“Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.” – E.M. Bounds


It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

3/4 KILGORE: I come once again to request prayer warriors to come alongside me in prayer and supplication for my life, BELIEVING we serve a God of Miracles for one of my gifts is intercession and I am SEEing, as I ACTivate the gift, (especially with children with cancer) answers to our prayers, therefore I ask for ‘paracletes’ to come alongside of me with The Prayer of Faith, believing WITH me for SOZO-‘complete healing’ of what my physician’s call an ‘invisible illness’ – autoimmunpolyendocrinopathy- they say they call it that because the pain, rejection (d/t judgement) symptoms of deterioration are often unseen or masked, while they slowly destroy organs one by one.  I, as a Christian nurse, have been guided by the Holy Spirit to use natural means to combat this treacherous illness for many years and the Holy Spirit has literally carried me at times and NOW definitely is.  The insomnia continues because of the attack of this adversary on my adrenal glands causing cortisol levels to be ‘out of whack’.  I often wonder to myself AS A NURSE how my body even continues to function, yet KNOW as a woman of ‘faith’ it is His Grace by faith I have been able to survive even with death at my feet. Now, I need to thrive and ‘am reaching out for the tzit’ (hem of His garment) asking brothers and sisters all around to come together in UNITY of the Holy Spirit and not only pray & supplicate but learn to ‘travail’ for one another for such a time as this, as the birthing labor pains have begun, and deliverance IS COMing-may it be with health and WHOLENESS, I ask this all in Jesus Precious Name, Amen & Amen, Let it be so, Lord may it be so!!! Darlene
3/3 STAUFFER: Please keep Peg Portal in your prayers. After being hospitalized for radiating pain in her jaw, she had a heart cath and had 2 stents put into the same artery. She just came home today. Continued prayer, please. Daneen
3/2 COVENANT CHURCH: Terri Sanata is in need of prayer. She is in the midst of some health issues and will have surgery in the next few days. 
3/2 FLEET: The Fleet family is home from Pittsburgh. I thank you ALL for your prayers, texts, and phone calls. Tom is an excellent patient, his pain is controlled w/Tylenol, and he will be seen by the visiting nurse tomorrow. This journey is foreign to us, but there have been so many “angels” along the way. Bless you all. Cheryl
2/25 FLEET: Good Thursday morning from Pittsburgh. Tom is still in ICU. The doctor wants to stabilize his blood pressure and heart rate before moving him to step down. Yesterday he took a small walk and he has a whole new audience for his humor. The people here from the hotel staff to every one in the hospital treats me SO WELL. I am thankful for each prayer, text, and phone call. God is SO GOOD! Bless you in YOUR travels today.💕 Cheryl
2/23 FLEET: Praise be to God. Thank you for your prayers during the past month. This morning, Dr, David West and his team REPAIRED Tom’s mitro valve. He was so pleased for a repair vs having to do a replacement. I was able to see him for 10 minutes in the ICU. I WAS prepared. Everyone was pleased w/him. As he slept, his nurse said I can call any time, and by 6 am, he will be out of bed w/all tubes removed. As we said to Dan and Kim Zippie last night, “we may be new at Covenant, but WE FEEL LOVED. Thank you ALL. More to be written as the week continues. Cheryl
2/23 STAUFFER: After delays with Covid tests, Sue Ann had her surgery today. Prayers for her recovery and also for her husband Doug and family. Thank you. This family has been through so much. Debbie
2/23 BROWN: My legs are still swollen from the water. Please pray that I can get that handled. Also, I am trying to move to a different apartment this spring. Thank you. Jean
2/23 KILGORE: as per one of Rick’s recent messages on the woman with the jar of oil- I have need and all I have left ‘in the house’ is land my family has owned for quite awhile, that I believed was to be used for God’s Glory, therefore did not take a large offer from Target or Kohl’s.  Due to my autoimmune disease that needs medical intervention I must sell, please pray for wisdom & discernment for it’s sale soon, thank you:) Darlene
2/22 FLEET: Our family is asking for prayers for the surgical team at Passavant- UPMC McCandless campus tomorrow morning. Our report time is 4:30 am w/open heart (repair or heart valve replacement for Tom. Peace, patience, and healing for the weeks ahead. “Be still, and KNOW that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 Thank YOU! Cheryl
2/18 HOMER: Update: Katie’s dad Walt is being released from the hospital tomorrow!! Praise God!! Thank you for all your prayers!! Joanie
2/18 STAUFFER: Sue Ann’s bypass is at 7:30am tomorrow(Friday) She is at peace. Debbie
2/17 STAUFFER: Just received word that Sue Ann is having a quadruple bypass either Friday or Monday! Debbie
2/17 STAUFFER: Please pray for our friend Sue Ann. She had a heart attack last night and is getting a catheterization today. In early Dec her husband Doug had a very serious episode with Covid  and is now doing pretty well. They have been through so much. Debbie
2/17 HOMER: Our daughter-in-law Katie’s dad Walter has just been admitted to the Cleveland clinic with Covid. He had a stem cell transplant several months ago, and his immune system isn’t back to normal. He’s very weak right now. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!! Thank you!! Joanie
2/17 KILGORE:  As I was in intercession this morning praying for Revival in our Valley the Lord reminded me of Carman’s “Revival in The Land” and I am requesting all our brothers and sisters to flood their Facebook’s with both Revival & Champion in remembrance of Carman this day and allow Elohim’s WaterFIRE/Baptism of FIRE flow from out hearts to our Valley AND our country, Amen & Amen, And it is so!!!
