It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

3/20 LITTLE: Please pray for my sister Doris.  You may remember praying her through the process of getting a cochlear implant to restore her hearing. The implant has been activated since November and she’s been “relearning” how to hear but…skin has never grown back as it was supposed to.

They are going to wait another two weeks but ,they told her, if it doesn’t begin to heal by then, it wont and The only thing they can do then is remove it, let the site heal, and replace it in another area. (Sorry for the lengthy request) She’s had such a hard time with this … please pray for her strength as well as healing.

Thank you so much. \o/ Donna

3/14 BOMBECK: My brother Dave is out of the Cleveland Clinic. The rest of the testing to determine where he’s bleeding will be done as an outpatient. He’s feeling better and glad to be resting at home. Please pray for answers and a treatment plan soon. Thank you so much. Jan
3/11 BOMBECK: Please continue to pray for my brother David. He was transported to Cleveland Clinic. The team of doctors are familiar with his case, so this is a blessing. Thank you
3/10 BOMBECK: Good evening Covenant family.. My brother David is back in the hospital with the same issues, though not as severe at this time. His doctors are going to have a team meeting tomorrow to determine treatment. There is still no answer to what is causing his gastrointestinal problem. Please pray for him, his team of doctors, his wife, Bev, and his granddaughter, Valencia. Thanks so much! Jan
3/8 PHILLIPS: Please pray for Ann Ore (a former member of Covenant) who is in the hospital in Pitts.  She is receiving dialysis for kidney failure and radiation on her ribs for a form of blood cancer. Joan Phillips
3/7 MILD: After evaluating Marilyn W,  the reports came back that she has lymphoma CNS, brain, spine and lymph nodes. They are moving her to Shadyside in Pittsburgh and starting IV Chemo. Thanks for continuing your healing prayers for her.  Carolyn
3/6 MILD: Marilyn W had brain surgery and they removed the tumor.  She is going to be in rehab for a while as her balance is off.  But, she is being treated very well in the hospital.  Thanks for your prayers!  Carolyn
3/2 NORRIS: Prayers have been answered. My brother Kevin had his MRI. He has bulging disc and was able to get an injection shot same day. Somehow doctor had an open appointment right after MRI for the shot. And also pain doctor was able to see him same day. Thank you for all the prayers. Prayer works!!  Bryan
3/1 HECKATHORN: My mom just called to let me know they found something on her recent mammogram. No results yet; she goes back for more testing next week. Zoey
2/28 NORRIS: Please pray for my brother Kevin. He is suffering from degenerative disc disease which he says is basically arthritis. He is having allergic reactions to pain medications he has been taking until he can get an MRI. Prayers for Dr. to get the correct medication and his reaction to subside. Thank you. Bryan
2/28 SPEARS: Update on Karen Durst;  She is experiencing a lot of pain with her cancer.  Needless to say she needs a lot of prayer for her ongoing treatments.  Her loved ones are remembering to do so.  Thanks for your loving prayers. Evelyn and her sister Beth Lynn thanks you also.
2/28 KLEFFNER: If possible pray for me and all the entire family. Dustin
2/28 MILD: Please pray for a friend of ours, Marilyn W.  She has a malignant brain tumor behind her eye.  She will be having surgery tomorrow morning
(Tuesday) in Pittsburgh.  A plastic surgeon will be on hand along with the surgeon.  Thanks, Carolyn 
2/25 SPEARS: Update for Charlie Knotts.  His daughter is with him and caring for his needs.  A blessing for sure.  It is understood that his recovery will be slow.  More prayer is appreciated.  Thanks Evelyn
2/21 SPEARS: Update on Charlie Knotts.  He was released from the hospital to return home.  Hope he gets extra help.  The statement made that he would be in and out of his work store. More prayer would be appreciated.  Thanks: Evelyn
2/17 SPEARS: Charlie Knotts of Knotts Interior is admitted  to hospital care.  Not for an immediate release.  Your prayers will be welcomed.   Thanks Evelyn
2/17 SPEARS: This prayer request is urgent.  Ashley’s grandmother’s sister, Karen Durst, found out that she has cancer, throughout her body.  She will be notified soon as to know how she will receive treatment.  This is a sad time for Beth Lynn who is Karen’s sister.  Your prayers will be so appreciated.  May God be with her. Thank you so much. In His Love. Evelyn
2/15 ANDOLINA: My Aunt JoAnn had a heart attack on Saturday and got admitted to the hospital. Today she had surgery and all went well with that. Gretchen
2/14 SHEPPARD: Thank for your prayers church family, this is from Norm Swiger: Good news! CT test results are back. Spleen is back to normal! Liver has one 7mm lesion. Lymph nodes back to normal. No mention of back tumor so I assume it is gone or substantially smaller! Praise the Lord!! Gail
2/13 BAKER: Pray for Jolene Williams. She is having breast cancer surgery on Tuesday.
2/9 SIMON: As many of you know Dick and I were involved in a very tragic auto accident on July 25.  It’s been a very very difficult time period of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. There have been sleepless nights, desperate pleas of help, more tears than I thought possible to shed, self condemnation and a terrible deep loneliness and spiritual despair.  But your many, many prayers and God’s grace and mercy covered a major leg of this journey on Wednesday with goodness.   I will be forever grateful to all of you for your hugs, cards, meals, words of encouragement and the hours spent in prayer.  There are still many miles left in this journey but I know I  am a child of God and have His mighty hands around me and He heard the prays of His people. Barb
2/7 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathies are extended to the Bill and Eugenia McConnell and their family for the passing of their daughter in Rochester. Please keep the family in prayer.
2/7 SHEPPARD: Please pray for Norm Swiger, a real estate agent in Hermitage who has stomach cancer & begins round 4 of chemo 2/14, side effects are painful.  Having CT scan 2/10 to see if lesions on the liver & spleen are gone. Thank you, Gail
2/6 NORRIS: Our daughter-in-law, Bethany, lost her aunt, Bobbie Van Til (age 56). She taught at Grove City Christian Elementary School and was an administrator. Please keep the family in prayer. Patty
2/5 WOODS: Update: Chuck’s procedure went smoothly and he has noticed much relief from his pain. Thank you for all your prayers 🙏❤️✝️ Connie
2/2 BOMBECK: With so much gratitude to our powerful Lord Jesus, and for your prayers, I’m happy to tell you all that David Sed is now recuperating at his home. Praise to the Father! Jan
2/1 WOODS: On Friday 2-3-23 my husband Chuck will have a outpatient procedure done at the VA in Pittsburgh.  There s some narrowing of an artery in his leg and it needs to be addressed,  please pray for it to be successful and gives some relief of constant pain.  Thank you❤️🙏✝️ Connie