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sunday schedule
family discipleship hour (all ages)
9-10 am | classes are broken into nursery, preschool, K-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, middle and high school, and adults. We use this hour to intentionally take our children through our core insights aiming toward developmentally appropriate goals for each age group.
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middle school (6th-8th grade)
6-8pm | youth group for middle schoolers looks like lots of games, fun activities, singing and dancing, relational time with our volunteer leaders, and a Gospel presentation. While Sunday mornings are opportunities for our students to dig deeper in God’s word together, these evenings are great for inviting friends into the story of what God is up to in our world.
high school (9th-12th grade)
6-8pm | youth group for this age level focuses more on the relationship. While we spend some time in games and singing, we take most of this time getting to know each other through ice breakers, Bible study, prayer, and bonding activities. High school is a time students really need a faith community to rely on, and we aim to provide that on Sunday evenings. 


Our main goal for
families is to provide
a safe space to process
and guide parents and
kids through these questions
Grounded: Who am I? 
Connected: Who are my people?
Impact: What is my purpose?

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Family Devotionals

Summer 2023 Youth Devotional

Hebrews: 30-Day Devotional - By: Charles Price, Elizabeth McQuoid Title: Hebrews (Food for the Journey 30 Day Devotional)
Author: Charles Price and Elizabeth McQuoid
Format: 30 days of daily devotional readings based off sections of the biblical book of Hebrews. Students will have small portions of Scripture to read as well as application questions to discuss/think about.

Summer 2023 Family Devotional

Undivided: A Family Devotional: Living FOR And Not Just WITH One Another: Owens, Rhonda, Owens, Mitchell: 9780692484180: BooksTitle: Undivided Family: Living For and Not Just With One Another
Author: Mitchell and Rhonda Owens
Topics Discussed: How to forgive inside the family unit, how to pray for and encourage one another inside the family unit, how to point each other to Scripture inside the family unit
Format: 12 lessons broken into sections for Bible reading, questions, application, and activity

Need a book recommendation for you or your kids? See our book review blog below…

The Ology Book Review

The Ology: Machowski, Marty: 9781942572282: Books
Author: Marty Machowski
Age Appropriate: 1st-5th grade
Questions Discussed: Who is God? Where does evil come from? How do people change? What is the Bible? Why the church? What is heaven like? And so many more…
Format: 71 chapters designed for kids to read on their own or as family devotionals. Each entry has a different topic about theology with Bible references

Case for Faith for Kids Book Review

9780310771197Author: Lee Strobel
Age Appropriate: 8 years and up
Questions Discussed: Why would a good God allow bad things? Does science mean miracles can’t happen? How can God make sense even with science? Can other religions get us into heaven? Can I have doubts and still be a Christian?
Format: First 5 chapters are question and answer (with answers given through examples, stories, fun facts, and Scripture). The last 4 chapters are short stories that give examples of how kids can show their faith in everyday life (each story has questions at the end that help kids process the story they just read).


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