It is the privilege of Covenant Church to connect with others through prayer … and so we invite you to submit requests below or simply join us in the journey of praying with and for one another. We are blessed by many who join us in prayer from many places around the world as well as many from our own communities. Let’s pray together in the hope of the rare delight that is always revealed in our time with God!

3/1 COVENANT CHURCH: Calling hours and service information is now available for Janice Readshaw. Visitation: 5 to 7 p.m. Monday (3-4-24) and 10 to 11 a.m. Tuesday (3-5-24) at SHERMAN FUNERAL HOME, 2201 Highland Road, Hermitage. The service will be 11 a.m. Tuesday at the funeral home with Pastor Jamie Fowler officiating.
2/29 ANDOLINA: Praising God that he provides… I have found a new place that is more in my budget and will help in the healing process. Prayers for a smooth transition and the ability to see more positives than negatives throughout the process. Gretchen
2/29 WOODS: Update on Fred Elavsky;  He has finally had his pet scan and waits again for his Dr. appt. in Pittsburgh for results and set up of biopsy. Please pray for Gods hand to be upon this whole process. As a reminder this is for His diagnoses of lung cancer. Can’t thank you enough for all ur prayers 🙏✝️🥰 Connie
2/29 STAUFFER: We praise God that we have safely arrived in Arkansas to visit our son and his family! But we would ask for your prayers for Daneen as she is struggling a lot with insomnia. Please just pray that she can get a good night’s sleep. Rick
2/28 COSTELLO: Please continue praying for my mom as she has the beginnings of pneumonia. They’ll be prescribing her antibiotics which she doesn’t tolerate very well.Thank you for your prayers. She appreciates them so much as do I. Cathy
2/26 CAMPBELL: Praise God my beautiful wife is being discharged on Tuesday morning. Please say a prayer for safe travels home and an easy and peaceful transition to care at home. Craig


2/25 HARENCHAR-BOOK: Please pray for Scot Stefanish, and his family. His battle with cancer is coming to an end. Pray for them as they prepare for his return to God. Amy
2/24 NORRIS: Brenda made it through surgery successfully on Thursday without any notable complications. The surgeon after looking at the post-op MRI and said it looks good…they were able to remove approx 90% of the tumor. So that part was a big success. No stroke, blood clots or issues as of now.She obviously still has a long road with more treatment ahead…but the surgery was a win! Brenda is dealing with quite a bit of pain in her head (not incision-specific). Please pray for continued comfort, relief, and healing post-op. Thank you all for prayers. God is truly at work with this blessed family. Bryan
2/24 ZIPPIE: Janice Readshaw passed away this morning. Please uplift her family in prayer. Dan
2/24 COSTELLO: Please lift my mother, Margaret “Peg” Tatusko in prayer. She has a terrible cough and is exhausted from coughing and just feeling under the weather. Thank you so much. Cathy
2/24 SHEPPARD: Thank you for your prayers Covenant friends, doctor said gallbladder was inflamed and surgery was a success. First night was rough but PTL I slept good last night and headache is gone. Hope to be back in a couple weeks. Gail
2/22 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife and I got bad news from the oncologist. The treatments last week bought us some time, but the cancer is very aggressive and very advanced. They said 3-6 months. We’re waiting for her to be well enough to be discharged and travel back home. It’s very sad news, to be sure. Yet, I know that God is good, and I trust Him. I’m thankful that he has blessed us with time together and I pray that He will clear the way for us to make it home soon.

