he is taking anticoagulants. Marlene
1/13 CORLEY: Aunt Audra’s son has passed away. Thank you for your prayers.
1/13 HOMER: Update on Walter. His doctors want to out him in rehab close to the clinic. The tumor is smaller since they zapped it, but he’s still not able to walk. Praying they can strengthen his legs so he can walk again!🙏 Joanie
1/11 DAUGHERTY: Please keep me in prayer. My depekote levels are low which causes a lot of anger and distinction in my mind.  And not helping I’m having physically my lower back and left leg aren’t doing well.  Doctor is trying steroid to see if they help my back. Donna
1/10 BAKER: Please pray for Tom Sabella. He is on a vent and not doing well. He used to sing at the church with the group “The Acts.” Tom lives in Nashville. Annie
1/10 KILGORE: Urgent prayer for a little warrior princess named Aria who is fighting for her little life at this very moment. Thank you all my prayer warriors. Proclaim with me Isaiah 53:4 as we take up the torch in travailing for this child! Darlene
1/10 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife’s PET scan results were stable: no new tumors, and no significant growth of the existing ones, but an additional MRI is being scheduled. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray as you can. Craig
1/10 HOMER: Once again, I’m asking for prayers for Walter. He’s in the Cleveland clinic. They’ve discovered a new tumor on his spine, as well as one on his ribs. Praying that radiation takes care of them so surgery won’t be needed. The doctors want to start him on a brand new treatment, but it isn’t available until March. Also praying that he is strong enough to have that treatment, and that it will be successful.  Thank you!! Joanie
1/10 ANONYMOUS: Jesus I am not feeling very good today will you please heal me from whatever I am struggling with. I honor you, and I honor your choices, and direction, but I feel this evil interference which is adding confusion, and misguiding me in my life. I truly appreciate everything you have shown me and have done for me, and I really hope and was expecting to continue to move past this evil that has hampered, and plagued me and my mother for so long. I am asking you Jesus to please protect us, help guide us and open new doors of opportunities, in your name Jesus I pray amen, I have no answers, no clue what is going on and I ask for the trails and tribulations and ongoing constant testing be ceased and discontinued, and let there be nothing but good, and prosperity going forward, in your name Jesus I pray amen.
1/10 SPEARS: Scott has an appointment with a doctor connected with Cleveland Clinic at 11:00 AM on Wednesday.  It was found through an MRI that he has a growth on his pancreas which Dr. Miller feels should be removed. Pray for the doctor to be given the wisdom in treatment for this.  We are very much concerned and once again we call on our Covenant family for prayer. Thank you so much.  Evelyn
1/7 CHAVEZ: Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve, aunt Jackie and healing and long life for my mom’s boyfriend Joe who has cancer. In the name of Jesus, Amen. Phil
1/7 LIMA: For Rebecca, In the name of Jesus, be protected by the Lord’s hands, and always to find peace in her job, life and heart. For the presence of the holy spirit in her life, may she have spiritual insight and wisdom.  Thank you. Rob
1/4 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife and I are traveling to NY today for a PET scan tomorrow. The follow-up for the results is on Friday. Please pray for traveling mercies and for good results of the scan.  Please pray against anxious thoughts and for us to rest in God’s hands. Craig
1/3 KILGORE: Keep Christian artist Big Daddy Weave in prayer, he just lost his brother Jay to covid.  He knows his brother is in the Arms of Jesus yet he needs prayer for his borken heart to be able to healthuly mourn the loss here on earth.  Also, PLEASE keep ‘all’ dealing this this novel invisible enemy in prayer by supplicating that our Novel Invisible Ally, The Holy Spirit, OVERCOMEs it as we Declare & Decree – Revelation 21:5 “I AM” making everything NEW (in 2022/5782)! Darlene
1/2 DOTY: My dad Terry got tested positive for Covid end of last week. I don’t know how long he is going to be in quarantine because he has to check with his doctor tomorrow. Please pray for quick healing and peace of mind as he recovers. Rayanne
1/2 KLEFFNER: Pray for all those in Colorado dealing with the fire aftermath. Pray for Jacob and Micah and holly and Josh and holly and their families this week. Dustin 
1/1 SMITH: Please keep my cousin in prayer.  Hospital protocol is killing him. Angie