It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

11/24 LEVITT: Thank you for your prayers , we all arrived safely, and are enjoying our family . A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you all . Patricia
11/23 HARECHAR-BOOK: I have an update on Brian Rodemoyer: he is scheduled for surgery to remove the remaining cancer in his nasal, sinus cavity. Praise God there has been no spread to the rest of his body and the outcomes are looking good. He goes into a very lengthy surgery on Friday, November 25. Continued prayers are needed.  I got news today on Scott Stefanish. His recent scan shows the tumor has grown and the drug trail did not work. He has weeks to live. Prays are need for him, his companion Kim, parents and his brother Brian. Amy
11/23 MILD: Our son-in-law’s mother, Carolyn Campbell  has been in treatment for lung cancer for the past several years.  They took her to emergency yesterday because they thought she had a stroke. After tests, it was discovered that there were 2 lesions in her brain.  She is at Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh and tonight they operated on the one side of her brain and she will need to have more treatment on the other mass. Please keep the family in your prayers.  She has been a long-time friend that I attended school with.  Thanks, Carolyn
11/23 COVENANT CHURCH: As the kitchen comes alive with the sights and smells of Thanksgiving dinner, pray that those cooking and baking are blessed with energy and enthusiasm as they make over 200 meals for those in need. Also, pray for the families receiving those meals.
11/21 BAKER: Pray for Abby Osborne. Annie
11/21 FLEET: Thank you to the many prayers said today. Tom and I are always hesitant to take your time. Tom had a viral infection for 15 days, then after the sneezing and coughing, his back (a weak lower back issue FOREVER) shut down this week. Try to envision a 6’5” gent CRAWLING from point A to Point B. It was excruciating to watch. I finally asked the choir for prayers. He was committed to playing timpani at First Presby for SVC. The urgi-care DOCTOR (not a PA) understood his commitment and prescribed EVERYTHING to get him through … he has RELIEF … thank you for Penny and Deb and MANY OTHERS who prayed. Tom and I believe in the power of prayer. I am able to sleep peacefully. Thank you! Cheryl
11/20 LEVITT: Safe travels for my Husband and I , and our family , we  are all traveling to Texas for Thanksgiving and returning home at different dates . Thank you in advance for your prayers. Patricia
11/19 MCSHERRY: Please pray for my friend’s 18 year old son Keon and his family.  Last night, Thursday, he fell going downhill on a skateboard around 30 mph.  He has a brain bleed and was put into a medically induced coma at a trauma center in Youngstown.  He has 2 skull fractures  and multiple bleeds outside his brain.  He has responded to verbal commands and is squeezing hands with his family.  Thank you. Lisa
11/16 SZABO: Requesting prayer for a neighbor of ours. He is having a heart catheterization this coming Monday (11-21). His name is Mike. -Cathy
11/14 DALESSANDRO: Just wanted to say thank you ahead of time to the congregation for the overwhelming support for the thanksgiving dinner items for the community.  I didn’t think I would be participating in it anymore because of my RA, but as we all know, God is in control and touched my heart and let me know I am not in control of this dinner. Thanks to the wonderful people of Covenant, we are almost all set for workers on Wednesday and Thursday. So thank you, Thank you.  Bev
11/14 DAUGHERTY: Went to the orthopedic doctor on this past Thursday.  I need to have a complete knee replacement surgery on the left knee. Donna
11/11 COVENANT CHURCH: Today is Veteran’s Day. Thanks to all the Veterans. 
11/11 ANONYMOUS: A gentlemen called today and asked that we might pray with him for a deliverance from fear, spiritual direction, and that he would cease walking around the mountain that he might walk up the mountain to be closer to God!
11/10 HARENCHAR-BOOK: On-going prayer need for my friend Brian Rodemoyer: he has been diagnosed with Sinonasal tract angiosarcoma. He is having additional tests done for staging and possible metastasis. His treatment will involve surgeries. This type of cancer does not respond to Radiation and chemo therapy has little to no effect. The only option is removal by surgery. Please hold him and his family in prayer. Your prayers are greatly appreciated- Amy
11/9 SPEARS: Update for my sister Eileen: The steroid shot was given.  The shot shows that the swelling has gone down.  We are to take note that the outcome results can take up to 2 weeks .  Thank you for ongoing prayers.  God Bless.  Evelyn
11/8 COVENANT CHURCH: Congratulations to Cody & Emily Work on the birth of a son, James Richard, yesterday. All are doing well! They thank you all for the prayers.
11/7 LITTLE: Update on my sister Doris.  This Thurs. she will have surgery to remove the processor they implanted and clean the site to try to eradicate the infection. Then they will replace the processor in a different area.   Thank you for your prayers.  Donna\o/
11/7 ANONYMOUS: My sister-in-law had a argument. She chose not to associate with me. Pray for her salvation & that our Lord will soften heart so we can be on speaking teams again. I need prayer for healing.
11/5 SPEARS: My sister Eileen is to receive a Steroid injection to her neck on November 8th.  She has high hopes that it will help her hands also.  I wish my sister lived closer.  Thank you for your kind attention.  In God’s Love,  Evelyn
11/4 CORLEY: Pray for 3 year old, Taydon, he was taken to the hospital with severe breathing problems. 
