It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

6/28 STAUFFER: Thank you all for your prayers for Melinda Koerth, and our son Andrew. Melinda arrived home safely in the states from Turkey late Saturday night. Andrew and the missions team from his church in Arkansas arrived in Prague, Czechoslovakia please pray for fruitful ministry as they seek to teach English to many there. Prayers also for rest and health after a long night of travel. Daneen
6/28 SB2W: The controlled chaos of SB2W camp is now over. We pray for the seeds planted these weeks in the campers and families. 
6/28 KILGORE: Hallelujah PTL! Coach Kennedy’s ruling IS a prime example of The POWER of Prayer. Thank you all! Keep me & others in prayer also for seeking natural medical care that can be costly & not covered by insurance yet is promising in alleviating years of suffering. I can hardly believe it’s been 40years. As I shared with my family it’s my Faith in God’s Faithfulness & standing on His Promises that has seen me through these 4oyears. Now, His Promise in Revelation 21:5 IS what I am standing on..”I AM” making ‘all’ things NEW (in 2022/5782) Do what You are “Famous For” Father God! (great song by Tauren Wells) also pray, as I am pondering a Christian concert with bands like his, Big Daddy Weave & Danny Gokey out at the Reynold’s Drive Inn to raise monies for Rx. TIA !!! Darlene
6/28 ANDOLINA: A Pittsburgh doctor called today they got a chance to read the tests and were concerned with the fact I was trouble was sitting and standing. They wanted to order the blood patch put few doctors do it. I am luck though the er doctor at west penn was able to do it when the doctor called to ask about scheduling. My mom and I are headed to Pittsburgh now. Gretchen
6/28 KILGORE: Asking for continued intercession for the health & well-being of I & others who suffer from autoimmune dysfunction. With the variants of this virus continuing it often activates our bodies to go into hyper vigilance to protect us while causing some difficult symptoms to deal with on an already overloaded system:( Also, please keep coach Joseph Kennedy, the praying coach, whose case is before the supreme court, may God’s Favor be upon him & all those seeing & deciding this case! Darlene
6/27 VANVERTH: With her permission, Cindi Sadowski, a friend to many at Covenant, has asked for prayer for the biopsy of a malignant breast lump on Tuesday, June 28th. A lymph node is also compromised. She appreciates all prayers but is asking if possible to raise up prayer at noon Tuesday prior to her scheduled procedure. She thanks you all in advance. Denise
6/25 BAKER: Please keep Dale Grove in prayer as he is not feeling well. Annie
6/24 COVENANT CHURCH: We praise God for His mercy to the unborn in the overturning of Roe versus Wade believing that life begins at conception and that every life is made in the image of God. We pray for the states across our nation who now have a huge task in developing their own laws regarding life. Praising God for Ohio’s early response in defense of life and praying for Pennsylvania as they wrestle with this issue. We also pray for our nation in their response to this news … praying that eyes are opened to the viability of the unborn … and that hearts are softened in how we love one another well even when we disagree on emotional subjects. Lord, that you would continue to show yourself to a broken people as the Prince of Peace!
6/24 STAUFFER: Please pray for our son, Andrew, as he leaves for a mission trip to the Czech Republic that he is leading for his new church. Prayers for safety (travels, while there) that the Lord would lead in the tasks He has for the team, that many would see Jesus and that the team would “Grow Deeper” in the Lord and in their relationships with one another. Prayer also for his wife, Leah’s parents as they begin their drive Saturday from Ohio to Arkansas where they will be with her while Andrew is overseas. Thanks! Daneen
6/24 STAUFFER: Please pray safe travels for pastor Gary Koerth’s daughter, Melinda, who will be travelling home from her teaching career in Turkey, departing tonight around 11PM (our time) to arrive in Cleveland tomorrow at 11:20PM, and as she seeks the Lord for what He has for the “next chapter” in her life. Daneen