2/17 KILGORE: With ambivalent feelings I share – our brother in Christ “Carman” went home to be with our Lord.  When helping with youth club years ago I often used his music with the youth especially Champion, one of my favorites.  As we healthily grieve his leaving us here on earth, ‘I can only imagine’ the ‘concert’ he is having before The Throne in praise and adoration of his King, our Lord & Savior. May God be with his family and all the fans mourning this day, an iconic Christian musician who definitely was not ashamed of the Gospel !!! AND was a Champion in his own right !!!!!!! Darlene
2/16 ANONYMOUS: prayers needed for a one year old having a brain operation on his soft spot.  His mother thanks us for praying and knows God is in control. 
2/15 KILGORE: Word of edification to all my intercessors, PTL our prayers were answered, my father Steve is home once again from the hospital & NO pacemaker, Hallelujah! the physicians did exactly what we prayed for & took ‘alot’ of blood looking for the ‘root’ cause. Now, I pray they are opening up to the research that is out on ‘heart’ issues with covid and covid vaccines and willing to Rx that properly to stop the symptom- Happy Valentines Day!!! Darlene
2/13 KILGORE: Once again I am asking my prayer warriors to align with me in God’s Army for battle in intercession for my father Steve, he is ‘once again’ put in the hospital with heart irregularities.  Please, Lord speak to one of Your physicians’ who will listen to You, our Great Physician and instead of treating the symptoms w/pacemaker) look for the root cause and Rx it, in Jesus Precious Name, Amen & Amen, Let it be so! Darlene
2/12 ANDOLINA: January was a rough month mentally for me and with continued work my therapist I am beginning to see some progress.  I have also been working to stay focused on praying and having His word be my anchor through it. Gretchen
2/12 COVENANT CHURCH: Our youth group and leaders are headed on retreat this weekend. Pray for the weather, the leaders and for the students to learn what it looks like to listen to the voice of God in their everyday lives.
2/10 BROWN: Please pray for Minnie – having an operation in Pittsburgh and for Mabel with severe diabetes. My legs continue to be swelled and painful. Thank you. Jean
2/8 BAKER: Please pray for Tom Pipic’s health problems. He is in the hospital in Pittsiburgh. Annie
2/8 KILGORE: PTL, The spirit quickened to my heart to begin to travail in intercession at the beginning of the year and I hadn’t thought much of it and was just obedient for I knew if He was speaking that – I ‘know’ there was a good reason – for I don’t ‘tavail’ often.  Listening to Mario Murillo this morning just blew me away for you see I lived in Torrance California as a child and the Lord brought California to mind so I prayed for family members still there and friends I lost track of 🙂 As in Rick’s message obedience IS a blessing!!!
2/5 BROWN: My feet and legs are still swelled with water problems. Jean
2/2 PORTAL: John Fabian is having his toe amputated today. Peggy UPDATE: John is out of surgery and doing well.
2/1 KILGORE: Hallelujah, thank you for your prayers for my father Steve, he IS home from the hospital, what the enemy set out for the bad, Father God is using for His Good and Glory. While in the hospital for his heart irregularities a nephrologist was consulted for his kidney issues and he found his physician in Boardman for his dialysis has a practice here in Hermitage, across from the condo’s to which he JUST moved. PTL!!! Answered prayer above what we ask for just as pastor Rick is preaching!!!!!!! Darlene