It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

5/22 COVENANT CHURCH: An update on Rob Sparr, former youth director. His major surgery several weeks ago has had some complications and he is in need of prayer for peace, pain management, and for his family. 
5/22 READING: Andrew had his dye test today. Tomorrow is surgery at west penn Allegheny in pittsburgh at 2:30. If it didn’t spread to the lymph nodes then no further treatment necessary. Shelley
5/22 ZIPPIE: Sheryl Scarmack fell at the skilled nursing center during the night and broke more bones. She is being transferred to Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.  Please pray for wisdom and compassionate care for Joe and the medical team and healing for Sheryl. Kim
5/22 KILGORE: I need a miracle, I have done everything humanly possible to treat this autoimmune dysfunction due to previous viruses & Lyme & have been working online with the Lyme specialist from Idaho since I have been unable to get to his clinic, yet as an RN I see I have exhausted my ability to treat at home the needed care only his clinic may provide. My prayer is Father God Provide The Way, in Jesus Precious Name, Amen & Amen. Let it be so Lord AND It Is So!!! Darlene
5/21 SZABO: Please keep another classmate of mine(Linda) in prayer.She had back surgery last Sat. May 11. She is doing rehab to start walking again. My other classmate Char was moved another nursing home. Continued prayers. Cathy
5/17 ZIPPIE: Sheryl Scarmack fell and broke her pelvic bone and is in Farrell UPMC hospital undergoing therapy. Please pray for Sheryl’s recovery. Kim
5/17 STAUFFER: Please pray for Nick Nicastro, 18 year old Senior in HS at DuBois. He was critically injured in a dirt bike accident. He has a traumatic brain injury and is unable to be life flighted to Pittsburgh. Please pray for healing. Rick
5/15 CORLEY: Please pray for me. Eric
5/11 HECKATHORN: Please pray for the Meadville community on the tragic passing of a middle school student on Saturday morning. Zoey
5/11 Update on Fred Elavsky: His surgery was on the 8th, the Dr.s removed the portion of his lung as planned also some suspicious cells which they are testing to be on safe side. If they are cancerous then he will receive some chemo but Dr.thought that would be unlikely. Back to Fred, 2 days out and he is up and moving around, Dr. told him it may be possible for him to come home today (Sat.)  This is all positive news and we would like to thank all who are praying and ask for your continued prayer as he recovers. As well as prayers for his family and their salvation, help them all see God in this trial and healing. Connie
5/7 COVENANT CHURCH: Pastor Rick’s surgery went well and he is home and resting. Pray for pain management and complete healing. Thank you all for your prayers. 
5/7 STAUFFER: My surgery to put a plate and screws in my fractured left wrist is at 11:15 today (5/7). Please pray for successful surgery and quick healing! Rick
5/6 WOODS: Just a reminder Fred Elavsky’s surgery is May 8th. He is very anxious (understandably). Please pray for peace of mind and trust in not only doctors but in the Lord who his help comes from. Also his wife Cindy who with her own health concerns needs to held up in prayer to be strong through this. Thanks, Connie
5/2 CORLEY: Please pray for my friend, Ron Taylor’s brother. He fell and is in the hospital. Eric
5/1 SIMON: Haiti update: A wire transfer of money finally came through from the stateside mission board. The situation is still dire. No government, no police, Gangs at large, food and gas are scarce. The Carfou church as well as their satellite churches are still having Sunday services. Most of the parishioners have been spared from violence, but Pastor Berielle did report that 7 members of their church have been killed. The stateside board had a zoom meeting with Berielle last week and their hope and faith are still abounding through this adversity.  Keep praying. D.Simon
5/1 READING: Update on Andrew – may 22nd dye test to see draining lymph node for biopsy. May 23rd surgical tumor removal and lymph node biopsy. We pray for no spread to lymph nodes. If it didn’t spread – then no further treatment required just twice a year exams for 5 years. If it spread – prognosis changes & medication required. It’s in God’s good hands. Shelley
4/28 MILD: Our new neighbor, Pat is scheduled to move here on Wednesday. She has been going back and forth from Delaware trying to get the house here ready.  She is driving up today to finish some things but she is very sick.  She has had pneumonia and lung issues, is dizzy and has other problems.  Please pray that God’s healing hand will touch her and protect her as she drives and as she attempts to make the move this week with her 92- year old mom.  Thanks!!  Carolyn
4/27 READING: Update on Andrew – repeat ekg showed nothing, most likely lead positional incorrect. Just to be certain they are doing an echo just to rule put any possibility of damage.  Praise the Lord. We go to Pittsburgh on Tuesday April 30th for a consultation for his skin cancer. I’ll keep posted. Thank you for prayers. God is amazing. Shelley
4/24 SZABO: My classmate Char was discharged from Grove Manor. Prayers that she will be able to care for herself. Thank you for any prayers prayers.


4/23 COVENANT CHURCH: Please pray for the family and friends of Wilma Black who passed away. May God’s comfort surround and fill them with peace. There will be a memorial service later in the year. 