6/24 SMITH: Update on my cousin Dennis:  there isn’t anything they can do for the healing of the ribs.  He has mental plates on them and is still in pain. Pain meds are not helping at all.  They found out his collarbone is messed up and will require surgery from an orthopedic surgeon. I guess the doctors saw it but forgot it was messed up and thought it could heal on its own.  He needs a lot of prayers. Angie
6/24 KILGORE: Hallelujah Praise The Lord!!! – with the court ruling reversing R vs W just revealed!!!!!!!  Interceding for everyone involved especially in DC right now!!! Lord Have Your Way increase Your Power & may Your Word “The Truth” Prevail for such a time as this!!! Darlene
6/22 SZABO: Prayer for friends of ours. Their granddaughter was born Tuesday. She weighs 5#. They are keeping her in the NICU for a few days. The baby is doing well but hope she will be discharged soon. Mom is doing well also. Cathy
6/15 TORRES: Please pray for peace in our apartment building and for my son’s health. Suzanne
6/14 ANDOLINA: I am still dealing with side effects from my lumbar puncture and currently sitting (6/14) in the er waiting to be seen as it was where my doctor said to go. Please pray for mental strength for both Paul and I as this process is taking a toll on us. Gretchen
6/14 HOMER: Greg’s father-in-law passed away unexpectedly. Please keep The family in prayer. Joanie
6/14 SB2W: Both camps are off to a great start! Please keep all the campers, counselors, leaders, staff and volunteers in prayer. We are making waves!
6/14 CHAVEZ: Pray for my mom, Lorraine. Phil
6/11 SMITH: Update on my cousin Dennis: he was moved from ICU to the burn unit.  He had surgery yesterday on his ribs. He had to get steel plates put on them. It took a little over 8hrs for the surgery.  Today, Catheter is out and he is doing a little therapy (walking to bathroom with some help).  Now to get the tube out of the lungs.  Sounds like things are going well.  Please still keep him in your prayers.  He has a long way to go. Angie
6/8 SMITH: Please keep my cousin Dennis an the rest of the family in prayer.  Dennis was on his motorcycle and has had a serious accident.  I guess it’s not looking good. Several broken ribs and not sure what else.  They can’t do surgery yet since he’s not stable.  He is in the trauma unit in DC right now.  My aunt can’t go and see him. He needs a complete healing. Angie
6/7 CORLEY: My longtime friend, Courtney has covid for the third time. She has had a kidney transplant. Eric
6/7 SANDRA: I have an urgent and very important unspoken request. Please pray for my family and I.
6/7 KLEFFNER: Could you pray for me and all my family and friends? 
6/6 LYON: My friend, Terrie, lost her husband, John, last evening suddenly. He was in his early 60’s. Mollie
6/5 ANDOLINA: Update: Lumbar procedure went well they did not have to take any fluid to get to goal number the doctor wanted. I have acquired the headache and minor back that can come with the procedure. I am taking another day from work to rest hopefully help with this. Gretchen
6/5 GRABAN: I’m thanking God that Brian is home, but his kidney is still not responding, so he is doing outpatient bloodwork and testing. He also has a spot of melanoma that needs to be removed. Our loving Father knows our every cell and my prayer is for eternal life saving faith for Brian and his family. Thank you for standing with me. Sherry
6/5 SHEPPARD: Please pray for a Mom’s In Prayer leader to come forward for the Hermitage School District.  There has been a Mom’s prayer group there for 25 years. Please contact me if you have any questions. Gail
6/5 HOMER: Update on baby Lucia. She’s off the vent, and breathing on her own. They’re weaning her off the sedatives,  which is making her quite fussy. Amanda is hoping to go home Tuesday, but nothing is definite. Thank you for all your prayers. Joanie
5/27 HOMER: Our son, Brad, has a friend named Mike. He and his wife were in Chicago with their 2 month baby. She was having breathing issues, and ended up in ICU on a vent. She had RSV. She seemed to improve. Then developed pneumonia,  and back on the vent. She’s improving, but they want to get back to Youngstown. please pray for this sweet baby girl and her parents. Joanie
6/1 ANDOLINA: Update of Chiari: I have been working with the headache specialist to try to help with those. After a recent mri I did notice there was no change in the measurement of how long it was down lower.