11/1 HOMER: Our daughter in law Kristin’s dad, Mike, is in the hospital with heart issues. They’re very concerned. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, and healing for Mike. Thank you, Joan.
10/31 JESS: I’d like prayer the Lord would heal me of heart issues/ fatty liver disease and other health issues. I also have a unspoken please add me to your prayer chain I also have a unspoken
10/31 COVENANT CHURCH: On Wednesday, Nov. 2nd we will hold our neighborhood trunk-or-treat at 6pm. Join us in praying for many of our neighbors to join us for an evening of treats and much more.
10/29 SPEARS: Once again we’re asking for prayer.  This time it is for my sister in Columbia, Mo.  Eileen is 7 yrs. younger than I am but in poor health.  She has advanced arthritis and the most comfort she gets is to lie down.  Her husband Leon is taking over all the household chores so he needs prayer also.  Linda her daughter takes her to her appointments.  Would appreciate your kind attention.  Thank you so much.  In “His Love” Evelyn
10/29 FUZION: If you would please pray for The LORD to help me  through the trials and tribulations that I am going through (Psalm34:19-20, Psalm 3, Psalm 5, Psalm 18, Psalm 144) If you would pray that The LORD would protect and deliver me from The Devil and my enemies (Psalm 35, Psalm 59, 2 Thess 3:2). Also that The LORD would fight them, and expose their schemes against me and bring them to nought (Exodus 14:14, Psalm 24:8, Psalm 33:10). Please pray that The LORD provides for all of my spiritual and material needs (Philippians 4:19). Also, please pray for healing for my backsliding, body, mind, soul and spirit (Exodus 15:26, Hosea 14:1-4, Jeremiah 3:22) . Please pray that The LORD turns my life situation around like he did for Job (Job 42:10, James 5:11). Thank you and God bless you (Revelation 22:21).
10/28 DAUGHERTY: I may need knee surgery in the near future.  This will be my fifth surgery.  With complications from three of the surgeries.  It’s kinda putting me in a bad place. Donna
10/26 HARENCHAR-BOOK: Continued prayers are needs for Scott Stefanish and family, he starts his new drug therapy for his terminal cancer this week. Prayers of support and reduction of tumors. My other friend, Brian, is recovering well from the biopsy and removal of the mass in his nasal cavity. Unfortunately the mass was sent out to UPMC Pittsburgh oncology for further diagnosis, it is a sarcoma. Asking for Continued prayers of healing and diagnosis with isolation for Brian. -Amy
10/21 COVENANT CHURCH: On Monday, Nancy Bestwick had a medical emergency. She is doing much better now after a short stay in the ICU unit at Hamot Hospital. The doctors believe it could have been a complex migraine that has similar symptoms to a stroke. We don’t know her specific discharge plan yet, but if anyone would like to send cards, you can send them to her home address and Janor and Cristy will make sure she gets them.
10/20 JESS: I’d like to be added to your emergency prayer chain for breathing and heart issues I’m having as well as a request of prayer that God would heal my fatty liver disease. I also would like prayer he’d save my relationship with someone named Anthony & that He’d get saved and God would save and restore our relationship (praying for a miracle). I’d also like prayer for my salvation/ relationship with Him and That He would Provide my own place for me I also have a unspoken.
10/17 HARENCHAR-BOOK: Dear church family: please hold up in prayer two dear friends. Scott Stefanish has terminal cancer and I continue to pray for a miracle for him and support for his family. He is going to start a promising new drug that I hope stops the cancer. My other friend is having a mass removed from naval cavity on the 19th. Please pray with me that the surgeons remove all of it and that the mass is benign. Thank you -Amy☘️
10/14 ANONYMOUS: Prayer for Termaine, Mary, Malachi, Aaron, prayer for Skye, Prayer for Minister Taylor healing in her mind and heart.  
10/14 EZEUGO: The holidays are 3 months away and my dad’s traveling to Nigeria for Christmas. Please pray for me. Michelle
10/11 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife had her PET scan and the results were not good. The cancer is growing and spreading once again.  The Doctors are making changes to her chemo dosage schedule and bringing us back in a month for more scans. We are glad it is still contained in her bones and that she still feels good. Thank you for your continued prayers. Craig
10/11 STAUFFER: Please pray for all those going on the Israel trip leaving Oct 20 and returning on the 30th. Pray for safe travels, open hearts and minds to receive whatever God wants to speak, good group dynamics and the health of all. Please pray that Bob and I would be restored health wise for this trip as leaders. 36 people total including Some from our church. Thank you. Debbie
10/10 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife and I are traveling to NY for another PET scan on Monday.  Please pray for safe travels, for peace in our hearts and minds, and for good results from the scan. Craig
10/7 DEY: Kindly pray for the healing of my mental illness. Thank you very much. Deepak
10/7 CHAVEZ: Continue to pray for my mom’s salvation and her healing. Phil
10/1 SHEPPARD: I walked up a very small hill across from my house I haven’t been able to since December without stopping and in pain, and I did it yesterday & today with NO leg pain and walked 1.4 miles without any pain in my legs. Thank you all for your prayers!! So much to praise, but I still need healing for a 4 inch incision in my spine, which is still very sore & lifting, driving, bending & stretching are not to be done doctor’s orders till 11/1.  Gail
10/1 COVENANT CHURCH: October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Please keep Rev. Rick and Rev. Matthew in prayer!