4/23 READING: Please pray for Andrew. He went in for a routine check up with his pcp. They heard an irregular heart beat & ordered an ekg. His ekg came back that he has had a possible heart attack.  We r going back to the doctors for a repeat ekg tomorrow.  If is accurate we are going to a cardiologist. I know nothing else at this time
4/20 SZABO: I visited with Char, this past Tuesday. I see a lot of improvement. They have had her work on her walking. We had a good conversation. Hoping this continues in a positive direction. Thank you for continued prayers for her. Cathy
4/19 COVENANT CHURCH: Calling hours for Dianne Reed will be Tuesday, April 23rd from 10 to 11am followed by the funeral service at 11am in Flynn’s Funeral Home. 
4/18 READING: Please pray for my husband,  Andrew. His biopsy results came back as stage 1 malignant melanoma.  He is scheduled for a further biopsy of the lymph nodes on April 30 & full removal of the tumor. If it hasn’t metastasized then full removal with yearly check ups will be all he needs.  Please pray, he is quite anxious. Shelley
4/17 STEWART: Please keep my 94 year old mom in your prayers. The past few months have had several health issues( fractured ribs and lower vertebrae) which resulted in her being in rehab for a few weeks. The decision that she could not return home was made with sadness. She was in the house for over 70 years. She has been in a personal care home since Friday and while her health has improved, we are learning to adjust to a new norm. Cathy
4/17 STAUFFER: Please pray for the family and friends of Dianna Reed who passed away last night. We are left to treasure the resiliency and courage of this lady and to take hope that she is in the eternal presence of Jesus! Rick
4/17 STAUFFER: Please pray for Julie and Grey MacKenzie as they and their family grieve the loss of Julie’s dad. May the peace and comfort of Christ attend to them through the power of the Holy Spirit and may they find hope in knowing that He is in heaven! Rick
4/15 COVENANT CHURCH: Please begin to pray for those traveling to Mexico this summer: Annie, Lesley, Craig, Tina, Zoey, Armando, Pat, Anna, Cassie, Anna, Scarlett, Darlene, Rick, Beth.
4/15 ROBINSON: Pray for God’s grace to walk the word out daily helping others through His love. Mark
4/12 COVENANT CHURCH: Update on Dianna Reed … Dianna is in critical condition and had an emergency transfer to Passavant Hospital last night. We praise God that He stabilized a very scary day yesterday, but now ask for His perfect hand to be upon Dianna to accomplish His will for His glory!
4/12 COVENANT CHURCH: Let’s begin to pray for our summer Mexico mission team as they prepare to serve where God has led. The team includes: Annie, Lesley, Craig, Tina, Zoey, Armando, Pat, Anna, Cassie, Scarlett, Anna, Darlene, Rick, and Beth.
4/11 COVENANT CHURCH: Please add Dianna Reed to your prayers today. She is in ICU in Jameson with pneumonia.
4/11 SIMON: LATCOM mission update and prayer request. The REDES outreach by the nationals (indigenous locals) has been very successful in reaching and discipling new Christians in the Lomerio region. So much so that it’s recognized by the Bolivians Chritian community as one of best models of successful church plantings. They’re hoping to dedicate another new church this year. All said, this is taking place while the Bolivian country is on the verge of economic collapse. There is 30% inflation, gas fuel lines are 2 hrs. long and rationing has begun. Getting funds into the country and fuel to the national missionaries in the rural fields is difficult. Please pray for peace and stability for this country.   Thanks, Dick
4/10 LITTLE: Update on my sister, Doris. The new cochlear implant was successfully installed and is healing nicely … stitches were removed on Mon. April 20th  is the activation date.  That’s when we all find out if it will work for her. Thank you all for your prayers! Donna o/
4/10 WOODS: Update on Fred Elavsky: Biopsy showed it is cancer, all other tests came back good. He needs approval from Cardiologist then they are ready to do surgery.  Surgery has been scheduled for May 8th.  Fred wanted me to relay how much he appreciates all your prayers for his surgery and for his wife Cindy who has her own health issues plus concern for her husband. Thank you for standing with me in prayer. Connie
4/5 SIMON: Haiti update: not good. No gas, little food. Banks are closed. Pastor Beril is OK. Pray for the Haitian people to be delivered from evil. Dick
4/4 OST: PRAISING God 🙌  7months today I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. I could barely talk, eat, breathe…m.g. (that’s what I call it)  Look at me now!  I have my own M.G….my MIGHTY GOD!!   praises to my Father, my Strength, Redeemer, Almighty God!! All Glory and Praises to Him!🙌 Diane
4/4 LEVITT: Prayers for peace and comfort for a young friend of ours. Who just lost her partner. They have a one year old little boy . Fortunately her family and friends are and will be very supportive But she needs prayers to help her get through her grief and terrible feeling of loss. Patricia
4/3 READING: Today, my husband, Andrew Reading, had an irregular mole removed from his left side of his neck. It was sent out for a biopsy for possibly melanoma.  Please pray results are an atypical mole. His anxiety is pretty high. Results will take 2 – 3 weeks. Shelley