Today June 1st I am going for a lumbar puncture the headache specialist wants to try to relieve some of pressure that is in there. Please that it will be a smooth procedure and no complications. Gretchen

5/27 GRABAN: Update on Brian: After arriving in presby he had emergency surgery where they stopped the kidney bleed.  He remains in ICU and they are monitoring his hemoglobin and Coumadin level to watch for blood clots since his belly is full of blood.  Currently his new kidney is ‘sleeping’, It’s eliminating fluid but not filtering toxins. Thank you for continuing to pray with me our Father is the great healer. Sherry

5/22 ELLIS: UPDATE:  PRAISE THE LORD!  No tumors were found!  There are some other issues that need to be watched but no tumors.  I have to wait 1 month and get bloodwork re-run..  if the numbers ate still elevated at that time I will be referred to a hematologist.  There is a possibility that a blood disease or blood cancer could be causing the problem.  Thank you all for your prayers.  Please keep them coming! Teri

5/22 GRABAN: Please pray with me for my son, Brian, he has a hematoma that is leaking behind his kidney and is being life flighted to presby in Pittsburgh. Sherry
5/22 LITTLE: Kevin got home late last night…. He’s at the recital now😄…. Thank you for praying! \o/ Donna
5/22 SZABO: My friend Deb passed away last night. Her struggles here are over. Prayers for family and friends that loved and cared for her. Thank you for your prayers. Cathy
5/22 SANDRA: Please consider praying for the health of my children and myself. Please pray that God would give us mercy and grace in this really hard time in our life and deliver us safely. Please pray for our salvation.
5/21 LITTLE: UPDATE: just got text from my daughter. …. Kevin is stuck in Ireland.  🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 He needs to be able to catch his connecting flight in New York. Donna
5/21 LITTLE: Kevin tested negative for Covid and is on his way home. Praise God and thanks for praying with me Covenant Church!! Continued prayers

for his flights and the connections. Donna

5/19 COVENANT CHURCH: Grace Miles is doing well after an incident last week. She is in rehab at Avalon Springs.
5/19 ELLIS: I will be seeing the specialist today to discuss the results of my recent tests and to figure out the next step(s).  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for answers, for an appropriate treatment plan, and for God’s peace and strength to be upon me for whatever may come.  Thank you all so much! Teri
5/18 COSTELLO: Please keep my mom in your prayers. She lost her beloved husband after he suffered a stroke last week. When we knew there was no chance of recovery she prayed that God would take him without him suffering long and within hours of being under the wonderful care of hospice he went to be with Jesus with her by his side. Cathy
5/17 LYON: Amy Effinite from West Middlesex Presbyterian Church was in a car accident in FL this morning. Her husband and daughter are ok, but she is in trauma unit. Mollie
5/17 LITTLE: Please keep my son-in-law, Kevin, covered in prayer this week. He will be on an out of town work assignment and needs to test negative for COVID before he can fly home.  Otherwise he will quarantine before leaving.  Which would not only keep him away from his family longer but he would miss his daughter’s very first dance recital.  Thank you covenant family for your prayers!  Donna
5/11 SHEPPARD: Please pray for Kathy McCann.  She is being treated for Lyme Disease. Just starting on an antibiotic & getting blood work done. She has a terrible headache & trouble sleeping. Gail
5/10 KILGORE: As I continue to battle this autoimmune dysfunction in these trying times, as part of my physical therapy I must walk at least an hour 3 times a week. I am looking at Monday Wednesday & Friday – I prayer walk, so I am asking if anyone is interested in joining me I either walk at our beautiful Buhl Park or Linden Point. Anyone interested can please Contact me at Hoping to see others join me for such a time as this:) Darlene
5/8 SZABO: Please keep Mark Williamson and family in prayer. Sue went home to be with the Lord, today. She has had a lot of health struggles and is now at rest.

(For those who don’t know Mark and Sue, they were former members of Covenant for many years) Thank you. Cathy

5/5 SPEARS: Update on our last request.  Things turned out better than thought.  Dave is in a regular room now.  He is on some pain medication but doing well.   Forgive me for jumping the gun so to speak but I went with what I knew. I’m glad we got the good news. Thank you anyway because I know you are always faithful.  Blessings  Evelyn
5/5 SPEARS: Just found out that our nephew Dave Spears had an accident on his bike.  He was thrown over the handlebars and took quite a fall.  He hit his head quite hard and also some fractured ribs along with internal injuries.  He is in Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh.  His wife Judy is on her way down there.  His Mom Nadine was just put in hospice in Shenango in New Wilmington. Lana, his sister has a lot on her shoulders.  Much prayer needed.  Lovingly and need your prayers. Evelyn
5/2 BEALL: Kim Gump is to come home today after a successful open heart surgery.  She is not to go back to work for two months and needless to say, she is weak and needs her rest.  She will have family members be with her for at least 3 weeks during the days.   Continue to hold her up in prayer as she journeys through this part of the recovery with her loving God. Beverly
5/2 SIMON: Betty Mortimer a neighbor of mine had surgery on her foot  and is in a nursing home. While convalescing,  she developed pneumonia and had to be readmitted. She’s out of the hospital again and is in need of prayer for strength and recovery. Thanks you for your prayers. Dick Simon
5/1 ELLIS: I’ve been undergoing testing for some severe inflammation that showed up in my blood work. Some of the testing has come back abnormal and the doctor said she cannot rule out a malignancy. This coming Friday I will be having a CT scan to look for tumors and then possibly a referral to an oncologist. 