Please say a prayer for God’s perfect will to be done. Craig

2/21 SHEPPARD: I will be having surgery to remove my gallbladder 2/22 at 8:30AM. Thank you for your prayers Covenant Family. Gail
2/21 NORRIS: We are asking for more prayers for our niece, Brenda. She is having surgery Thursday to remove as much of the tumor as they can. Prayers to guide the doctors, healing for Brenda, and comfort to the family. Their church family has been very supportive. Thank you Covenant for your prayers. Bryan
2/16 LIM: Please uphold me in prayer for a complete healing of my leukemia cancer, which I have been diagnosed with since Jan 2023. I am still undergoing treatment. Thank You, Lillie
2/15 COVENANT CHURCH: Our sympathy is extended to the Kraynak family. John has passed away.
2/13 MILD: Please keep our friend Marilyn W in your prayers. She has been battling cancer for the past 1-1/2 years and now is getting monthly chemo IV’s. They give her medication to get the chemo out of her body over a weekend and then she can go home. Lately, the chemo has been more difficult to eliminate from her body keeping her in the hospital a number of days. The chemo is keeping the cancer at bay so they have no other options. Thanks, Carolyn
2/13 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife is still in the hospital. The doctors are going to try radiation treatments here to alleviate some of her symptoms and, if all goes well, discharge her near the end of the week for proton radiation treatment.
Please say a prayer that she will feel God’s peace until she is well and praise Him for continuing to bless us in the midst of this trial. Too many blessings to count. God is so good. Craig
2/13 SHIN: Please pray that while our bodies are alive, let us receive the words that proceed out of the mouth of the one true God; let us store His commands inside us and keep them until the end of time. Please send out the angels from God Himself and take away all the wicked who deceive us. Allow us to see for ourselves what all of this has accomplished.
“In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.” John 14:20
2/9 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife had a bit of a setback; excess fluid in her brain and some swelling was causing some serious side-effects. She was admitted back into MSK hospital in NY. After a slew of tests and consults, they are putting a shunt in her brain to drain off excess fluid. If all goes well, she’ll be discharged on Saturday and have proton radiation treatment next week. God has been so good to surround us excellent doctors, compassionate medical staff, and constant prayers. He is so very good. Craig
2/9 WOODS: My husband’s cousin James pass away today. I know he is at peace with Jesus. Now I ask for prayers for his family and many loved ones. He will be greatly missed. Thank you all❤️🙏✝️ Connie
2/9 COVENANT CHURCH: Join with us in prayer as we remove the stage in the Old Sanctuary. Prayers for safety and fellowship as the morning begins at 8am with a men’s breakfast and demolition around 10am.
2/7 SHEPPARD: Thank you for your prayers Covenant friends, I have much to PRAISE GOD FOR. My brother-in-law Bob who I had requested prayer for is doing great and the cancer has not spread. My pain has been my gallbladder, and it is coming out 2/22. Gail
2/5 ZIPPIE: Ann Zippie has started hospice care. Please pray for comfort and peace for her. Kim
2/5 NORRIS: Our niece Brenda is out of surgery and her doctor was very encouraging. We are certainly feeling everyone’s prayers. The head of the brain center at the hospital came and talked to the family because he is a friend of a friend of her husband Russ. He is a Christian and he was so encouraging about what’s going on with Brenda and her prognosis. Thank you for all your prayers. She has a long way to go but the news is encouraging. Bryan
2/4 LEVITT: My dear friend Marsha Nichols had knee replacement surgery yesterday . The surgery went well praise God . Now she needs prayers for a speedy recovery with the least amount of pain. Thank you for your prayers I know Marsha appreciates them. Patricia
2/3 CAMPBELL: My beautiful wife was discharged from the hospital to get a consult appointment with a Proton-Radiation specialist in New Jersey. The consult went very well. They will start 3 weeks of treatment to her brain and spine next week. We’ll be staying with her sister on Long Island and traveling to and from each day.

Praise God for the wisdom and urgency of her care team, and the hospitality of her family. He is truly blessing us in the midst of this storm. Thank you all for your constant prayers and encouragement. 🙏❤️ Craig

2/2 NORRIS: Please pray for our niece Brenda, my brother Kevin’s youngest. She’s been suffering migraines for about a week. They’ve discovered a mass on her brain. She is 42. Please pray that it’s benign as we don’t know much right now. She is the mother of 4 children. Bryan
2/1 WOODS: I have a couple of prayer requests. First my husbands cousin from N.C. Has a lung infection caused by aspirated fluid. He is a Vet exposed to Agent Orange and has many health problems as a result. His name is James. Secondly my grandchildren’s maternal Grandpa Fred Elavsky has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I don’t have many details but he will go in for a biopsy soon, I will update. Your prayers are greatly appreciated🙏❤️✝️ Connie