I am asking for prayer that if it is God’s will there will be no cancer.  And that I will feel His peace no matter what the results show.  I ask all of this in the Mighty name of Jesus. Thank you Covenant family. Teri

4/30 SIMON: Tim Ramsey’s wife. Ceci, has a heart attack Friday evening and is presently in Sharon Regional hospital. They have run tests to determine the blockage and are planning to operate Monday. Tim is the stateside director of Latcom, one of our missions we support. Please keep in prayer. Dick
4/28 SIMON: The Latcom ministry would like prayer for Elodia Rojas, a longtime Bolivian national who ministers with her husband in the Lomerio region. She’s presently stateside in Arizona visiting  Nathan and Tim Ramseys sister. Elodia was a cook for the Ramseys in her younger years.

   She’s come to the states seeking treatment for a debilitating nervous condition and her itinerary includes a visit to the Mayo clinic in Minnesota in May for a diagnosis and prognosis. Prayer for refreshing times she will have with stateside friends,  for wisdom and guidance from the doctors and travel mercies. Thanks Dick 

4/26 SCARMACK: We are coveting your prayers for our son, Gary. He has open heart surgery on Thursday at Sharon Regional. Thank you, Sheryl and Joe
4/26 COVENANT CHURCH: The calling hours for Jessy Burnett are Wednesday from 5 to 8pm in the church. The funeral will be Thursday at 11am in the church. Please remember that the Buhl Club has limited parking due to the renovation. Parking is available at the library and the parking garage.
4/22 BEALL: Our dear friend Kim Gump will have open heart surgery on Monday, the 25th of this month,  The surgery will be done in Charlotte, NC where she now lives.  We ask our God to give Kim His peace as well as an uneventful procedure & that God will control the hands of the surgeon.  We  love you Kim.
4/22 COVENANT CHURCH: We are sorry to report that Jessica Burnett went to be with the Lord last night. Please be in prayer for her husband Jason and their seven kids in this tragic loss. Please pray as well for extended family and friends as they all wrestle for peace in all of this together!
4/22 KILGORE: Because I truly believe in the power of prayer & a God who still is a God of miracles AND our Great Physician, I am requesting intercession for complete Supernatural healing, first & foremost of my spirit, soul & body. Be it, He chooses to heal naturally, I ask He Guide, Counsel & Direct by the Power of The Holy Spirit as to which of His good physician’s (that use natural means and listen for His Orders), He would Provide, plus the means & finances to see. Or if He chooses to use pharmaceutical & medical means, He also show me His Purpose by Counseling me as an RN which medication will finally rid my body of this virus that has caused such havoc & deterioration for the last 40years.  I choose to stand on the Promise in Isaiah 53:4 as I pray The Prayer of FAITH, trusting He hears our prayers & will answer, giving me His Plan to follow in how to proceed the coming days.  I ask this all in Jesus Precious Name, Amen & Amen. Let it be so Lord, may it be so! Darlene
4/20 BROWN: Please pray for my brother Ron. He is 90 years old and just getting out of the hospital. Pray for God’s will as he waits to go into assisted living in Erie. Thank you, Sally
4/20 HECKATHORN: At this time I would like to place a very large prayer request over a complicated situation that only God can handle. It will go anonymous for now. Thank you. Zoey
4/19 STAUFFER: Diagnosis for Serah: shingles on face and in mouth. Praise that ophthalmologist said it is not in her eye(on bottom lid)! Spread quickly today. Starting several meds today to treat virus and pain issues.  Pray for healing, pain relief and for food she can tolerate to take meds. Thanking God that she got in to dentist, Urgent Care and ophthalmologist all by 1:40pm! Debbie
4/19 VINES: Please pray for sleep at night and full time employment soon. Crystal
4/18 STAUFFER: Please pray for our daughter Serah. 10:30am dentist appointment. What began with mild symptoms Thursday night has turned into bad pain in teeth, head, neck, eyes and blisters and swelling in her face and on her lips. Thank you. Debbie
4/18 KILGORE: Hallelujah, a beautiful reminder this morning that The Blood of The Lamb covers our sins white as snow! I come before The Throne with a grateful heart for Father, Your Amazing Grace, Jesus Your Sacrificial Love & Holy Spirit Your Resurrection Power this Day. I Believe in my heart Your Promise in Isaiah 53:4-Surely, He bore my sins/griefs & carried my pains/sorrows, yet I esteemed Him stricken smitten of You Father God. I am eternally grateful He was wounded/pierced for my transgressions, bruised/crushed for my iniquities & the chastisement of y peace/Shalom was laid upon Him & by His Stripes I was/am healed.  Father God, may I see the manifestation of Your Promise here on earth, I truly believe that is Your Will even though I may not understand or conceive why I have not. I TRUST You with all my heart & stand on Your Promise in Proverbs 3:5-6, leaning not unto my own understanding, I acknowledge You in all my ways ‘knowing’ the Holy Spirit You invested in me will Direct (Counsel me) my path(s) Standing on the Promises of Christ My King – If I perish, I perish. Amen & Amen. And it is so! Darlene
4/11 KILGORE: As we celebrated Palm Sunday Jesus entering Jerusalem as The Prince of Peace I pray for Peace in Ukraine & around the world. Personally, as I look to this Holy Monday remembering Mary anointing Jesus, I pray for healing oil be poured upon all who are afflicted asking for Divine Intervention & yes miracles for I believe we serve a God of miracles. I ask this all in Jesus Precious Name, Amen & Amen. Let it be so Lord! Keep me in prayer as I continue to seek help in the natural realm also for this autoimmune dis-ease that continues to wreak havoc to my body, mind & spirit! Darlene
4/11 DAUGHERTY: Started new psych medicine on Thursday.  It takes up to 2 weeks to kick in.  So hopefully it works.  Just makes me sleepy right now but will subside after awhile (comes with the territory). Donna
4/8 NORRIS: Please pray for our son, Christopher and daughter-in-law Bethany and grandson Grady, in Erie. Their close friends tragically lost their 13 year old son Spencer yesterday afternoon due to an ATV accident. He was out doing chores after school. His mom and younger brother found him after 20 minutes of not returning. Please  keep the family in your prayers. Patty
4/7 MILD: Praise report!!!  Last spring, I requested prayer for my friend Carol.  She had been diagnosed with Non Hodgkins lymphoma.  She received chemo treatments and after a recent PET scan, the doctor is very satisfied that it has shrunk and that she will not need any more treatments for now.  They will keep an eye on her.  Thanks for all of your prayers!!  God is faithful! Carolyn
4/7 MILD: Please pray for my daughter Wendy’s pastor.  He was recently diagnosed with ALS.  His name is David Earnest and he is just 50 years old.  Thanks
4/7 SPEARS: Update for Scott.  A big thank you to our Covenant prayer warriors. The cancer was removed from the pancreas.  Praise the Lord.  Prayers needed that he will get adapted to the insulin and enzymes he has to take.  Another prescription is to be picked up for the gas he experiences and we pray for success because this can be so uncomfortable.  Praise God for His  faithfulness. Appreciated the nice card from the Choir.  Blessings Evelyn
4/6 SZABO: Update on Deb. She has been moved to Countryside in Mercer. She is on Hospice. As of yesterday she is aware of what’s going on. Continued prayer for her comfort.- Cathy
4/4 SHEPPARD: Thank you for your prayers, MRI’s approved for 4/8. Gail
4/3 COSTELLO: Please pray for Becky Black Horvath, a former longtime member of Covenant, living in Indiana. She is the daughter of Chuck and Wilma Black. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she had a mastectomy and is now undergoing chemo. Cathy
4/3 MADURA: Please pray for my friend Linda, who lost her husband yesterday.  Give her strength planning funeral and helping her special needs daughter cope and understand. Barb
4/3 SPEARS: Requesting once more dear Covenant friends.  Scott has an appointment in Akrin with his doctor.  We’re praying for a good report for the biopsy’s taken. Todd will take him. Pray for travel mercies also as this is also important.  Our many thanks to you for your faithfulness.  God Bless.  Evelyn
4/1 CAMPBELL: We just finished Tricia’s appt in NY. The cancer is growing again, and there are a few new spots. Still in her bones, but a few new spots in her hips and spine. We are going to change to a different chemo pill and see if we get good results. We come back to NY in May for lab work and a checkup.  It isn’t all bad news. We’re trying to focus on the blessings we do have and how well Tricia is feeling compared to others. God is good. Craig